Friday, November 6, 2009

Over Hyped Euphoria

While it was a good day for the good guys Tuesday, I want to take a quick look at what was really learned fron the election results Of course, this is just my little warped view of the world.

First and foremost, there was the message put forward that the people have woken up and are beginning to reject the leftist policies of tax and spend! True to a point. Two extremely badly run high tax states with a populace that has had enough! So in many ways the results were preordained to some extent. I'm a little bit surprised as to NJ though. Having lived there for nine years and having a son there, it did seem a little strange as the people there normally have never met a tax or fee that they wouldn't vote for!

Of course you would think that the folks in DC would take heed of what happened Tuesday. You would think they would step back and take into account the will of the people! NOT!

The message the White House and it's lackys in Congress took out of this was simple. "OOPS! We are in deep doo doo here! GET THIS STUFF VOTED ON AND OUT THE DOOR BEFORE IT'S TO LATE! JAM IT DOWN EVERYONE'S THROATS BEFORE THEY CAN STOP US!"

That's right folks! Nancy, Harry and company take this as their last opportunity to accomplish a major step towards their true goal of a leftist Marxist government! This isn't a joke people! This is what's happening!

I noted in my last post that we need to re-educate ourselves as to our founding fathers and our ideals! There has never been a more important time in our nation's history then now as to re-establishing our basic principles! The reason for this is simple.

There is a cancer that has slowly been creeping thru this nation. I know I'll be taken to task on this because this will come across as sounding like the old "Red Scare" of the fifties, but so be it! This is something far worse then that was!

Our children for years now have been indoctrinated and brainwashed, They have been dumbed down! They are not being taught the basics of our country! They are attacked and villified for espousing their parent's ideals. I've had a personal experience on this fact that was quite disheartening to say the least.

Add to that at least two generations of "hands out I'm entitled to everything" people who refuse to take responsibility for anything. Now mix in a corrupt political structure, one that is rife with scum on both sides of the aisle and what do you get? A cancer! Oh, one last thing. Now that we have this president in office, make sure to throw in the fact that if you oppose bad policy, you are now racist! So let's make sure to add hate to the mix!

We are being destroyed from within, just as the old Soviets and Marxists predicted! The sad part is "We the People" have allowed this to happen! We must stop it now! We must cut this cancer out before everything we hold dear is lost! And that eventuality is much closer then you can possibly imagine!

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