Monday, July 21, 2014

The Week From Hell or How Obama And Friends Are Screwing Up This Nation And In Turn The World

The last week (Hell, the last five years!) has been extraordinary to say the least. We have an administration crying RACE to hide its lies and deceit. We have a President who steadfastly is marching this country over the cliff and who is in turn condoning (if not ordering) the cover-ups of his various scandals, be it the IRS, Benghazi, The botched Voter Intimidation prosecution and of course his decision to “be the law and allow the overt invasion of our country, along our southern borders. And make no mistake! This invasion is planned and sanctioned by our benevolent dictator! Oh, and let’s not forget the Ukraine and Israeli fiascos and the complete lack of competence in leadership from the U.S. Or is it in fact another sample of this President and where is true loyalties lay? One can sure make the argument he hates Israel. Hell, he does it himself in his own book. And one surely must conclude he is either afraid to face down Putin or he is adhering to what I believe is his handlers orders. In other words, this President could very well be a true Manchurian Candidate.

Judge Jeanine has as always a clear and concise statement as to our ball less leader:

Over at Flopping Aces, Skook, someone I have quoted more than once here mentioned the fact that Putin has not only renewed an agreement with Cuba as to reopening a listening post there and mentions the fact that missiles are most likely on the way there as we speak. One can be sure this President does not have the guts to stand up to that.  He said the following.

“The world was on the verge of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Fidel told Krushchev, he would be ready to sacrifice cuba for the revolution. At that point, Krushchev realized he was dealing with a moron.

The tables have turned. We may assume Fidel gained wisdom with age, Putin is a scheming opportunist like mush like the former henchman of Stalin, but the moron is in the White House.
In the ultimate wisdom of Jarrett, to arm the gangster countries of Central and South America with Russian missiles would be a means to establish control of the US, so that Iran can become a World Power instead of a regional sponsor of terror and Islamic Dystopia.

We are a nation of lions led by burros.”

I replied:

“However, I’m afraid the so called leaders of ours are not burros (although I would definitely agree they are morons).

Fact is I really feel Obama and his ilk, Jarrett chief among them are in fact orchestrating the complete giveaway of the western hemisphere to the Russias and Irans of the world. This was planned! The sad part is the American electorate had its collective heads far to up their asses to pay attention to the truth so in effect, there are the real burros.

I’ve really thought about this a lot and as I’ve said before, in the end, it is our fault, We the People. As you cite above the facts lead to one conclusion. This President and his administration is hell bent on destroying this country and in turn turning the remnants over to their handlers in Russia and Iran. Some folks in the past have mentioned Obama as being the “Real Manchurian Candidate” and the last 5 years are bearing that out. Yet, their true ideologies were there in the open for all to see and yet the voters ignored it. So in many ways, I’m afraid the real morons are the American voters who (I repeat myself again here) refused to take their jobs as citizens and voters seriously!

The even sadder part of this equation is the rest of the spineless elected officials who faced with hard cold fact still refuse to stand up to not only the treason that is being committed by this administration as they work to cede our very sovereignty to their handlers, but but in fact their open reluctance to stand up to the lawlessness and corruption as practiced by the White house denizens. and that again I’m afraid is a reflection on US! “

Skook goes on to mention the impotence being shown by Comrade Obama, Lurh (Kerry) and others: (note, Skook and many others believe Jarret is the power behind the puppet and I have no problem with that. One has to wonder sometimes if Obama even has a thought of his own whether than worrying about his handicap)
“Jarrett’s sock puppet is seen as an impotent fool by our enemies and our allies; consequently, nations who hang on tenuously to their belief in freedom, can only hope to survive this reign of incompetence, but the enemies of freedom see this as the opportunity of a lifetime and are consolidating their control and influence over the rest of the world. Putin has renewed his lease in Cuba and these new missiles will be far more difficult to identify and who would stop him if we detected the missile batteries. We can’t even stop an unarmed invasion of our Southern Border.”

I replied as follows:
“Jarrett’s sock puppet is seen as an impotent fool by our enemies and our allies;”

This is indeed the perception of not only our clueless President but in fact the U.S. in general. For all practical purposes, the U.S. is seen as impotent and worse, an unreliable ally by the world in general. In less than six years this nimrod and his lackeys have almost completely destroyed U.S. credibility and leadership as well as lessened our ability to project moral strength.

I believe I have said it more than once here but I repeat. A perception can be created in seconds but take years to be proven a mis-perception. However, in this case what is going on is not a mis-perception but in fact a deliberate effort to destroy the very foundations of this country! That is the perception of the United States now as seen through the eyes of the world and one cannot blame them.

As you noted, Putin and his thugs are now once again a major presence in Cuba. and of course the following as you state.

Here, let me once again bring in the great Judge Jeanine:

The judge notes the damning evidence that this was a planned invasion orchestrated by this President! While the MSM refuses to report it, documents and more have been produced indicating once again President Pinocchio (Sorry about the insult to the real Pinocchio) has been lying about this new crisis since before day one!

From Skook:

“We can’t even stop an unarmed invasion of our Southern Border.”

My reply:

“Here I semi-disagree my friend. It’s not that we can’t stop the invasion. It’s that our leaders, including I’m afraid far to many ball less Republicans do not want to stop it! We all know this problem goes much farther back that anyone cares to admit, but as of now, it is squarely on the shoulders of the treasonous bastard in the White House and his water carriers.

Hell, one only had to listen to old Harry (sometimes it’s an embarrassment to live in Nevada ) Reid flat out profess the border is fully secure to realize what the real intent of these people is and that is to allow a “peaceful invasion” and in turn takeover of this country.

Leadership is a special quality and one unfortunately that far to many people either do not have or are unwilling to use that ability. Obama, his allies and the spineless opposition that refuses to take any actions (separation of powers, Obama’s overstepping of the law and so forth) all show one common trait. Weakness and Cowardliness! Be it as it may, this is now the perception of the United States and even now far too many in this country refuse to see the realities of the situation.

Back in Germany years ago, a cancer appeared which ended up being Nazi Germany. The people, listening with their hearts instead of their brains, were stunned when they found out they had been deceived and worse as their liberties and so forth were taken away from them So it is here now and the world sees us for what we now are, a paper tiger that does not have the courage anymore to stand for what is right.

In the article at Flopping Aces, Dr. John warns “Wake Up Folks!” But how do we “wake up the folks” when overwhelmingly the Obama Propaganda industry known as the MSM is loudly and shrilly not only blocking the true message but in fact rewriting the facts to back up this lawless twerp in the White House?

Just a few minutes ago, I saw that a police department in Maryland labeled anti-illegal immigration graffiti a hate crime and one knows that is what will get the attention of the numbskulls in the press and in turn will be pushed on an electorate that doesn’t want to know the facts any more. One can bet old Barak and his buddy Commandant Holder will jump right on the hate crime thing though so as to try once again to protect their phony baloney asses!

The facts are clear. The borders are not secure! We have gang members and worse crossing and this administration calls it a humanitarian crises! We are being lied to as to the true scope of the problem and hell, even Congressmen ans Senators are not allowed to see what is really going on! And lets not forget, We The People do not have a right to know the truth as evidenced by the new Press moron yesterday:

(Thanks to the Daily Caller)

"The White House won’t reveal where it is housing thousands of Central American juvenile migrants because their privacy rights trump Americans’ right to know what‘s happening in their neighborhoods, press secretary Josh Earnest declared July 16.

“The public does have a right to know what’s happening… [but] at the same time, there are privacy rights that are included in the law that this administration is committed to enforcing and following,” Earnest told Ed Henry, Fox News’ White House correspondent.

“We are not surprised in the least to see the Obama administration imitate the smugglers,” William Gheen, founder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, told The Daily Caller. “This is how smuggling operations work, this is what the smuggler-in-chief wants — secret planes and secret buses full of illegal immigrants.”
The truth is out there for all to see as to the open treason and worse coming from this administration and its allies, and let’s not forget the spineless so called Republicans who don’t really have the balls to stand up to the tyranny."

One can call it an invasion or whatever, but one cannot hide from the real facts. This President and the crybaby leftists have refused to enforce the laws of this land and in the process with the influx of ILLEGALS of all sorts, have put this country (along with their other lies and scandals) in deep danger. That in my eyes is treason of the first degree!

So again, the facts must somehow be forced out through the stone wall of the imbecile administration and all Government entities as well as the “heads up their ass” media. How does one get the message to the brainwashed citizenry when the powers that be (and most politicians are guilty on this point, either side. Why tell the truth when a brain dead populace will listen to the lies and false promises) don’t want it out there?

We better figure this out quick kids because all hell is breaking loose now! And in the end, We the People are responsible for allowing this to happen right under our noses!




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