Friday, November 20, 2009

Meandering Thoughts

I saw a comment from a Senator as to the Bait and Switch bill better known as Health care. While he makes a good point as to taxes, benefits not starting right away, etc., I'm thinking of a much bigger pricture for the long term.

First and fore most! Lies, lies and more lies! But seriously, how about this question. Of course take in mind before I ask it that the leftys will get their panties in a bunch as they would never admit this has happened in the past! As to the money from the insane tax hikes go into the treasury for 3 to 5 years before the spending starts, can we assume they will shift those revenues to the general fund to pay for the rest of the moronic programs and debts? Don't forget the classic example of this Bull S***! Social Security!

This isn't a joke folks! Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that is what will happen! Hell, you've already had politicians wanting to use the stimulus monies for that purpose. Remember, when the so called benefits kick in, taxes will have to be raised again to offset the loss of the money they used for other purposes. And it will happen exactly that way in Obama's Socilist country!

"Of course. that will never happen! We will see to it that we do it right this time!"
And on and on and on. The lies, deciet and outright thievery will continue as those in power not only solidify their positions, but take an even harder line against the common people, just as every dictatorship has in the past! History teaches us different. The government cannot be trusted to do anything except take from the people!

As to the bow. while being a deep bow to say the least, I'll give our Bozo in chief a pass on this one. Custom is important in Japan. I do believe it was a curtesy, pure and simple, at least this time. Actually, my good friend Mike, who unfortunately is quite delusional as he is after all from Detroit had as good an explanation of the bow as anyone.

Basically it's as follows. "So I heard that Chicagoan Obama had been told that the Emperor of Japan is a huge Red Wings fan and was simply demonstrating the correct attitude of obeisance that would be expected of someone who has been stuck with the Blackthings for all of these years"! I've been laughing for 2 days at this!

I must point out though that the Blackhawks are flying as high as a hawk can while the poor Dead Things (we have fun with our sports rivalry) are struggling to get on the ice. Probably need some more Geritol up in the Motor City. Better still, bring back Cheli! He's only in his upper forties! Might give them some spark! A phenomanal 2nd period for the Hawks last night and one off the greatest passes I have ever seen in my life. So at the moment, my dislike for the president and everything else that is going on aside, Hawks win and I am for today a happy camper!

One last thought. I see one of our racist hate mongoring so called leaders came out of the woodwork declaring that any black person who voted against the Health Care bill is not a black. If I or any conservative, much less any white person said this, we would probably be brought up on race charges under some inane Anti-Hate bill. But not Jesse! No, as usual he keeps spouting his racist hate, and the majority of the media refers to him as one of the leading figures of the black community!

This is normal for the closed minded liberals in most cases. They don't mind in the least bit tossing out the race card, especially if they can get the folks like Jesse and Al to do the dirty work for them. What do they care one way or the other, as long as it advances their Anti-American Socialist cause!

But what does that say about our society as a whole? In my view, it's simple. Jesse and his hard left liberal handlers are aghast that any fair thinking person would oppose their agenda. How dare anyone, much less an educated person of color stand up to their leaders! Who do these people think they are. Jesse, Al, Barak and so on will do the thinking for them. These people are to uninformed to make a decision to be against this! They will do the thinking for them.

The fact that they will also keep them reliant on the government to take care of them doesn't enter into this! As long as Jesse, Al and the others keep extorting millions for themselves from the White Apologists, don't think for one moment they give a damn about the common person out there, no matter what color or persuasion! This theme keeps coming out from the so called black leaders. IN THEIR OWN WORDS! .

How can they still be considered as anything other then the racist pigs they really are. How can the media keep espousing their putrid views? But most of all, how can the majority of the very people he in effect downgrades look to this clown and others as their leader? Seems to me, if anything they should be insulted! When is the hate going to stop from these folks?

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