Friday, December 4, 2009

Glenn Beck: His Real Message

Before I get to Glenn, tomorrow I'll be putting forward my thoughts as to the jobs fiasco and the rather pedestrian, at best speech given at West Point. Today however, I want to say something about Glenn Beck.

Yesterday I read a well written story at "" to which I give high kudos. This story basically pointed out that although advertisers pulled out from Glenn's show, Fox has not lost any revenue and other then the fact that his new advertisers are considered "B LIST" for want of better words (by those supposedly in the know), Glenn's ratings keep climbing. Of course, read the liberal hate blogs and Glenn is in trouble, going to lose his job, Fox revenues are down, blah, blah, blah! And although they mentioned his "Obama is a racist" comments, I found it well researched and although slightly left biased, quite fair. In the end they came to the correct conclusion. Glenn will just keep happily plugging along, politically correct leftist hate mongers be damned!

As I read this I also noticed they had a comment section with well over 500 comments to the story. Funny thing here. The usual hate mongers from the left calling him names, liar, racist, etc., as well as the hard core right who have also been taken to task by Glenn in some of his tirades all chimed in. The really pitiful thing though is there were "word for word" posts from some folks that I had seen on many other sites, and many other hate the conservatives responses, vilifying the man. Cooler then that, one of the rants from a looney leftist was "word for word" a rant that had been posted in response to something I had put out months ago on the Van Jones fiasco on the Fox site! So in many cases, the charges that the left (and the right) have canned responses for things is more than true. In turn, I commented as below. Note again, some of you have seen some of what I say below and I'm sorry if it is redundant.

My Response to the Daily Finance story on Glenn Beck is below.

"Rant and rave about Glenn Beck, or the fact that the left considers good Americans of any political stripe racists or fear mongers, but there is one simple fact that has been proven here! The truth will win over the BIG LIE if presented to the people and as long as the people are paying attention as they should be with their responsibilities as voters! As such, in watching Beck, I always see one thing that stands out from him. He always preaches this axiom. Ask Questions! Educate yourself as to your country, who you are voting for and stand by your ideals! Whether you like him or not, I do not see anything wrong with this. He has to right to express his opinion, a right that folks in government and hard left or hard right people want to take away.

The man, whether you like it or not loves his country. I personally do not see anything wrong with this. He refuses to apologize for America. Good for him! I'm personally sick and tired of the assault from the left about our so called transgressions, etc. He posts statements from books and writings to bolster his rants and raves. So, I do something that, according to the leftist morons on this and other sites we uneducated conservatives can't do. I read everything I can find on the subject or person. As is always the case, people that are caught by their own words and actions fight back in the only way they can. They throw any lie or misfact they can, over and over until it's believed.

Glenn isn't doing anything different then when Rush first started. He is however getting the same hate and vilification from the usual suspects. The man has the balls to stand up for what he believes! He takes hit after hit yet he's still there, while those on the hard left and right run and hide, always referring to him and others as racist, hate-mongers, or whatever. Heaven forbid they look deeply at themselves.

This is from a past post of mine but extremely pertinant to this discussion. (It is in reference to the Van Jones fiasco).

I see the usual, "stop using fear" (as in Marxists in the administration), "stop spreading lies", (as in "In His Own Words), "Glen Beck and Fox News destroyed a good and honest man" ( as in OOPS! Did their job as reporters and showed the truth!) and so on. What I have not seen yet is one shred of evidence that can back up the tripe (I love that word) that the lefties are putting out! There is a common thread running through this as with most things that are involved with a leftist and/or dictatorship way of doing things! Control of the media! Overwhelm the people’s senses with Lies, Lies and more Lies! As for the charge of us spreading fear. You are damned right we are spreading fear! But it's not fear mongering as charged. It is the fear all liars, cheats and other corrupt individuals face when confronted with the truth or facts!

Fact: Obama is a Marxist. In his own words in his own book! (My words, not Glenn's)
Don't take that Obama comment out of context. It was Glenn Beck who as he went down his list of radicals, etc. reminded the audience, provided they even wanted to hear the message, not to just take his word on this. He suggested we read up on it. So I did. I made that comment based on everything I could find on this clown now in office. For that comment and others of like content, I and others, including Glenn are racist or whatever.

The truth hurts folks! That's what life is about. We the people must now chase down the truth about the rest of this radical administration. It's easy to do. It is there in their own words and writing! And this is what I get as the main message when I happen to see his show (those of you who know me realize I do not get to watch him as near as often as I would like). He basically preaches the following. Seek the truth! Ask questions! You don't have to believe me, but at least educate yourselves.

As I have said in the past, the silent majority has a bad habit of letting things go way to long and as such, the country gets into situations like now. But once we wake up, watch out! "We the People" have had enough! The very survival of the country that our forefathers founded, that they fought and died for so "We the People" could exercise our rights and freedoms is at great peril.

And the saddest part of all is that the so called liberals, the so called party of tolerance, want to silence anyone who they disagree with."

Well, as you can guess, folks on the left are not happy with my take on this. Oh well. It's difficult to soar with the eagles if you're surrounded by turkeys and the folks on the left sure are trapped in turkey land.

So when it's all said and done, Beck goes on. But for how long? This administration and the leftist lackys backing it are hell bent on stifling our freedom of speech. And that isn't a joke! As to Glenn himself, I say again. You do not have to believe what he has to say any more then you have to believe what Obama and his minions have to say. But at least listen to the most important part of his message.

You are the caretakers of this government, not the morons in office. Educate yourselves on the issues and the folks running for and already in office. Don't act on their lies and promises. Make your decisions based on their words and actions. Ask the important questions! Love your country! Remember the ideals and priciples this country was founded on. Remember those who have paid the ultimate to give this to us. When all is said and done, everytime I watch Glenn, this is the message I always take from him. and folks, it is a great message!

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