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Muslim Terroists And The Coming Socialist Dictatatorship

I have two things on my mind today. One is the “march towards a Socialist dictatorship, something I have commented on more than once. But before I get to that, I want to comment on the completely asinine crap being thrown out by the left and Islamic apologists as to 9/11.

First and foremost. Who attacked us? Radical Muslims! Not Hindus, not Catholics. Not Jews. Not Christians. Hell, not even Coptics. Radical Muslims supposedly following Islamic teachings! This is not Islamic phobia or racial hatred or any of the rest of the accusations being put forth by the nuts on the left. This is fact! As such, listening to the President’s speech the other day left me in a state of “just who in the hell is this guy and why does he refuse to recognize simple fact? Read the posting below and then ask that question again.

Obama calls 9/11 jihadists ‘sorry band of men’

“Yet again, refusing to call the Islamic Jidhadists or (Extremists) for what they truely are, Obama at the Pentagon called the 9/11 jihadist merely a “sorry band of men.” This type of Obama speak sounds more like a seven year old, than it does the “leader of the free world.” Obama’s refusal to ever acknowledge Muslim extremists were responsible for 9/11, Fort Hood, the failed Xmas crotch bomber, and the failed Times Square bomber are beginning to get rather old. Of course there’s always the Lockerbie bomber who is still alive and kicking in Libya that Obama never did anything about.”

As I have said before. If the so called Muslim community wants to be taken seriously, why does the majority refuse to condemn their radical brethren? And why does this President insist on calling for tolerance of a people that have sworn to destroy western civilization as it is against their teachings. In other words, why in the hell should we even give a damn what the other countries of the world or any one else in general thinks. They attacked us!

The fact is the moron in the White House refuses to stand up and call a spade a spade (I said it like that on purpose! After all, I might as welll say it like I feel. In the eyes of the people in power I’m a racist for even being against Comrade Obama’s agenda). Old adages like that or the word gay or whatever are considered hate speech now. Well guess what. They can blow it out their “you know what’s”! What an insult this clown and his followers are to our country and the memories of the 3,000 innocent people killed by MUSLIM TERRORISTS! Oops! There, I said it. Hate speech. Actually called them what they are! Too bad President Wimpy Pants doesn’t have the balls to state the true facts!

Now to subject number Two. I have tried to point out more than once the fact that we are headed for a hard left Socialist dictatorship. This president has not only misled the nation as to his intentions, but has surrounded himself with people who openly hate and despise our American way of life and ideals. They openly profess their admiration for the hard core Marxist way of life. The fact that America pretty much had their heads up their collective asses and refused not only do their homework on this idiot but also put on blinders as to the propaganda arm (the MSM for you blind libbies out there) has in fact led us to the edge of the cliff.

I for one have had enough. As I have in past posts, hopefully clearly stated my reasons for why I feel like I do, I’m not going off the deep end on this again. Instead, I’m going to repost a fabulous blog done by a gentleman named J.D. Longstreet. I posted one of his other articles a while back as to the Socialism that is quickly becoming part of our society. Again, this is must reading for those who truly care for our country and her future! Our country is in deep peril.

Groomed for a Socialist Dictatorship
J.D. Longstreet | September 13, 2010
Groomed for a Socialist Dictatorship
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
America’s very own government is systematically destroying the United States of America. If this comes as a revelation to you – then where have you BEEN?

America’s destruction has been ongoing for some time now. But not until the election of the democrat controlled Congress in 2006 and the election of President Obama in 2008 did it swing into high gear and the real dismantling of our constitutional republic begin in earnest.

Today, America is just a shell of its former self. We have seen how quickly a determined enemy of the constitution can bring havoc to bear on our nation as we look back over the months since November 2006.

Like a cancer devouring its host from within the socialism of the Democratic Party and the Obama Regime have, little by little, brought America to her knees. There can be no doubt that America is dying and dying quickly.

Fortunately, there are some Americans who have taken notice of this silent attack on America. To their credit they are desperately trying to alert all Americans to the imminent death of our constitutional republic. These American patriots do not plan to stand by and watch America destroyed from within. They have banded together to make a last ditch effort to stanch the out flowing of the energy force from America’s socialist damaged veins. They are known by many names. The Tea Party is the best-known moniker.

There is method to the apparent madness of the liberal-socialists in the American government today. Many contend they are intentionally making an all out effort to collapse America’s system of government along with her financial and economic systems and then reform them under a strong centralized socialist government which will have the American citizen completely at the mercy of the socialist/Marxist government.

There is a concerted effort today, in America, to destroy capitalism. I have come to believe the destruction of capitalism is an integral part of the plan to collapse America’s economic system and replace it with socialism akin to the Soviet Union style economic system. No matter that it failed in the USSR, the American liberal-socialists believe they can succeed because they believe themselves smarter than the Soviets.

It has become clearer and clearer as the months of the Obama regime have dragged by that the intended end result -- if the liberal-socialists get their way -- will be a communist America.

So sure are the liberal-socialists of victory they have already begun laying the foundation for their socialist dictatorship. For evidence look to Obama’s “Czars.” Look at the Environmental Protection Agency power grabs. Look at the influence the “green movement” has on our government today. Observe America’s elite in business, entertainment, and, yes, the Mainstream Media kow-towing to Obama’s every whim as they try to ingratiate themselves to the Obama Regime convinced, as they are, that we are on the threshold of a socialist dictatorship in America.

Generations of Americans, educated in our government school system, have grown up believing that government can solve any problem -- and do it better that a free market.

As we said above, the effort to destroy America as a constitutional republic began long ago. For at least two generations our young scholars have been indoctrinated in liberal-socialism in our government schools. The masses were, even then, being prepared for this moment in American history.
For the past eighteen months to two years Americans have been shaking off their lethargy and coming fully awake and now -- they are ready to fight back. And fight they will.

“D-Day” is November 2nd, the Mid-Term Election. Americans intend to send a message, not only to the Obama Regime and to the entire US government, but to the European Socialist states, as well. That message is: Americans ARE DIFFERENT! Americans WILL LIVE FREE.

In the Mid-Term Election we intend to purge as many liberal-socialists and progressives, as we possibly can, from the government of the United States. And that is just step one.

For step two, we intend to do it all over again -- in the election of November 2012 -- when we intend to send Obama packing and cleanse the remaining liberal-socialists and progressives from our Congress.

Take it from one who grew up as a free American. America is no longer free. The only way we can regain the freedoms we have already lost and to stop our incredibly swift slide into the socialist sewer is to regain control of our government. It is an absolute must. This is a battle free Americans must win. The alternative is the hell of socialist slavery.
J. D. Longstreet

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