Sunday, September 26, 2010

Comedy or Reality? What Is The Message?

In the past, I and others have ranted and raved as to the MSM and how misguided it appears to be. This past week is clearly the perfect example of this malfeasance on the part of the press. We can of course point to the vicious attacks aimed at the so called Tea Party candidates as well as the lament by the MSM whining about the “establishment politicians” that lost primaries. Or how about the moronic story I saw as to the number of staff jobs that will be lost in D.C if the Democrats lose? You can’t make this kind of idiocy up! However, before I get of onto my rant of the week, I’m going to take Sean Hannity to task.

On Friday, Sean had Pat Caddell, an extremely decent man on his show with another (I forget who she was) guest. Sean was discussing the moronic debacle that was the Steven Colbert testimony before a house committee. Pat Caddell tried many times to make the point that Sean as all the MSM was doing, was focusing on that rather than what was the most important hearing of the day which was the Coates testimony before the US Civil Rights Commission. For the record. Mr. Caddell is a Democratic consultant who has been lamenting for sometime now that the party he knew has been high jacked by extreme radicals. Sean ignored what he was trying to get across, choosing to focus on the outrageous in hopes of pointing out the idiocy of the Democrats instead of using his forum to educate the public on the real issues. Mr. Caddell tried his best to steer Sean to that subject. Kudos Pat! Shame on you Sean! I’ve said to many time an educated Public is the most important weapon we have against the coming tyranny and in this case, Sean failed miserably!

Now, let’s discuss this. Yesterday, I spent hours searching for the different posts, stories, etc. as to Mr. Coates testimony. For the first 3 or 4 hours, Google news didn’t even have it listed in their U.S. stories. They sure as hell had the Colbert fiasco listed though! I did however find this:

Colbert 1,300; Coates 196

By Donald Sensing

That's the count on Google News' leads of the coverage of the testimonies of comedian Stephen Colbert and Dept. of Justice official Christopher Coates. Colbert testified before the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law. Coates appeared before the US Civil Rights Commission.

Below reposted from Right Wing News, but easily found on many sites:

Coates: Voter Intimidation Ignored in the Department of Justice If Victim Is White

On June 30th, I wrote the following about the first claim of racism at the Department of Justice. Megyn Kelly had just interviewed J. Christian Adams and the word was out about the lack of concern when white folks were victims of voter intimidation.

“There is a pervasive hostility within the civil rights division at the Justice Department toward these sorts of cases,” Adams told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

Adams says the dismissal is a symptom of the Obama administration’s reverse racism and that the Justice Department will not pursue voting rights cases against white victims.

“In voting, that will be the case over the next few years, there’s no doubt about it,” he said.

J. Christian Adams was dismissed as a partisan hack, a right winger with an agenda.

Today, his supervisor, Christopher Coates, went against the orders of the DOJ, who told him to ignore a subpoena and spoke truth to power.

His message was disturbing. He described a division of the Department of justice that was hostile toward defending white people and prosecuting the minorities who intimidate them:

He said civil rights attorneys stick to cases that involve minority victims, and he said the Black Panther case was dismissed following "pressure" by the NAACP and "anger" at the case within the Justice Department itself.

"That anger was the result of their deep-seated opposition to the equal enforcement of the Voting Rights Act against racial minorities and for the protection of white voters who have been discriminated against," he said.

He said a 2005 case against a black official in Mississippi over voter intimidation claims had stirred a backlash in the department and from civil rights groups -- and that the New Black Panther case was no different.

The Department of Justice dismissed the testimony, calling the investigation "thin on facts and evidence and thick on rhetoric."

"The department makes enforcement decisions based on the merits, not the race, gender or ethnicity of any party involved," department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler said. "We are committed to comprehensive and vigorous enforcement of the federal laws that prohibit voter intimidation."

So, let’s look at this. We have definitive proof that the DOJ squashed a winnable suit against a bunch of racists! And before we go any further, I sure as hell don’t want to hear the “reverse racism” B.S! This is racism pure and simple being practiced by the Atty: Gen. and in turn the racist in chief himself (for you lobbies out there, that’s the clown in the White house). In turn, to turn attention away from this, we have the outrageous display in the house with our friend Mr. Colbert. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out this deal. Propaganda at its purest. Highlight the lies and the absurd. Take the voter’s attention away from the real issues, especially if they hurt the ones in power! This in fact makes Sean Hannity’s approach to it Friday all the more disgusting!

We then go to our friend John Kerry. At first, this was John at his best, basically calling the American electorate stupid which in the end is exactly what he meant. But look at it closely as there is some truth in what he says, at least up to a point.

A testy U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday blamed clueless voters with short attention spans for the uphill battle beleaguered Democrats are facing against Republicans across the nation.

“We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening,” Kerry told reporters after touring the Boston Medical Center yesterday.’

Mr. Kerry was referring to those of us who identify with the Tea Party and the founding principles of our country. His point, at least from his jaded view is that we are reacting to sound bites, phrases or whatever and that we in fact do not really understand the issues. John’s problem is that in fact he doesn’t understand what’s happening. The electorate is in fact educating itself on what is actually going on with our politicians. In turn the incumbents see the tide turning against them and do what they do best. Lash out with lies. Talk down to us peons who are too stupid to understand issues. And on and on. Yet, look again at Friday’s happenings.

The MSM and some morons on the right purposely glossed over the important stuff, choosing to concentrate on the trivial or absurd. Why? To turn the voter’s attention away from the real news! Mr. Kerry is right about one thing and it’s something I’ve said in the past. The American voter does have a short attention span. Things get a little better and we let our guards down, Then poof! Next thing you know we’ve elected a hard core Marxist as our President!

The tactics being used by the MSM and the party in power are classic. They have been used before, in Germany, the old USSR and recently in Venezuaela. “We the People” must always be alert to these tactics. We must not, as Sean did this last Friday fall into the trap as he did and focus on NOTHING!

So, when all is said and done, here it is clear and concise, at least from my point of view. The Democrats held a horse and pony show Friday, choosing to highlight a comedian as an expert on immigration! This of course is not the first time they brought in some Hollywood or star type of person to testify about something that they really know nothing about in reality. Bring in the stars. Take the focus off the idiots making the policies. Why! Because in their eyes, as Mr. Kerry says in his own way, we are too stupid to know any better! In turn, this administration has set voting rights backwards while practicing their own ILLEGAL RACIST AGENDA!

Yet, the MSM chose to highlight the absurdity of Mr. Colbert’s so called testimony (one caveat here. I find Mr. Colbert to be funny and quite witty on his show. He makes me laugh. I certainly do not blame him for showing up as he was invited by the chairwoman of the committee. Also, I never thought I’d ever say this, but Kudos to Rep. Conyers, someone who I really have very little respect for. At least for once, he remembered where he was and took that into account when asking Mr. Colbert to leave. It’s just too bad he doesn’t normally respect his office and constituents that well)

Bottom line here kids! This country is in deep trouble. We have a hard core Socialist in the White House who apparently through his Attorney General is willing to ignore racism at its purest level. And he has allies better known as the MSM doing their damnedest to undermine the very foundations of this country. It has to stop now! The only thing that can prevent this is an informed electorate. It is up to all of us to dig deep and find the truth. If we don’t, we are doomed. And I sure as hell would hate to think that an idiot like John Kerry is in fact right about the American public. I pray that isn’t so!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama's Declaration Desecration and SomeThoughts on the Week Past

Before I go off on my main rant today, I want to talk about our Anti-American, hard core Socialist piece of you know what President! On Wed. past, he addressed a group of Hispanics. In his speech, he quoted the opening words of the Declaration of Independence. Or I guess I should say misquoted if I want to be nice. Hyper B.S.! The man purposely left out the words! To those that know me well, the last thing I want to be is nice right now!

OBAMA: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed with certain inalienable rights, life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

THOMAS JEFFERSON: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now before I go much farther on this, I want to say the following. I have seen the tape of his speech. It is quite obvious he is reading from a teleprompter! There is no way in hell in my opinion that this was a simple oversight as is suggested by the scum who defend his every Anti-American action. This was done on purpose! This is not about a misquote. This is about the open subversion of our founding principles! This is about an openly Marxist leader who clearly disdains everything this country is about and stands for! This isn’t a racist rant on my part as is always the case according to the Left Wing Media and their leaders when disagreeing with the cancer that resides in the Oval Office! This is about our country! The man brazenly attacks the very foundation of our country and I’m supposed to shut up and take it? How dare you Mr. President. you have no right subverting the meaning of one of our most sacred documents!

This has been for want of better words, an interesting week. Of course we have the “surprise” wins of the so called Tea Party candidates and what a horrible thing that is if you listen to the Goebbels style propaganda emanating from the Obama approved press. There is the story from Illinois about Nazi signs at a protest against a Republican candidate that trace directly back to the campaign headquarters of the Democratic candidate (one that’s even sadder when you consider one of the main staffers was an aide to comrade Pelosi). There is the constant bombardment from the Press as to the country’s hatred of Islam and Muslims (again, shrill propaganda). There’s the open attempt by this hard left administration to literally destroy our country’s economy and deliver us to their Socialist handlers (and yes, I believe that is this Anti-American administration’s soul intent). Hard to know where to start, but here goes!

We all know that it appears conservative candidates are winning the primaries. We see the sore losers on the Republican side crying and moaning it’s Rush’s fault or Sean Hannity brainwashed the voters. And Blah Blah Blah! Moron Alert! The incumbants are being voted out by an electorate that is fed up not with what the American Pravda calls the Status Quo, but with the fact that we are tired of the ruling elite taking our country away from us! For those of you in Delaware and Alaska who feel the incumbents have been wronged, I suggest you all get your heads out of your asses! It is more apparent than ever that the entrenched politicians in D.C. do not and have not given a damn about their constituents or our country’s welfare for quite some time. I have elaborated about this many times in the past. It is about power! Both sides of the aisle only care about that. Subjugation of the masses, and never has it been on display more openly than in listening to the bleating from the MSM and the losing candidates! You are scum, all of you!

From my little corner of the world here in Nevada, we get to have Comrade Reid and his sayings thrown at us every day. How can one not be sickened by the following quote!

“I’m going to be very honest with you — Chris Coons, everybody knows him in the Democratic caucus. He’s my pet. He’s my favorite candidate,” Reid said.
“Let me tell you about him: A graduate of Yale Divinity School. Yale Law School. A two-time national debate champion. He represents two-thirds of the state now, in an elected capacity. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen him or heard him speak, but he is a dynamic speaker. I don’t mean loud or long; he’s a communicator. So that’s how I feel about Delaware. I’ve always thought Chris Coons is going to win. I told him that and I tried to get him to run. I’m glad he’s running. I just think the world of him. He’s my pet.”

Then again, why be surprised? Coons is an avowed hard core Socialist as is Comrade Harry. And of course, we can’t take Harry to task as to the desperate condition our country is in. After all, he said quite clearly no one can blame him for the depression we are now in. He calls people who disagree with his radical agenda Racist as does his leader in the White house than turns around and throws out his own racist quotes. This from the man who has been the leader of the majority in both house for the last 6 years! But, not his fault. It’s those dirty Republicans

Which brings me to another Moron Alert. We have Comrade Obama, Comrade Nancy and Comrade Harry all blaming the Republicans for “blocking” everything these Socialists are trying to achieve “for the good of the country” Once again we have the scum of the MSM openly pushing the lies as put forth by our commie leaders. Why? The Democrats have a super majority yet all they can do is blame the other side for their failure to advance their agenda? What am I missing here? Oh of course! Liars and cheats can never point to their own shortcomings! So, blame someone else. And if that’s not enough, we also get Chairman Nancy talking about the “Obama Tax Cuts” when referring to leaving the rates as they are now. And for you libby idiots out there, it is not a tax cut if you leave things as they are!

I see there is an attempt by our Marxist leaders to force the lending institutions they coerced by law to make bad loans to bail out the government’s bookies:

WASHINGTON – The nation’s largest banks have an obligation to pay some of the cost for bailing out mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because they sold them bad mortgages, a government regulator said Wednesday. Edward DeMarco, the acting director for the Federal Housing Finance Agency, said the banks this summer have refused to take back $11 billion in bad loans sold to the two government-controlled companies, in written testimony submitted for a House subcommittee hearing Wednesday. A third of those requests have been outstanding for at least three months. DeMarco said the banks have a legal obligation to buy back the loans and called the delays “a significant concern.” He said the government may take new steps to force those buybacks if “discussions do not yield reasonable outcomes soon.” In an interview with reporters after the hearing, DeMarco declined to give further details on what the government might do next. He said only that “we’re looking for contractual obligations to be fulfilled.”

Certainly makes sense to me. NOT! The banks were forced to loan to people they and the morons in government knew could not pay and in turn they should now be forced to bail out the government. Socialist redistribution of wealth at it’s finest!

Finally, I want to once again address the past primaries and the future of our country in general. It is apparent beyond all doubt that the establishment on both sides are deathly afraid of the so called Tea Party and they well should be! For those of you who prefer to live in a cave, the Tea Party from my view is not just about returning to conservative principles. The people who are aligning themselves behind this movement are looking for so much more. We are looking for men and women of principle! We want representatives that obey the will of the people, not their leaders or their own power lust! We want a return to the bedrock principles this country was founded on! We sure as hell do not want to be told we are racists, hate mongers or all the other names we are called just because we disagree with the direction this country is being taken. We believe in free speech, not "Obama says you will think and say as I want".

The Tea Party movement is many things to many people. To those in power, it is a threat. To those who believe in the hard core Marxist principles being espoused by this administration, it is a threat! For those who believe our country needs to subvert itself to the whims of Islamic Fanatics, or Euro Socialism or whatever else, it is a threat!

As such, there are way too many people who do not remotely understand what is happening here. Our fighting men and women, our forefathers who gave their blood and lives for this country, they understand! Unfortunately, the folks that have either had everything handed to them or instead have chosen to ride on the back of others instead of being responsible for themselves combined with the elected morons who realize keeping people reliant on government insures their power, they do not understand!

The Tea Party movement is not a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican party! A co-opted media led by a hard core left wing wanna be dictatorship government would want you to believe that it is in fact all about the Republicans. And they would be dead wrong! The Tea Party movement is a fight for the heart and soul of our country! It is a fight to return us to what made us the greatest country in the world! How sad that entrenched politicians on the right along with the garbage on the left cannot or refuse to understand such a basic tenet!

Sometime ago I wrote something that in reading it again, I realize in my own way that it is what the Tea Party is in fact all about. We want our country back! And if it takes a revolution, in this case at the ballot box, so be it!

“Our country is suffering a slow death as we do not have a leadership with enough moral fiber or belief in our ideals to stand up to it. They only condemn what will hurt them, not caring a wit about the electorate.! This is not what my forefathers fought to give us!

Before the lefties get their panties in a bunch, I state again. As has been the case since he has been in office, Obama's administration has chosen to talk down to or ignore the general populace! As the electorate ( the barely 50% that even bothered) was stupid enough to allow this man to be voted in due to their own refusal to take their jobs a voters seriously, this is the kind of government you get.

It has been pointed out more then once that the president and his minions do not care what the silent majority thinks. Which brings us to:

For the purposes of this discussion! This is not just a protest against the extreme left policies being put forth by this administration. I'm of the belief that the silent majority has finally opened it's eyes to not only the hypocrisy of the current administration, but also to the blatant abuse of power by all career politicians of either stripe! The current administration at this minute is the whipping boy of record, and rightfully so! But that is only the tip of the iceberg! The abuses of power, the lies, the idiocy goes back for years, on both sides. the electorate chose to ignore it as is normally the case in this country.

Freedom comes at a cost, not just in fighting for it on the battle fields! The electorate, snuggled in their comfort zone ignored the fact that their elected officials, the ones that promised and lied over and over were in fact consolidating power to themselves! Then, shock! The people suddenly discovered their officials were acting more like royalty!

So this is where it's at folks! We have a completely unresponsive government. They easily talk down to us. They have bankrupted this country with their insane policies! But it's not just money wise that this has happened. Our current elected officials of both parties are bankrupt of ideals! They are bankrupt morally! They have completely lost sight of the United States of America, her dreams and her ideals!

The silent majority isn't quite as stupid as our so called leaders think. Now, when we finally stand up and fight back, they run or they call us racist or worse! They might have to answer a question rather then tell the same old lie. So of course, they now have to figure out another lie to foist on the people! And please note! This attitude towards the common citizen is on display from the majority of elected officials of all political stripes! Finally the silent majority is willing to fight back. What took so long?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Muslim Terroists And The Coming Socialist Dictatatorship

I have two things on my mind today. One is the “march towards a Socialist dictatorship, something I have commented on more than once. But before I get to that, I want to comment on the completely asinine crap being thrown out by the left and Islamic apologists as to 9/11.

First and foremost. Who attacked us? Radical Muslims! Not Hindus, not Catholics. Not Jews. Not Christians. Hell, not even Coptics. Radical Muslims supposedly following Islamic teachings! This is not Islamic phobia or racial hatred or any of the rest of the accusations being put forth by the nuts on the left. This is fact! As such, listening to the President’s speech the other day left me in a state of “just who in the hell is this guy and why does he refuse to recognize simple fact? Read the posting below and then ask that question again.

Obama calls 9/11 jihadists ‘sorry band of men’

“Yet again, refusing to call the Islamic Jidhadists or (Extremists) for what they truely are, Obama at the Pentagon called the 9/11 jihadist merely a “sorry band of men.” This type of Obama speak sounds more like a seven year old, than it does the “leader of the free world.” Obama’s refusal to ever acknowledge Muslim extremists were responsible for 9/11, Fort Hood, the failed Xmas crotch bomber, and the failed Times Square bomber are beginning to get rather old. Of course there’s always the Lockerbie bomber who is still alive and kicking in Libya that Obama never did anything about.”

As I have said before. If the so called Muslim community wants to be taken seriously, why does the majority refuse to condemn their radical brethren? And why does this President insist on calling for tolerance of a people that have sworn to destroy western civilization as it is against their teachings. In other words, why in the hell should we even give a damn what the other countries of the world or any one else in general thinks. They attacked us!

The fact is the moron in the White House refuses to stand up and call a spade a spade (I said it like that on purpose! After all, I might as welll say it like I feel. In the eyes of the people in power I’m a racist for even being against Comrade Obama’s agenda). Old adages like that or the word gay or whatever are considered hate speech now. Well guess what. They can blow it out their “you know what’s”! What an insult this clown and his followers are to our country and the memories of the 3,000 innocent people killed by MUSLIM TERRORISTS! Oops! There, I said it. Hate speech. Actually called them what they are! Too bad President Wimpy Pants doesn’t have the balls to state the true facts!

Now to subject number Two. I have tried to point out more than once the fact that we are headed for a hard left Socialist dictatorship. This president has not only misled the nation as to his intentions, but has surrounded himself with people who openly hate and despise our American way of life and ideals. They openly profess their admiration for the hard core Marxist way of life. The fact that America pretty much had their heads up their collective asses and refused not only do their homework on this idiot but also put on blinders as to the propaganda arm (the MSM for you blind libbies out there) has in fact led us to the edge of the cliff.

I for one have had enough. As I have in past posts, hopefully clearly stated my reasons for why I feel like I do, I’m not going off the deep end on this again. Instead, I’m going to repost a fabulous blog done by a gentleman named J.D. Longstreet. I posted one of his other articles a while back as to the Socialism that is quickly becoming part of our society. Again, this is must reading for those who truly care for our country and her future! Our country is in deep peril.

Groomed for a Socialist Dictatorship
J.D. Longstreet | September 13, 2010
Groomed for a Socialist Dictatorship
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
America’s very own government is systematically destroying the United States of America. If this comes as a revelation to you – then where have you BEEN?

America’s destruction has been ongoing for some time now. But not until the election of the democrat controlled Congress in 2006 and the election of President Obama in 2008 did it swing into high gear and the real dismantling of our constitutional republic begin in earnest.

Today, America is just a shell of its former self. We have seen how quickly a determined enemy of the constitution can bring havoc to bear on our nation as we look back over the months since November 2006.

Like a cancer devouring its host from within the socialism of the Democratic Party and the Obama Regime have, little by little, brought America to her knees. There can be no doubt that America is dying and dying quickly.

Fortunately, there are some Americans who have taken notice of this silent attack on America. To their credit they are desperately trying to alert all Americans to the imminent death of our constitutional republic. These American patriots do not plan to stand by and watch America destroyed from within. They have banded together to make a last ditch effort to stanch the out flowing of the energy force from America’s socialist damaged veins. They are known by many names. The Tea Party is the best-known moniker.

There is method to the apparent madness of the liberal-socialists in the American government today. Many contend they are intentionally making an all out effort to collapse America’s system of government along with her financial and economic systems and then reform them under a strong centralized socialist government which will have the American citizen completely at the mercy of the socialist/Marxist government.

There is a concerted effort today, in America, to destroy capitalism. I have come to believe the destruction of capitalism is an integral part of the plan to collapse America’s economic system and replace it with socialism akin to the Soviet Union style economic system. No matter that it failed in the USSR, the American liberal-socialists believe they can succeed because they believe themselves smarter than the Soviets.

It has become clearer and clearer as the months of the Obama regime have dragged by that the intended end result -- if the liberal-socialists get their way -- will be a communist America.

So sure are the liberal-socialists of victory they have already begun laying the foundation for their socialist dictatorship. For evidence look to Obama’s “Czars.” Look at the Environmental Protection Agency power grabs. Look at the influence the “green movement” has on our government today. Observe America’s elite in business, entertainment, and, yes, the Mainstream Media kow-towing to Obama’s every whim as they try to ingratiate themselves to the Obama Regime convinced, as they are, that we are on the threshold of a socialist dictatorship in America.

Generations of Americans, educated in our government school system, have grown up believing that government can solve any problem -- and do it better that a free market.

As we said above, the effort to destroy America as a constitutional republic began long ago. For at least two generations our young scholars have been indoctrinated in liberal-socialism in our government schools. The masses were, even then, being prepared for this moment in American history.
For the past eighteen months to two years Americans have been shaking off their lethargy and coming fully awake and now -- they are ready to fight back. And fight they will.

“D-Day” is November 2nd, the Mid-Term Election. Americans intend to send a message, not only to the Obama Regime and to the entire US government, but to the European Socialist states, as well. That message is: Americans ARE DIFFERENT! Americans WILL LIVE FREE.

In the Mid-Term Election we intend to purge as many liberal-socialists and progressives, as we possibly can, from the government of the United States. And that is just step one.

For step two, we intend to do it all over again -- in the election of November 2012 -- when we intend to send Obama packing and cleanse the remaining liberal-socialists and progressives from our Congress.

Take it from one who grew up as a free American. America is no longer free. The only way we can regain the freedoms we have already lost and to stop our incredibly swift slide into the socialist sewer is to regain control of our government. It is an absolute must. This is a battle free Americans must win. The alternative is the hell of socialist slavery.
J. D. Longstreet

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Must Read Thoughts From A Young Conservative!

Right after I posted my thoughts today, I took a glance at the news and stumbled across this great posting below on a blog called conservative Girl With A Voice.
I am proud to now be following Rachelle's blog and recommend it highly to all. This is must reading folks. And for those who despair about the wayward leanings of our young, chill a bit! As Rachelle proves, the kids will be all right. We just have to make sure they have a strong free country left to live in! Below is her post for today, a heartfelt strong essay! Enjoy!

Conservative Girl With a Voice
I'm a conservative girl on a mission to report the truth fairly and honestly to great, patriotic Americans everywhere!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The horrific events that transpired on September 11, 2001, have forever changed the face of America. Like many of you, I awoke on September 11th thinking about everything I had to accomplish that day. As a 20-year-old college student, I was busy with the tasks at hand. The papers, homework and journalism writing assignments were going to keep me very busy on this Tuesday morning. I rolled out of bed at around 6 a.m. and put on my workout clothes, thinking to myself that the sooner I got done working out, the sooner I could get the other items crossed off my check-off list. Little did I know how much my life would change--how much America would change in a matter of minutes. As I sat on the bed and put on my running shoes, I turned on the Today Show and I immediately stopped what I was doing because of what I was witnessing on the screen in front of me. The normally clear, crystal blue New York skyline was smoky, hazy and just plain eerie. I immediately listened as Matt and Katie reported what was going on. At first it was reported that a small commuter plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. After hearing this, I thought to myself: "oh, okay some pilot either ran out of gas or had a mechanical failure, hopefully everything will be okay." After hearing this, I went for a quick run.

When I got home, I turned the television back on assuming that whatever had transpired before I left had been figured out and that everything would be all right. Instead, what I saw on television really scared me. It was being reported that it wasn't a commuter plane after all, but a large plane. People were shown running down the street, dazed and confused in their business attire. I will never forget the horrific looks of those poor people's faces. These were successful, hard-working Americans who now seemed to be fleeing to safety. These traders, executives, secretaries, maintenance workers and many more business professionals became a blur under the smokey haze and ash that covered everything in sight. Immediately I thought, is this a terrorist attack? Being the journalism student I was, I didn't want to jump to conclusions, and I hoped I was wrong, but everything I was watching seemed to be pointing in that direction.

Unfortunately all my premonitions were indeed true, as I saw an object hit the other tower. When people talk about reality television, usually the actions are staged, but this was true a reality show, a frightening series of events that I could not believe were really happening. I kept hoping that everything I was seeing unfold was just a bad dream. I wanted to put my flannel pj's back on and climb back into bed and cuddle up thinking that when I awoke everything would be normal again-- everything would be the same. Yet, this WAS really happening; this WAS reality. Right them and there, I knew America had been attacked. How could this happen to America? I asked myself. Now, I can see one fluke accident, but the second plane hitting the other tower was just a little too coincidental. After the second tower was hit, everything just happened so fast that it is hard to put it all in chronological order because I was just trying to wrapped my head around how someone could attack America, the land of the free, the home of the brave. Before this day, I had always felt safe and secure. I never worried about going to amusement parks or sporting events. The only thing that scared me when I had to fly was my fear of heights, but that didn't stop me from flying. After watching the event unfold before my eyes, the care-free America I had once known seemed an all too distant memory.

The catastrophic events of September 11, 2001, not only changed America as we knew her, but also us as individuals. Before the tragic events of 9/11, I took for granted my family and friends. I took for granted the little things that I now look at with intense pride. While I have always loved America and took pride in being an American, September 11th made me realize how proud I was to be an American, and I wanted to show this pride everywhere I went. From the ashes, people came to the aide of others. Strangers helping strangers, putting their lives on the line to protect their fellow man and fellow woman. Amid the tears, heartache and screams of anger came a bright beacon of light, and amid the ashes, people joined together and united as one. I was so proud of our brave men and women in uniform who risked their lives as they rushed into those building buildings, knowing that they may not make it out alive. I was so proud of the normal Americans too. The employees who refused to evacuate the buildings of the World Trade Center, opting instead to stay inside and go back up those floors to try to get others out. Those brave men and women at the Pentagon who came together to bring out the burned and wounded. Whatever you may think of Donald Rumsfeld, he will forever be a hero for rushing in to help and rescue others. Who could forget the brave men and women of Flight 93? As I write this, I have tears in my eyes, as I think of the sacrifice those amazing individuals made in protecting those on the ground. I cannot begin to imagine what they must have gone through. But in true American form and with tremendous composer, they did what few would do.

You see, fellow readers, while the events of September 11th will forever be hard to comprehend and digest, this day brought out the best in our fellow man. Men, women and children of all races and religions came together for a common purpose, a common goal of helping those in need. I'll never forget when our elected officials stood together, hand in hand and sang God Bless America with more emotion than I had ever seen from from those whom we elect to serve us. After a tumultuous election, all Americans, regardless of party, stood together behind President George W. Bush as he comforted and hugged the hurting and the suffering. Goodness, how the times have changed. I have to ask, "What the hell happened?" "What happened to us?" We came together after an event that the terrorists hoped would forever tear our country apart, only to become divided once more. While President Obama promised to bring hope and transparency to America, he has only brought hype and pain. I say this because instead of honoring the fallen and our brave men and women in uniform, he talks of the waste of money that has been spent on the wars and continuously apologizes for America's actions to all whom will listen. What does this say to our good men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? That what they are doing over there was and is a mistake?

I hate to even write this, but I have to wonder if President Obama wants us to forget about what happened on 9/11-- But, Readers, whatever you do, it is important that you NEVER FORGET! NEVER FORGET the people who risked their lives to save their fellow man! NEVER FORGET the way America came together! NEVER FORGET the sacrifices so many men and women in uniform are making for us as they risk their lives day in and day out just so we never have to relive the tragic events that happened on that day. NEVER FORGET what happened on 9/11 and the way the nation came together on 9/12because now more than ever, we NEED to be reminded that America is the land of freedom and opportunity, the land of the brave. NEVER FORGET the 2,974 innocent individuals who lost their lives.

Take some time today to reflect on your own life and what 9/11 means to you. Say a prayer for the families of the victims of the attacks, for our soldiers and for the families of the fallen men and women who died protecting us. And tomorrow on 9/12, don't forget! It is important to WAKE UP, to STAND UP, and to SPEAK UP because we love our country and are worried about the direction we are headed. Don't be afraid, don't listen to the critics! In returning to the way in which we behaved and acted on 9/12/2001, there is no doubting the power and freedom we have when we stand on the side of our founding fathers, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. When we stand together, there is no way they can divide us; thus, the famous line goes: "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!"

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9/11 Our Loss Of Innocence

It has been 9 years since the unwarranted vicious attack by radical Muslim fanatics against the United States! Over 3,000 people died, slaughtered by a group that can only be classified as the scum of the Earth! And lest we forget, there was also the U.S.S. Cole and the bombing of the World Trade Center in the 90’s. I lost 3 friends in that attack! We must never forget!

As we all know, there has been a lot of rhetoric, head hanging and basically rancid Bullshit coming out of our elected officials and their propaganda arm, the MSM all basically saying there is a wave of Anti-Muslim hate sweeping the country. Our apologist in chief say “we are at war with Al-Quida, not Islam” Moron alert number one: The main leaders of Islam throughout the world, the ones that apparently set policy for the religion have sworn to defeat the West and it’s way of life! Whether the bleeding hearts want to hear it or not, we do not hear the majority of Muslims condemn the radical elements of their so called peaceful religion!

We are told we must be tolerant of the views expressed not only here, but around the world as to how they feel about the fact that an idiot here in the States is going to burn a Koran. We are told we must not provoke these people into violent acts. We are told to be tolerant as those very same people not only kill Americans and others but to also understand why they hate America so much. After all, it is us, the U.S. that is the problem. Our arrogance and imperialism have driven these people to feel the way they do about us. And right at the front of the line is our Muslim leaning president. He apologizes for something that isn’t even true, all too supposedly help the Muslim world come to our side. Bullshit!

Moron alert two: You cannot negotiate with madmen or religious zealots! Time and time again we are regaled with the hate speech and rhetoric from the radical Muslims. They purposely kill innocent people for their cause, all in the name of Allah! Yet if we in the states exercise our God given right of free speech and even speak out against them, we are the haters! We are racist!

We have the controversy surrounding the so called Mosque they want to build close to Ground Zero. We are lectured by President Bozo and that moronic mayor in New York that we must be tolerant and take into consideration the feelings of the entire Muslim world if this mosque is not built! Incredible bullshit! We, the most forgiving people on the face of the earth, are told to be tolerant of hate! Yes, we have an idiot that wants to burn a Koran in protest of the radical Muslim hate directed at us. Is it a good idea? NO! Is it allowed? Under the laws of our land (Laws that actually mean nothing to the Marxist piece of crap and his followers in the White House) Yes!

In this country we are supposed to be allowed to express ourselves, freely and without censorship. I and all have the right to protest, say what I want about the mosque or whatever. The fact that we are told to be tolerant towards the feelings of a people that not only hate us to the core but have sworn to destroy us is the epitome of hypocritical Bull! This left leaning government happily allows people here to burn our flag in protest. They establishment actually seem to encourage Anti-American protests. They make a student take down the American flag because it might upset Mexicans. I can go on and on so you get the drift.

So here it is in a nutshell kids. My personal feelings about this:

One: I do not give a rat’s ass about how the people around the world feel about my or anyone else’s feelings as to the mosque or Islam in general. Last time I looked, I live in the United States of America, a free country where thoughts are not censored (something that is changing very quickly under this radical leftist President). I saw the other day mention of the Danish cartoonist and the immense hate directed at him after he did a cartoon of Mohammed. Well guess what folks! Here in the U.S. if the Muslims don’t like it, that’s just too damned bad. This bullshit has to stop and stop now. Disagreement is not hate speech as the bleeding hearts want us to believe. You want to see hate. Look at the radical Muslims. Hate on parade!

Two: Radical Muslims attacked us! If one more asshole tries to tell me it is our fault they did this, I might just bury my foot 3 feet up their ass! When one is attacked, there is only one thing to do. Kill the scum that attacked you! If anyone reading this doesn’t like that statement that’s just too bad! When my country was attacked nine years ago any other course of action was taken off the table.
Three: It is high time the leaders of this country understand one thing! 3,000 people died on our soil nine years ago. Many of the people who worked on the rescue effort now have serious health problems due to the toxic fumes inhaled while unselfishly risking their lives for others! YET THIS PRESIDENT AND OTHERS HAVE THE UTTER GALL TO PREACH TOLERANCE TO THE VERY PEOPLE THAT WERE HURT THE WORSE BY THIS? HOW DARE THEM! THEY AND ALL OTHERS LIKE THEM DISHONOR NOT ONLY THE DEAD, BUT THE VERY IDEALS OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON!

Four: I’m sure I will be used as an example of the “see how much hate there is towards the Muslims” bullshit that is and will be even more forthcoming from the administration and the MSM. So let’s get one thing clear right now! This is not hate! We in this country do respect every religion. However, there is only one answer to violence and it is not negotiating with madmen. You eliminate them!

Unfortunate it has to be that way, but that’s the way it is. Same goes for freedom of speech. You crybaby liberals may not like it, but it is my right to voice my opinions as to the viral hate coming from the Muslim world, just as it is the right of some Anti-American scumbag to burn our flag. You might not like it, but that’s the way it is here. And in all honesty, the feelings of people in the other countries do not mean a thing to me. After all, we are supposed to be free here. Too bad our leaders don’t subscribe to that anymore.

Five: I ask all to put aside the rhetoric, the hate or whatever else and focus on this. 3,000 people were murdered, people of all races, religions and persuasions, people who were guilty of nothing other than going about their daily lives. We must not dishonor their memories! Today is not a day to hate! Today is a day to remember our lost countrymen! To this day, I still feel the horrible deep loss that occurred 9 years ago. The fact that there are those out there who not only blame us, but then try to use it for political gain of some kind could very well be one of the most disdainful things I have ever seen,. The people who lost their lives in the attack do not deserve to be dishonored in this matter!

Last but not least. 9 years ago we lost 3,000 people, our countrymen, to a cowardly attack by Islamic Fundamentalists! Today, we mourn for them, to the rescuers who are now suffering, and to the thousands of family members and friends whose losses cannot be comprehended by those who are not in some way personally involved. We as a nation had a piece of our heart cut out that day! The pain is still deep and hurting. I pray we never allow something like this to happen again! To do so would be an affront to those we have lost! My prayers go out to all as we all lost something that day. We lost our innocence as to the realities of the world!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Islamicphobia! Not! How About Common sense?

First today, a quick comment as to Sarah Palin. She and others of her ilk are the worse examples of the extreme politics of the right. Must be true, the MSM says so! Yet, look at what she says below and think about it. I repeat! Think about it! Not just on this issue of the Koran, but about everything attributed to the so called radical right by the trash on the left and their propaganda arm, the MSM! When everything is taken into account, this has been the message right from the start! We understand you’re mad but use common sense.

Yes, they have the right to burn a Koran just as the Muslims have the right to build their mosque if so desired. But use some common sense! Show some decency for the feelings of others! Funny how it’s ok to burn our flag, but not ok to burn something in protest to horrible hatred towards us! The message from the right has not been one of hate or whatever one wants to call it. It is a call for the return to our country’s core values, something this clown in the white House and his hand picked leftist advisers are dead set against!

Sarah Palin says on her Facebook page:

“Book burning is antithetical to American ideals. People have a constitutional right to burn a Koran if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary provocation – much like building a mosque at Ground Zero.

I would hope that Pastor Terry Jones and his supporters will consider the ramifications of their planned book-burning event. It will feed the fire of caustic rhetoric and appear as nothing more than mean-spirited religious intolerance. Don’t feed that fire. If your ultimate point is to prove that the Christian teachings of mercy, justice, freedom, and equality provide the foundation on which our country stands, then your tactic to prove this point is totally counter-productive.

Our nation was founded in part by those fleeing religious persecution. Freedom of religion is integral to our charters of liberty. We don’t need to agree with each other on theological matters, but tolerating each other without unnecessarily provoking strife is how we ensure a civil society. In this as in all things, we should remember the Golden Rule. Isn’t that what the Ground Zero mosque debate has been about?”

I for one feel very strongly about the mosque, the Koran burning and for that matter all the other “we should understand” bull being thrown at us on the right. I’m tired of being told the U.S. is evil and deserves the treatment we get from radical Muslims! Yes, they have their rights as do all religious groups! But to tell me I have to have tolerance for a group of people that only want the deaths of anyone who subscribes to the ideals put forward by our founding fathers is disgusting. Bottom line here folks! Radical Muslims attacked us! They have made it quite clear they want to wipe us of the face of the earth just as they do with Israel! As such, it is our duty to fight back! And we can’t expect any help from our boy President Cry-Baby”!

We were attacked! Over 3,000 Americans slaughtered by radicals The answer, whether the weeping willows on the left like it or not is to exterminate them before they do us! Pure and simple.

Finally, I am reposting another of Alan Caruba’s brilliant essays! I actually had tears in my eyes as I read it! This is really what this entire discussion is about! Wake up people! And by the way! Stop apologizing for the U.S.! Personally, I have no tolerance for the religious bigotry being practiced by the radical Muslims! I refuse to apologize for anything including my feelings! The Muslim world owes us an apology!

By Alan Caruba

Whenever I drove into New York via the Lincoln Tunnel, I would join the other cars on the long, graceful curve leading to its entrance and, looking to my left, I could see across the Hudson River. At the tip of Manhattan, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center stood as symbols of our economic power.

On occasion, I had dined in Windows on the World, a restaurant located on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower and marveled at the panorama of New Jersey on one side, the outer boroughs on the other, and the dazzling view of Manhattan.

Whenever I think about September 11, 2001, I have only one emotion and that is a deep, unrelenting anger that a group of murderous, suicidal Islamists destroyed “my towers.”

They killed some 3,000 people when you factor in the attack on the Pentagon along with the passengers of the four commercial airliners used to perpetrate the destruction.

It is a wonder to me that Americans then and since exercised such restraint, such tolerance that the nation’s small population of Muslims not only did not suffer attacks, but today continue to build mosques for worship.

The effort to build one so close to Ground Zero demonstrates how obtuse and out of touch the political leadership is with mainstream Americans. The odious behavior of New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is beyond comprehension. The President tipped his hand at a White House dinner held to celebrate Ramadan, backing away slightly the following day enough to deflect criticism.

Those proposing the Ground Zero mosque demonstrate the arrogance and contempt for Americans and for all “unbelievers” that lies at the core of Islam, but American leaders of varying religions have fallen over one another to excuse this exercise in triumphalism.

The Crusades from 1095 to 1291 were an effort to recapture the Judeo-Christian holy land from Muslim conquest. Having invaded Spain in 711, Muslims would rule for seven centuries until driven out of their last stronghold, Grenada, in 1492. In 1683, Muslims were decisively defeated near Vienna. How different Europe would have otherwise been.

Islam is a religion of the sword despite its widespread acceptance. Its barbarity is on display on a daily basis whether killing Christian missionaries in Afghanistan or Israeli civilians, a pregnant mother, her husband and their two children a week ago.

A sane society would have cleared away the rubble of 9/11 and rebuilt the Twin Towers, but Ground Zero, in terms of new structures nine years after the attack, remains barely begun

Al Qaeda and all those who subscribe to its intent to destroy the West, the civilization developed in the West, and the freedoms championed by the West, remain to be defeated, while they continue to threaten India and even Europe once again.

The further we get from 9/11, the dimmer the embers of anger become for those with short memories or no grasp of history.

The irony is that 9/11 reflects the long memories of many Islamists whose religion demands that all lands formerly conquered in the name of Islam be regained and that all people who follow a faith other than Islam be reduced to dhimmi, second-class citizens ruled by Muslims.

The World Trade Center belonged to the world. They were my towers and your towers. They represented a world bound together in trade, a world that set a value on all manner of goods and commodities, a world in which jobs and wealth were being created.

The World Trade Center represented a rational world.

Today, nine years later, the dispatches from the Middle East, from Afghanistan, the Palestinian enclaves, from Pakistan, from Yemen, and from an Iran bent on acquiring nuclear weapons, are filled with news of an irrational, dysfunctional society; an Islamist rat’s nest, still seeking to destroy Israel, and still testing our borders and defenses in order to destroy America.

It is a good day to get angry once more, to resolve that we and the West shall not be defeated.

© Alan Caruba, 2010
Posted by Alan Caruba at 1:42 PM

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh Boo Hoo! Or Should I Say Arf Arf?

I was going to enjoy labor day and leave well enough alone as to the jack-ass in the White house. that is until I saw his speech in Wisconsin. Let me tell you kids. This is one for the books. Our poor, unrespected, cry-baby president said the following! I am mad and I will be quite crass!

“Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time and they’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true,” he told a crowd largely consisting of union members.

First, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Leadership. Not! The man points fingers at everyone but himself and his assinine policies. He then comes out today to do what? To announce even more spending of non-existant money. in other words, to piss away more of our children's and grand children's futures! And to cap it off, he cries like the little kid who got his hand slapped when caught in the cookie jar.
Well, here's something for you from an old Chicago boy President Moron! You feel like you're treated like a dog! Well, that's just to damned bad! You are without a doubt the most pathetic creature to ever sit in the Oval Office! And you have the utter gall to cry about your treatment?
I have a question. how were you able to bullshit your way around the people in Chicago? Good Grief man! Mayor Daily the elder is probably pulling himself out of his grave right now and headed to D.C. to slap you up the side of the head. You are a complete embarrassment to this country and to the people of your so called home town, Chicago! You disgust me!

Respect is earned Moron! For the record. You are not being talked to like a dog. You are being addressed as a man who is held in disdain for your radical Anti-American views! Who in their right mind can respect someone like you? You are the epitome of everything that is wrong with our country. If you and the libbies don't like to hear that, then you can all stuff it! You brought his onto yourself, so stop your sobbing and live with it.

BTW: I notice the MSM is already in arms defending your sorry ass about this. What a sorry bunch you all are! Funny how the vicious attacks daily against President Bush, Sarah and others who disagree with your sorry assed positions are depicted as OK with the MSM and libbies in general! Yet you don't see those people fire back or cry about it! Beyond pathetic!.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The coming Depression. OOPS! To Late On That One!

This is brief on my end which I know will actually be viewed as a merciful act on my part from those of you who know me for my long windiness. LOL! Seriously, I have in the past mentioned the fact that with the policies this administration and government in general are following this country is headed for ruin to say the least. We are bankrupt, both financially and morally.

Today I came across a great blog by a gentleman named Alan Caruba. This is must reading folks! Laid out in terms for all to understand, factual and most of all steeped in reality! As all know, I have in the past mentioned my belief that we are in the same condition now as the Wehrmacht or Argentina were when they went bankrupt! Yet, this Marxist moron, his advisers and worse of all the majority in Congress, including many on the right as well, continue to enact the failed policies of the past to fix what is wrong! And yes folks, if we are not already in a depression, we sure as hell are on the precipice of the cliff and it's crumbling out from under our feet! The electorate has got to educate itself now as to what is to come in the future if this is allowed to continue as is! Again, a brilliant analysis below. Please, read and learn!

Sunday, September 5, 2010
It Feels Like a Depression to Me

By Alan Caruba

Between the time that George Washington took the first oath of office as president and when Barack Obama did—-1789 to 2009, the United States had borrowed nine trillion dollars. Since Obama took office, it has borrowed or imposed nearly three trillion more debt. Tell me he is not deliberately seeking to bankrupt the nation.

In an August 28 Wall Street Journal editorial it noted that “To no one’s surprise except Vice President Joe Biden’s, second quarter economic growth was revised down yesterday to 1.6% from the prior estimate of growth of 2.4% which was down from first quarter growth of 3.7%, which was down from the 2009 fourth quarter’s 5%. Economic recoveries are supposed to go in the other direction.”

I was born during the Great Depression of the 1930s and have lived long enough now to find myself in a new one. There are similarities between the two, but the first one led to the creation of a variety of government regulatory entities and programs that should have avoided or at least were expected put the brakes on the current one.

At the heart of the current Depression is the government’s intrusion into the nation’s housing market via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, government “entities” that functioned to purchase the mortgages provided by banks and lending companies that, by law, were required to make “sub-prime” bad loans. They have since been seized and billions remain at risk until such time as they are removed from distorting the housing market.

The mortgages were then bundled and resold to banking and investment firms. When the housing “bubble” failed, it threatened the financial structure of the nation. It was a classic asset bubble as people used their homes as piggy banks, taking second mortgages to pay for lifestyles that often did not include saving money for a rainy day. If this sounds like infantile behavior, it is.

Despite the multi-billion dollar bank bailouts initiated in 2008 at the end of the second Bush term and “stimulus” bailouts continued by the Obama administration, the recession has grown longer and there is talk of a “second recession.” This is like saying the family drunk or druggie has a “consumption problem.”

Despite zero interest rates for banks borrowing from the Federal Reserve justifiable fears have slowed lending. Consumers have held off spending. Home sales reached a 15-year low in June.

If the Obama administration and Congress allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, it will deepen the current crisis. In 1932 President Hoover persuaded Congress to raise taxes and we know this led to a decade of a severe economic Depression.

Poor monetary policy drove the Great Depression and is being repeated in this one. Government does not create jobs. Its highest priority is to protect the U.S. dollar so that investment and growth can be maintained.

E. Ralph Hostetter, publisher of American Farm Publications, recently noted that “The federal government has been in control of the U.S. dollar since 1913 when the Federal Reserve Banking System was established.”

“The 130 years prior to 1913, going back to 1783, was the longest period of currency stability in U.S. history. Since the dollar came under control of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, it has lost 90 percent of its original value. Eighty percent of that loss has occurred since President Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard in 1971.”

As Gerald P. O’Driscall Jr. recently wrote in a Wall Street Journal essay, “The solution lies in restoring balance sheets. For financial firms that means raising capital. For consumers and businesses alike, that means saving more of their reduced incomes.” He warned that “Low interest rates slow the process…by keeping asset prices artificially inflated.” The current Federal Reserve interest rate is zero.

The entire governmental and economic system depends on trust and the Obama administration has squandered that by constantly telling Americans that things were getting better when it was obvious to everyone they were not.

Claims that “shovel ready” projects would turn around the economy were false. Only 3.3% of the $814 billion stimulus was allocated to the Federal Highway Administration for highway and bridge projects. The bulk of the funds expended were directed at retaining civil service jobs of teachers and funds for police and firefighters. Union contracts, fat with pension and health benefits, have bankrupted many States.

In early August first-time claims for unemployment hit a nine-month high. Since the stimulus passed, 2.6 million Americans have lost their jobs and 1.2 million have given up trying to find a new one. Despite the 9.6% figure the government cites, the actual levels of unemployment are far closer to 20%.

During the Great Depression, unemployment was 25% and wages fell 42%.

The nation has reached a point where well-respected economists are now openly using the “Depression” word. David Rosenberg, writing in his daily briefing to investors, warned against interpreting the occasional blips of Gross Domestic Product and stock market gains as signs of recovery. Other economists from major investment and banking institutions are reducing their GDP predictions for 2010 to an anemic range of 1.5% to 2%.

The United States is not in “a summer of recovery” and is not likely to see any recovery if taxes increase. Massive “reform” of Medicare will drive up insurance and healthcare costs. Massive infusions of taxpayer money to keep states afloat to pay for Medicaid and other mandated costs are temporary at best.

Social Security, insolvent because successive Congresses have raped its so-called trust fund, will require a major overhaul to protect those who have paid into it and free new generations from its requirements.

Tax “holidays” are needed to allow businesses and consumers to keep their money instead of handing it over to a profligate federal government and to States that have failed to exercise fiscal sanity.

Get used to the word “Depression.” That’s what we’re in and the first step to get out of it will be to send people to Congress who will address these problems.

© Alan Caruba, 2010
Posted by Alan Caruba at 7:56 AM

Friday, September 3, 2010

The MSM, Propaganda, Lies and Deceit

Many times in the past, I have referred to what I call the co-opted media. I have and will continue to compare the MSM to the likes of NAZI propagandists or our friends in the USSR (Pravda). And please make no bones about it. The mainstream media is in fact the propaganda arm of this administration! Before I go further into this, I want to repost an amazing item I found on The very fact that anyone connected with the BBC would admit to a liberal bias is in itself a miracle!

BBC Chief Admits 'Massive' Left-wing Bias, Vows to Remedy Imbalance
By Lachlan Markay (Bio | Archive)
Thu, 09/02/2010 - 17:19 ET

BBC Director General Mark Thompson admitted to the UK Daily Mail in an article today that Britain's state-run news outlet has had a "massive" left-wing bias. He insisted, though, that the network is taking steps to remedy the ideological slant.
BBC has a history of promoting the ultra-leftist agenda on most issues. But to see the channel's top dog admit it in an interview with the Daily Mail was quite a sight.
Now if only some television outlets on this side of the pond would do the same.
While Thompson pleaded guilty to a liberal slant, he insisted that a new crop of journalists is changing the political face of the BBC.

The Daily Mail's Paul Revoir reported today:
The TV chief also admitted there had been a 'struggle' to achieve impartiality and that staff were ' mystified' by the early years of Margaret Thatcher's government.
But he claimed there was now 'much less overt tribalism' among the current crop of young journalists, and said in recent times the corporation was a 'broader church'.
He claimed there was now an 'honourable tradition of journalists from the right' working for the corporation.

His comments, made in the New Statesman magazine, are one of the clearest admissions of political bias from such a senior member of its staff.
The BBC has long been accused of being institutionally biased towards the Left, and an internal report from 2007 said it had to make greater efforts to avoid liberal bias.
Talk about honesty!

But while the BBC is looking into ways to remedy its "massive" slant to the left, swaths of the American news media have yet to even acknowledge that that slant exists.
First, do no harm..."

So, what does this say about the American MSM? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize the open hostility the press has for the mainstream American! We have the bulk of the MSM touting the “recovery summer” doing their damndest to put a rosy face on the absolute failure of the “Socialist in Chief’s” failed policies. We see the lies as to something as simple as a crowd in the mall as to the count! We have the likes of Matthews and Maddow and Olberman and God knows how many others preaching the hard left mantra, lying to their teeth to prove their points. We have the MSM telling us that the unemployment rate went up to 9.6% but this is in fact good news. And of course we have the President make a speech full of the usual lies and in the end the normal “it’s not my fault” bullshit that one has to associate with this cancer that occupies the Oval Office. BTW: From my little part of the world, the disdain that poured out of this idiot as he spoke President Bush’s name was open and discernable for anyone who cared to notice except of course the propaganda ministers in the MSM!

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. If one remembers I wrote a column about the fact that I’m a racist. It must be true because I fit the profile as put forward by the propaganda elites. The media has gone out of their way to vilify the Glenn Beck thing as an affront to MLK. OMG! Al Sharpton says it’s so. Our boy Jesse goes out of his way to say what a racist Glenn is while making sure to remind everyone that he is the only one allowed to wear the mantle of MLK! What about this Justice guy? These three and others are the real racists! Who in the hell gave them the right to claim the mantle of Dr. King? And in turn the MSM dutifully reports their hate as the real way it should be! Example: The MSM went to great pains to point out the scarcity of black people at the Mall rally and gave those who were there short shrift. So, why weren’t there that many there? Read the MSM, it was because they weren’t welcome or were afraid of the racists that would be in the crowd. Bullshit! I read one account that said they were told not to attend as they really weren’t welcome. Funny, but I’m pretty sure there was an open invitation to this event to all!

Yet, the MSM chose to glorify the racist bastards Jesse and Al and demean the half million God fearing, country loving Americans who showed up to preach the concept as all united as one! The shrillness and fervor the MSM puts into lying to the American people has got to make the likes of Goebells, Lenin and others smile broadly in their graves. The quote I have used in the past by Hitler as to telling the big lie has never been more openly on display than it is now as practiced by our national leaders and their propaganda arm, the MSM! We can only hope the American people are finally waking up to the lies and deceit. Our Marxist President lies to his teeth as do so many others in government and our co-opted media meekly obey their handlers.

And yet, they have the utter gall to say there is a free press. NO! There is a mainstream press bought and paid for by the Soviet Style leaders we now have in D.C.
I’m also reposting today’s column by J.C. Watts. As I read this, I remember seeing something a few years ago in the MSM about people like him. Paraphrasing I’m sure, but basically the statements were to the effect that he is the “wrong kind of black” This is always thrown out when any black conservative has something of value to say. And the MSM is always at the head of the line to trumpet this racist hatred. And why not? They must agree with it. After all, I and others are the racists, not those actually practicing it!

America suffers when truly racist actions overlooked
Posted on 02 September 2010

Glenn Beck had a few of his closest friends out for a little gathering on the National Mall in Washington the other day. They gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial and celebrated faith. Just how many people showed up depends on your perspective, I guess.

J.C. Watts

CBS News said there were 87,000. The New York Times said “tens of thousands.” USA Today gave a rather innocuous non-specific of “huge.” NBC News, no promoter of conservative causes, estimated 300,000. The irrepressible U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota belied her conservative proclivities and claimed a million were in attendance. Beck himself split it down the middle and says 500,000.
Whatever. It was an impressive turnout. And racial provocateurs like Al Sharpton couldn’t have been less pleased.

It seems that Beck had the temerity to schedule this rally on hallowed ground and on a hallowed date. Indeed, he and his friends gathered at this historic spot on August 28 — 47 years to the day after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech from the same location. Beck says he didn’t realize the significance of the date, and took the date made available to him by the National Park Service. After all, how many Americans refer to the King speech as the 8.28.63 speech? I believe him.

Rev. Sharpton didn’t, and raised a stink about the sacrilege of Beck’s rally right up to and during the event itself. He claimed Beck was going to kidnap the dream, or something to that effect
Beck said his only plan was to call our nation back to its faith roots.
Beck did just what he said. Even some of the most hardened liberal commentators like Geraldo Rivera celebrated Beck and the people who came from across the nation to gather in peace and unity.

Why all the hoo-hah over a diverse group of Americans honoring their faith? Rev. Sharpton couldn’t stand the thought of a guy like Beck standing at the same location where Dr. King delivered his transformative speech.
Breaking news! We still have a serious issue with racism in this country. Sadly, there is some race-based controversy in the news every day in this “post-racial” world.

Muslims in New York want to erect a mosque and “community center” in the shadow of Ground Zero. They have every right to do that. But is it the right thing to do? Would it have been right for the Japanese to build a Shinto shrine at Pearl Harbor? Those who support the mosque claim the rights of the Muslims are being denied. I’m not sure how any faith that already has over 300 locations in New York can claim religious or racial intolerance, but it sells newspapers.

Unfortunately, racism is real, and when real racial injustices arise, many tend to be cavalier and shrug their shoulders as if to say “here we go again.”
Can any rational thinker deny that racism was in play at those polling places in Philadelphia in 2008 when members of the New Black Panther party intimidated white voters? Can you imagine the reaction in the media if white men in white robes had denied access to black folks? I daresay the Bush administration would have acted so quickly their little white masks would have spun right off their heads. As it was, the Eric Holder Department of Justice filibustered for months before finally declining prosecution. A travesty of injustice.

When Andrew Breitbart posted a tampered video of Shirley Sherrod speaking at a NAACP gathering to make it appear she took great joy in declining the assistance of a white farmer in need, conservatives yawned in unison while the Obama administration overreacted and relieved her of her job. In both of these instances, Jew, Gentile, Protestant, Catholic, liberal and conservative should have denounced it.
It seems as though, in today’s America, that the very thing that God gave us to hold us together is the very thing that tears us apart. That’s our skin.
In politics, we don’t care what’s true, we want what gives us political relief or short term political gain. Our opinions have motivated us to ignore truth in the name of protecting our political brand.

Politicians and leaders are seduced by the cheer of the crowd to gain more power. Power is a lot more effective with anyone if truth is spoken with it. Yet in today’s politics, we’re quick to pounce on anything racial to make one side or the other look bad.

As painful as racism is, the truly egregious racist acts will get lost in the 24-hour news cycles because of the Chicken Little effect. When polarizing political figures keep crying “the sky is falling” over their perceived slights, black people don’t lose, Hispanics don’t lose, Muslims don’t lose. America loses.

J.C. Watts is chairman of J.C. Watts Companies, a business consulting group. He is former chairman of the Republican Conference of the U.S. House, where he served as an Oklahoma representative from 1995 to 2002. His e-mail address is