Monday, November 30, 2009

A Weekend For Thanks!

As the Thanksgiving weekend came to an end, I paused to reflect on this unique American tradition. There are so many things to be thankful for in this great country.

First and foremost, I'm thankful for my wonderful wife of 35 years, my four kids and my grandchildren. All wonderful in every way. The children are the future! Knock on wood, I'm confident my family will be productive good citizens and do both my wife and I and our country proud. What a shame that we have a government that is willing to saddle them and all of our children with and unsustainable debt! So while being thankful, I worry about their future, that is if we are able to keep what we have as a country now and ensure them the liberties and rights that we are letting slip away.

Next, I'm thankful for our forefathers and what they left us. Our founding fathers gave us a great gift. They gave us the base for the greatest country this world has ever known, one with freedoms that past civilizations refused to grasp. Over the years, other forefathers gave their blood and lives to ensure those freedoms were passed om generation to generation. Again I worry as a hard line Marxist leader and his lackeys blatently attempt to strip us of those very liberties. Where is the outcry?

I'm thankful for the right I and every person in this country has to try to succeed. Unlike the entitlement generation that thinks everything should just go to them and the politicians who endorse that garbage so they can stay in power, I welcome the opportunity to work and succeed in the line of work I choose! I don't need the government to hold my hand. In turn, I do not owe anybody anything other then the equal rights I have. It's up to them to get off their fat asses and work to succeed. I and others do not owe them anything else, certainly not a free ride! Unfortunately, there are way to many "give it to me" types out there, starting with our lost in the 60's radical president.

Thanks need to be given for the right to speak out on issues. Thank God there are still people who are willing to not only risk the villification from the coming dictatorship, but will put their principles out there openly and with passion. As a co-opted media carries the banner of lies, deciet and pure Soviet style Marxist drivel, these few try their best to remind us of what this country really is and what we are going to become if we continue to turn our backs on our founding ideals.

Finally! There is no way I can be thankful enough for our men and women in uniform. I am writing this right now becuase, among other things, they have given the ultimate to their country to give me and others the right to do this. Our military protects not only our safety, but everything that we as a country are. To think that we have a bunch of Marxist radicals who not only express open disdain for these fine people, but also refuse to support them as they should is beyond disgusting!

The current leftist administration is not also willing to ignore their commanders in the field, but in effect are reverting to the same sad tactics as used in Vietnam. Wait a minute! what tactics? The so called CIC is willing to play politics rather then fight to win, just as other leftist politicians have done in the past! Our troops do not deserve this! They deserve out thanks and admiration. They serve us with honor, something our Bozo in Chief apparently knows nothing about!

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