Monday, July 21, 2014

Past And Present. Comparisons To The Hitlers Of The Past And Present

Leadership is a special quality and one unfortunately that far too many people either do not have or are unwilling to use that ability. Obama, his allies and the spineless opposition that refuses to take any actions (separation of powers, Obama’s overstepping of the law and so forth) all show one common trait. Weakness and Cowardliness! Be it as it may, this is now the perception of the United States and even now far too many in this country refuse to see the realities of the situation. We now have so called leaders who openly lie and worse and in turn are accepted as legitimate by a brain dead electorate. But it goes so far beyond just Weakness and Cowardliness!

The very foundation of this country is being blasted away (we’re now well past the “chipping away” phase I’m afraid) by the hard core leftist, socialist, racist scum that is this President, his allies and all politicians who only care about the power!

Back in Germany years ago, a cancer appeared which ended up being Nazi Germany. The people, listening with their hearts instead of their brains, were stunned when they found out they had been deceived and worse as their liberties and so forth were taken away from them So it is here now and the world sees us for what we now are, a paper tiger that does not have the courage anymore to stand for what is right.

I have more than once compared Obama and his minions (and again, we have some really good snake charming no count bastards on the Republican side also) to Hitler and other fanatical dictators. Obama, just as Hitler did, fed the pabulum to the masses and the masses, having been dumbed down and indoctrinated by the schools and the propaganda industry, in our case the MSM, listened then swooned as their false messiah bent them over and drove the dry tapered corn cob up their asses. And now? As in Germany, our so called leader is now getting out the rubber mallet so as to drive the thick end of the corn cob up as far as it will go! Crass? You bet your ass I’m being crass and more!

Moron alert! Freedom takes work by those who want it! There is no free lunch! One gets what they work for and Freedom is no different!

This brings us to something I stumbled across the other day and I’ve seen it everywhere (except the MSM and the leftist sites that still blindly ignore the treason and lies that emanate from D.C.). I have read the following at least twenty times. In turn, I have gone back and looked at various historical things I have lying around (those who know me at all realize I love history) and in so doing, I realize at least in my mind this is dead on!

This creeping cancer that is espoused by far too many on both the right and the left is the fungus amongst us (you old folks will get that one J) As I have said many times, man refuses to learn from history and will make the same mistakes. Long ago, Kruschev pounded that table with his shoe and promised to “Bury us from within”. In turn the leftists and RINOs, have not even discreetly have in fact been doing exactly that! 

Our freedoms and very way of life are being stripped from us, all under policies that are being adhered to by those on the left and those who power is the all consuming factor! Wake up America! Your time is short unless you stand up to the little Hitlers of the world and like it or not, our President and his minions are at this moment at the top of that list!

Let me introduce you to another leftist hack, one who out Hillarys Hillary! Elizabeth Warren is the latest of a long line of Anti-American ideal leftists who in their brain dead ideological minds believe America should be brought down to her knees and stripped of the freedoms and ideals we once so proudly stood for. Be afraid folks! This isn't a line of right versus left bullshit. This is fact and what far to many morons in this country believe! They're going to do it right this time, history be damned. The survival of this nation depends on "we the People" fighting this cancer that is called Progressiveism but which is in fact cold hard leftist socialism or worse! Like it or not, we are at war with people who do not believe in the exeptionalism and the greatness   that is the United States. I'll be damned if I'm going to stay silent about this!