Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Continuing Circus Act

My God! Where do I start? Oh well, here goes.

What in the hell were the people in Minnesota thinking when they voted in this piece of human garbage known as Al Franken?! After his antics of the last few days, I can only conclude he is an emabarrasment to himself, the state, but most of all to the Senate and in turn the country. And Chairman Harry and his media boot lickers can't be bothered to bring him to task? Gotta admit. Harry has it made. Get morons to do his dirty work and not worry about a thing as a co-opted media hides the truth from the public.

Health care or as I say, Step number 1 to Socialization. One way or the other, the leftist bastards are going to force it down our throats. In the end, they are all caving to chairman Harry and his dictatorship. I still have two big questions here. Where is Comrade Obama and his "all negotiations will be done publicly" pledge? Where is the media outcry as to locked doors and smoke filled rooms? Interesting how for years they fought the very thing that is now occurring in DC and then have the utter gall to state they are indeed doing the best jounalism ever. Disgusting!
Still haven't seen how we can pay for this fiasco! The more studies show our costs will go up, the more the administration and the lackys demonize the messengers.

Which brings us to the debt limit. They have voted to raise the debt limit. In effect, they are going to borrow more money (actually they are going to print more worthless paper). All the while Emperor Obama fiddles while our country's financial system goes up in flames. Bottom line here. We cannot sustain this debt! We cannot spend our way out of this depression with money that does not exist! Good Grief! It doesn't take a degree to realize one is broke! That is if you are not elitist socialist pigs as our current leaders. As I have stated before, we are headed the way of the Wiemarch! People have got to stop putting their hands out and demand spending on every governmant level be brought under control.

And of course we have the climate warming BS! Madame Hillary goes and offers one hundred billion dollars for countries that can't (read that refuse as long as they can force uncle sugar Daddy) clean up their own mess. The income redistribution for this bogus garbage is 143 Trillion! And make no mistake of this. Global Warming is the battle cry for the communist party now. Comrade Obama goes and tries to make a deal. China, his main handler tells him to blow it out his ass as did India. No sutprise there! BTW: Who actually is supposed to control all of this money for GW? The UN! Ha HA HA! The Socialist Bastards that are demanding we lower our standards
so they are equal to us? Certainly not our Socialist president. Scary thoughts, aren't they? Gotta laugh though. The Great Obama came back empty handed. Thank God for that!

I happened to catch an interview with Andy Williams last night. What a great man,willing to take on the Hollywood elite and call it like it is. Called out Obama for what he really is. Called him a socialist! Made the extremely valid point that he ran as one thing then immediately started governing using his true ideals. How sad others do not have the courage to speak out as he did. (John Voight, another great man).


  1. Most people who vote Democrap get government handouts and will never vote for a candidate who proposes a cut back on the gravy train. They don't care about the defecit. The candidate who promises to give them the most "free" stuff gets their vote. It is the long slippery slope of the USA. No democracy has lasted very long. All democracies throughout history have self imploded. This country is proving to be no different. BTW this didn't just start with Obama. Go back to FDR. That's where the seeds of being "progressive" really started.

  2. Perfectly stated an in fact it actually goes back to the beginning of the Progressive movement in the 20's. Al democracies, as history teacehes failed due to the same simple facts. The electorate out their hands out, forgetting about self responsibility and expected government to take care of them. The elected leaders were and are more then willing to baby sit in exchange for their unlimited power. Each succeeding democratic country has gone the same way. Politicians are and always will be power mad whores. And every democracy out there is doomed to failure unless the electorate is willing to actually have to earn what they have. Highly unlikely in this day and age.