Friday, April 30, 2010

Presidential Leadership? More Like Hatred!!!

Today, let’s first touch on one of the most idiotic, inane and for all practical purposes asinine actions I have ever seen from our friends at the UN, better known as the ” F… America and Western civilization World caucus” The United Nations has chosen the country (Iran) to have a leadership role on the U.N.'s Commission on the Status of Women? Iran, a country that does not recognize woman’s rights in any way! Excuse me! Exactly what am I missing here? Has Iran turned a new leaf? Highly doubtful! More then likely, this is just another act by the Anti-Western Civilization Zealots that control the UN. Their open despite for the U.S., Israel and human rights in general has always been there for all to see, but the sheer brazenness now shown to the world by the radical fanatics in the U.N. only serve to remind us we should not even bother with that organization any longer! And where is the Media outcry? Oops! Can’t report on something that would bring the no counts in the U.N. some bad publicity, can we?

Bad enough, we have a President who acts as if he is the lead lackey for the Third World idiots that pose as leaders in the U.S. Why would I say that? How about this from various news sources!

“In an attempt to launch indirect proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians, the US has given private assurances that it would consider not using its veto power against UN Security Council condemnations of any significant new settlement activity, the Guardian reported.

A Palestinian source quoted by the UK paper said David Hale, a deputy of US Middle East envoy George Mitchell, told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas last week that if there was "significantly provocative settlement activity," including in east Jerusalem, Washington may consider allowing UNSC resolutions censuring Israel to pass. According to the paper, the source said "it was understood that meant the US would abstain from voting on a resolution rather than use its veto."

I have posted more then once that I feel this President is Anti-Israel to say the least! More proof in the pudding! Israel is the problem! Forget anything else if it is not put forward by the Far Left, Socialist, Muslim leaning corrupt press and it’s leader! Israel is wrong! The radical fringe has won the day. The hell with Israel and those who stand with her! The hell with holding the people who are really responsible for the years of bloodshed and death! After all, this Anti-American, Anti-Israel President has more then once shown his sheer disdain for what is right. Got to give him credit though. He is true to his own words. Read his book. It’s all there!

I’m sure anyone reading this can guess I do not hold the U.N. in high esteem. Fact is, the U.N. is like a limb with gangrene. The poison is spreading, and the world is more dangerous due to the inane bulls…. pouring out of it’s portals! What do you do to an infected limb? You cut it off! The U.N. is a lost cause. The hell with them and what they stand for! It’s time for the U.S. to stand up on her ideals and tell the rest of the world to stuff it! Our ideals made us the greatest country in the world! People from all over wanted to come here to escape the very tyranny the U.N. and this Socialist oriented President stand for! And I don’t want to hear any of the “he’s not a Socialist or Anti-American crap! It is there, out in the open for all to see.

Last but not least, I want to once again address the Arizona situation. Recap. Arizona passed a law that basically enforces the Federal Laws already on the books that the Federal Government refuses to enforce. Here in Nevada, the problem, although not quite as dangerous, is otherwise every bit as bad as it is in Arizona. Thousands of illegals, (which is a crime according to the books by the way) sucking up millions of dollars of our tax money and demanding rights and services. And we have “Harry the Hat “happily injecting racial hatred into the situation. But it’s not just Harry Reid. The usual race baiters are out there in force. Jesse, Al, and every other jerk who, when unable to justify a position or stand, lash out with their racial hatred to turn the focus away from the reality. And chief among these scum bags is the President!

Histrionics aside, the sheer openly blatant pandering to the Latino population in exchange for political gain is beyond disgusting. As leaders of BOTH PARTIES have done as in regards to the other minorities, they are once again ignoring the laws of the land as well as basic human dignity and morals, igniting another race war all in the name of “Social Justice”. Yesterday, I was called a racist pig for having the audacity to ask what gives an ILLEGAL ALIEN any rights what so ever other then to treat them as humans when they are in fact caught or discovered as illegals. And I for one have had enough!

Our country is based on laws, not racial hate! Our laws were written to welcome people from all countries and walks of life, legally. I do not want to see this race baiting President or any member of Congress profit from changing our laws to accommodate ILLEGAL ALIENS! The President says the Arizona law is misguided and will lead to horrible civil rights violations. Bulls…! The only thing that is misguided is the racial hatred being spewed by this administration and it’s Anti-American ideal, sad sack excuse of a President. Funny isn’t it. A convicted felon loses his or her civil rights, yet we are supposed to honor the so called rights of people who do not deserve to have those same rights given to them in the first place!

There have been leaders of every stripe I have not liked over the years. I had no use for Carter, Clinton, and in many ways the last Bush. But I have never in my life until now felt such utter disdain for a President or Members of Congress! The others I named pursued some wrong headed policies to be sure. But I never questioned their love for their country (misguided maybe, but never questioned). With this President all I see is hate. Hate for our country. Hate for our ideals and hate for anyone or anything that stands between him and his pursuit of the Marxist Socialist ideals! And now, he is spreading racial hate! And don’t even try to tell me different. His own words and actions condemn him just as they should have from the start! This isn’t leadership folks! This is the beginning of a dictatorship that will dwarf anything the old Soviet Union had to offer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things Leading To Our Country's Downfall

Ok, this is my “I am sick and tired of all the BS!" coming form the administration gripe day” Between being called racist, Anti-American, and, if you want to believe anything coming from this government, “a terrorist in the making”, for my views as to the corrupt out of control morons running this country, I for one have had more then enough! So here goes.

Rant number 1: As we all know, Arizona now has a law to help them combat “Illegal Immigrants” I repeat. ILLEGAL!

From the New York Daily News:

“In an unusual White House attack on state legislation, President Barack Obama harshly criticized an Arizona measure to crack down on illegal immigration and made clear Friday that he is looking for an election-year fight over the volatile issue.
Hours later, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the nation's toughest immigration law, making illegal immigration a state crime and requiring police to question people about their immigration status if officers suspect they are in the U.S. illegally.
Brewer, a Republican, said the state action was forced by Washington's failure to secure the U.S. borders and solve the nation's thorny illegal immigration problem. "Decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation," she said.

The president said it was the state that was "misguided" and that the Arizona measure would "undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans."
"We do need comprehensive immigration law in this country but not like this," said Sen. Chuck Schumer. "This law is mean-spirited and I'm opposed to it."
On Friday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill into law making failure to carry proof of citizenship or legal status a crime, and any immigrants who can't produce the documentation can be arrested, fined $2,500 and jailed for up to six months.
Critics fear it would give cops free reign to harass the state's Hispanic population.
Mayor Bloomberg said the law, which takes effect in August, could hurt the country financially because it "sends exactly the wrong message."

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio deemed it "un-American" legislation that "does nothing to address the pressing problems of our broken immigration system."

The people above as well as our friends across the border sure won’t like my take on it. Why should I care one bit what this sad sack of a president thinks of this? Who’s Chuck Schumer to comment on anything? Hell, he isn’t even siding with Israel these days.

Fact: Mexicans have crossed into our country illegally! Fact: They have taken to murdering our citizens! Fact: Their military has crossed over into our country on numerous occasions! Fact: The government (past administrations included!) has steadfastly refused to even enforce the laws on the books. Why? Because they need the Latin vote to hasten our march to third world Socialist Status! Who in the hell do these people think they are to allow the subversion of our laws purely for political gain!?

And don’t even begin to feed me the financial problem line Mr. Bloomberg! Get this straight once and for all. These people are here illegally! I and others don’t owe them a damn thing! I do not in any way, shape or form have to offer them anything! The only thing that can "undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans." as the President said, is to keep ignoring the following fact! They are ILLEGAL! They do not have any rights or standing in this country as far as I’m concerned. Kudos to the governor of Arizona! At least there is someone in this country that has the balls to not only enforce the law, but to also protect their citizens from the horrific crap coming across our southern borders!

Rant number 2: The bastard in the White House and his lackys in Congress blatantly lied to the American public as to the heath care cost and the fact “that costs will go down” once enacted . Bull!!! HHS has put forth the fact that taxes and costs will go up. And these lying no count bastards knew this and still forced it down our throats. Why? An open march to hard core Socialism, that’s why! Good grief! It was there for all to see and we ignored it. A huge percentage of us still believe the crap coming from this moron’s mouth!

This from various Google News sources:

“Chief Actuary Richard S. Foster concluded that while the new law would amount to “raising projected spending by about 1 percent over 10 years,” he also concluded that many of the “cuts” in the bill were not realistic: “That increase could get bigger, since Medicare cuts in the law may be unrealistic and unsustainable.”
Republican opponents to the law were hardly astonished at the prospect that more federal control over health care would increase costs. "A trillion dollars gets spent, and it's no surprise — health care costs are going to go up," Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) told the Associated Press.

Foster's study assumes insurance exchanges created by the bill will cut the costs for many customers, though not enough to reduce overall costs. But even that analysis may be too optimistic. Massachusetts has had a healthcare insurance exchange in place for four years already, has the highest insurance costs in the nation and has yet to see any cost savings. Foster's analysis assumes that the additional 33 million Americans would increase costs, but some of these increased costs would be offset by insurance exchange rate cuts:

The availability of coverage would typically result in a fairly substantial increase in the utilization of health care services, with a corresponding impact on total health expenditures. These higher costs would be partially offset by the sizable discounts imposed on providers by State Medicaid payment rules, as well as the significant discounts negotiated by private and public health insurance plans.
Foster qualifies these “savings” in his study by stating that “the responses of individuals, employers, insurance companies, and Exchange administrators to the new coverage mandates, Exchange options, and insurance reforms could differ significantly from the assumptions underlying the estimates presented here.” In other words, the cost increases as a result of Obama's health care legislation may be even larger than Foster estimated.”

Moron alert! They lied! They misled and outright lied to push thru a power grab for 1/6th of the economy! The President is a bald faced liar as are his advisors and the leaders of Congress! But don’t think this is just a march to the European style of Socialism! No Way! These are hard core Marxists who in turn will turn this into a repeat of the Soviet experiment! I believe that with every fiber in my body! The ideology as put forth by these lying sacks of S… is the Anti-American problem, not poor Joe and the rest of us who, when we voice our views or ask questions, are vilified and scorned!

Which brings us to rant number 3: If you notice, in the last 2 rants, I refer to our hastened march towards Socialism. The President, has the gall to “laugh it off and say there is no proof he is a Socialist” So, lets forget all of the evidence, his upbringing, the people he surrounds himself with and his own policies that he is trying to shove down out throats.

Consider this from Bertha Lewis, the head of one of the most left leaning organizations of them all, ACORN:

“They are coming. And they are coming after you," the embattled head of ACORN said during a talk last month to the Young Democratic Socialists, the youth branch of the Democratic Socialists, the U.S. branch of the Socialist International.
During the address, Lewis praised the group's members for calling themselves socialists, and warned that undefined forces are plotting their doom.

"Any group that says, 'I'm young, I'm Democratic, and I'm a socialist,' is all right with me. You know that's no light thing to do -- to actually say, I'm a socialist -- because you guys know right now we are living in a time which is going to dwarf the McCarthy era. It is going to dwarf the internment during World War II. We are right now in a time that is going to dwarf the era of Jim Crow and segregation," Lewis said.

Lewis went on to explain that she wasn't exaggerating -- just look at the Tea Parties, she reasoned.
"This is not rhetoric or hyperbole -- this is real," Lewis said. "This rise of this Tea Party so-called movement -- bowel movement in my estimation -- and this blatant uncovering and ripping off the mask of racism."

Earth to anyone! Look at the above and give it a moment to sink in. This organization was one of the President’s biggest supporters. To this day, I have not heard the bozo in the White House disavow anything as to ACORN. Not a thing! Ms. Lewis is only stating exactly what the President and his advisors believe! And the media on the whole is happily ignoring anything that points to the completely Anti-American principles as stated above! If I didn't run across this on Fox or a few of the "outrageous" conservative sites, I wouldn't have seen it at all. (BTW: Google news, while normally headlining the liberal stuff first, at least also posts the conservative stuff) Look at it! We, those of us that still care about our country’s basic principles, are compared to McCarthy, segregationists and excrement! And what do we hear from Obama as to the above? Nothing! Of course, he couldn’t state he disagrees with one of the most extremely vile Anti-American things I have read in quite sometime. After all, they are his policies!

We are at war here folks. Our country is being stripped of her basic tenets! Our Comrade in Chief is leading the march along with a corrupt press that refuses to do their basic job. We have to stop this now. Our future as the greatest country on earth hangs in the balance. Our children and grandchildren are going to suffer far and beyond anything we are seeing now if we do not act and take our country back! I plead with you from the bottom of my heart! Act now!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some Racetrack History: Female Jockeys

As we approach another Triple Crown quest, I would like to draw attention to what I feel is a noble cause and frankly something that is quite interesting. Those who know me all realize my love affair with horse racing is deep seated to say the least. While I am one who is more then willing to grasp the new technology and so forth to keep the sport alive, I also push as hard as I can to keep the tradition and history of this great sport out for all to see. Not only do we learn from history, but heroes and leaders are formed through their actions and those actions have need to be taught to all.

Back in the winter of 68-69, there was a young woman named Barbra Jo Rubin who was trying to become the first certified female jockey. A trainer named Brian Webb was ready to name her to ride a horse at old Tropical Park. All hell broke loose. Male jockeys refused to ride if she was allowed to. "She's to weak". "It's a man's sport". Those were the gentler remarks coming from jockeys, trainers and fans. Fact is, that the hate and vitriol directed at Barbra Jo and Brian Webb was severe and extremely caustic. I know. I was there. Brian was stabled behind us in Barn 11. I witnessed the horrible treatment given to a fine young woman who only wanted to follow her dreams. I saw people throwing things at her as well as the inane remarks from some of the greatest riders of the times (and some trainers to I might add).

A while back, I saw a great column by Bill Christine of Horseracing Insider. In it he wrote of the anniversary of Barbra Jo's first win at Charlestown Racecourse, a track that had the guts to stand up to all of the guff and let her ride. He also mentioned a documentary that is being made by a gentleman named Jason Neff about the trials and tribulations that the pioneer female riders encountered as they tried to succeed in their chosen profession. I contacted him and we have had a correspondence back and forth since.

Which brings me to the main reason for today's column. On Black Eyed Susan Day, May 14th at Pimlico (the day before the Preakness) there is going to be a retired female jockey race that will also be pari-mutuel (you can bet on it). Jason is going to be filming it as the conclusion to his documentary. I am adding the press release for this below along with a request. This, as I said earlier is history. But it's not just about the female jockey aspect. It is a piece of our history that is still repeated everyday in some parts of the world and here as aimed at minorities of all kinds and especially woman. For example, to this day, there are people who still feel women should not be riding races!

My request. Learn from our history. Put it forward to all. Show people not only the good, but also the bad. As in all other endeavors in life, people suffered to pave the way for the next generation! The women involved in this paid a high price. Jason is trying to show that history to all of us as well as give these fabulous people their just recognition. The cause these woman are riding for (“Susan G. Komen For the Cure”) on the 14th is important to say the least! Please check out Jason's site "" for more information. Anyone that would like to help him finish his movie, please contact him! Again, this is history and in the end an example that we can use for all of our daughters as we try to teach them what it takes to succeed in life.

Press Release
April 11, 2010
(323) 860-8500


“Everybody said a race like this could never happen.”
--Jason Neff, Filmmaker

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – On the 40th anniversary of the first female jockey ever to ride in a triple crown race, the feature length documentary, JOCK is following 8 RETIRED FEMALE jockeys as they participate in a first of it’s kind

JOCK, from Director/Producer Jason Neff and Emmy Award-winning Producer, Linda Ellman presents the never-beforetold story of the courageous female jockeys who overcame sexual harassment, ridicule and life threatening injuries to wage
a gallant fight for the right to ride more than 40 years ago. They used passion as a weapon in the sexual revolution and paid a price with their lives.

As part of JOCK, Neff and Ellman are documenting the 8 retired jockeys as they prepare for the LADY LEGENDS RACE OR THE CURE. The race is being organized by the Maryland Jockey Club and benefits “Susan G. Komen For the Cure,”
the world’s largest breast cancer organization. It will take place on Black-Eyed Susan Day, Friday May 14, 2010 at Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Lady Legends Race for the Cure will provide the closing act of JOCK, bringing the stunning journey of the pioneer female jockeys to a conclusion that’s as dramatic as the day it began.

Riders include:
• Barbara Jo Rubin, age 60, first woman to win against a man at a recognized racetrack, 41 years ago.
• Jennifer Rowland, 57, top pioneer female rider on the Maryland Circuit in the 70’s.
• Cheryl White, 56, the first African-American female jockey.
• PJ Cooksey, 52, the third all-time leading female jockey with over 2000 wins and breast cancer survivor.
• Mary Wiley Wagner, top 5 apprentice jockey in the nation in 1987 and breast cancer survivor.
• Andrea Seefeldt, Kentucky Derby and Preakness jockey.
• Gwen Jocson, record holder for the most wins in a single year by a woman.
• Mary Russ Tortora, 56, first woman to win a Grade 1 stakes race.

The oldest in the race, Barbara Jo Rubin said, “I can't believe I'm doing this at 60 and a grandmother (chuckle)!”
Barbara Jo began working out in January with weights. She's been galloping and will begin breezing this week at Fairmount Park in St. Louis, MO. She says she actually feels pretty good. “Each day I gallop I remember more, but it's
amazing how my body just doesn't react the way it used to. ”

Mary Wiley Wagner is a breast cancer survivor. She underwent her last chemo treatment in November and is well on her way to being fit to race. She hopes that if «one woman newly diagnosed with Cancer can look at what I am about to
accomplish and feel positive about light at the end of treatment, it is worth every single minute I've devoted to this. Mary has been galloping and breezing at Laurel Park in Laurel, MD.

According to Director/Producer Jason Neff, “I’ve watched these women train. They are working hard at getting fit and their competitive spirit is stronger than ever.”

Producer Linda Ellman who Directed and Produced “On Native Soil: The Documentary of the the 911 Commission Report,” which made the short list for an Oscar nomination, says JOCK is both an action film and an empowerment story: “This race
and the film explore what happens when perseverance and passion collide.”
About the Director: Director Neff is no stranger to the horse racing world. He grew up on a horse farm and at the racetrack. His uncle (Don MacBeth) and father (Myles Neff) were both jockeys and both of his grandfathers were horse trainers. Says Neff, “It’s always been my desire to recognize these women for what they accomplished and what they had to go through to get there. It’s a classic underdog story that’s historically significant beyond the racetrack."

One last thing and request. Anyone out there who would like to help on this one?

Diane Crump as stated below is the first woman to ride in the Derby. She had a horrible accident and is struggling with brain damage, but fighter that she is, she's still thankfully with us.

This from Jason:

"Also, this is the 40th Anniversary of the first woman to ride in the KY Derby....Diane Crump. We're trying to find a Sponsor to bring her
to the KY Derby. We thought it might be nice for a Sponsor (with
clients) to want to spend the Derby with Diane. You know, a special one of a kind, kind of event. I'd also like to film it. Mrs. Brown, who was the owner that put Diane on Fathom in the 1970 Derby is still alive. I'd love to shoot a moment with the two of them as well as drum up some tv publicity while NBC and ESPN are there. It could really help lead into the Lady Legends Race two weeks later.
Churchill Downs is not calling back. So, I'm looking for other ways to make this happen"

Final thought: I mention above that this is history, but as I re-read this, I also have to come back to the reality of the sad state this great industry is in at this moment. I've expounded before on what I felt the reasons are for this and the possible cures, but please also consider this. The history of horse racing is rich with countless rag-to-riches stories. It's full of scoundrels and cads, Runyanistic characters and good hard working honest people. Unfortunately, the industry as a whole has failed in almost every level, especially in keeping the sport in front of the people.

My God! The stories that are there to be told if someone would just make the attempt. Look at Seabiscuit. That movie was a good hit and people responded, if only for a looksee. We have the Secretariat movie as well as a TV series with Dustin Hoffman coming up. But it can't stop with a few movies! This industry desperately needs more people like Jason and Linda Ellman. Look at the blogs. Folks like John Pricci, Bill Christine and the others who love the sport dearly and try their utmost to inform the public.

But where are the leaders of the industry on this? Where are the corporate heads that seem not to care about the customer anymore? Example: Where is a Churchill Downs when it comes to something like what Jason is trying to organize for Diane Crump? It is up to the entire industry to keep the traditions and the grandeur of this sport alive! Kudos to the great folks at Pimlico for putting on a race like this on one of their most important days! And how about Charles Cella up at Oaklawn, a man who was willing to put five million up out of his pocket to stage what was hoped to be a race for the ages. People talked about that! WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU? We must reach out before it's to late!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Loss Of American Leadership and Respect

After perusing the news stories from various sources this last week, I’m left to ask these questions. Could it be possible that I was wrong? Could it be possible that this president is worse then Chamberlain and Woodrow Wilson and Carter all combined. The sheer idiocy spewing forth from the White House and their spokesman is a clear sign to our allies and enemies alike that the U.S. is now firmly in the camp of every thing we have stood against since our country’s founding.

Consider this from Joe Lieberman:

"Sen. Joe Lieberman slammed the Obama administration Sunday for stripping terms like "Islamic extremism" from a key national security document, calling the move dishonest, wrong-headed and disrespectful to the majority of Muslims who are not terrorists.

The Connecticut independent revealed that he wrote a letter Friday to top counterterrorism adviser John Brennan urging the administration to "identify accurately the ideological source" of the threat against the United States. He wrote that failing to identify "violent Islamist extremism" as the enemy is "offensive."
The letter was written following reports that the administration was removing religious references from the U.S. National Security Strategy -- the document that had described the "ideological conflict" of the early 21st century as "the struggle against militant Islamic radicalism."

Lieberman told "Fox News Sunday" this isn't the first time the Obama administration has tried to tiptoe around referring to Islam in its security documents and that it's time to "blow the whistle" on the trend.
"This is not honest and, frankly, I think it's hurtful in our relations with the Muslim world," Lieberman said. "We're not in a war against Islam. It's a group of Islamist extremists who have taken the Muslim religion and made it into a political ideology, and I think if we're not clear about that, we disrespect the overwhelming majority of Muslims who are not extremists."

What an astute statement! The fact that this president is so intent on “not insulting” the very people that mean to destroy everything we hold dear is to me an act of treason! You do not appease radical terrorists. You tell them you are going to eradicate them and then do it! You squash them like bugs! But not this bozo! In his eyes, he will find common ground with our enemies, the entire world and it’s allies be damned! Not surprising that he does indeed stand with his Muslim brothers. But he could at least stand with the moderates instead of aiding and abetting the radicals among them!

But it gets worse! As we all know, Obama is going to hold his “nuclear summit”.

Following from Reuters and CBS:
Not inevitable Iran gets bomb: Gates

Sunday, April 11, 2010; 10:52 AM
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -" Iran is not yet "nuclear capable" and the U.S. government has not concluded that it is inevitable that Tehran will get the bomb, Pentagon chief Robert Gates said in remarks aired on Sunday.
"It is our judgment ... they are not nuclear capable, not yet," Gates, the U.S. defense secretary, said on NBC's "Meet the Press."
Asked if the U.S. government had concluded this was inevitable, Gates said, "No. We have not ... drawn that conclusion at all, and in fact we are doing everything we can to try and keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons."
However, he added that "they (the Iranians) are continuing to make progress on these (nuclear) programs. It is going slower than they anticipated but they are moving in that direction

Iran still hasn't changed its tune on an aggressive nuclear program. As Elizabeth Palmer reports, U.S. and allies hope that Iran leaders will have second thoughts.
Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad aimed words squarely at the U.S. recently while celebrating his country's nuclear program, sending a deliberately provocative message to the world. "

"(CBS) Just days before President Obama hosts a nuclear summit in Washington, Iran announced Friday that "its nuclear path is irreversible," a dramatic move, despite the prospect of tough new sanctions.

In a ceremony where a choir and musicians performed a specially written nuclear symphony, Iran recently unveiled its homemade nuclear technology, including a new centrifuge - five times faster than the current model. Iran insists it's all for peaceful purposes, but it could also take the country closer to making a bomb.

Celebrating Iran's nuclear program in such an elaborate way is of course a public spectacle for Iranians, but it's also a deliberately provocative message to the world, which President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made crystal clear with words aimed squarely at the U.S., reports CBS News Correspondent Elizabeth Palmer.

"Anyone who thinks they can threaten Iranian resolve to carry on with our nuclear program," Ahmadinejad said, "is greatly mistaken."

Good god! Can you believe Robert Gates?! “We have not drawn the conclusion that Iran getting the bomb" is inevitable?! All the while Iran is spitting in our face and the world's with absolutely nothing except idle threats from the so called world community. So what do we do? Nothing! OOPS! Wrong on that one! We take Israel to task. The President wants to impose his peace plan on Israel, one that firmly puts the U.S on the side of the very people that want to not only wipe Israel off the face of the earth, but have sworn to destroy Western Civilization as we know it!

As if that isn’t bad enough, the Obama administration wants to “curb Israel’s nuclear program! Forget the fact that Israel is not and has not been the aggressor in the region and is protecting herself! What does Obama care about Israel? Not a damn thing! He can’t stop Iran from building their bomb! He sure as hell can’t stop N. Korea from being a nuclear aggressor! But he’ll give his best shot at hastening the destruction of Israel! Why is this so hard to figure out? Hell, all you have to do is listen to the utter disdain you can plainly hear in his voice whenever he speaks of Israel along with his outright open hostility towards her Prime Minister.

So, I ask this question. What in the hell is the Jewish population of our country thinking? 54% of Jews in this country approve of this administration and it’s handling of the Mideast? Are you all nuts? This president is stupidly (I’m sure he wouldn’t know any better anyway) enabling the possibility of a holocaust the likes of which will make WWII Germany look like choir boys! I don't say that just to vent! There is a country right next door that has promised to burn Israel to the ground, one that we cannot stop from obtaing nuclear weapons. Yet this president doesn’t care about anything other then his asinine agenda!

Of course, if you are an “ally” of our country, you would have to be thinking twice about the U.S. even remotely coming to your aid if there was a major attack, etc. This administration has made it abundantly clear that it hasn’t met a treaty that it can’t break and it sure as hell is not going to stand behind any ally that gets in the way of our march to Third World status, one that in a little over a year has destroyed every bit of respect and leadership this once great country was known and loved for! Add to that the hard core Marxist drift towards the exact Socialism that has destroyed many countries, look at Greece for example, and the hard tone towards free speech and it’s quite easy to see why we are now held in disdain throughout the world!

A good friend of mine here in Vegas is from the old Soviet Union. He was lucky to get out years ago and loves his new country dearly. When we talk about this, he always asks the same thing. “Can’t we as a country see what we are doing to ourselves? Can’t we learn from past history? Could it be that we as a country now do not believe in our own principles?

He asks this and states as follows. “I lived the horror in Russia. I’ve seen what Marxist Socialism can do to a people. I have seen it rob the will to succeed and in fact the will to live! When I lived there, the U.S. was the beacon of hope. Now, I fear that the “I wants” of our country have lost track of that.”

He went on to say that the leadership he is witnessing now is every bit as deplorable as where he came from. He sees the beginning of same lies, the same anti-free speech rhetoric and the same despite for free will now, in this country, as he did then. Funny, isn’t it? A lecture from someone from another country who loves our country more then her native born citizens! In all reality, it’s a harsh indictment on this Anti-American administration and it’s sheer ignorance of our basic principles.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Who Could Have Been worse then Carter? Obama!!!!

This is long and I am extremely agitated, so please bear with me!

Today, we tackle the most inept foreign policy since Jimmy Carter. Please be reminded right off. Jimmy Carter to this day brands the Israelis as the main problem in the Mid-East as does our current sad sack of a President.
First from the Wall Street Journal:

“'Our aim is not incremental sanctions, but sanctions that will bite." Thus did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seek to reassure the crowd at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee two weeks ago about the Obama Administration's resolve on Iran. Three days later, this newspaper reported on its front page that "the U.S. has backed away from pursuing a number of tough measures against Iran" in order to win Russian and Chinese support for one more U.N. sanctions resolution.
This fits the pattern we have seen across the 14 months of the Obama Presidency. Mrs. Clinton called a nuclear-armed Iran "unacceptable" no fewer than four times in a single paragraph in her AIPAC speech. But why should the Iranians believe her? President Obama set a number of deadlines last year for a negotiated settlement of Iran's nuclear file, all of which Tehran ignored, and then Mr. Obama ignored them too.

In his latest Persian New Year message to Iran, Mr. Obama made the deadline-waiver permanent, saying "our offer of comprehensive diplomatic contacts and dialogue stands." Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a quick rejoinder. "They say they have extended a hand to Iran," the Iranian President said Saturday, "but the Iranian government and nation declined to welcome that."
The Iranians have good reason to think they have little to lose from continued defiance. Tehran's nuclear negotiator emerged from two days of talks in Beijing on Friday saying, "We agreed, sanctions as a tool have already lost their effectiveness." He has a point. “

Next, this from Mort Kondrake:
“By contrast, on Obama's personal orders, the administration fired every verbal gun in its arsenal at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the Jerusalem announcement - even though it knew he was blindsided and embarrassed by right-wingers in his own government.
It was, as the administration said, ``an insult'' to visiting Vice President Joseph Biden, who ``condemned'' it. That was a reasonable reaction.
But then, on Obama's orders, Clinton upbraided Netanyahu in a 45-minute phone call publicized by the administration, and her spokesman said that Netanyahu had drawn the entire U.S.-Israeli ``bilateral relationship'' into question.

When Netanyahu spoke to AIPAC, he made it clear that Israel would not stop building in its capital, Jerusalem, even though it has frozen settlement activity in the West Bank.
He then went to the White House - and was treated like a pariah, denied customary photographs with the president, let alone a press availability. Also, according to reports from the Israeli side, Netanyahu's aides stayed past midnight in the White House and had to ask for food and water.

It's conceivable that Obama's approach is directed more at Netanyahu than Israel and that he hopes, as Bill Clinton did, to drive the Likud leader from office and have him replaced by a less hard-line prime minister.
But Obama's whole approach neglects some facts. During Clinton's final months in office in 2000, Israel agreed to a peace plan substantially turning the West Bank over to Palestinian rule. It was rejected by then-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Right-wing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon withdrew Israeli forces from Gaza in 2004 - whereupon Hamas took over the territory and began firing rockets at Israeli towns.
Before he left office in 2008, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered Palestinians the most generous peace plan yet, and they refused to take it.

Now, they are refusing even face-to-face negotiations with Israel. Why? Because last March, Obama and Clinton demanded total cessation of Israeli settlement activity on former Palestinian territory - whereupon that became the Palestinians' precondition for participation in peace talks, which have yet to resume.
Obama has been publicly pounding on Israel for concessions but never publicly leans on the Palestinians.

Iran may have enough highly enriched uranium to test a simple Hiroshima-style bomb in 2011. It would be a huge embarrassment to Obama a year before he seeks re-election.
It would also be a dire threat to Israel, whose existence Iran has vowed to end. Israel will be sorely tempted to attack Iran to prevent its developing a bomb.
Obama surely doesn't want that. It could create chaos in oil markets and the world economy, not to mention the Mideast.
But Obama's persuasive power with Israel? It's fading fast - and it's his own fault.”

Question number one. Why and what gives Obama or anyone the right to demand Israel stop building in their capitol. Who in the hell do these people think they are? Why are they willing to always take the Pro-Palestinian side of things? Why are they more then willing to wiffle /waffle while Iran tells the world to shove it up their collective asses? Why is it they feel Israel should not be concerned as to Iran building a bomb? Who in the hell are we to tell Israel to bend over and kiss their asses goodbye and not in affect defend themselves.

This is without a doubt the most Anti-Israel White House ever! But then, why should we be surprised? In his own words from his book, the president makes it extremely clear where his loyalties lie! “ Quote from Obama’s book: Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..'"

What will we do? Let's see. We'll pull a Chamberlain! We'll ask the UN for more sanctions, which they will most likely decline to do. Even if sanctions were ordained, they will not enforce them against any of their third world Anti-American allies. We will try to muzzle Israel from striking. After all, we can't have one of our allies defend itself from the misunderstood Iranians! In essence we will yap like the weak impotent puppies they think we are, and then express our shock and displeasure when they go ahead and get their nukes, laughing at us as always. And all because the enabler in chief is with them!

Now let’s address the border problem with Mexico. Where is the outrage as to the Arizona rancher who was executed by Mexicans last week? Why in the hell are we ignoring this situation? What about the countless incursions by the Mexican military. Good god people, we’re being invaded and our leaders have their heads up their asses! And yes, I am extremely mad about this situation!

From the AP:
(Arizona) Attorney General Terry Goddard said Friday that evidence at the scene appears consistent with the known behavior of drug runners working for cartels based in Mexico

And this great article from Barbara Simpson:

"Immigration? No. Invasion"

"You've probably never heard of Rob Krentz.
Before March 27, there really wasn't any reason you would have.
Since then, however, there's every reason you should know the name and the man and the circumstances of his death.

But unless you read local Arizona news or ranching publications, you'll know nothing about what happened to Rob Krentz on his ranch that day.
The reason you know nothing is because there's a concerted effort by pro-illegal immigration advocates in government and media to keep silent on this story.
Think about it. Did you see any headlines about an innocent American rancher gunned down on his own property?

The truth is, even the cold-blooded murder of an American citizen on his own land by an illegal alien doesn't bother them because they're hell bent for leather to keep our borders open, allow illegals to cross with impunity and to give those already here illegally the precious gift of American citizenship.
If you're a patriotic, law-abiding American and this doesn't make you livid, you are more than a fool.

Robert Krentz operated the 35,000-acre family ranch with 1,000 head of cattle located some 12 miles from the Mexican border and near the city of Douglas, Ariz. He worked with his wife, Sue, and their three children on land that's been in his family since 1907.

That's three generations, 103 years of blood, sweat and tears to maintain a business that is nothing, if not tough.
Krentz had a reputation of generosity and was known for helping anyone in need, including illegals needing water or medical aid.
His eldest son, Andy, told Fox News that his "father was a very good family man. He supported his kids, supported his family. He went out of his way to help anybody we could … it didn't matter who they were."

So what happened that Saturday?
Krentz was checking fencing and water lines on the ranch and mid morning, he radioed his brother Phil that he'd encountered an illegal on the property.
A neighbor told the Arizona Daily Star that she heard that transmission on the area radio network. Wendy Glenn said Rob Krentz told his brother, "There's an illegal alien here that needs help. … I'm out on such and such windmill … Please call the Border Patrol." The brother replied, "I can't hear you."

When Krentz didn't show up for a noon appointment, Phil Krentz called the police.
A search was launched and late that night, Robert Krentz was found slumped over in his ATV, shot to death. His dog had also been shot and was so badly injured, it had to be put down.

The Cochise County sheriff's office told the Arizona Daily Star that the body was found 1,000 feet from where the shooting occurred. The ATV had its lights on and the engine running.

Sheriff Larry Dever said there were spinout marks in the dirt, indicating Krantz was trying to get away from his attacker. Deputies and tracking dogs followed a single set of footprints south to the U.S.-Mexico border. It's assumed the killer crossed that border. Mexican authorities have been notified.

The chances of finding the murderer are slim to none.
Dever told the Daily Star they don't have a motive but retaliation might be a factor. The day before the shooting, Phil Krentz reported drug smuggling activity on the ranch to the Border Patrol.

Approximately 290 pounds of marijuana were found, and tracks led to eight illegal aliens who were arrested. The Border Patrol said none were prosecuted because of lack of evidence. All were in custody at the time of Rob Krentz' murder.
Cochise County is a hotbed of illegal aliens crossing the border as well as drug running and human trafficking. Former Rep. Tom Tancredo said he saw live video from one Cochise County hidden camera in March. It showed 500 to 1,000 illegals every day!

That's one camera in one county in one state. The totals are staggering.
The Krentz ranch, and others in the area, are constantly on guard against intrusions by illegals with repeated calls to authorities about property damage, livestock theft and killing, theft, carjackings and home invasions.
In 2002, two illegals who'd butchered a calf on the Krentz ranch were tried, found guilty, served 51 days in jail and ordered to pay $200 in restitution. Not a cent was paid. The men were released.

In 2005, Krentz told KOLD-TV they were being overrun and that in the prior five years, it had cost them more than $5 million in damages.
Every ranch owner repeatedly asks the Border Patrol for more surveillance and increased protection – to no avail.
There's always a reason it can't be done. It's always money. The county blames the state; the state blames the feds; the feds ignore it and tap dance about border security.

But the buck does stop, and it stops in Washington in the Oval Office. Ultimately, the responsibility for protecting the borders of this country rests with Washington.
The feds have the power and the constitutional duty to protect American citizens and their property from a foreign invasion.
That is exactly what this is.

Mexicans, and others from scores of countries, are invading the United States. It's daily and ongoing and our own government ignores it, tolerates it and allows it.
Even worse, they want to make it legal and reward the millions of lawbreakers already here.

We have the ludicrous "negotiations" by Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., to devise an amnesty plan the president has said he'll sign.
Meanwhile three border governors want the National Guard sent to the border.
Hello? Washington? Anyone home? Anyone care?
If not, why not? Americans are dying, and it's your fault.
Meanwhile, Robert Krentz is still dead.”

Finally, this from Jarod Taylor:
What appeared to be a Mexican military helicopter was spotted hovering over U.S. territory Sunday afternoon, said Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez.
The incident — at least the second reported this month — occurred Sunday afternoon over RV parks on the southwest outskirts of Zapata, a small town about 100 miles northwest of McAllen near the Rio Grande, the sheriff said.

We are at war! Mexico knows this president is to busy trying to legalize millions of illegal aliens to bolster his party’s vote totals and doesn’t give one damn about American citizens lives or property! The refusal to protect our borders from this scum is tantamount to treason! (Note here: Bush is as much to blame for this as is our current president!)

It’s bad enough that Americans are being killed gleefully in Mexico and apparently the mass media as well as our government doesn’t give a damn! But when a foreign force crosses our borders and murders our citizen, it is the government’s responsibility to defend our citizens!
It is time to send troops to the border! It is time to eradicate this scum that is violating us from the face of the earth! It is time for” tail between his legs” Obama to act! And it is time for the United States to get out of it’s collective “we don’t want to upset” Mexico’s government state of mind! I have had enough of appeasement! If the Mexican government or the Latin community in this country don’t like this stand, that’s just to damned bad! This is the United States, not some banana republic. But, as with Israel, why should we be surprised at the stance of this administration. They are in fact shoving us ever faster into third world status!

I ask one more time. Where is the outcry from the co-opted media? As Barbara Simpson said, “ Robert Krentz is still dead”. And apparently, no-one in power gives a damn!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome To The World Of The Marxists!

Anyone who has seen anything I have written knows full well I have openly accused Obama and his administration of being hard core Socialists! Now with the passing of the heath bill, the truth of my contention is becoming blatantly apparent! Take the examples:

This , on Youtube from Rep. Hare from Illinois.
“The controversy began Thursday when Adam Sharp of the St. Louis Tea Party asked Hare which part of the Constitution authorizes the government to require all Americans buy a private product such as health care insurance. The Illinois Democrat replied, "I don't worry about the Constitution on this."
"Jackpot, brother," Sharp said.
Hare cringed in disgust and said, "Oh please. What I care more about, I care more about the people dying every day who don't have health care."
"You care more about that than the U.S. Constitution that you swore to uphold?" Sharp shouted back.
"I believe it says we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," Hare countered.
When an observer pointed out that those words come from the Declaration of Independence, Hare said, "Doesn't matter to me. Either one."

Of course the next day he said he was taken out of context in one of the most assinine attempts at trying to explain one’s idiocy I have ever heard.

Or how about our friend Howard Dean? Certainly spouts the Socialist theme in my book!
“At about the same time, Howard Dean, the former Democratic National Committee chairman and presidential candidate, said the health bill was needed to correct economic inequities. "The question is, in a democracy, what is the right balance between those at the top ... and those at the bottom?" Dean said during an appearance on CNBC. "When it gets out of whack, as it did in the 1920s, and it has now, you need to do some redistribution. This is a form of redistribution."

And then we have Sen. Max Baucus
“Health reform is "an income shift," Democratic Sen. Max Baucus said on March 25. "It is a shift, a leveling, to help lower income, middle income Americans."
“BAUCUS: Too often, much of late, the last couple three years the mal-distribution of income in America is gone up way too much, the wealthy are getting way, way too wealthy, and the middle income class is left behind. Wages have not kept up with increased income of the highest income of Americans. This legislation will have the effect of addressing that mal-distribution of income in America.”

A leader can distinguish himself in many ways. However, you can always tell the most about them in their action, words and with whom they surround themselves with. This administration is filled with hard left radical people! This president in his own words is a Marxist (Read his book!). (“I sought out and surrounded myself with Marxist professors)” His Words!

I of course can go on and on, but I think you all get my point. This president, his administration and the majority of the Democrats in Congress have chosen to ignore the very foundation of our country in exchange for a brazen power grab, one that is quickly driving our country to third world status or worse.

So now we have the Tea Partiers, everyday people who have woken up to the fact that this country is in grave danger. In voicing their views, they are vilified and ridiculed! Here again, in their own words!

“Rep. Steve Cohen says that the tea partiers who oppose Obamacare and reckless government spending are just like members of the KKK.
“The tea party people are kind of without robes and hoods. They have really shown a very hardcore angry side of America that is against any type of diversity. We saw opposition to African-Americans, hostility towards gays, hostility towards anyone who, you know, just wasn’t a clone of George Wallace’s fan club.”

Another old remark of mine, but so vital to this discussion as dissenters are now designated as Racists in this new Marxist society!

The battle has barely begun! It is incumbent on every citizen to clearly vet these people themselves, a co-opted press aside. This must be done by using the Truth and Facts! This must be done by educating yourselves! Keep an open mind, but dig up everything you can from both sides. Then make an informed decision. As we go forward, we will be called fear mongers and worse! WEAR IT AS A BADGE OF HONOR. Radicals of any persuasion FEAR the truth and facts, so shout it out as loudly as possible. This is our country. Love for country and the ideals it was founded on IS NOT HATE as the hard left keeps saying. Opposing bad policy IS NOT RACISM as we are charged with! Fight the BIG LIE with the TRUTH! Our country depends on this. The people goofed this last election cycle. They didn't pay attention. We, the silent majority, are awake now and must continue this fight!

This from something I wrote over a year ago:

As has been the case since he has been in office, Obama's administration has chosen to talk down to or ignore the general populace! As the electorate was stupid enough to allow this man to be voted in due to their own refusal to take their jobs as voters seriously, this is the kind of government you get. It has been pointed out more then once that the president and his minions do not care what the silent majority thinks. As Axelrod said about protesters, "They are Wrong!" Condescending as always, they talk down to us, their perceived superior intellect and/or sheer idiocy (I can't tell which is which anymore) put on display in as usual the most vulgar of ways (last part of that is also aimed at the morons on the right who also do nothing but call names or use the worse of biased or racial terms!). One thing sticks out to me! They defend EVERYTHING that is wrong with this Country! They are ok with the corruption from any group they back. They are fine with the march to destruction this administration is leading us on. They are blinded by ideology, hatred for our ideals and most of all sheer ignorance. And that folks is a sad commentary on our leadership.

With the government now in control of 51% of our economy, the end of our country as we know it is quite near. Soon, Cap and Trade will be forced down our throats, probably with some order from the EPA or the president without any vote at all. Or how about the tax coming up on the internet? “RECOMMENDATION 4.20: The federal government should investigate establishing a national framework for digital goods and services taxation.” And we can be sure, Freedom of Speech and the Press is a short lived phenomena at this rate. Why do I say that? Because this is what hard core Marxist governments do! After all, the head of the FCC idolizes the way things are done press wise in Venezuala. In his own words! They do not give a damn about the people! And like it or not, this is where we as a country are headed unless we stop this madness now!