Monday, November 30, 2009

A Weekend For Thanks!

As the Thanksgiving weekend came to an end, I paused to reflect on this unique American tradition. There are so many things to be thankful for in this great country.

First and foremost, I'm thankful for my wonderful wife of 35 years, my four kids and my grandchildren. All wonderful in every way. The children are the future! Knock on wood, I'm confident my family will be productive good citizens and do both my wife and I and our country proud. What a shame that we have a government that is willing to saddle them and all of our children with and unsustainable debt! So while being thankful, I worry about their future, that is if we are able to keep what we have as a country now and ensure them the liberties and rights that we are letting slip away.

Next, I'm thankful for our forefathers and what they left us. Our founding fathers gave us a great gift. They gave us the base for the greatest country this world has ever known, one with freedoms that past civilizations refused to grasp. Over the years, other forefathers gave their blood and lives to ensure those freedoms were passed om generation to generation. Again I worry as a hard line Marxist leader and his lackeys blatently attempt to strip us of those very liberties. Where is the outcry?

I'm thankful for the right I and every person in this country has to try to succeed. Unlike the entitlement generation that thinks everything should just go to them and the politicians who endorse that garbage so they can stay in power, I welcome the opportunity to work and succeed in the line of work I choose! I don't need the government to hold my hand. In turn, I do not owe anybody anything other then the equal rights I have. It's up to them to get off their fat asses and work to succeed. I and others do not owe them anything else, certainly not a free ride! Unfortunately, there are way to many "give it to me" types out there, starting with our lost in the 60's radical president.

Thanks need to be given for the right to speak out on issues. Thank God there are still people who are willing to not only risk the villification from the coming dictatorship, but will put their principles out there openly and with passion. As a co-opted media carries the banner of lies, deciet and pure Soviet style Marxist drivel, these few try their best to remind us of what this country really is and what we are going to become if we continue to turn our backs on our founding ideals.

Finally! There is no way I can be thankful enough for our men and women in uniform. I am writing this right now becuase, among other things, they have given the ultimate to their country to give me and others the right to do this. Our military protects not only our safety, but everything that we as a country are. To think that we have a bunch of Marxist radicals who not only express open disdain for these fine people, but also refuse to support them as they should is beyond disgusting!

The current leftist administration is not also willing to ignore their commanders in the field, but in effect are reverting to the same sad tactics as used in Vietnam. Wait a minute! what tactics? The so called CIC is willing to play politics rather then fight to win, just as other leftist politicians have done in the past! Our troops do not deserve this! They deserve out thanks and admiration. They serve us with honor, something our Bozo in Chief apparently knows nothing about!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Idiot Alerts!

An absolute horror show coming out of DC this weekend! First and foremost, the spineless creatures in the Democratic party refused to stand up to Chairman Harry and voted to start debate on the government takeover of over one sixth of the economy. "Of course, we can change our minds once the merits of the bill are debated" they claim in their smuggness! Of course, promises from their leader for billions that don't exist for their pet projects greased the way for these idiots! As usual, the normal graft and corruption at the expense of the taxpayer.

That of course brings us to Idiot Alert number two! Today, Senators Obey and Levin are proposing levying a "War Surtax" on the wealthy to finance or troops in Afgahnistan. First and foremost, look at what Comrade Obey has to say on this (from a Fox story, but I've seen the same thing on other news sites. Don't want to sound programmed here).

"Obey's proposal would be a "graduated tax" on income. It reportedly would start at 1 percent for low-income earners and rise to 5 percent for high-income earners. He's calling it a surtax because it would essentially be a tax on income that is already subject to federal income tax."

As shown below we also have Comrade Levin with his idea to take more from the rich and successful.

Levin, D-Mich., offered a similar proposal in an interview with Bloomberg Television. He said he wants an additional tax on those making more than $200,000 or $250,000.

Moron alert! We are already at the point that if we taxed every iota of income at 100%, that is individual, corporate, rich or poor, we could not even meet our debt payment on the interest! Think of this for a moment. We owe more just in interest on the national debt then every bit of income in this country can cover! Add to that the taxes coming for their inane health buill, Cap and Trade and the only thing you have to look forward to is a disaster! This country is bankrupt and it's only getting worse! No big deal for these clowns though. "we'll spend our way out of this" Because of this, the U.S. is now basically owned by China! And even they don't want to touch our securities now!

Idiot Alert number three! We of course are going to have the show trial for our Muslim loving president! I want to go on record right here and now! I am not questioning the courts themselves. They will perform their functions as needed. I do question the intent behind this move. Actually, no question here. Our Bozo in Chief is now finding he's starting to be blamed for the trillions he's adding to the debt and so on. What better way then to put GW and the country itself on trial. The world will watch as the country is villified and cast as terrorists or worse. And all the while our knight in shining armor will praise the trial as good!

No matter what the outcome is, this no count excuse for a leader will apologize for all the mistakes the U.S. and George made and cow tow to his Muslim bretheren. It must really be nice to use the courts to deliver not only a political propoganda message, but to also have someone else do your dirty work and divert the attention from his Anti-American power grab. After all, the president isn't making the accusations in this case. The radicals are. But in the end, the president will tell the world we were wrong. And the world will laugh!

Sorry folks! I'm quite bitter about this. The liberals and the radicals in this administration are not ignorant. They hear it when the radical Muslims say they want to destroy the U.S. They choose to "reach out" and "understand". Heaven forbid they get their heads out of their asses! Instead, they give more ammunition and justification to the cause of U.S. destruction. But what do they care!

I for one am sick and tired of the treasonous actions of this administration, be it nationally or on the world scene! These people murdered Americans! Wipe them off the face of the earth! They certainly are willing to do that to us. And Nero fiddles as Rome burns! BTW: If I see the 'alledged shooter" in the headlines one more time, I'm going to puke! When people see something happen, it is not alledged! It happened!

Sorry about the tirade, but I am sickened to the core as to the direction this country is taking! It has to stop! Our very existance depends on it!

One last thing here. Hey Al Gore! When are you going to stop the lies?! 9th coldest year in recorded history. Emails showing the whole climate change thing is a bald faced lie! And he's making millions off this charade! Disgusting!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Meandering Thoughts

I saw a comment from a Senator as to the Bait and Switch bill better known as Health care. While he makes a good point as to taxes, benefits not starting right away, etc., I'm thinking of a much bigger pricture for the long term.

First and fore most! Lies, lies and more lies! But seriously, how about this question. Of course take in mind before I ask it that the leftys will get their panties in a bunch as they would never admit this has happened in the past! As to the money from the insane tax hikes go into the treasury for 3 to 5 years before the spending starts, can we assume they will shift those revenues to the general fund to pay for the rest of the moronic programs and debts? Don't forget the classic example of this Bull S***! Social Security!

This isn't a joke folks! Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that is what will happen! Hell, you've already had politicians wanting to use the stimulus monies for that purpose. Remember, when the so called benefits kick in, taxes will have to be raised again to offset the loss of the money they used for other purposes. And it will happen exactly that way in Obama's Socilist country!

"Of course. that will never happen! We will see to it that we do it right this time!"
And on and on and on. The lies, deciet and outright thievery will continue as those in power not only solidify their positions, but take an even harder line against the common people, just as every dictatorship has in the past! History teaches us different. The government cannot be trusted to do anything except take from the people!

As to the bow. while being a deep bow to say the least, I'll give our Bozo in chief a pass on this one. Custom is important in Japan. I do believe it was a curtesy, pure and simple, at least this time. Actually, my good friend Mike, who unfortunately is quite delusional as he is after all from Detroit had as good an explanation of the bow as anyone.

Basically it's as follows. "So I heard that Chicagoan Obama had been told that the Emperor of Japan is a huge Red Wings fan and was simply demonstrating the correct attitude of obeisance that would be expected of someone who has been stuck with the Blackthings for all of these years"! I've been laughing for 2 days at this!

I must point out though that the Blackhawks are flying as high as a hawk can while the poor Dead Things (we have fun with our sports rivalry) are struggling to get on the ice. Probably need some more Geritol up in the Motor City. Better still, bring back Cheli! He's only in his upper forties! Might give them some spark! A phenomanal 2nd period for the Hawks last night and one off the greatest passes I have ever seen in my life. So at the moment, my dislike for the president and everything else that is going on aside, Hawks win and I am for today a happy camper!

One last thought. I see one of our racist hate mongoring so called leaders came out of the woodwork declaring that any black person who voted against the Health Care bill is not a black. If I or any conservative, much less any white person said this, we would probably be brought up on race charges under some inane Anti-Hate bill. But not Jesse! No, as usual he keeps spouting his racist hate, and the majority of the media refers to him as one of the leading figures of the black community!

This is normal for the closed minded liberals in most cases. They don't mind in the least bit tossing out the race card, especially if they can get the folks like Jesse and Al to do the dirty work for them. What do they care one way or the other, as long as it advances their Anti-American Socialist cause!

But what does that say about our society as a whole? In my view, it's simple. Jesse and his hard left liberal handlers are aghast that any fair thinking person would oppose their agenda. How dare anyone, much less an educated person of color stand up to their leaders! Who do these people think they are. Jesse, Al, Barak and so on will do the thinking for them. These people are to uninformed to make a decision to be against this! They will do the thinking for them.

The fact that they will also keep them reliant on the government to take care of them doesn't enter into this! As long as Jesse, Al and the others keep extorting millions for themselves from the White Apologists, don't think for one moment they give a damn about the common person out there, no matter what color or persuasion! This theme keeps coming out from the so called black leaders. IN THEIR OWN WORDS! .

How can they still be considered as anything other then the racist pigs they really are. How can the media keep espousing their putrid views? But most of all, how can the majority of the very people he in effect downgrades look to this clown and others as their leader? Seems to me, if anything they should be insulted! When is the hate going to stop from these folks?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Presidential BS!

Yesterday I was taken to task as to my comments on what I feel is an extremely Anti-American administration. Any one who knows or follows me realizes I do not suffer fools lightly! Of course, that is what we have in DC representing us now, condenscending, power mad, Socialist oriented traitors who's only job is to deliver our country to the "World Community in a weakened state!"

For those who wish to take to task those of us who call this president Un American: For what it's worth, I'm a conservative that does something that seems to be completely unknown to most of the leftists spouting drivel on other boards and sites (this includes CNN and FOX!). I READ! I read his entire book! I studied his speeches. his votes! I looked at the people he surrounds himself with! I educate myself on every facet of a candidate I can before I vote! Whether you or your ilk want to admit it or not, this man is pro mus**lim, Socia**listic and in my view Anti-American in his ideals. It is in his words and actions!

I do not make this statement lightly! I want our president to succeed, provided it is good for the country. This man, in my view is against every ideal put forward by our founding fathers and fought for by our brave men and women in uniform. It disgusts me to the core! The difference with me is that I am more then willing to state it as I see it. Prove me wrong! I'll be more then happy to admit it if I am! But those on the hard left can't!

It's a sad thing when the electorate not only refuses to seek the truth, but also chooses to ignore it when placed in front of them. Because of this, my country is in grave danger! And this poor excuse of a president and his lackys are not the answer!

As to our so called president. He's over in China lecturing the Reds on Freedom of the Press and Internet! This is another sick joke I assume! The man who's communications czar and other advisors wants control of the media Chavez style here at home lecturing the Commies on freedom of anything! Bad enough the man openly shows his disdain for our military personal, but once again he goes abroad and proceeds to make a mockery of our country!

And of course, the stories also mention the fact that he will not make much of a fuss about the fact that China is aiding in the devaluation of the dollar. No kidding! You can't tell the people that own you what to do! I'm sure he's over their begging them to keep buying our debt though! After all, he needs time to finish destroying our economy and turning us into the Marxist type of nation that his handlers in China and Russia want us to be!

Friday, November 13, 2009

On a Lighter Note

My beloved Bears once again bit the dust last night! At least the defense showed up. It is rather amazing how much Urlacher was in fact the heart and soul of that team! Seems they lost all their fire until last night. As for our QB, Cutler still is making the same idiot decisions he made in Denver. Apparently that coach was correct. Orton is a good journeyman QB doing a good job on a team that plays as a team. Cutler made 3 extremely bad throws last night. I'll be charitable as to the Hester slip. That can and will happen in Candlestick. Hurting Bears fan here.

However! The Hawks played another solid game the other night. While I still worry about goal, it appears Huet is finally rounding into form. Shootouts however seem to age me quick! LOL! The coach has really stamped this team with a teamwork oriented style of play. Nice to see! And how great to see the one and only Golden Jet there the other night! I'm behind on this, but kudos to the junior Wirtz! Not only has he righted a sinking ship, putting his money where his mouth is, but he has also re-embraced the team's legacy and history! A great job all the way around!

Random Thoughts

So our Coward in Chief has decided he "doesn't like the options given to him by his advisors! As such he has asked for more ideas and options. As he is a far left idealogue, we can assume first and foremost he is trying to appeal to his lefty constituents. Heaven forbid he listen to his commanders!

There have been words to the effect the they should not be listened to. That they have not gotten the job done so they need new ideas! His hand picked commander is being ignored! What we have here is another Vietnam in the making. By that I mean that the politicians are once again refusing to WIN! All because of poltically correct BS! Our troops are dying! And this bozo refuses to give them the tools needed to fight! A treasonous action by an Anti-American president for sure!

Our troops are dying! The Coward in Chief apparently doesn't give a damn! He's to busy rationalizing for the radical Muslim terrorists instead of worrying about his country and his troops! And people wonder why morale is down?! No more promises! We need a leader! No more lies! We need a leader! No more hate for the military as evidenced by this poor excuse of a coward in chief. We need a leader! Our soldiers, all of them at least deserve that! Any scum out there that does not believe that deserves to be lumped with the Coward in Chief!

Which unfortunately brings us to the Fort Hood Terrorist Massacre. HOW DARE ANYONE CALL THIS ANYTHING LESS THEN WHAT IT WAS! This was a Jihadist terrorist attack. Pure and simple. And of course we have the idiots who still refuse to acknowledge that these are radical Muslims! Can't do that. After all it depicts all Muslims as radical. NOT! It's time this country got their heads out of their asses! There are radical elements in most cultures, but in my memory I do not remember any that are beyond out spoken in their hate and actions towards us!

And our military disdaining president? He can't even bring himself to refer to these scum for what they are. He's reaching out to his Muslim brothers. All the while their radical leaders and for that matter most of the world cackles in delight at his percieved weakness. Let's get one thing straight once and for all. He is not weak! He is pathetically weak! This is not a leader. And how nice for any enemy of this country to know that we have elected an anti-military, anti-American ideals president. BTW: Don't forget anti-Israel, which in my view makes him extremely anti Jewish!

As the lemmings who call themselves followers of this guy follow him in lockstep, our country slides deeper into the depths of third world Socialist mediocrity! If he was a leader at all, he would be doing every thing possible to erase this cancer known as radical fundamental Muslim BS from the face of the earth. Hell, these guys make the KKK look like pansys! And he doesn't have the nerve to stand up to it!

One last word here! When any people from anywhere state their hatred of your country and ideals, it is incumbant you do whatever it takes to combat them. You cannot give in to the BS of "understanding" their motives as the left wants. YOU PROTECT OUR COUNTRY! You do not emasculate it! It has been proven time and again that madmen do not talk! Madmen and Fanatics act, just as the fanatical Muslims are acting now. What's really scary for me is Obama's own words! “ Quote from Obama’s book: Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..' This president, if nothing else appears to be living up to his own beliefs! To bad the electorate didn't bother to study them first!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Coming Dictatorship

So there you have it! The people be damned! As I said yesterday, the message from the elections was clear. Get it done now! We are the ruling class. The peons have no right to tell us what they really want!

We can assume Chairman Obama and Comrade Harry will bring all pressures necessary to their lackys in the Senate! After all, they all follow Comrade Nancy's lead don't they? This isn't a joke anymore folks!

This bill will not only finish up driving this country into total bankruptcy! It is the major step that these Marxists had to take to complete the takeover of our country! Once thru the Senate, these idiots, emboldened by this move will enact the rest of the bills they have in the hopper that will in fact co-opt everything we hold dear!

Cap and Spend, Control of the Media, it's all on the way! Because this is what dictators do when the populace allows it to happen! And let's not shed any tears for the "poor Democrats" who agonized over this decision" then voted for it anyway! It's all about power!

I will assume that while they can, the Dems will try anything possible to ensure they are all re-elected. Which means more BS coming down the line.

This is a sad day for the United States! We have an administration that holds not only the military, but the American people in the highest disdain! And what are we going to tell the 17.5% of the folks who are unemployed? "Sorry, no jobs coming up here! The Administration just finished destroying us!"

It's difficult to soar with the eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys! In this case this is the fault of the American people! I am disgusted with what this country has become, a nation of greedy, entitled, spoiled, "I want" idiots who put themselves before their country!

As I said the other day. We are being destroyed from within! If we do not stop this in the Senate, our country as we know it is finished. Shouldn't be to long before our comrades come up with a five year plan like the Soviets use to. Wait a minute! GM (government owned, remember) just did that!

Like it or not, the country is in fact becoming a socialist nation! But not the pure Marxist kind! (Don't forget, pure Marxism is an ideal that can never be achieved because everyone is not the same!) This is hard Soviet style stuff and will lead to the dictatorship that in the end destroyed that country.

One other note here! Why has our so called president not gone to Fort Hood yet?! President Push and Laura went. They quietly spent five hours or so with the soldiers after this massacre! A class act for sure! As a conservative, even I was unhappy with some of his presidency, but never once did I question his love for country or our troops! Quietly and with dignity, he reminds us all not only what a commander in chief should be, but what we as true Americans should be! Such a difference from the left slanting occupants of the White House now! The perception of the sitting president holding the military in disdain is there for all to see! Thank You again President Bush for showing us all the correct actions of a real president as to his troops!

And where was Obama? Pushing his Communistic agenda! No shock expressed by this guy as to the incident. Of course, I'm sure he feels we have to understand why this Muslim snapped! Well, I'll tell you why! These people have sworn to destroy Western civilization! And from every thing I can see, their brother, President Obama condones it! Of course, I'll be accused of profiling or whatever! OFW! The fact is that this president and his administration are in every action Anti-American in nature. And while I don't want to wield a broad brush, why are the majority of Muslims silent as to the idiocy being put forward by the radicals? Are they that afraid or what?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Over Hyped Euphoria

While it was a good day for the good guys Tuesday, I want to take a quick look at what was really learned fron the election results Of course, this is just my little warped view of the world.

First and foremost, there was the message put forward that the people have woken up and are beginning to reject the leftist policies of tax and spend! True to a point. Two extremely badly run high tax states with a populace that has had enough! So in many ways the results were preordained to some extent. I'm a little bit surprised as to NJ though. Having lived there for nine years and having a son there, it did seem a little strange as the people there normally have never met a tax or fee that they wouldn't vote for!

Of course you would think that the folks in DC would take heed of what happened Tuesday. You would think they would step back and take into account the will of the people! NOT!

The message the White House and it's lackys in Congress took out of this was simple. "OOPS! We are in deep doo doo here! GET THIS STUFF VOTED ON AND OUT THE DOOR BEFORE IT'S TO LATE! JAM IT DOWN EVERYONE'S THROATS BEFORE THEY CAN STOP US!"

That's right folks! Nancy, Harry and company take this as their last opportunity to accomplish a major step towards their true goal of a leftist Marxist government! This isn't a joke people! This is what's happening!

I noted in my last post that we need to re-educate ourselves as to our founding fathers and our ideals! There has never been a more important time in our nation's history then now as to re-establishing our basic principles! The reason for this is simple.

There is a cancer that has slowly been creeping thru this nation. I know I'll be taken to task on this because this will come across as sounding like the old "Red Scare" of the fifties, but so be it! This is something far worse then that was!

Our children for years now have been indoctrinated and brainwashed, They have been dumbed down! They are not being taught the basics of our country! They are attacked and villified for espousing their parent's ideals. I've had a personal experience on this fact that was quite disheartening to say the least.

Add to that at least two generations of "hands out I'm entitled to everything" people who refuse to take responsibility for anything. Now mix in a corrupt political structure, one that is rife with scum on both sides of the aisle and what do you get? A cancer! Oh, one last thing. Now that we have this president in office, make sure to throw in the fact that if you oppose bad policy, you are now racist! So let's make sure to add hate to the mix!

We are being destroyed from within, just as the old Soviets and Marxists predicted! The sad part is "We the People" have allowed this to happen! We must stop it now! We must cut this cancer out before everything we hold dear is lost! And that eventuality is much closer then you can possibly imagine!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Raise Your Voices! Glenn Beck is Correct!

While I very rarely watch Glen Beck, I happened to see his repeat program yesterday. Please note, I rarely watch him because I do not have the time, not because I don't want to. Anyone who has seen anything I put out knows where I stand on issues and it would be fair to say that I do agree with Beck on most things. So why do I bring this up?

As he laid out his chart comparing our founding fathers to the current radical administration and it's lackys, my first thought was of course "Just what I've been saying all along!" But I also reflected on the fact that this goes so far beyond the usual politics as he has been saying. It does in fact go to the very core of our ideals and what this country stands for! As such, while I know I have mentioned our founding fathers and so on in the past, I found myself thinking I to needed to, for want of better words, refresh my ideals as per the founding fathers.

So yesterday, I read! Common Sense (Tom Paine's) as well as Beck's book. The Constitution. The Declaration. I even started on the Federalist papers. I looked up quotes and musings from Jefferson, Washington, Adams and more. And not just what Beck was quoting! Then as Beck did in his own way, I compared them to the paper and tape trail left by the President and his advisors.

Now we all know I myself have absolutely no use for this administration and it's Socialist policies. I've stated before that these folks think they know more then the rest of us as well as they feel they are too smart to make the same mistakes that other failed Marxist countries have done.

Well guess what folks. It's worse then even I have been ranting about! This is not just a fundemental change in American government as the President has stated. This is in fact a takeover of every facet of our civilization here. In other words, we are on a lock step march towards a hard line Soviet style dictatorship! We are allowing these people to stomp on our rights and deny us our heritage as a free people!

I've said before the truth will win out if presented to the people and if the people are in fact paying attention! Of course, that would also mean all the people out there with their hands out would have to become responsible citizens, something any Marxist government frowns on.

That is why it is so important to raise our voices, Throw the truth out, loudly and boldly! This administration is afraid of the truth, just as all dictators and for that matter lying politicians are!

Now as to all the folks who still believe and defend the president and this administration, there is this. (Repeat Alert) You say we spread fear. You're damned right we do! You should fear the truth as it will trump the lies and deceit emenating from DC! And we have no intention of stopping here until our country is rescued from this try at a Socialist takeover!

I beseech everyone out there. Please, step back and re-educate yourselves as to our country's founding ideals! Somehow we have managed to allow these bastards to brainwash the last few generations! It has to stop! Our very existance as a free country depends on it!

In this technology age, it's easy to look up and see everything these idiots in DC are and have said and written. Take their own words and deeds! Compare them with what our founding fathers left us! And, if you are even remotely open minded and have even a shred of moral fiber, if you can stop long enough to remember what made this country the greatest ever, be prepared for the shock of your life! You'll see your country is being taken away from you! And if you sit back any longer, you will only have yourselves to blame!