Sunday, January 31, 2010

As If I Wasn't Mad Enough Yesterday?

Ok, I was going to let it rest after my rather long winded tirade yesterday, but of course the morons known as the Obama administration had to open their mouths! So here we go again!

On ABC, David Axelrod had to once again spit in the face of Justice Alito. This from Fox, but I did in fact see this today on ABC.

“A top White House adviser says it's gotten to the point where almost any unusual reaction or outburst to a speech by President Barack Obama in the House chamber isn't really that unusual. Obama aide David Axelrod was talking about Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's reaction to Obama's State of the Union address last week. The justice made a dismissive face, shook his head repeatedly and appeared to mouth the words "not true" or possibly "simply not true" when Obama criticized the high court over a campaign finance ruling . Axelrod says that "in this weird political season, we have become accustomed to unusual outbursts" in the House during presidential speeches.”

So what is it with these clowns? First, the direct insult was leveled by the president and directed at the justices. And for what? A cheap thrill for the Democrats? No! This was done to make it clear to everyone, our sad sack excuse of a president is above the law! In turn, Justice Alito shook his head and mouthed “not true”. This is an unusual outburst? What is unusual is that the out of touch, naive and apparently clueless ex law professor had the veracity to not only openly insult the guests of Congress openly, but also brazenly LIE! Excuse me, but if that was me sitting there taking that kind of abuse, I would probably want to get up and bitch slap the classless bastard. I have to admire the restraint actually shown by Justice Alito.

Just think how crass this really was. Stated to openly embarrass the justices, who’s only problem (in Bozo’s eyes) was that they in fact made the correct decision under our laws. This was not only uncalled for, but stepped way over the line as to the Separation of Powers. When the President of the United States not only apparently doesn’t understand the laws of the land, but then openly lies to the American public, then in turn sends out his Anti-American idealistic leftist radical mouthpieces to shift the spotlight off his stupidity, it is indeed a sad day for our country.

Next topic. The Inspector General issued a report today detailing, among other things, that we are poised for another huge financial crisis if the proper steps are not taken. Again, from Fox but on other new s sites:

“The inspector general's report details stonewalling by the Treasury Department over a recommendation that walls be built between managers of the public-private investment program, which uses taxpayer cash to buy bad assets, and employees of the fund management companies which sell the toxic assets. Barofsky's report outlined 77 cases of possible criminal and civil fraud, including crimes of tax evasion, insider trading, mortgage lending and payment collection, false statements and public corruption.
The problems that led to the last financial crisis have not yet been addressed, and in some cases have grown worse, says Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the trouble asset relief program, or TARP. The quarterly report to Congress was released Sunday.The Federal Reserve is spending $1.25 trillion to hold down mortgage rates, and millions of homeowners have refinanced at lower rates.
"The government has stepped in where the private players have gone away," Barofsky said in an interview. "If we take government resources and replace that market without addressing the serious (underlying) concerns, there really is a risk of" artificially pushing up home prices in the coming years.
The report warned that these supports mean the government "has done more than simply support the mortgage market, in many ways it has become the mortgage market, with the taxpayer shouldering the risk that had once been borne by the private investor." Barofsky's report echoed concerns raised by housing experts in recent months, as home sales and prices rebounded. They warn that the primary reason for the turnaround last year has been billions of dollars in federal spending to lower mortgage rates and prop up demand.
Once that spigot of cash is turned off, they caution, the market will be vulnerable to a dramatic turn for the worse. Daniel Alpert, managing partner of investment bank Westwood Capital, wrote in a report that national home prices are bound to fall 8 to 10 percent below the lows of last spring.”

This is not only scary stuff, but it is exactly what every financial expert with an ounce of common sense has been saying for quite sometime! And what are we getting? More deficits!

Then we have the 3.8 trillion dollar proposed budget! He’ll increase financing for education and for civilian research programs by 6%, and provide cash strapped states with another 25 billion. Yet he is going to impose a freeze on domestic spending not related to national security or entitlement programs. The budget includes increases for the National Institutes of Health, The National Science Foundation and the Energy Department. It cuts funds to the Army Corp of engineers and NASA.

In the same vein, we get this! “President Barack Obama said Saturday that trimming budget deficits is as important as creating jobs, his top domestic priority this year, to continue the economic recovery that appears under way.”

Earth to Obama! Earth to Obama! Get this straight. You are adding another 1.2 trillion to an already deficit ridden government that cannot pay it’s bills! Take the NASA thing. You say job creation is everything and yet you are going to cost thousands of jobs with those cuts. You’re going to increase spending on domestic programs while at the same time saying you are freezing spending.

What really gets me is I’m still trying to figure out exactly what planet the main electorate was on with their space cadet of a leader. He and his advisors are way out beyond La La Land! They aren’t even in Never Never Land! Lies, arrogance, a lack of understanding as to our principles and ideals (although in my mind, it’s ideology, not lack of understanding) and a complete disregard for the electorate all show us one thing. This president is nothing other then another would be leftist dictator. He is actively destroying our country’s very foundation and sneering at us in the process. And now that we know for sure he has absolutely no respect for the Law of the Land, we need to be more vigilant then ever in our over 200 year history.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Leadership? There Isn't Any!

OK. I’ve put off writing anything for the last week so I could fully assess the State of The Union address, response and so on. But before I get into my specific beefs, I want to put a few things up front. (this one is long kids. sorry!)

Mr. President. I am sick and tired of being lectured by you in your intellectual, sneering, know it all style! You are supposed to be the president. That sure as hell does not give you the right to talk down to the electorate. It does not give you the right to lie and mislead us. In 70 minutes, you put on full display the sheer idiocy of any hard core ideologue that has been caught in no man’s land when his radical ideas are shown to be wrong!

Good Grief man! You try to paint yourself as a populist moderate in one sentence then turn right around and spew forth more of your Socialistic garbage. You say you want to listen to the people then turn right around with your normal deaf ear and chastise us. You say you didn’t get the message out correctly to us about heath care when in fact the people have told you we do not believe in it as it is indeed socialistic in approach. Yet you turn right around and push it some more. Easily the most pathetic performance I have ever seen in my lifetime as to any sitting president, including Carter!

Let’s begin with you BS remark “let him know” We did try to let you know! The people have spoken loudly and clearly. So what do you do? First, you blame Bush. OF course the fact that your administration has more then doubled the deficit in one year is his fault! After all, how can any leftist radical policy be at fault? You are still insisting on ramming the bogus health care bill down out throats as well as cap and trade. You are brazenly sticking to your ultra leftist policies, global warning, Gays in the military, the high speed rail garbage, more taxes on business and so on. And you have the utter gall to ask us to let you know! How in the hell are we supposed to do that when you haven’t listened to us yet!

And of course, you are trying to shame the Republicans in supporting your garbage which you and your radical friends have decreed is the will of the people. You ask for decorum and co-operation. You say you will open the doors to the other side’s opinions. In the next breath, you slam them for obstructing you agenda! “Neither party should delay or obstruct every single bill just because they can” you stated.

I see that as you saying “how dare anyone oppose me. Who in the hell do you Republicans think you are. Don’t you ever tell me my policies are wrong! I am all knowing and all powerful!” And of course, your lackeys are lined up. Blame the other side. Hold them responsible for the failure of your moronic policies!

Well, I’ve got news for you Bozo! You are so disconnected from reality you are in fact completely ignorant to the fact that YOUR OWN PARTY IN FACT BLOCKED THIS! Moron alert here! You had a super majority! Yet you couldn’t push this through? How dare you blame the Republicans when in fact you could have completely ignored them! You had to bribe your own party people behind closed doors. Your party leaders had to resort to the closest thing there is to sheer prostitution to even get as far as they did. Have you ever even begun to think that maybe your far left policies are in fact abhorrent to any person with half a mind, Democrat or otherwise? Probably not! It would screw with your God complex!

The Supreme Court. First and foremost, how dare you deliberately berate the justices in an open forum! “With all due deference to the separation of powers” You then openly berated the justices and their decision. And to add insult the scum that calls itself the Democratic party (the same garbage that yelled like stuck pigs when a representative called you a liar) gave you a standing ovation! Below is from a Fox News Opinion and quite appropriate in my view.

“ It was also terribly inappropriate when he openly encouraged belligerent reaction against the Supreme Court with the Justices sitting in the chamber. It was a cheap shot, and multiple constitutionalists and scholars believe it may have violated the spirit embodied in our government’s commitment to the separation of powers.”
So the president, a professor of law in fact does not have the slightest clue or is so blinded by his far left ideology that he refuses to acknowledge the fact that it was indeed a correct decision!

This from Ken Klukowski on Fox Opinion pages. Again, I agree with this.
“Sad to say, the highlight of President Obama’s first State of the Union address on Wednesday was when he took the opportunity to openly condemn the Supreme Court. For the first time in memory, a president lashed out with the justices seated just a few feet away from him. Talk about “in your face”! The attack from the president prompted his equally-partisan supporters in Congress to erupt in raucous applause. This marks a low point for constitutional government in America, where the third branch of government is publicly humiliated by our head of state, and where an entire political party joined in this shameful display of disrespect for our Constitution”

“Setting aside Republicans, just look the most recent Democratic president. Bill Clinton did not disrespect the Court after the Court struck down the Gun-Free School Zones Act in 1995, nor part of the Brady Act gun-control law in 1997, nor the Violence Against Women Act in 2000. All were top legislative priorities for Democrats, all were struck down by a narrow 5–4 margin, and all were considered controversial by some"

When you contrast the pure professionalism and stately demeanor of the justices present—both conservative and liberal—with the glib, petty vindictiveness of Barack Obama in that moment, the different is so stark that it is astounding.

Under our Constitution, the Supreme Court is the ultimate expositor of what our Constitution means. In its written opinions, the Court does not criticize the president’s execution of his duties, and is likewise respectful of Congress’ legislative work. Respect for the separation of powers demands that our president show the same regard for the Supreme Court’s execution of its duties.

Disrespect for the Supreme Court betrays disrespect for the Constitution which the Court interprets. Presidential rhetoric against a nation’s courts is commonplace in oppressive regimes where an imperial leader wields absolute authority, where it fosters disrespect for the rule of law.

An independent judiciary is essential to a free society based on the rule of law. Wednesday’s State of the Union swipe was an ugly affair in that regard. Obama’s rhetoric and disgraceful partisanship politicizes our courts, pushing us down a slippery slope where we dare not tread.”

On this, there can be no second guessing. The president put his own political agenda, rife with radical left wing policies, ahead of the law of the land. In the process he did in fact cross the line as to separation of powers. Democrats in the past, especially the late Senator Kennedy have used the courts to push their socialist agenda as they always knew they could not pass legal muster when creating unjust laws. In this case, the court stood up and made a decision based on the Law of the Land, our Constitution. For this, the Supreme Court was publically taken to the woodshed. In my view, this was one of the most disgusting displays of not only presidential arrogance, but in fact showed his utter disdain for the very ideals that made this country what it is! This sad sack excuse of a president has the audacity to in effect say he and his leftist allies are above the law!

As Mr. Klukowski went on in his Op Ed piece:
“I have had the privilege of speaking with four of the current Justices—both liberal and conservative—on the court, including the opportunity to speak with Justice Samuel Alito on several occasions. While their personalities vary, all of them are very fine and gracious individuals who conduct themselves with the utmost of dignity and civility.
None of them would have taken the dirty, cheap shot that Barack Obama did during the State of the Union.

As many of you know by now, after watching clips of this on television, this unseemly swipe evoked a reaction from Justice Alito. Hearing Obama grossly mischaracterize the court’s work, Alito was caught on camera shaking his head, quietly (and accurately) saying, “Not true.”

More telling, however, was the reaction of the three liberal justices sitting there. Or more to the point, their non-reaction. Although all three—Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Obama’s pick, Sonia Sotomayor—joined a strongly-worded dissent in the Citizens United case, they did nothing to legitimize Obama’s attack. Instead, they sat stone-faced and expressionless, as the Court was impugned.”

Indeed, this is a low water mark for our country. This president and the ultra left are in fact completely out of control! The Constitution is not some piece of paper you just ignore when you feel it doesn’t pertain to you Mr. President! You have no right to diss the law of the land. You have no right to openly criticize the justices in the fashion you did. And you sure as hell have no right to lie to the American people, twisting facts for your own political gain. And don’t dare try to feed me the BS that you either didn’t read the opinion or understand it. Some writers have given you a pass on this. Not me. You openly lied more then once to us.
As I know I have been long winded here, I’ll make my next few bitches short.

Lobbyists. You state we must end the influence of lobbyists, but the very next day you invite them in for a series of off the record session to discuss policies.

Co-operation. You ask the Republicans to co-operate in one breath then turn around and spend half your speech slamming them. You then go to their retreat and slam them some more! (Note here: At least you finally had to admit there, that in fact the Republicans had been trying all along to work with you. You and your leftist lackeys just chose to ignore any idea put forth from those outside your radical circle).

Finally, jobs. I still can’t believe anything you have to say as to jobs. In one year your administration has done it’s best to destroy our economy. When will you and your Marxist friends get it through their heads that government does not create anything? You say you saved jobs. Bull! Millions of people have no jobs thanks to your policies and it is going to get worse. And from what I can see, you haven’t created anything! All you’ve done is waste money we don’t have. BTW: You want to save some jobs? Don’t cut the space budget! I’d wager you haven’t any idea how many thousands will be unemployed by that move. Oops, why should I be surprised at that? Doesn’t fit your agenda.

So bottom line. Mr. President. Get your head out of your ass! You have sworn to uphold the laws of this land, the Constitution! You are not some God or king. You and everyone in Congress are the employees of the People! You answer to us! We do not in any way, shape or form answer to you. Do not lecture us! Stop talking down to us. We want leadership. We do not want dictatorship. This country belongs to everybody, not just the ultra liberal elite! Oh, again. That was the worse State of the Union Speech ever. You’re not running for office anymore moron! Either become the leader of the free world or get out of the way! For the record: You disgust me! You are everything our founding fathers tried desperately to warn us about. The fact that you openly refuse to embrace the very ideals that made this country great is an affront to the countless thousands of people that gave their blood to give us this great land. You and your leftist friends should be ashamed! And that for me is a sad thing to have to say because as a Chicago boy, I hoped for the best.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laws and Ideals! Taking Our Country Back.

My My, what an interesting week! Before I get to my "Exactly What Kind Of Moron Did We Actually Elect?" disertation (actually a tirade for you libbies out there) I want to give major kudos to the Supreme Court!

Yes, we can all legitimately argue that huge money from anyone, not just corporations has destroyed the political process in this land if we want. However, there can be no arguement as to this decision, that is provided you step back and actually read the Constitution. The decision was based purely on the very basis for our laws. The opinion was well thought out and written. Surprisingly, it was also put forth in a way that is easily undersdood by the layman. I know some people will say that the court made a bad decision as they went against precedent. OFW! Bad laws that set a bad precedent do not translate to good law, even less so if unconstitutional. Thank God we now have a court that rules guided by the LAW OF THE LAND! The First Amendment is one of our most sacred rights. The fact that the president, the four ultra liberal justices and others on the looney left are willing to ignore this for their own political power is disgusting, even more so when this kind of garbage comes from a liberal!

If anyone has noticed, this last week, Obama's warm friend Chavez issued another anti-free speech edict that basically allows the government to silence any anti-governement station if they refuse to air speeches by Cahvez(in fact he actually just took a station off of cable). So let's get one thing clear. The First Amendment gives us Freedom Of Speech! No government, no Socialist leftist bastard, no hard right scum, no one has the right to block or take that away from "We The People". It is ours. The fact that this scumbag in the White House and his rancid followers even remotely believe in this should scare the crap out of everyone! BTW: Government Mandates. Unconstitutional! The fact that a former law professor can spout the Anti-American, Anti-Constitutional garbage he does is a sad look into how far our society has slipped from our lofty foundings.

So now, let's address the election and it's aftermath. Brown wins in Mass. Obama goes on a tirade. The people aren't listening. Blah blah blah! So here goes kids.

1: This was indeed not only a referendum on Obama and his Marxist takeover of the insurance industry, but also aimed at incumbants of both parties who refuse to listen to and heed the will of the electorate! So what do we hear? Obama in effect throws a hissy fit. "The people somehow don"t get the message. How can they listen to the lies from the right. How can the people be so gullible as to be misled by the Tea Party Movement?" And so on and so on. His answer to this. He changes his spots. He'll fight for us. He will continue to follow his misguided ideals and find a way to force this on us. In effect, he went into campaign mode. Now he's brought in the folks who ran his campaign to help get the message out! MORE LIES! MORE DECIET!

Has there ever been a more tone deaf idiot in the White House? And on top of this, he has the utter gall to say that the movement that got him elected got Brown elected! IDIOT ALERT! What got Brown elected was the fact that the people were sold a false bill of goods when you lied constantly about who and what you really were. You're crying now about the Court lifting the spending limits. But you're very quiet about the Soro's of the world who spend millions spreading your socialistic garbage and lies. You made one mistake Comrade Obama. You lied and you got caught! You misled the electorate who stupidly believed your "I'm a centerist" Bull! But they wised up as you, Harry and Nancy tried to forcefully take control of their lives. We know about you now. We know about the radicals you have surrounded yourself with! And we also know that there is no one on your staff of advisors who you do not personally approve of. So when you hide from a Van Jones fiasco, or your other radical friends, don't feign amazement when you "find out" they are self avowed leftists. After all, so are you. You surrounded yourself with this scum because you are a Marxist! And you have been and will most likely try to govern from the socialist side because that is what you are! But we are wise to you now!

Another question here. They're asking for another 1.9 trillion to be added to the debt. Cap and Trade. When is anyone in the government going to admit we are bankrupt!? This isn't rocket science folks! As I have said before, we are actually worse off then the Weimarch was. And I pray everyone is ready for the hyper inflation that is going to occur. I doubt it!

Laugh of the day. Barney wants to do away with Freddie and Fannie. Typical politician! F... something up then run away from it. That should really help the debt! Create an even larger monstrosity to suck every last dollar from us.

2: Can anyone even begin to believe the travesty that has been brought to the fro as to the security apparatus? MY GOD! "We weren't informed. We weren't asked" The justice department getting into the middle of stuff they should not even be touching! Defintely the "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" Shouldn't be surprised at that though. This president and his lefty lackys don't have the stomach to actually be anything other then be politically correct. Might piss off their ultra radical base if they actually decided the safety of our citizens is their responsiblity and everything that can should be used to protect us. But no! Instead we get ineptness by our security people, apologies from President Bozo for our being "arrogant" and not understanding the Radical Muslim Scum out there and what seems to be a complete disconnect from the fact that these radicals are sworn to bring the downfall of civilization as the West knows it!

In the meantime, Iran sneers at us as they go about their evil business, the president in my mind has all but abandoned Israel, we cowtow to the Sopcialist Eurotrash governments and in fact are trying to institude their failed policies , and we are openly lied to about the situtation by the administration. And in the middle of this, Bin Laden takes a shot. Claiming responsibility and informing the president that attacks will continue as long as the U.S. backs Israel! Oops! As I said. We've already thrown Israel to the wolves! Iran will have the bomb and soon. And just today, this idiot's lackeys are putting out how much more respected and well liked we are in the world in general. Bullshit!! Stop lying to us! We are not nearly as stupid as you think we are Obama! The Radical Muslims as well as most of the rest of the European radicals hate us. They hate our life styles. They hate our wealth. They hate our ideals! As president it is your job to defend out ideals. How dare you stomp on the very foundation of our country by apologizing to anyone for us.But of course, your own self avowed Marxist background precludes you from taking a stand for your country's core values. heaven forbid you upset you leftist loony buddies or the dictators and such who as they express their so called admiration for what you are trying to do stab you in the back laughing all the way as you and you ultra liberal ilk destroy us from within! And they don't have to raise a hand. great job Moron!

So now where are we? Well, the Presdient refuses to let go of his push to Socialize our country. Harry and Nancy, while feigning that they are actually now listening are in fact looking for a way to push thru their hopefully failed agenda. And, we are not listening to his message. Somehow, the people are either to stupid to understand or they are listening to lies instead of King Obama! Thank God the people are now engaged!

Lastly, just a word here on Glen Beck. Friday he did a fascinating show on the Marxist butchers, Che, Mao and Stalin. Not only fascinating but extremely important. I was taught about these tyrants in school! Yet this president has surrounded himself with advisors who truly believe in these men and their philosophies! Great job by Mr. Beck! Of course, the left says he only showed the bad things about those men. WRONG! They are as advertised. What's worse is we are seeing this adminstration edging closer and closer to the Marxist dictatorship these people espoused! And as absolute power does indeed corrupt, it only stands to reason that somewhwere along the way, action will be taken against any of the people who refuse to toe the line.

As I close, a few more things. If I sound bitter, I am. If I sound mad, I am. If I sound hopeful,I AM! Our forefathers gave us a unique gift. We are the keepers of that heritage. Sadly, the people in power at the moment have forgotten (or were never taught)those lessons.
Instead, we are being treated to the same disrespect for the people, the same despite, the same lies, etc. that our forefathers ended up giving their lives to break away from. We are now seeing a president and his lackys actively working to their utmost to dismantle the very foundation of our country and deliver us to the "rest of the world". How dare they! We are the greatest country ever, the words of a clueless leftist hack of a president aside! So I am indeed hopeful. We must take our country back from these Marxist scumbags. The election last week was a step in the right direction. The people are now engaged. We must get the truth in front of the electorate! It is our responsiblity to squash this socialistic movement. Our survival as a country depends on it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Horse Racing Survival Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about the sad state of my favorite sport, Horse Racing. This brings me once again to my friend John Pricci of the Horse Racing Insider. In his blog on Jan. 8th, he asks what the big story was for 2009 as well as other questions as to how the sport can be brought back to life, etc. There is also a survey on HRI that asks some good questions of it's readers. What is the fan looking for? Who is the average race fan and so on. Lastly, he asks what HRI can do for it's readers to help the sport along.

First, I responded as follows to "what was the story of the year", "the Zenyata and Rachael hoped for rivalry" and "What HRI can do for it's readers".

As big as the Racahel/Zentata story is, you can pretty well guess that I feel the Hialeah re-opening is bigger. That is provided as I stated before, the Fla tracks and Commission will do something that quite frankly is unheard of in racing these days. Throw away their egos, co-operate and most of all LEAD! Everytime I think of the “Saratoga of the South” possibly coming back to full life, I get goosebumps!

BTW: As it has been noted Zenyata apparently is in training. That right their could be one of the best things to happen in racing for quite awhile. I think of Kelso, John Henry, Forgeo and others and the crowds that were associated with them. As such, it has always been a fact that people do indeed follow their (for want of better words) horse heroes.

As for what HRI can do for it’s readers? Keep doing what you’re doing! Cliche aside, changes cannot and will not be made if the customer is disengaged from the realities of the situation. Access to information is still the most important thing there is!
One idea though. As you know, there are a few folks from deep within the industry (Vic H. in Virginia comes to mind, as an example) commenting on the various columns on the HRI site. These folks are an invaluable source for information on how this industry works.

Ex: In my past posts as is well known, I try my best to point out how the tote does certain things as is my business. I’m thinking that HRI could help bring some of how this industry actually works to the people, be it the backside (which still is my favorite place in the world), the tote, mutuels, etc. It would really be great if people could get an insight into how a State Racing Commission actually works as an example.
There is so much mis-information out there as to our sport. Something along these line might help clarify what is going on with our sport in general."

I have always believed horse racing is one of the most beautiful of all sports. The grace and glory of a thoroughbred in full stride is indeed an awe inspiring sight. And so much of horse racing is in fact about tradition! Many feel the young folks don't believe in that, but I disagree vehemently! At Saratoga, Derby Day, Oaklawn, the kids show up in droves, many of them dressed to the nines and in the case of the women, all wearing the fancy hats that have always graced racetracks. Hialeah fits that tradition, thus my statement on the top story.

The Rachael/Zenyata thing? It has always been such that people follow special horses in general which in turn creates more fans. WE DO NOT RUN OUR SPECIAL HORSES LONG ENOUGH! Go back to Seabiscuit or John Henry. Think of Kelso who was winning graded stakes at 9 years old or what about Forego! And can anyone forget about Cigar! These horses became household names and their appearances at a track was an event! The sport needs it's heroes. People want the superstars and they will come!

Now I of all people understand the breeding and business part of this equation. To much money involved! Owners worried the horse will break down before the big bucks from breeding rights come in. My slant on that? The industry has somehow over the years taken the breeding to the point that we are turning out infirm horses from the get go! Something just isn't right. Years ago, we ran a horse 25 to 30 times a year! Now, we're lucky if they run once a month. What happened? All I know for sure is that the horses are not near as sturdy as they once were and I firmly believe it is in the breeding.

As to the last question (what can HRI do?). In this day of the information age, it is imperative to get that info to the people in any form we can. Horse Racing has done an absolutely horrible job of publicizing itself. Not only did it run and hide from the realities of the world as other forms of gaming appeared (quickly as I have said before. The industry was to busy crying for help instead of helping itself), but it also in the process turned off two generations of fans to this great sport!

Add to that the mis-conceptions out there as to the tote, the track surface controversy, the inane Racing Commissions (that in the political sense), the hodge podge of different rules and regs and you get the disaster that is what our sport has become.

Therefore, getting information out there is the most important thing we can do. Somehow, the magic of horse racing, how it works, the human element behind the scenes, etc. have never really been understood by the fan. Educate the fan, they will come back to the races!

One last thing here in thinking about the top stories. Bill Christine of HRI put out what he felt were his top ten stories of the last decade. There was also a writer on the Bloodhorse (his name escapes me, my apologies) who put out what he felt were the top ten training feats, horses, etc. of the decade. One of Mr. Christines top stories was the Pick Six Scandal in the Breeder's Cup at Arlington. Here is what Mr. Christine said.

"5. The pick six fix. Volponi's $89 win in the 2002 Breeders' Cup Classic at Arlington Park led investigators to three former fraternity brothers at Drexel University, who were able to buy tickets on the pick six after the first four legs had been run. A freeze was placed on the payoffs, which would have exceeded $3 million, and Chris Harn, a programmer at Autotote, and his two accomplices all did jail time. Seven years later, however, questions still linger in the minds of some bettors about the integrity of the overall tote system."

Here in turn is how I responded. It should be noted that I also responded to the Bloodhorse writer the same way as he had left off his list the great traning feat by P.G. Johnson when Volponi won the Classic that year.

"Interesting list. I happen to think the Pick Six scandal was probably the top story for two reasons. 1: It brought forward not only the real (and some percieved) problems with the technology aspect of the industry but also the regulatory aspect. Tracks that want something for nothing, ie:tote services combined with the usual human nature of greed. 2: It also did something that in my view is almost criminal. One of the greatest horse men of our time, P.G. Johnson did a magnificant training job and won what is considered by many the most important race of the year with a horse many felt didn’t belong. P.G. knew different. As such the glory, attention and the recognition for one of the great upsets by any horse or trainer was over shadowed.

This is a bit personal for me. F.B Lantz, who I worked for years ago was an assistant trainer for P.G. before going off on his own. Frank was closer to me then my father ever was and over the years, I learned what a great trainer P.G. was not only from Frank, but watching after Frank died.

On top of that, I worked for the tote company involved for 29 years. We are still suffering the effects of that scandal in the industry today with the perception of wagering integrity being questioned every moment.

To this day, all we ever see about that day anymore is “the scandal”! And a great training feat by one of the best goes largely ignored. Again. Criminal!"

I point this out because it is a perfect example of how something bad, ie: the Pick Six Scandal, overshadows something great, ie: Hall of Famer P.G. Johnson's fabulous handling of Volponi. This is what the industry has to overcome. Perceptions can be made in a moment and can take years to undo! HRI and others must somehow get the good that is the sport out front as the lead stories. As I state, many in the industry respond to these columns. We must somehow overcome the mis-conceptions with facts and information. The infighting in the industry has to come to an end. Someone has to lead!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Socialist BS!

So, the President now says he wants 2.3 billion in tax credits given to companies that will supposedly create 17,000 green jobs. That is a cost of $135,000 per job! As is usually the case, we can safely assume there might be 1/4 of that number of jobs that actually come out of this fiasco at a cost of $540,000 per job. This of course should more then offset the 85,000 jobs lost last month. NOT! Just what are green jobs anyway. Payoffs to the companies that support Comrade Barak? Just wondering.

While we're on the subject. Can someone tell me exactly who the so called experts and advisors are who, when informed of the latest unemployment figures expressed shock at the high numbers? What, did these idiots think? All of the people hired for the holidays were going to be kept employed? Listening to the speech, this guy is aiming at one thing and one thing only. That is the complete Socialization of our country. And he doesn't care what lies he tells or how badly he misleads the electorate.

This from the President and advisors as to the Cadillac Tax.

"House Democrats prefer to raise income taxes on individuals making more than $500,000 and couples over $1 million and are reluctant to abandon that approach, saying the insurance tax would violate the president's campaign pledge not to tax the middle class. But they realize they likely will have to bend on that and other issues so that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., can maintain his fragile 60-vote majority support for the bill.

The Senate wants to tax insurance companies on plans valued at over $8,500 for individuals and $23,000 for couples. Most analysts say the insurance tax would be passed on to consumers.

But Obama has defended the tax as a way to drive down health costs."

In other words, the usual leftist Marxist garbage dribble from this guy's mouth. "Anyone who suceeds, anyone who makes more money then the government feels they should, must and will pe penalized! If I want to pay more for the best, I must also pay for everyone else?!" (My Take) And this from a plan that according to President Pinnochio wasn't supposed to raise any taxes. BTW: Shouldn't we all be scared of the fact that the IRS will be in on this?

Now on to our friend Harry Reid. This from stories online today about what appears to be a racial slur. (note here. I updates this on the 10th).

"Reid's troubles continued on Saturday, when he was forced to apologize for private remarks reported in a new book in which he described Barack Obama during the presidential campaign as a black candidate who would benefit from his "light-skinned" appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Why would anyone be shocked by this? The man actually let his true feelings out. He, as are the majority of the hard left liberals, are indeed racists of the worse kind! The sad part is, the so called "Party of the People" are the ones doing everything possible to keep the minorities beholden to them and in their proper place! Inner city problems, bad schools, lack of two parent families, etc.! So much of this can be traced to the ultra left liberal indoctrination and neglect that has permeated our society! Add that to the liberal mantra that no one has to be or should be responsible for themselves, that governemnt will take care of them from cradle to grave and this is what you get.

First, where in the hell is the Democratic outrage against this racist comment? As of yet, I have not seen anything other then the fact Harry is on a phone blitz apologizing to everyone, including the President. And yet when a Republican calls the President a liar (again, it should not have been said in the middle of his speech, decorum should rule), you would have thought the world had come to an end with the left calling for everything short of the guy's beheading (figure of speech for you left loonies)! It still amazes me how the hard left (and sometimes the right) can get selective amnesia about how political correctness should also apply to them when they are caught in the act of racism, slander or whatever. The fact that they are all standing behind comrade Harry is beyond hypocrisy. It is Bull Shit of the deepest level!

Harry is an embarrasment to Nevada and to our country as is every other politician that dares to treat their constituents as stupid or beneath them. What has always struck me as sad is how the minorities adore a party that is aimed at keeping them in what is in effect subjugation (and don't think for one moment I won't throw certain Republicans under the bus on this one!) After all, it's all about power anymore.

I do not go after people like Harry for the fun of it. I do believe they got into politics wanting to do good. I also believe they become captives to the power they hold and as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely. However, it goes beyond that. Harry, Nancy, the president and so many others are also captive to their own ideologies and that is what makes them dangerous.. They, in my view have comletely discarded any belief in the principles or ideals this country was founded on. They are willing to destroy the greatest democracy ever in order to force their Socialistic agenda down out throats.

While countries overseas look to us for leadership, out leaders are to busy implementing the failed policies of the Marxist and Socialist goevernments of the past, be they the U.S.S R., Britain or whatever. And we allow this to happen. Much of this is due to the "Dumbing Down Of America" as Senator Moynihan, a Democrat who I admired by the way, said. But it's not just dumbing down. It is indoctrination as put forth by the Progressives and the radical Socialists of which Harry, Nancy and our president are all true believers.

It has to stop! Our country's future depends on it!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Off In Never Never Land

I,as I'm sure a lot of people did, sat and listened to the President as he spoke to the attempted bombing incident and quite frankly, I came away with the feeling that in the end it's is basically the same old thing. So let's do a quick recap here. Christmas Day, we had the attempted bombing. The guy was stopped and came off the blame yapping aloud about his ties, etc. However, due to the moronic idea that we give this trash the same rights as citizens, instead of turning him over to the military as we should have, we give him a government paid lawyer, read him his rights and treat him, as Fred Thompson said last night, as some guy who robbed a grocery store.

Our so called president in the mean time is on vacation in Hawaii. We don't hear from him for a few days while his lackeys first claim the system worked, then didn't. Once he gets back, he has a review after which he takes "full responsibility for the cock up and will hold those who failed in their job responsible" after which he then explains the failures but refuses to hold the people responsible accountable! In effect, typical BS from this quivering mass of jelly in the White House. Appear tough to pacify the masses, then do nothing!

I did notice he finally called these wackos terrorists and in fact said we were at war. Would have been nice if he showed some emotion or anything when he said it. Pandering to the masses doesn't really come thru to good if your convictions lay somewhere else and in this case, it really shows.

National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter was skiing with his son. he couldn't be bothered to go back to Washington and James Brennan and the lackeys attack anyone for even suggesting the man should have left his vacation for what is a 24/7 job when needed.

It has come out that the bomber had met with one of the most radical clerics aligned with Al-Qaeda. We already know that there was more then enough information on this guy (as Fred Thomson said last night, the guy had, for all practical purposes, "I am a terrorist" stamped on his forehead) and the ball was dropped. Of course, the CIA will in the end be blamed the most. After all, the President first stripped them of their power turning it over to another governmant boondoggle, The National Counterterrorism Center. On top of that, the administration feels it's much more importatant to prosecute anyone who did their jobs, CIA or otherwise! After all, the CIA and the military are, in their Socialist eyes, enemies of the state. Belligerant statement? YES! But how else is one supposed to think?

BTW: Can someone please explain to me what an idiot like Janet Napalitano is doing in a position that she is not remotely qualified for (other then the fact that she, like most of this guys advisor is a hard left leaning Socialist)? As if her ineptness isn't enough, yesterday took the cake! She stated that she was shocked that Al-Qaeda had gone operational in Yemen and would use a single person for a bombing effort or something basically to that effect! My God! What planet is this looney tune living on? And the President continues to back this moron!? And we wonder what's wrong with our country?

I and others have been ranting about this very issue for some time now. Any fool knows the radical Muslims, be they Al-Qaeda, Hamas, or whomever are tickled pink to see that in fact they were correct. The U.S. is weak. They will step back from any commitment to fighting them. As such they just had to wait us out. And sure enough, that's exactly what is happening. The radical leftists in the administration are so blinded by ideology, they turn their heads away from the simple fact that these people want anyone like us dead! So we apologize instead for America's always being wrong. We try to understand their hatred for us! Bull! The only way to keep someone of a radical ilk from killing you is to kill them first! You cannont talk to or reason with a radical of any kind, blinded as they are to their way of thinking. But of course, the administration knows that! "We The People" cannot reason with the radicals inhabiting Washington either! Like the radical Muslims, they refuse to listen! They are the only ones who are correct. They are good. We on the other hand are haters or racists and to stupid to realize we are wrong! Because of this, we are in deep danger.

One more thing here. The health care bill is being reconciled. All the promises of no new taxes, revenue neutural, etc. aside, one question. When do the lies stop.
This from a Fox stroy (also on other sites)

"In a meeting at the White House, Obama expressed his preference for the insurance tax contained in the Senate's health overhaul bill, but largely opposed by House Democrats and organized labor, Democratic aides said. The aides spoke on condition of anonymity because the meeting was private.
House Democrats want to raise income taxes on high-income individuals instead and are reluctant to abandon that approach, while recognizing that they will likely have to bend on that and other issues so that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., can maintain his fragile 60-vote majority support for the bill.
Obama has defended the tax as a way to drive down health costs.
"I'm on record as saying that taxing Cadillac plans that don't make people healthier but just take more money out of their pockets because they're paying more for insurance than they need to, that's actually a good idea, and that helps bend the cost curve," the president said in an interview with National Public Radio just before Christmas. "That helps to reduce the cost of health care over the long term. I think that's a smart thing to do."
In the end the House likely will have to accept the insurance plan tax at some level but it might not happen without a fight."

Once again, more take from those who succeed Socialism! As stated before, this clown has ensured the bankruptcy of our children and grand children. The thing is a bad bill and the deficit it will create in unsustainable! And of course, besides the lower tax and cost promise, don't forget everything is being hidden from the American Public! Again, another lie from this imbicile. What is so hard to understand here? The man is a Socialist! I get taken to task for calling him a name, but it is a fact. His own actions, his own words, and his complete disdain for the ideals and principles this country was founded on indict him! He has surrounded himself with fellow hard left Socialists! Again, how can we not see this?

Our economy is a shambles. Everything these people are doing is only making it worse. If they don't pass cap and trade, they'll have the EPA regulate companies to death. BTW: A huge rise in jobless claims last month shocked analysts! Who in the hell are these people? The holidays are over and people, as always are now being laid off form seasonal jobs! And the analysts are shocked?! More jobs are going to be lost as companies are unable to cope with the onerous regulations and taxes coming their way. As always with this administration, they think we are to dumb to see reality! When is it going to stop?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sometimes I Just Shake My Head

Ok. I was going to leave it alone after my tirade yesterday, but then I came across this today from the Detroit News.

"Obama getting briefed on Detroit terror incident
David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau
Washington -- President Barack Obama returned to the White House today from an 11-day Hawaiian vacation and was getting briefings on the review of the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwestern Flight 253.

White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters Obama was to hear from the Central Intelligence Agency and his counter-terrorism director, John Brennan, ahead of a larger meeting on Tuesday of government agencies on the Detroit incident in the White House Situation Room.

Burton also said the government was already looking at its no-fly list, mandatory secondary screening list and other terror watch list known as the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment list, or TIDE list. "

Excuse me. This clown needs another briefing? Are you telling me he has not gotten all the facts? What, did his golf game get in the way of actually doing his job? A leader would have immediately set his vacation aside and addressed a travesty like this. But not this guy. Needs more briefings. And all the while, the travelling public here in the states is put thru even more and in this case unnecessary misery while the government, as usual, runs around with their heads up their asses led by you know who.

I noticed an article, I believe it was in the Fox site, entitled "Is Obama the new Jimmy Carter?" (Fox Forum). Well guess what folks. I for one am probably one of the people that holds Jimmy Carter in high disdain for the damage he has done to this country. But there is one thing about the man. He is a God fearing man and sincere in his convictions. Didn't make him a good president for sure, but at least you knew his heart was in the right place. Aside here. Poor Admiral Rickover must be rolling in his grave when Carter is mentioned. I can't believe how anyone who was in the Navy under the admiral could end up thinking like Jimmy did. Oh Well.

What I'm saying is, unlike Carter, this president only has one set of convictions. They are first and foremost socialist in nature combined with what appears to be a hatred for the ideals and principles this country is based on. And, like Carter, he definitely IS NOT A LEADER! But unlike Carter, the man is not in any way shape or form honest. He's just a typical lying politician. Funny, as hard and nasty as the old Daley machine was (I grew up under it, so I speak with a knowing conviction on this), that man was a LEADER! Yes, he screwed up in the end, but he led. Mayor Daley is another one who I'm sure would love to reach out of his grave and grab this insult to his city by the throat and shake him a bit.

Apologetic of America, indecisive, a self avowed Marxist and apparently afraid of putting any decent conviction he might have ahead of his Socialist leaning supporters. That my friends is not leadership! So I say, no, he is not the new Carter. That would be an insult to an honest, though wrong in his convictions man. This is without a doubt the worse president in our history! Certainly the worse in my lifetime!

One other rant today. This from a Fox News headline, but also on other sources.

"NEW YORK — A New York City-funded guidebook for heroin users offers information on how to prepare drugs carefully and care for veins to avoid infection.
The state's top official with the Drug Enforcement Administration calls the "Take Charge Take Care" guide a "step-by-step instruction on how to inject a poison." DEA special agent-in-charge John Gilbride says the handout is disturbing.
The city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene printed about 70,000 copies.
A health official says the goal is to promote health and save lives. Assistant Commissioner Daliah Heller says instructions on how to perform injections were included because there's "a less harmful way to inject."
The illustrated guidebook offers information on HIV testing and the dangers of sharing needles"

There it is in one small nutshell folks! A perfect illustration of out an of control, no morals government in action. And the New York City taxpayers are having to pay for this atrocity! California, New York, New Jersey! It dosen't matter where one looks. This country is not only bankrupt financially, but also morally! And we, all of us are to blame for allowing crap like this to go on!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Follies

Well, a new year is here and what has it brought with it? The same old garbage as last year.

First, we have a moronic House wanting to spend more money on jobs! Forget the fact that the first stimulus hasn't done diddly for job growth. Nor will any other tax and spend BS policy! More regulations! The government must control the economy! Basically, the hell with the private sector. Get as many people as possible on the government payroll . Make them beholden to their caring (choke, choke) leaders. And of course, keep promising funds we do not have for idiotic notions that should not even be funded. As I said last week, how can these idiots look the electorate in the face and justify the bankruptcy of this nation? Can anyone say Socialism?!

Now of course we also have the terrorism thing. About ten days ago, as we all know, a fanatical Muslim terrorist (I have a bad habit. I call a Radical Muslim a Radical Muslim. Very unpolitically correct) tried to blow up a plane over Detroit. When stopped and captured, he started blabbing how he was Al-Qaeda trained and how others were lined up behind him to kill Americans! For days, we "couldn't trace this to whoever organized this terrorist activity. Lot's of finger pointing though. "We did it right. Oops, sorry bout that, we blew it". Finally, the President yesterday in effect said "yes, we have traced this to Al-Qaeda in Yemen".

So let me get this straight. It took our President over a week to figure this out? I'm just a plain old guy who happens to know how to read and analyze stuff (although as an admitted conservative, I'm not supposed to be that smart). The man got off the plane spouting Al-Qaeda ties! And it takes over a week for our leaders to say this?

This from a Fox News story.
The president emphasized that the U.S. would continue its partnerships with friendly countries -- citing Yemen, in particular -- to fight terrorists and extremist groups. The U.S. plans to more than double its counterterrorism aid to the impoverished, fragmented Arab nation in the coming year to support Yemen's campaign against al-Qaida.
"We've been investing in Yemen for many, many months now, and we're working very closely not just with the Yemenis but with our international partners -- with the British, with the Saudis and others, to make sure we provide the Yemeni government with the wherewithal to carry out this fight against Al Qaeda," Brennan said. "So it's not a new front. It's one that we've known about. It's one that we've been able to make tremendous progress and gains."

We aren't in a Pre 9-11 mentality. We're some where off in Never Never Land! This president and his underlings haven't got a clue. THE RADICAL MUSLIMS WANT TO KILL ANYONE OR DESTROY ANYTHING THAT IS BASED ON OUR IDEALS! Isn't there anyone left in this government that has the balls to stand up and admit this?

Two more snippets form the news. First, this one stating no plans to look deeper into Yemen.
“A top counterterrorism official is warning that Al Qaeda and other extremists are working to test U.S. defenses and launch an attack on American soil.
National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter says the failed Christmas Day attempt to bring down a U.S. airliner is the starkest reminder of that threat.
Leiter said in a statement Saturday that officials "know with absolute certainty" that Al Qaeda and others are trying to refine their methods.
The center is part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It draws experts from the CIA, FBI, Pentagon and other agencies who try to ensure that clues about potential attacks are not missed.”

This from Fox News Sunday from White House Aid John Brennan.

"The U.S. does not plan to open a new front in Yemen in the global fight against terrorism despite the U.S. closing its embassy there in the face of Al Qaeda threats, President Obama's top counterterrorism adviser said Sunday.
The U.S. and Britain closed their embassies in Yemen on Sunday in response to an active Al Qaeda threat and following the failed Christmas Day attack against a U.S. airliner by an accused 23-year-old Nigerian who says he received training and instructions from Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen.
"It just demonstrates that Al Qaeda is determined to carry out these attacks and we're determined to thwart those attacks," White House aide John Brennan said, making the rounds of four Sunday television talk shows as the president finished his holiday vacation in Hawaii and prepared for a Tuesday meeting at the White House about the airliner plot.
"We're determined to destroy Al Qaeda whether it's in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen, and we will get there."

What determination are we talknng about Mr. Brennan? We're going to work closely with our friends in the region (from another statement) including Saudi Arabia. Another joke?! When are we going to drop this apologetic, "America is wrong and we're sorry attitude" and do what we need to do? When are we going to figure out that in this particular case, the people we are looking for are Muslims!? When are we going to put extra effort into double checking Muslims!? And I don't want to hear this garbage that it's profiling! Our safety is at risk, and we're going to be politically correct? This nonsense has to stop. We've already seen how our police forces' hands are tied to the point that they cannot stop a car full of Hispanics, or Blacks or whatever when a crime is committed and a ton of eyewitnesses point out that the person or people committing the crime were of some ethnic persuasion. So it is with our pussy foot war on terror. Stop the madness! Get these people before they strike. Stop being reactive!

So far in the last few weeks, China has basically told the President to F... Off, Iran has told the U.S and the world in general to F... Off, and AL-Qaeda is happily giving the one fingered salute to our percieved weak President. And don't forget our Commie friends in N. Korea! The death toll both here and abroad will continue to mount as more radical fringe movements realize the U.S is now little more then a Socialist paper tiger. And don't forget the home grown radical ideologues! I assume in this day and age, we can't go after them either! Not politically correct. A radically led government surely can't or won't go after anyone that is against the ideas and priciples this country was founded on. Oh No. They couldn't go after their own kind! I'm not trying to be funny here. This is the reality we are faced with.