Monday, May 7, 2012

FORWARD A Trip Into The Abyss

We have seen the President’s new slogan. FORWARD. What a joke. Easy to know what it stands for I would think. “ FOOL OBAMA’S RECURRENT WISH ATTAINING RED DOMINATION”, which of course really pissed off my liberal friends to say the least (which is always fun by the way).

 I normally can’t be bothered even responding to liberals and their blithering insane rants but in this case, I have to wonder. Why would they even remotely have any comment against what I put forward in my comment? After all, Obama and his cohorts espouse the worse of everything the Comrade wants instilled in the masses.

This President is an avowed Socialist which is reflected not only in his policies but in his own words in his books and writings. He is doing everything possible to subvert our Constitution. Every lie he tells (and the man is a pathological liar!) is done in a way that the likes of Hitler, Stalin and other hard core Red Commies or Fascist would be proud of. Please note the quote below is something all dictators including Comrade Obama adhere to! (We now get an “I’m repeating myself alert”)

 Let’s start with something I have posted in the past! I use this quote a lot, but I repeat it again! “Who made the following quotes? How fortunate for governments that people they administer don’t think. The broad masses of a population are more amendable to the appeal of rhetoric than any other force. Make the lie Big. Make it Simple, and eventually they will believe it. The answer: ADOLF HITLER. We better not get out of the way or it will be too late” Lies, Lies and more Lies. This president truly believes we are stupid enough to swallow it all, just like Hitler did in the 30′s.

Whether its lies about unemployment, an “everyone” has to be taken care of by government philosophy or as in this clown’s case an open hostility to everything we hold dear as given to us by our founding fathers, this guy openly pushes his Red Commie Marxist agenda!

Basically,” FOOL OBAMA’S RECURRENT WISH ATTAINING RED DOMINATION” is a cold hard fact. Actions speak much louder than words and his actions are in my view treasonous, something I have said more than once. Total disdain for our basic ideas, overt unconstitutional actions, a Justice Dept. that is openly racist and refuses to enforce laws and of course his open hostility to state rights just to name a few things. I could go on and on, but everyone here gets my drift.

The real question is this. Will the electorate choose to believe the lies, just as the Germans or the Russians did, or will they wake up to the fact that we are on the edge of a Red Marxist style takeover because whether people want to believe it or not, that is exactly what Obama, the Democrats and many scum Republican elected officials want. This is about absolute power and control of everything, be it business, schools (better known as indoctrination) or even people’s personal lives and thoughts. And of course let’s not forget censorship, class and race warfare and the push to disarm the American citizen. BTW: Let’s not forget a foreign policy that seems to be aimed at propping up dictatorships and Marxist regimes, those of which meet with the approval of Obama and his Red handlers.

 The blame goes around to not only the scum politicians though. Let’s make sure we blame the people, the ones who can’t be bothered to take their responsibility as voters seriously. The ones who expect everyone to do it for them rather than work. The ones who swoon as our pandering dictator feeds them the lies they want to hear while stabbing everyone in the back. The fault in the end is ours and the coming results are scary to say the least.

 What I say above, I deeply believe. I say it with sadness as what I feel is the greatest country in the world is being destroyed by this scum.

 I just hope I can somehow get folks to not only take our country’s history and ideals seriously, but in fact get them to realize that the right to vote is one of the most precious of all rights. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and vote wisely, not selfishly! That is what I was taught in school in the 50′s. Many men and women gave their lives to insure me this right and I’ll be damned if I can just sit by and watch us be destroyed from within and out only because the “PEOPLE” don’t care anymore. “WE THE PEOPLE” means exactly what it says and in my view are three of the most important words ever attached to a document. “We The People” stand on the edge of the abyss now due to our sheer ignorance, arrogance, greed or whatever one wants to call it. It is time to take our country back!

 This is easily as many have said the most important election of our lifetimes! The very survival of our country is in peril. One only has to look across the pond where the crazy French and Greeks have just now chosen to say the hell with the needed austerity measures and proceed forward with the Socialist Welfare State! And if one thinks this isn’t epidemic, they only had to watch the moron making the rounds the other night from the Occupy movement. 29 years old, no job and all he could say was Government should do it all and give it all. Moron alert! That is what is destroying Europe! That is what destroyed the old USSR! Good God! How can anyone be so irresponsible yet there is in plain sight!

 My forefathers didn’t give their lives for this! Our country is under attack from within and out and we need to stop it now before finish the slide into Red Dominated (or Muslim like) slavery. That is what’s coming folks! Are “We The People” smart enough to stop it? I really wonder and that is a sad thing!