Thursday, February 26, 2015

Barak Obama: America's Worse enemy!

I have more than once stated my belief the President is in fact a traitor and as such should be not only be impeached if for no other reason than for his steadfast refusal to enforce the enacted laws of the land as a starter. Add unto to that his open disdain for Israel and his inane support for the Radical Islamists and one can safely say charges of treason should be brought against him.

Below, I found a great argument for this by Bethaney Blankley to which I can only chime in AMEN! Remember folks, the enemies of this country and Western civilization are not just the Radical Muslims or worse. We can begin with Barak Obama, Holder, Rice, Jarrett and any person in government or not who either helps with his policies or worse is to dumb and ignorant to think for themselves as the indoctrination is now paying off for the left!

Barack Hussein Obama Is Not Just Unfit As Commander In Chief, He’s Guilty Of Treason – Bethany Blankley

Governor Bobby Jindal recently asserted that Barack Obama “is unfit to be commander in chief.” He’s half right. America’s situation is dire because Obama is also guilty of aiding, abetting, harboring, and funding known enemies to America.

Obama created, funds, and used the U.S. military to train ISIS in Jordan and Qatar. Even one of ISIS’s leaders, Yousef al-Salafi in Pakistan, told reporters that: “the Obama Administration is funding ISIS.”

Obama is not fighting ISIS because our military trained them, and our tax dollars continue to fund them. If Obama were not in the White House, ISIS would not exist.

This is why our country has deliberately not helped Christians pleading for their lives in Iraq and Syria.

This is why Obama refused to back Egypt’s bombing of ISIS in Libya after Christians were slaughtered, and why he rejected the Jordanian president’s request for aid.

In the entire history of the United States, our military has never, ever, not once left working artillery, weapons, and ammunition for the enemy’s use until Barack Obama.

This was well-planned and began prior to when American operatives in 2004 smuggled Gaddafi’s weapons from Benghazi to Turkish mercenaries, who were then trained to overthrow Assad. Once the Syrian crisis spilled across the border, it was a matter of time for ISIS to become what it is now, and what it will become—because it will get worse.

ISIS is Islam. They are not radical extremists. There is no such thing. Islam is neither a religion nor peaceful. It is a totalitarian ideology based on violence and control.

Muslims who behead non-Muslims are following the Quran’s instructions and Muhammad’s example. Muhammad initiated beheading – by first beheading thousands of Jews after he stole their possessions and women and children. He beheaded them in the public square in Medina for everyone there to witness.

Islam literally means submission to Allah, as outlined in the Quran. Submission or death are the only two choices for non-Muslims. Anyone who argues otherwise is lying or deceived.

Worse still, Egyptian officials on numerous occasions attest to the fact that Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Even its major newspaper confirmed this on its front page. Comprehensive, sourced information about the Muslim Brotherhood can be found here; but its motto is:

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!”

Barack Obama is solely why:

* Many members of the Muslim Brotherhood hold high-level positions in nearly every federal agency;

* The FBI, Homeland Security, and the U.S. military have revised and limited their “counter-terror” training, removing all language related to Muslims from their materials;

* 14 Muslim leaders, including several from Muslim Brotherhood front groups that have ties to Hamas, were just in the White House;

* As reported by Egypt Daily News, $8 billion USD was secretly transferred to the Muslim Brotherhood to guarantee that the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula is turned over to the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist wing Hamas; and why

* The State Department is actively promoting Islam in Europe.

(The State Department recently admitted that it lied about hosting a meeting at Georgetown University with members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Additionally, Khairat El-Shater, the number two man in the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy – now in custody by the Egyptian military – claims he has documents to prove that U.S. government officials bribed Muslim Brotherhood leaders.)

Article III of the U.S. Constitution is clear: to fund, offer support, shelter, harbor, aid, and abet known American enemies defines treason. To fund ISIS, a group purposefully seeking out two religious groups (Jews and Christians) to kill is an act of orchestrated genocide, acts the International Human Rights Court deems as a high crime against humanity, worse than other human rights abuses. Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of both.

Islam is evil because it enslaves people to a false ideology that promotes nothing but violence. Those who remain silent or even justify Obama’s actions in any way, instead of exposing his crimes, actually condone ISIS, treason, and genocide. Obama has made known his support for Islam in his books and speeches. Yet, he and many in Congress remain unchallenged and freely commit grievous crimes against humanity.

What is needed is for leaders, pastors, and ordinary citizens to name and fight evil. What is needed is for Americans to courageously name and hold accountable everyone in our government responsible for committing treasonous acts. Obama was not acting alone. Many under his orders continue to commit such vile crimes.

The American government is promoting evil instead of good. It is time for Americans to reject the status quo as inevitable, stand for what is right, and end such nonsense.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Rudy Nails It And A Lesson As To Love Of Country From A Twelve Year Old

I commented on something over at Flopping Aces the other day at about the same time I started this particular post and realized in a strange way that I had in fact partially written it. LOL! Therefore I decided to include some of those comments and expand the thoughts. 

One thing right off.  I’m sure those that follow me realize what I write, comes from my heart. I believe in everything I comment on deeply and as always am open to have my mind changed. However, in the case of my feelings as to the traitor that is Barak Obama, I have yet to see one fact come out over the last six years to make me change my stance.

As is well known now, Rudy Giuliani stated he does not think the President loves America. Personally, not only am I in full agreement with Rudy on this, I will as I have in the past “up the ante” “Unpatriotic”? Hell, that doesn’t even begin to be an apt description of this clown! As he steadfastly endorses the Radical Islamists, ignores the holocaust that they have started to institute against Jews, Christians and Western civilization, and in turn has his DHS release a report about those who stand against his policies as radicals, traitors or worse, one at least has to wonder as to his leanings.

Add to that the fact that he openly lies to the country as to “how well things are going” in his so called terror war as well as to the danger that does in fact exist from the Islamist Radicals, one again can begin to conclude he is at least somewhat unpatriotic. And let’s not forget his open apologies for our “bully tactics” towards all those poor Third Worlders. Listening to him, again one can conclude he is unpatriotic. And hell, let’s not forget his throwing our allies under the bus such as Israel and any country that disagrees with him Seems like it is all about his interests, not the country’s.

But let me take it out much farther. Obama and his ilk feel open dissent or disagreement to any of his far left agenda is akin to revolt in their eyes. Obama uses racism as a tool to divided this country and make no mistake of that because it is a fact. Obama has decided he is above the law, and worse openly lies about what he cannot do than does it anyway (let’s not forget here, a recent poll shows 53% of Democrats feel Obama should be able to ignore a court ruling if he thinks he is right) because he in his heart is no better than any leftist hard core Communist dictator or worse. And one wonders why someone like me calls the left out as traitors or worse?

But in my eyes, the worse transgression is because he truly does not believe in the ideals and tenets this country was founded on, but in fact is a hard core Communist or worse (Rudy is right here. Obama was indoctrinated in his upbringing by those kind of people. It is his core belief).

His refusal even now to acknowledge the Ft. Hood shootings for what they really were is a good indication of his disdain for this country and her military. Every action he takes is an action that diminishes our standing in the world, our leadership and our safety. And let’s not forget his illegal income redistribution schemes and his unlawful grab of the health insurance industry.

The arguments for my position have been laid out and argued many times over. His supporters spew the company line while not being able to think for themselves, yet in the process actually lay out the idiocy and danger that is Barak Obama’s Anti-American, Pro-Muslim and Communist agenda.

As such, as I said at the start, “unpatriotic” does not do justice to the man and his agenda. In my eyes (something I have said more than once here) Obama is a traitor to this country and her people. He has abdicated our role as the leader of the world, a leadership that was once based on the great ideals that at one time was the U.S.A. He has made this country a laughing stock and worse, made it more dangerous. He has divided the country with his rhetoric and hate, and yes, I do mean to use the word hate.

And what do we get from the leftist scum and the media as to Rudy? He is racist because he dares state a cold hard fact that anyone can clearly see but far too many are afraid to say only because they will be branded as racist! Standing up against any politician’s lies and policies is not racist! Yet, because our President is black, we are supposed to ignore his treason?

Again, Rudy was correct. Obama does not love this country. Unfortunately, he did not go far enough. The traitor that is Barak Obama hates this country and everything it stands for. And that is treason, not lack of love for country!

Many times in my posts I mention the fact that there are people who can articulate what I want to say far better than I can. Judge Jeanine who I cite quite often here is an example of that. She lays it out on the line bolstered by legal facts that back her up.

 For the lefties of the world who have their panties in a wad, read and learn from an amazing 12 year old who not only believes in and loves his country (man, talk about great parenting here) but is willing to speak out as to the truth as it really is, consequences be damned!

And God bless this young man who refuses to be blinded by and abide by political correctness. No thanks to those lefties and the other blind followers of Obamaism, but as one can see, there is hope for this country in our young.

As such, let me introduce you to C J Pearson. I ran across this at Conservative Hideout 2,0 and could only marvel at his sincere beliefs as to our great nation. Thankfully, once again the youth of our nation show us all is not lost! Sadly, seeing as Rudy is being labeled as racist for his stand against Obama, one has to ask if a young black man will also be labeled as racist or worse an Uncle Tom. Seeing how other Black Conservatives are treated by the leftist scum media and their cohorts, I’m afraid the answer to my question will be yes. None the less with young men and women like C J, we definitely still have hope

“You’ve got to admire this young man. He is firm in his beliefs, his love of country and his method of addressing America’s woes.”

President Obama may enjoy the approval of 84% of blacks, but don’t count CJ Pearson among them.
Pearson, a 12-year-old middle school student in Georgia, has more informed opinions than many adults.

The student posted a YouTube video yesterday in which he seeks to “applaud Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his comments about President Barack Obama.”

“Here’s the truth of the matter: I don’t want to be politically correct. I don’t care about being politically correct at this point.

“President Obama, You don’t love America. If you really did love America, you would call ISIS what it really is: an assault on Christianity, an assault on America and downright hate for the American values that our country holds. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and every single thing that our country stands for.”

He adds, “I hope that one day people will get enough guts to speak out against your downright hatred for this nation.”

Referring to ISIS, he said, “When they kill innocent Americans that have done no wrong except report on what is their constitutional right as journalists and you do nothing about it, you don’t care about their lives. You could care less!

“But here’s what you need to realize: here in America, we don’t back down to terrorists. We fight them on their own battleground and we annihilate them till the very end.

“Here in America, we don’t allow the government to take away what we work for but we continue to work harder so that we may continue to succeed.”

Finally, I found this at Ballseye Boomers:

Says it all, doesn't it?