Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Absurd Hatred, Anti-Semitism And Worse That Is Now The Democratic Party

Long time in between posts, but enough is enough. There are many things I want to go into like the lefty racist's and their hypocrisy, the Anti-American Communist slant of the left and more or in this case, today's thoughts as to the rabid Anti-Semitism that identifies the party and the Left.

In past posts, all know I am Pro-Israel and more. Bring Jewish is not something I hide from and I am quite proud of my heritage on that side of my family.

I ran across this absolutely fabulous essay over at redpilljew and have the link below.

 I implore all to check out a well defined argument as to the hatred that is the Democratic Party as well as to a well reasoned response to the charges from the left as to the President Trump's "disloyalty"comments.

One great point in the essay: The President seems to be the only one with the balls to address a situation (actually many situations) that our so called ruling class and worse refuse to not only address but in fact would rather spread the hate and worse.

Unfortunately it is now at the point at which the Left, their propaganda industry in the MSM and worse, our elected officials are warmly embracing the hatred for the Jewish people in not only their daily rhetoric as evidenced by the likes of OAC and Omar and their like, but even more so in the almost complete lack of commentary from the so called Democratic leaders as to the hatred that is taking over their party.

Self loathing Jews like Schumer and more, scum bags like comrade Saunders, DeBlasio and of course the current crop of scum campaigning on the Democratic side all refuse to address the situation, instead preferring to throw their support to the hateful Anti-Semite biogots in their party and worse.

MORON ALERT!! (Gee, I've missed saying that)

The hatred that is emanating from the left is real! They hate the Jews as much as they hate "the wrong kind of blacks that wander off the plantation" or even worse their open hatred of the United States and our principals. They level hate charges against those of us who believe in the basic principals this country was founded on when in fact the hatred comes from within their own party! And of course, the self loathing Jews are apparently much more worried about their power or wealth then they could ever be about not only their own heritage but the U.S. in general.

The Democratic party is now a hard left socialist faction, toeing the line as to die hard support for the Muslim hatred of not only Jews but the U.S. as well as being blatantly Anti-Semite. The fact the President Trump has called them out, while refreshing is not near enough!

And by no means don't think this is just about "Israel". This hatred is the same hatred that has been aimed at the Jews since the beginning of time only now it is deeply embraced by the hard left Democrats (no such thing as a moderate there anymore). We have elected officials not only openly calling for the eradication of Israel but also as I said above fomenting open hatred for the Jewish people in general (and let's not forget their open hostility to Christians and their beliefs)

Their march to not only socialism or worse, but also in fact endorsing the hatred and elimination of the Jewish population ( after all, one must think that's how they feel as there is no condemnation from them as to the hatred from the so called "squad" but in fact full embrace of their idiocy) should be an afront to all, yet it is now the "norm"!

And of course, heaven forbid if you disagree with them as if possible you will be silenced or worse. Their open support of Antifa and BDS proves that.

Wake up folks, This hatred is only the beginning if we the people do not stop it now!

Monday, March 4, 2019

I've Had Enough!

I have had enough! Between the leftist Socialist bozos called Democrats, the limp wristed Republicans who refuse to back their own President after campaigning on the very issues he stands for, the racists who keep flinging their crap at the walls hoping it will stick, the Anti-American scum that wants wide open borders so as to turn us into a banana republic. And of course let's not forget our Anti-Semite no count Muslim or Muslim loving bastards  along with the self loathing Jews and their ilk who also persecute any religion not Muslim!

Today We'll go on the last statement I just made.

However, before I go on, let's make something perfectly clear. I believe in Make America Great Again. I believe in controlled borders. I believe in ignoring the racist bullcrap from those who refuse to acknowledge not only their own bias, but their responsibility in ignoring the black on black murders preferring to blame whitey! Fact is fact and they are on the wrong side of this, no matter how much they cry. In other words, don't expect  me to apologize for how I feel or what I say. some will call it hate, some will call it racism. Blah Blah Blah. No one has the right to force me what to think. You don't like it, that's to damn bad.

Now on to what they will call my anti-Muslim rant.

No matter how the media or scumbag politicians want to frame it, all one has to do is listen to the rhtoric from the Muslim community on the whole. They hate this country, our way of life and more, they demand we adhere to their principals. Bullshit!

They preach kill the infidels. They actively persue and kill Christians and Jews. Again, pure fact.

Now they all have their panties in an uproar because someone exercising their Freedom of Speech and expression dared to portray an avowed Muslim scum as what she is in a poster, using 9/11 as a backdrop.

Moron alert here.

In no way does this poster accuse her of the events of 9/11. It reminds us that far too many have forgotten that day and the hatred that still emanate from these bastards. Don't believe me? Listen to and read their own words! Good grief! Her and her Michigan partner spew hate and their Democrat partners on the whole stay silent. You know, the ones far t many self
loathing Jews keep voting for. And of course, the whiny Republicans are also basically far less silent then they should be!