Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lies And Deception, The Latest Government Benchmark

As the lies and deception continue unabated from our friends in D.C., one can only sit back and wonder when or maybe the better question is WILL the people of the United States stand up for the principles this country was founded on. Supposedly we are a "government of the people, by the people and for the people" yet those very people have chosen to turn their backs on the overt corruption, lies, deceit and complete disdain for the laws of our land. Worse, our citizens have been in effect murdered be it by Mexican drug cartels, Muslim Radicals or whatever and not only do our leaders not even bother to come to their aid as in the case of Benghazi, but in fact are too busy covering their own asses. And any remorse from these clowns for our dead? Fat chance of that!

Let's make a quick list of things here and please note. I am proud to stand up and call it like I see it! Most folks who know me, know my feelings as to this administration, but also know as I've said many times I hold most politicians in high disdain.  For the most part once in office they become as shifty eyed as the rest and for whatever reason the power corrupts them, some more than others but still it is an open fact. Having said that, I do not regret in any way stating this President and so many in his administration including some in the House and Senate are lying sacks of garbage who, if the electorate took their rights seriously would be thrown out of office and hell, some should even be indicted!

From the time the Attorney General dismissed the charges against the Black Panthers in Philly to the A.G openly lying to Congress, this administration has become the poster child as to depicting dishonesty in our elected (and non elected) officials. Yet, the people shrug their shoulders, choosing to believe the lies and the propaganda rather than seek the truth! I'm not going go into each thing. Writers and bloggers far better than I am have done fabulous work in digging up and presenting the truth. And now the the MSM has had their ox gored (something I've warned of more than once as once the media isn't needed or is sensed to be a threat, they to will be pilloried) one would have thought the scandal blood lust would have taken effect and the MSM would in fact actually do their job as the "Watchdogs of Freedom" But alas, they still seem to want to protect a lying traitorous piece of trash, casting away any cloak of objectivity in order to keep President Bozo in his safe bubble.

A few posts ago, I put the following as to Benghazi:
Just remember this!
People died! Hillary Lied!
People Died! Panneta Lied!
People died! Susan Rice Lied!
People died! Jay Carney Lied!
Let's add a few more things to the list.
The IRS targeted conservative groups. in hearings, their representatives lied!
Fast and Furious. People died. Holder Lied!
The DOJ illegally going after the Press. Holder Lied! 
And by the way, the biggest line of bullshit in all of this? The President learned of all of these things through the news just like we common folk. Excuse me while I puke!

We have an Attorney General who openly ignored the Law of the Land, the law he is sworn to uphold. We have a so called (what a joke this is) Constitutional expert in the White House who not only turns his head away from the illegalities but in fact condones them as he himself is apparently above the law. As a tax paying citizen and thus one of these clown's employer I can only say Bullshit! 

This has to stop in all levels of government and it has to stop now! We the People must rebel and as I have said in the past, we can do it peacefully through the ballot box. Everything I hold sacred, everything our forefathers fought for is going down the tubes and only the people can stop it. In the past, there were people who were afraid of the repercussions that could come from opposing their leaders, be they kings, dictators or whatever. Yet they stood tall and fought the tyranny just as our forefathers rebelled against England all those years ago! As a people we are getting what we ask for and unless we demand government under our laws all will be lost!

We at this moment are facing a crossroads as to our future. We can either accept the lies and keep marching towards the coming dictatorship (and make no mistake about this! This President, his lackeys and far too many in both parties are so corrupted by the power that i has to lead to that) or we stand up and fight now! I for one will rot in hell before I let any government asshole tramp on my rights! 

In closing, it once again time for the great Judge Jeanine: Not much more I can say here. She says it all!

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