Saturday, October 24, 2009

Debt and More Debt

Today, I saw a story in which "Christina Romer said Thursday that the nation's soaring unemployment rate is likely to remain at a "severely elevated level" even if it moves up or down a bit. " ( quote from Fox, but also read on other sites). Gee whiz! She wouldn't kid us would she?

"One of the things we have going for us right now is the stimulus package. That's the thing that has brought us back from the brink," said the Economic Policy Institute's Heidi Shierholz. She said the stimulus is saving between 200,000 and 250,000 jobs a month and noted that there's still 60 percent of the package left. Whoopie Do! Who's anyone kidding here? I'm sure the millions that have lost jobs are buying into this garbage!

This isn't rocket science folks! The more the debt goes up, the more the governmet tightens it's controls on business as well as taxes them to the hilt. the worse unemployment is going to get! Which leads us to my next point!

Congress has been asked to raise the debt limit to 13 trillion dollars. That's 13 TRILLION! Fact! This debt is unsustainable! As government strangles the economy, revenues will go down! As it is apparent, in their own words that the 17% that are unemployed (and I don't want to here any crap as to the lower figure that is a flat out lie!) those revenues will not return any time soon!

Health care. The latest Bull S... estimate is a bit over a trillion dollars. OOPS! I'm sure that doesn't take into account other programs that the administration and Congress have spun off as separate bills (One comes to mind right of, the doctor pay bill, not sure of the name right off that goes for 225 billion). Total cost of the health bill stuff is realistically closer to 1.9 trillion! Add to that the tax hikes that will be involved in this and the economy is in deper trouble still!

We are in a financial hole the likes of which the world has never seen! It's worse then "29" and it's certainly worse then the Argentine and German bankruptcies of the past! Pure and simple! The United States cannot pay it's bills. We could tax every worker at 100% and not even meet the interest payments. And what does this administration want to do? That's right! Rape the public!

Finally, I see where the government now says they can set the pay for executives of any government regulated bussiness. Surprisingly enough, I didn't have much of a problem with that as far as any institution that was stupid enough to take bail out money. Quite honestly, they should have been allowed to go under and let a stronger entity take their places. But if I read this correctly, the goevernment can now dictate to any regulated financial agency.

Now if anyone thinks for one moment it will stop there, they'd better get off the drink now! This is the first step towards dismantling the free market as we know it. For all you libbies out there that will attack me on this, get a life. This administration along with the corrupt leftists in Congress are marching us towards Socialism of the worse kind! I say again! Study the people he has in his administration! Their thoughts and words are there for all to see! And it is their aim to deliver this country to Euro style Marxism or worse!

First they started to try to strip us of out rights and now they are in the process of nationalizing our economy! This must be stopped along with the insane rush to national bankruptcy!

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