Sunday, February 15, 2015

Reality check! Here Comes Da Judge!

The cancer that is Barak Obama has brought this country to the edge of the abyss, something I have said many times in the past.And because of his actions as well as those of the traitors in both parties who chose power and ideology over the rights and needs of the people in this nation, one can easily argue the end is near for us as to what we once were and stood for as a country.

 I noticed yesterday the idiots at Stanford yesterday as they fawned over their Socialist hero. You know, the brain dead kids who are willing to take state funded tuition but heaven forbid they actually have to work for something. I can only look on in disgust as I see how radical Socialist indoctrination is destroying this country and our youth. That in itself should be enough to hopefully incite thinking people to revolt against this traitorous moron of a President and his minions,  but as in the 30's with Nazi Germany, far to many are taking a "it can't happen to me" attitude or worse.

 Moron Alert! This happened before you nimrods! The world stood back and watched as one of the most evil entities in history tried to eradicate an entire race! And now we have a so called President doing the exact same thing! As the Muslim apologist purposely misleads the country in his steadfast refusal to even name Radical Islam Jihad for what it really is, he continues to feed us a line of crap as to "how well" it is going against the Radicals! Bulls....!

We watch as a lawless President openly endorses the invasion of our country, allowing millions of ILLEGALS to not only infiltrate, but in fact take over our country. And make no mistake of this! Do not think for one moment these people will not vote in 2016. That is a given because under this President as he is hell bent in destroying this country and willing to use any thing necessary to do it, including allowing Illegals to vote! Motor Voter will be ample enough to allow that. Combined wot the rest of the lawless actions taken by this administration, including pushing racism as another tool to divide us, one can only wonder where and when will we finally come to our senses and stop this treason or worse. Yes, I charge this President with treason and dereliction of duty as I feel he and far to many in government are more than happy to destroy everything that is the U.S.A. for their own power and ideology. That is treason or worse in my book.

As the title of this post suggests though, let me leave the final word on this today to the judge! Judge Jeanine in a bit over six minutes, indicts, prosecutes while deftly laying out the case and as far as I'm concerned convicts this woeful excuse of a President and Commander in Chief (Why is it every time I use the term Commander in chief as to this guy, I feel like I'm going to puke?) So Here Comes Da Judge!

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