Sunday, June 22, 2014

Scandals Galore! Imminent Danger! Impeach This Bastard Now!

The last few weeks have been extraordinary to say the least as to our benevolent dictator better known as Comrade Obama. As the scandals, combined with a pure hatred for our country's basic tenets and of course an ineptness as to leadership which is 500 points below Jimmy Carter level add up, one can only weep as our country is driven to destruction by this traitorous bastard that is our President. And make no mistake here, Barak Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi and anyone who holds the ideology that this President believes in are indeed traitors and worse!

This President broke the law he signed when he released 5 radical Muslim leaders in exchange for a man he knew is a deserter and a traitor! (For the record. I know of and have spoken with someone who was in Afghanistan at the time. Servicemen had orders to shoot or capture Bergdal as a traitor, not just a deserter! Of course, our Traitor in Chief knew this but what the hell, those 5 guys were sorely needed to hasten the deaths of more Americans and Westerners)

Let me add one other point here before I go on. I make a brief mention below of the immigration crisis on our southern borders. In that regard, our benevolent leader, he who in effect caused this crisis (blame for the beginning of this goes back much further than Obama, but he and he alone is using it to insure this country's final slide into dictatorship and third world status). I mention the insane trade of a traitor for 5 radical Muslim Terrorists above. Well, just the other day, Obama met with the President of Mexico about the border crisis. Yet, he did not even bother to demand the release of a Marine being held in Mexico. Unlike Bergdal, this is a Marine who did and is serving with Honor who made a wrong turn, one anyone could have made if confronted with the insane signage at that particular crossing point. Yet, the Commander in Chief couldn't be bothered to request his release. Not one damned word! And the powers that be wonder why I despise this piece shit in the White House?

I could go on and on, but the facts as put out by researchers far better than me speak for themselves. Be it, Fast and Furious, The IRS scandal, the Benghazi fiasco as to the "videotape" and the complete lack of responsibility or remorse by either this scumball President and Hillary as to the deaths of out people, the heightening crisis that is Illegal Immigration, the dropping of charges as to the voter intimidation in Philly (in effect, our racist Attorney General declared racism is fine as long as it is practiced by blacks) or any other of the myriad of what I feel are traitorous and criminal acts by this administration and its allies, one thing stands out rightly apparent.

This "I'm above the law" President should not only be impeached but in fact indicted for the criminal acts he and his lackeys have committed! He has lied to the American people. He, as did Nixon has participated in (and please, no one give me any shit as to "oh, no one has proof he sanctioned these actions by "rogue" agents or low level department employees!) in coverup of criminal activities. No one will ever convince me the IRS "lost emails" were not purposely disposed of! Just another example of our dictator covering his and his administration's sorry ass. What is sad is the complete lack of attention to these actions by the lap dog media, those who have their heads so far up the President and in turn the left's asses that they can't even begin to imagine pursuing the facts with the same blood lust they went after Nixon with. Even stranger when one considers the circling of the sharks when it came to Wilbur Mills, Gary Hart and of course let's not forget the vilification of Geraldine Ferraro when she ran for V.P. All of these people were lefties, but scandal won out and the Press attacked. Not for lying sack of shit Obama and his Anti-American hacks though. No siree! Free pass!

Having said the above, today I want to finish up concentrating on the Iraq situation. As is well known, this ISIS group is led by a man our Muslim loving President ordered released a few years ago from custody. He was a known vicious radical Muslim, and like the 5 he just ordered released has a fanatical hatred for America and the West in general. While our President says we must understand why they do what they do, the radical Islamist bastards openly and gleefully spew their hatred for the west and repeatedly tell us they plan to kill all of us if needed. Yet this bastard and his cohorts in D.C refuse to even call them what they are, Radical Islamist or Muslim terrorists! No, in this President's eyes, they are freedom fighters or some other line of bullshit and when they as the are wont to do, kill or attack innocent people, the President is always the last to know, usually learning about it "through the news"! What the hell, it must really be hard to actually pay attention to the job of being President when one has to get in his golf, vacations and his fundraising (better known as "its time to spread some more lies and bullshit") in. after all priorities here kids!

One can easily make the case that Obama was and is completely unqualified to even think about enacting foreign policy, much less being Commander in Chief and they would be correct. The past six years have shown this long with a propensity of actions which when taken at face value are not only questionable but in fact open treason as far as I'm concerned. And of course, because I feel as I do, I and so many others, under the rules and guidelines being put forth by this President and his terrorist group known as Homeland Security are, in their eyes the terrorists that must be hunted down!

And of course, lets not forget what a racist bastard I am for daring to question our out of control leader or his equally racist Attorney General. After all. I disagree with their policies and beliefs so I have to be racist! And seeing I feel they, as well as Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the leftist (and lets not forget the RINOs, they are equally to blame) have and are putting this country at risk and endangering our citizens, I realize in Obama World, I am breaking their rules as it is uncouth to ever question our leaders!

As I say above, Obama has put this country at great risk and in my book is a traitor or worse. An ex Democratic aid out it best below as to the Foreign Policy that is endangering our country!


Obama’s Foreign Policy In One Tweet"

Rosa Brooks @brooks_rosa Follow

 US respnse 2 Syria,Russia,Iraq:


 2)We're watching this closely

 3)With concern.

 4)Hey, stop-

 5)We won't tolerate that!

 6)Mmm. Whatever.

 6:04 PM - 12 Jun 2014

As well said as that is, let me once again invoke the Judge Jeanine statements, which are a follow up to her opening last week.

As always, not only is she dead on target, but in fact she has factually laid out exactly what Barak Obama is, a traitorous, Anti American bastard (my words, not hers) who has and is putting Americans in harm's way. 

Can someone, anyone please tell me when the American people and the lap dog press are going to get their heads out of their asses and demand this no count and his underlings be held responsible for their criminal and treasonous actions?! 

Moron alert! We are on the edge of losing everything our forefathers fought to give us and what is worse is that an ill informed, lazy hands out irresponsible electorate is listening to the "promise" of corrupt power mad idiots which in fact are all lies! This President is driving this country to third world status and is willing to let American citizens die or worse to get his way. He does not believe in our greatness, he only believes in the hard left ideals he was raised on. In my eyes, he and his followers are dead intent on destroying this country as we know it and delivering it to the radicals on the far left. And make no mistake about it! This scum bag is in bed with the hard socialists such as Putin.  He does not give one damn about our citizenry and it is also extremely apparent how much he hates our military! 

As Judge Jeanine has so eloquently laid out the case, I must wholeheartedly concur. Chairman Obama has purposely put America and its citizens in danger. He must be impeached, then prosecuted for the criminal acts he has committed. He must be made to answer not only for the dead in Benghazi, but for the coverups and worse,  his open contempt for the rule of law. He must be brought to his knees, as all politicians must and reminded he is not above the law. He and the rest of this scum in D.C. are our employees! They must be made responsible for their actions. As such, anyone of you out there who feel Political Correctness is the way to go, don't blame me or others when you suddenly wake up and realize you are no longer free to say and do as you please. Don't cry about how you were betrayed by our benevolent dictator when you P.C. idiots in fact helped push the agenda. Don't look at anyone but yourselves when suddenly you are faced with Sharia law or worse because it was P.C. to "understand why they want to kill us"! 

Wake up folks! As the Judge says above in effect. Political correctness be damned! Either get your heads out of your asses and defend our basic rights and ideals or suffer the consequences, Sound harsh? Well that's just to damned bad! Someone has to say it and act on it now or we all lose!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Later on today and tomorrow, I hope to get back to a somewhat regular posting schedule and as all can guess, I am rather full of rage and more in regards to what is going on in this country and the world today. But for the moment, I want to focus on a special moment and Father's Day.