Sunday, February 1, 2015

What? The Taliban Is Terrorist In Nature? Shocking!

Again this week we got to sit back and "marvel" at the idiocy that is Barak Obama.His open disdain for our military, Israel and quite honestly anything that does not abide with his narrative is becoming legendary. Whether it be his moronic stance as to fighting the elected Congress at every turn, claiming he, our elected "God", will continue to stake the high moral ground, his scandals, all of which are real and a danger to this country and out freedoms, or his open bald faced deception as he continually lies to the public, one thing stands out. Barak Obama is a traitor or worse and in far to many cases stands indicted in my book faced on his words and actions.

One thing that has really gotten under my skin is this Muslim loving idiot's mind dead stance as to Radical Islam and the misnamed Religion of Peace. As it is well shown that this guy is NEGOTIATING" with the terrorists on far to many levels, take his insistence that Iran gets its bomb and in turn his open hatred towards the man who will tell the truth as to Iran and the rest  of the Radical s that attack his country everyday for example, one can only roll his or her eyes whenever Obama and company reminds us these are anything other than the radical evil Islamic scum that they are.

And yet, our so called leader is in fact negotiating with this Radical scum and for what? He gets a deserter back for five Radical Muslim scumbags? And in turn he and folks in his administration cite how this no count Bergdahl "served with honor". Good Grief! How can someone so worried about "optics" so openly show his disdain for our men and women at arms?

In her opening, Judge Jeanine makes a really good point as she pointed out that most likely Obama can't call the Taliban "terrorists" because we do not negotiate with them and in her eyes, the trade for the scum Bergdahl was thus  illegal. As she says, the President is making this up as he goes, but what the hell! After all, according to the "experts", he is a Constitutional Scholar! Which constitution? The old Soviet Union"s?!

Barak Obama and those like him are a cancer that is eating away at not only the fabric of our great country, but in fact undermining the civilized world in general. His beliefs in Socialism are real and well documented. His open hatred for Israel is there for all to see.his support for the Radial Islamist movement is again proven by not only his actions but in his own words, words that were kept hidden by the MSM  as they worshiped his sorry ass.

As the indoctrination continues from Obama and his propaganda ministry, he steadfastly is leading us into following the same failed policies of the past, not giving a damn about history. And make no mistake about this. just look at Greece and Spain as the indoctrinated assholes over there voted once again to go fool bore Socialist. They are on the edge of collapse but chose the false Messiah that ill "give them things" As over there, this country as it runs up its debt is on the edge of the Abyss. And as to the Radical Muslim scum i started this post about, the Muslim leaning President has chosen the failed policy of appeasement! I wonder if Hitler and those like him are giggling in their graves right now as Obama "negotiates" while the folks he's talking to openly proceed with what their real plans are.

We have seen far to many times in our history how "shocked" (just like Louie in Casablanca) this administration is when the shit hits the fan. Far to many times it has been because Obama and company have chosen to ignore the obvious so as to advance their true agenda. The difference is I believe those like Chamberlain who followed the same path of appeasement were in fact just naive trusting fools who felt they were halting what in fact transpired in the end, all in the name of peace. That is where Obama is different. I believe his is a traitor or worse and is purposely steering policy towards the support of the enemies of not only Israel and this country, but Western Civilization as we know it. And returning five leaders of that radical religious movent only shows the true treason that is Barak Obama!


  1. If the Taliban are "terrorists", Barack swapped five terrorist shot callers for one deserter bound for Ft. Leavenworth. If they're "insurgents", it was a prisoner exchange. Since the MSM is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, they won't call bullshit on it.

  2. And to think we got all over Weird Willie Clinton when he tried to define a sexual act! At lease people didn't die because of that.