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Judge Jeaninne Time!

It's Judge Jeannine time!! I just can't get enough of this woman! Man she hits the nail on the head!
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Comparisons and Truth

I follow a great site called Flopping Aces. The people who post are articulate and their posts are usually well supported with facts. There is in turn great discourse in the comment sections as the topics are discussed usually in a quite civil matter, something that anyone who has followed me at all knows I highly endorse. If people are talking, something good can happen.

A regular poster named Brother Bob posted the following study:

"You Keep Using That Word; I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means [Reader Post]"

In it he used a tweet from a liberal propagandist (my view) to illustrate a point and in turn  later referenced (in bold type below)something to Hilter. He then in the end mentioned the fact that he wasn't trying to compare Obama to Hitler per say. Well of course we all know where I stand on that one. We had an interesting back and forth so I felt I should just publish is for all. I am including his post as well as the comments. 

Please note: I know I am loud and abrasive to say the least, but I deeply feel one must call it as he sees it. Brother Bob mentions below people tune out Hiltler comparisons but truth is truth. Brother Bob brings up some extremely important points, so here is his post followed by comments.

 From Brother Bob at Flopping Aces:

"As Scandalpalooza rolls on, Jonah Goldberg wrote about this particular gem on how the Democrats are responding to the IRS scandals:

“So the @GOP has FOIAed the IRS. How original. And political. So much for a bipartisan inquiry. Typical #GOPOverreach”

 with an analysis that wasn’t too different from my own reaction when I read it:
“I keep staring at this tweet like one of those posters with the hidden flying saucer in it. Maybe if I just relax my eyes enough, the outlines of his argument will come through?”
I don’t need elaborate on Woodhouse’s comment to illustrate the stupidity of it, but I’m more concerned about how the term “overreach” is allowed to be used here. I’m also at a loss over how the Republicans have failed to use such an obvious deflection when talking to any of the White House’s Public Relations staffers, aka “journalists”. When posed the challenge of Republican “overreach” there is a simple response:
“What would an appropriate level of ‘reach’ be?”

It’s a simple question, and it completely deflates the leftist defense of the president. Overreach is easy for leftists to call for, invoking how the GOP attacked President Clinton back in the 90′s. Yes, the GOP was correct to attack the president for lying under oath but I think they got a bit too consumed by the attack itself and put too much energy into it. There’s more to say on the Clinton/Lewinsky scandals, but it’s too much of an aside to go into here.

Getting back on topic, how does one throw out the notion that one side has gone too far without establishing how far one should have gone in the first place? With all of the scandals that have come down lately I’ll just focus on the one that is most near and dear to me – the IRS targeting Tea Party groups. We all know that the IRS made an effort to target non-profit groups with Tea Party sounding names and subjected them to inappropriate levels of scrutiny. At the time of this post we’ve seen a few weeks pass since this scandal broke, and what has been resolved so far? We’ve had hearings, angry accusations, and the “firing” (In DC terms that would mean prematurely ending an executive’s work detail) of an agency head. And that’s it. The root of the problem hasn’t been uncovered, some IRS employees have been given paid vacations (paid leave pending further investigation), and absolutely no reason to believe that the malevolence we have seen has stopped, nor that it will not be repeated. Even though I’ve lived in the Washington, DC area for 14 years now and have been basically working for the government under various contractors for nearly a decade, I still think of things in terms of how they are handled in the private sector, or for any DC insiders reading this, what is known to most Americans as “reality”. Had a scandal like this broken in any company I’ve worked for (government contracting or not) here is how things generally go down:

Day 1: Employees within the organization have engaged in unethical, and possibly illegal behavior. Any employees seen to be directly involved are immediately questioned. Given the scope and magnitude of the problem IT staffers are called in to gather records of any e-mails, files, call records, etc. that may have pertained to the situation. Any employees who have either admitted to, or have evidence to support wrongdoing, are fired. Any who are responsible and do not come forward know that they will also face termination, as well as potential legal liability if they choose to hide their role in any such operation. Management immediately charges staffers to draft procedures and enact policies to ensure that such abuses will never happen again. If they fail to do so the company will lose all credibility, and will be the subject of lawsuits and, if public, will watch a massive sell off of those who chose to willingly invest in said company.

Day 2: There is no day 2, at least in terms of investigation. Yes, it may go on longer depending on the magnitude or how high up the scandal goes. Or it may get similar blackout treatment if the company is large enough and those responsible at the top donate enough to the proper political campaigns and/or have enough friends among elected officials who might also be implicated (as in the financial crisis of 2008), but for the most part even the larger organizations I worked for dealt with wrongdoing pretty quickly. We had to – the accountability and potential liability for failing to do so was just too great. Any company that fails to show respect for its customers and stakeholders doesn’t stay in business very long.
This is also why we see such inaction at the federal government level – there is no accountability, and certainly no respect for the citizens our “public servants” are supposed to serve. The unions protect the IRS workers from any real accountability to the public, which should be raising another uncomfortable question of why public sector unions should even exist in the first place.

This also raises uncomfortable questions of how too many leftists consider this issue resolved and something that we should move on from, when we should ask:
  • Have we fully identified the cause of the problem?
  • Have all guilty parties been identified and are being appropriately disciplined?
  • Do we have assurances that such transgressions will never happen again?
My guess is, that in the end the answer will be that none of these questions will get fully answered, because our government and media don’t feel respect and accountability to those who they claim to serve. The Conservasphere will keep beating the drums, the mainstream press will allow the story to gradually wither on the vine, and eventually this scandal will disappear without any meaningful action or change. If you don’t believe me then tell me what outcome, aside from one mass murderer going to jail, came from the Kermit Gosnell story? Which is a shame, because the real story behind the IRS scandal, and all of the scandals is our culture in Washington that allows these scandals to happen. A recent article in The American Thinker pointed out that even though there is no smoking gun pointing to a direct order from President Obama for the IRS to target Tea Party groups, there was never a direct order from Hitler ordering the Holocaust, either.

Relax, lefties. I’m not comparing the president to Hitler. I’m not suggesting that Tea Party members are going to be rounded up an murdered. The point is that the culture of hate and divisiveness that was necessary to get the president re-elected might not be a very effective way to govern, and does not create a positive culture among our elected officials and the bureaucracies that they oversee. And as much as I hate to end this post on such a negative note, I just don’t see anything constructive or positive coming out of the ashes of the IRS scandal, or any of the other scandals, for that matter.
OK, maybe one thing. With any luck as punishment for Windows Vista and Windows 8, maybe Microsoft will be forced to hire Lois Lerner."

I actually got in the first comment on this one below:

Brother Bob,

Above you mention the fact that you will not compare the President to Hitler. Well, I will. The typical garbage that is the tweet above that comes form lefty operatives is in fact normal coming from a media propaganda industry in lockstep with this President and his lackeys. That is cold hard fact I’m afraid.
One only has to watch clown puppet Carney wiggle and squirm as he refuses to answer and/or openly lies as to any question put to him. But one cannot be surprised by this. After all, caught in a scandal, the participants lie and in these cases the Media is right there for them. Yet, as in Hitler’s first quote below, the ends justify the means and in his third quote below, at least in my mind one can see exactly the course that is and has been taken by not only this President and his administration, but in fact far too many politicians and entrenched bureaucrats for far too long now.

“It is not truth that matters, but victory.”

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.
By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.

I happen to believe Obama does in fact believe and practice the above three quotes. Every bit of evidence points to that. You noted: ” A recent article in The American Thinker pointed out that even though there is no smoking gun pointing to a direct order from President Obama for the IRS to target Tea Party groups, there was never a direct order from Hitler ordering the Holocaust, either.”

Well guess what, whether he ordered it or not everything going on now is on this President’s watch and he is responsible! Ooops! I mean a leader would hold himself responsible but we all know this is not a leader! What I’m basically getting at is now things are beginning to come into the open, the President, his allies and unfortunately many from the so called right are more than happy to endorse the lies as they believe in the mantra as quoted above.

This President knows only one thing LIE! In turn he in effect endorses such and as what he stands for is detrimental to the well being of this country, it is wrong! The sad part is because of this, we probably will not get to the bottom of it all and he’ll skate because politicians in general regard the truth as their Kryptonite.

In turn, Brother Bob answered thus:

 @joetote: I agree that the methodology is similar, and I intentionally try to avoid the Hitler comparison – look how hard the MSM tries to lump us in with the Larouchies who show up at Tea Party rallies with their Obama/Hitler signs. Bringing in the Hitler comparison makes most people tune out, but your points are fair ones.

 As shown, Brother Bob is basically in agreement with me but this is where his "people tune out" statement is so I answered below.

Brother Bob,

I realize what you are saying as to avoiding the comparison, but one only needs to look at history for context as to where I’m going. When Hitler was elected all those years ago, the “people” bought into the lies and deceit just as they did with the current resident of the White house> Hitler rode in on a wave created by the fact the country was in shambles. He used the despair of poverty and so forth to his advantage as have so many other despots in our time.

Hiltler’s true motives were there for all to see long before he was elected as were Obama’s if anyone had done their homework on this clown. His anti-Semite feelings were there also as were Obama’s (I have said here before I truly believe with all my heart this President despises the Jews, again my feelings. One does not have to agree). And no, I m not comparing Obama to Hitler as to the “Final Solution”. I am comparing their methods and in effect who or what they were and are. The comparisons if one really looks are stunning.
There are two other quotes that have always stood out for me from Hitler and again, if one had looked into Obama’s history at all and in turn put them with his actions today, they could see the comparison easily. The first, I got from Political Pistachio a while ago, but have in fact seen long ago. I have maintained for some time that Obama is a Socialist and in fact against everything we stand for. When one reads the quote below and in turn if they have read his words and witnessed his actions, the comparison is solid.

“We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler, Quoted in John Toland, “Adolf Hitler”, p224.

As to indoctrination and propaganda, Obama ranks right up there. His and his lackey’s desperately trying to change history and the teaching of it and our basic ideals (and of course this goes back much further than Obama) has given us and electorate that has it’s head so far up it’s collective ass that this country now is at the edge of the abyss. The quote below again compares favorably with our friend Obama.

“When an opponent declares,
‘I will not come over to your side.’
I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already…
What are you? You will pass on.
Your descendants, however,
now stand in the new camp.
In a short time they will know nothing
else but this new community.’” — Adolf Hitler

Obama said he will change America. He and his predecessors have in fact indoctrinated far too many with their vile beliefs and in turn now stand on the brink of destroying everything we have accomplished as the greatest nation ever. The comparison is apt and I know you appreciate where I’m coming from. But let’s remember one thing. A Hitler comparison, while people tent to tune out is valid, as would be a comparison to Krueschev (“we will bury you. We will destroy you from within). Can one say Obama is not in fact following that course? There are so many one could use to illustrate my point.

While I am also sometimes wary of using the comparison, I feel the truth must win out in any way possible and like it or not, truth can be a cold slap in the face. I unfortunately sometimes prefer the in your face method as not much else seems to work."

Our country as we know it is in grave danger. Our President and his allies are steadfastly marching to the tune of a different drummer, one that can only lead us to a bad end. The world now does not respect us. Just look at the Snowden situation, today he is in Moscow. China in effect told us to eff off and of course Obama's puppet master Putin is laughing in his face as he allows Snowden passage through Moscow.  This Presdient is every bit as bad as any despot who believes this country has been wrong! It has to stop now! I compare him to Hitler and others because he deserves it. I do not want my grandchildren to have to live under a third world dictatorship and like it or not that is where we are headed.

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It's Judge Jeannine time!

It is once again Judge Jeannine time!  I'm going to just let her speak for me today as seems to be the case lately, but man what a speaker she is.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lies And Deception, The Latest Government Benchmark

As the lies and deception continue unabated from our friends in D.C., one can only sit back and wonder when or maybe the better question is WILL the people of the United States stand up for the principles this country was founded on. Supposedly we are a "government of the people, by the people and for the people" yet those very people have chosen to turn their backs on the overt corruption, lies, deceit and complete disdain for the laws of our land. Worse, our citizens have been in effect murdered be it by Mexican drug cartels, Muslim Radicals or whatever and not only do our leaders not even bother to come to their aid as in the case of Benghazi, but in fact are too busy covering their own asses. And any remorse from these clowns for our dead? Fat chance of that!

Let's make a quick list of things here and please note. I am proud to stand up and call it like I see it! Most folks who know me, know my feelings as to this administration, but also know as I've said many times I hold most politicians in high disdain.  For the most part once in office they become as shifty eyed as the rest and for whatever reason the power corrupts them, some more than others but still it is an open fact. Having said that, I do not regret in any way stating this President and so many in his administration including some in the House and Senate are lying sacks of garbage who, if the electorate took their rights seriously would be thrown out of office and hell, some should even be indicted!

From the time the Attorney General dismissed the charges against the Black Panthers in Philly to the A.G openly lying to Congress, this administration has become the poster child as to depicting dishonesty in our elected (and non elected) officials. Yet, the people shrug their shoulders, choosing to believe the lies and the propaganda rather than seek the truth! I'm not going go into each thing. Writers and bloggers far better than I am have done fabulous work in digging up and presenting the truth. And now the the MSM has had their ox gored (something I've warned of more than once as once the media isn't needed or is sensed to be a threat, they to will be pilloried) one would have thought the scandal blood lust would have taken effect and the MSM would in fact actually do their job as the "Watchdogs of Freedom" But alas, they still seem to want to protect a lying traitorous piece of trash, casting away any cloak of objectivity in order to keep President Bozo in his safe bubble.

A few posts ago, I put the following as to Benghazi:
Just remember this!
People died! Hillary Lied!
People Died! Panneta Lied!
People died! Susan Rice Lied!
People died! Jay Carney Lied!
Let's add a few more things to the list.
The IRS targeted conservative groups. in hearings, their representatives lied!
Fast and Furious. People died. Holder Lied!
The DOJ illegally going after the Press. Holder Lied! 
And by the way, the biggest line of bullshit in all of this? The President learned of all of these things through the news just like we common folk. Excuse me while I puke!

We have an Attorney General who openly ignored the Law of the Land, the law he is sworn to uphold. We have a so called (what a joke this is) Constitutional expert in the White House who not only turns his head away from the illegalities but in fact condones them as he himself is apparently above the law. As a tax paying citizen and thus one of these clown's employer I can only say Bullshit! 

This has to stop in all levels of government and it has to stop now! We the People must rebel and as I have said in the past, we can do it peacefully through the ballot box. Everything I hold sacred, everything our forefathers fought for is going down the tubes and only the people can stop it. In the past, there were people who were afraid of the repercussions that could come from opposing their leaders, be they kings, dictators or whatever. Yet they stood tall and fought the tyranny just as our forefathers rebelled against England all those years ago! As a people we are getting what we ask for and unless we demand government under our laws all will be lost!

We at this moment are facing a crossroads as to our future. We can either accept the lies and keep marching towards the coming dictatorship (and make no mistake about this! This President, his lackeys and far too many in both parties are so corrupted by the power that i has to lead to that) or we stand up and fight now! I for one will rot in hell before I let any government asshole tramp on my rights! 

In closing, it once again time for the great Judge Jeanine: Not much more I can say here. She says it all!