Monday, January 30, 2017

Woe Is Me! Our Crybaby Elite Hates Trump But loves Radical Islamists!

Moron alert! Until such time that Radical Islamists decide they in fact do not have the right to "kill infidels who disagree with their phony baloney prophet" we have the right to keep their sorry asses out of our country! One job of not only being the President, but in fact any elected leader is the Protection of our country and her people. As such, I have no sympathy for the crying bastards on the left (and unfortunately the namby pamby Republicans who don't have the balls to stand up against idiocy in fear of hurting some moron's feelings or worse). Somewhere along the linem common sense must prevail.

Last I looked, this order did not say stop all immigration or Muslims. It delays immigration from certain hotspots, all of which have show a profuse hatred for the United States! Moron alert! How many people have to die here in the States before you leftist loonies understand the words "we want to kill you!"? Is it me or are everyone of you whining idiots (and don't get me started on the entertainment loonies) completely oblivious to the obvious. Oh. wait, far to many of you are protected by bodyguards and what not in your privileged little world, a world unfortunately provided to you by so many of us that stupidly pay to see your films etc.

The code above gives our leader the right to enact the order he has put into effect. Furthermore, take your hypocritical arguments elsewhere because not one of you pitiful clowns cried when your beloved Obama did the exact same thing! I didn't hear any wailing in the past when Hillary stood against it and let's not forget our boy Harry Reid! The hypocrisy and hatred from you scumballs on the left (and again our precious RINOs who are showing they are nothing more than leftist power lusting pigs as those I'm railing against right now) disgusts me! It's time for you to get your heads out of your asses and get behind our President. You and your Anti-American, Israel hating, Socialist leaning partners in crime (the hatred emanating from you clowns reeks of treason or worse to me) have lost. My main question is why haven't those of you who said you would leave in fact not left yet?

 Do us a favor. shut your pie holes and do something useful! STFU until you realize this country belongs to every citizen (emphasis on citizen!) and we don't need you and your kind (as in elitist pigs of all walks like actors, elected officials, leftist professors and worse) to talk down to us and demand we walk the line you draw.

In the meantime, we need to try to keep any person out who harbors ill will to our country and her citizens and if that means inconveniencing them until they are vetted and deemed hopefully safe to allow in, so be it!