Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Open Letter From Pat Boone

I found this on the China Confidential website and a few others. Pat Boone is a true American who willingly voices his heartfelt thoughts and concerns as to our nation. There is really not much I can add to this as most who follow me know how I feel about not only this President, but also every Anti-American ideal politician now in office. As I have more than once tried to make these same observations, allow me to share Mr. Boone's thoughts with you all. and Thank You Pat, not only for your true patriotism but also for the joy you have brought us all in your entertainment endeavors.

By Pat Boone

"We're no longer a Christian nation." - President Barack Obama, June 2009

"America has been arrogant." - President Barack Obama

"After 9/11, America didn't always live up to her ideals."- President Barack Obama

"You might say that America is a Muslim nation."- President Barack Obama, Egypt 2009

Thinking about these and other statements made by the man who wears the title of president. I keep wondering what country he believes he's president of.

In one of my very favorite stories, Edward Everett Hale's "The Man without a Country," a young Army lieutenant named Philip Nolan stands condemned for treason during the Revolutionary War, having come under the influence of Aaron Burr. When the judge asks him if he wishes to say anything before sentence is passed, young Nolan defiantly exclaims, "Damn the United States ! I wish I might never hear of the United States again!"

The stunned silence in the courtroom is palpable, pulsing. After a long pause, the judge soberly says to the angry lieutenant: "You have just pronounced your own sentence. You will never hear of the United States again.. I sentence you to spend the rest of your life at sea, on one or another of this country's naval vessels--under strict orders that no one will ever speak to you again about the country you have just cursed."

And so it was. Philip Nolan was taken away and spent the next 40 years at sea, never hearing anything but an occasional slip of the tongue about America. The last few pages of the story, recounting Nolan's dying hours in his small stateroom--now turned into a shrine to the country he foreswore--never fail to bring me to tears. And I find my own love for this dream, this miracle called America, refreshed and renewed. I know how blessed and unique we are.

But reading and hearing the audacious, shocking statements of the man who was recently elected our president--a young black man living the impossible dream of millions of young Americans, past and present, black and white--I want to ask him, "Just what country do you think you're president of?"

You surely can't be referring to the United States of America, can you? America is emphatically a Christian nation, and has been from its inception! Seventy percent of her citizens identify themselves as Christian. The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were framed, written and ratified by Christians. It's because this was, and is, a nation built on and guided by Judeo-Christian biblical principles that you, sir, have had the inestimable privilege of being elected her president.

You studied law at Harvard, didn't you, sir? You taught constitutional law in Chicago? Did you not ever read the statement of John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and an author of the landmark "Federalist Papers": " Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers--and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation--to select and prefer Christians for their rulers"?

In your studies, you surely must have read the decision of the Supreme Court in 1892: "Our lives and our institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extent our civilization and our institutions are emphaticallyChristian."

Did your professors have you skip over all the high-court decisions right up till the mid 1900's that echoed and reinforced these views and intentions? Did you pick up the history of American jurisprudence only in 1947, when for the first time a phrase coined by Thomas Jefferson about a "wall of separation between church and state" was used to deny some specific religious expression--contrary to Jefferson 's intent with that statement?

Or, wait a minute: were your ideas about America 's Christianity formed during the 20 years you were a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ under your pastor, Jeremiah Wright? Is that where you got the idea that " America is no longer a Christian nation"? Is this where you, even as you came to call yourself a Christian, formed the belief that " America has been arrogant"?

Even if that's the understandable explanation of your damning of your country and accusing the whole nation (not just a few military officials trying their best to keep more Americans from being murdered by jihadists) of "not always living up to her ideals," how did you come up with the ridiculous, alarming notion that we might be"considered a Muslim nation"?

Is it because there are some 2 million or more Muslims living here, trying to be good Americans? Out of a current population of over 300 million, 70 percent of whom are Christians? Does that make us, by any rational definition, a "Muslim nation"?

Why are we not, then, a "Chinese nation"? A "Korean nation"? Even a "Vietnamese nation"? There are even more of these distinct groups in America than Muslims. And if the distinction you're trying to make is a religious one, why is America not "a Jewish nation"? There's actually a case to be made for the latter, because our Constitution--and the success of our Revolution and founding--owe a deep debt to our Jewish brothers.

Have you stopped to think what an actual MuslimAmerica would be like? Have you ever really spent much time in Iran ? Even in Egypt ? You, having been instructed in Islam as a kid at a Muslim school in Indonesia and saying you still love the call to evening prayers, can surely picture our nation founded on the Quran, not the Judeo-Christian Bible, and living under Shariah law. Can't you? You do recall Muhammad's directives [Surah 9:5,73] to "break the cross" and "kill the infidel"?

It seems increasingly and painfully obvious that you are more influenced by your upbringing and questionable education than most suspected. If you consider yourself the president of a people who are "no longer Christian," who have "failed to live up to our ideals," who "have been arrogant," and might even be "considered Muslim"--you are president of a country most Americans don't recognize.

Could it be you are a president without a country?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Presdient of Who? Obama's Disconnect With the Real World

As I write this, our so called leader has embroiled us in another lost cause, that being interceding in the Libya civil war. This morning, the President gave us peasants his take on the situation. After one reads his words below, we are as always with this Bozo left with absolutely nothing as to what is really going on! One question here. If this is a no-fly zone, why are we bombing targets on the ground? As we know they are using civilians as shields, how many more "innocent Libyans are being slaughtered?

From his radio address:
“Last week, when I ordered our armed forces to help protect the Libyan people from the brutality of Moammar Qaddafi, I pledged to keep the American people fully informed. Since then, I’ve spoken about the limited scope and specific purpose of this mission. Today, I can report that thanks to our brave men and women in uniform, we’ve made important progress.

But I firmly believe that when innocent people are being brutalized; when someone like Qaddafi threatens a bloodbath that could destabilize an entire region; and when the international community is prepared to come together to save many thousands of lives—then it’s in our national interest to act. And it’s our responsibility. This is one of those times.

We’re succeeding in our mission. We’ve taken out Libya’s air defenses. Qaddafi’s forces are no longer advancing across Libya. In places like Benghazi, a city of some 700,000 that Qaddafi threatened to show “no mercy,” his forces have been pushed back. So make no mistake, because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided and the lives of countless civilians—innocent men, women and children—have been saved.

This military effort is part of our larger strategy to support the Libyan people and hold the Qaddafi regime accountable. Together with the international community, we’re delivering urgent humanitarian assistance. We’re offering support to the Libyan opposition. We’ve frozen tens of billions of dollars of Qaddafi’s assets that can help meet the needs and aspirations of the Libyan people. And every day, the pressure on Qaddafi and his regime is increasing.

Our message is clear and unwavering. Qaddafi’s attacks against civilians must stop. His forces must pull back. Humanitarian assistance must be allowed to reach those in need. Those responsible for violence must be held accountable. Moammar Qaddafi has lost the confidence of his people and the legitimacy to rule, and the aspirations of the Libyan people must be realized.”

So let’s get this straight. Innocent people were being killed for over two weeks while Mr. “I take my orders from the morons at the U.N. and my Radical Muslim cousins” sat on his ass while “trying to get permission to attack. Never mind that there was the same kind of situation in other countries! What the hell, who cares if innocent Iranis or Syrians or whatever are killed. At the same time he sanctions this action, his administration is lobbying for 1.7 million in aid to Libya!
So, finally after over two weeks, who takes the lead. It sure as hell wasn’t the leader of the free world! No siree! We let the biggest cowards in the history of the world take the lead, the capitalists known as the French! As I saw on another sight, “Obama is the first President in our history who has refused the title leader of the free world:”. No truer words have ever been spoken. This president has turned over the leadership of the free world to the radical Muslim/Leftists in the U.N.! And the world will suffer for this! No coherent policy here. Then we have what might be the real reason for action below. Would one be the least bit surprised if true?

From Time:
“President Barack Obama says he’s intervening to prevent atrocities in Libya. But details of behind-the-scenes debates at the White House show he’s going to war in part to rehabilitate an idea … the president and some of his advisers are so eager to rehabilitate the idea of preventive intervention that they’re exaggerating the violence they say they are intervening to prevent in Libya. “The effort to shoe-horn this into an imminent genocide model is strained,” says one senior administration official. That’s dangerous. Americans deserve an honest explanation when their leaders take them to war.

Obama and his aides know they are taking a big risk. “It’s a huge gamble,” says the senior administration official. The administration knows, for example, that al Qaeda, which has active cells in Libya, will try to exploit the power vacuum that will come with a weak or ousted Gaddafi.”

So finally after 2 weeks and someone yanking his little gonads, he finally commits!Then what does he do? Off to Brazil to sign an agreement giving them money to help them drill for oil in the gulf so we can but it! So not only do the taxpayers get to pay for all the drilling, we then get to buy the oil with money that is quickly becoming worthless due to the fact the government while lying to our faces saying they would never do such a thing is printing money faster than they can spend it!”

As if that’s not bad enough, we have the below news item, certainly not a surprise for those of us who were even remotely paying attention for the last twenty years or so but surely shocking to the administration (sarcasm here kids). As this is the most Anti-Semite President in our history and one who I feel is extremely Pro-Muslim, one would think they not only did they in fact know this was going to happen, but they endorse it! You know, the “peaceful organization known as The Muslim Brotherhood, one that is hard set on the eradication of Israel and establishment of fundamentalist Muslim regimes. And folks wonder why we question this clown?

“In post-revolutionary Egypt, where hope and confusion collide in the daily struggle to build a new nation, religion has emerged as a powerful political force, following an uprising that was based on secular ideals. The Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group once banned by the state, is at the forefront, transformed into a tacit partner with the military government that many fear will thwart fundamental changes.
It is also clear that the young, educated secular activists who initially propelled the nonideological revolution are no longer the driving political force — at least not at the moment.

As the best organized and most extensive opposition movement in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood was expected to have an edge in the contest for influence. But what surprises many is its link to a military that vilified it.”

While all of this is going on, what about Israel? Well, hell, the Palestinians are lobbying bombs and missiles over there and of course we have the horrible massacre of a Jewish family in their beds. Yet hardly a peep from Sheik Obama! And what is the missile attacks called?

From Reuters:
Police said it was a “terrorist attack” — Israel’s term for a Palestinian strike.
An Israeli term?! Good Greif! This is what it’s come to. An attack by these radical Muslim numb nuts can’t even be called what it is! And what about condemnation from Sheik Obama! Haven’t heard any yet! No surprise there though. Heaven forbid this clown stand behind Israel! Might piss off the Radical Muslim side!
Time to change course here. Earlier this week, we had the head of Homeland Security state the borders are more secure than ever before. Of course, this comes under the line of “incredible bullshit! Not only is that an outright lie, but we also have the fact that the government allowed shipment of arms to the Mexican scum go unchecked!
And the clown in charge of the DOJ had to know it! He had to!

From CBS:
“In an exclusive interview with CBS News, the lead ATF official in Mexico at the time Darren Gil says somebody in the Justice Department did know about the case. Gil says his supervisor at ATF’s Washington D.C. headquarters told him point-blank the operation was approved even higher than ATF Director Kenneth Melson.
“Is the director aware of this,” Gil asked the supervisor. Gil says his supervisor answered “Yes, the director’s aware of it. Not only is the director aware of it, D.O.J.’s aware of it… Department of Justice was aware of it.”

It’s been obvious from the start that Eric Holder is easily the most incompetent AG we have ever had in our history. His handling of this along with his complete bungling of the Black Panther voting scandal is beyond ridiculous. One would think it couldn’t get worse! Wrong! Our Racist Muslim leaning AG rushed to the defense of a teacher in Chicago (big surprise here) who demanded 3 weeks off so she could travel to Mecca on a Hadj. She’s been there 9 months and demands this. Of course, the school board said no and here comes the knight in shining armor to once again set us non-believers straight! What else can it be? We are being forced by our own leaders to cow tow to everything Muslim, everyone else be damned. Question it, you’re a bigot! Well so be it. I’m a bigot. Holder, get your head out of your ass and start defending the laws of this country. Nothing gives you the right to circumvent our laws. Neither you or the President have that right! Then again, he does work for a Commie Leftist wanna be dictator.

On that note, I would like to refer everyone to Alan Caruba’s great sight “Warning Signs” at He has two marvelous articles, Obama, The Great Prevaricator and Obama, As Red as It Gets. Alan is wonderful at explaining in easily read terms my exact feelings (and not quite as bellicose I might add, LOL!).I have more than once as you all know referred to the fact that I feel this President is a hard core Marxist to say the least. Aln hits it on the jead!

Also, please take a gander at the nonsensibleshoes site at Dean has a great three piece article called “the American Roadmap” Quite thought provoking to say the least.Again, words this country should live by!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Heaven Help Us! No One Else Will!

Before I get off on my tirades for the week, I want to give my heartfelt prayers and hopes for the people of Japan. As all know, they have had a natural disaster of major proportions and the entire world needs to step up and help they’re recovery. That is what we do best here in the U.S. when all is said and done!
As to the Japan quakes, Tirade #1: It didn’t take long for the “Climate Change” BSer’s to blame man and his allegedly caused climate change for the quake. The fact that Japan lies on top of one of the most active faults is of little or no consequence to these lying bastards.

It's always interesting when a disaster like this occurs. Of course, we already have the global warming alarmists claiming the Earth's crust is also affected by the B.S. and as such this was predicted. Al Gore would be proud! The geological history of our planet is pretty well known. Earthquakes are and always will be part of the equation in the fault areas. All knew Japan is on one of the MAJOR fault lines and it was just a matter of time.

But in all seriousness, it's apparent that our schools do not teach anything anymore! When I was in school way back when we had to take required science classes. I distinctly remember being taught the earth is ALWAYS MOVING beneath our feet. The plates are always interacting. Even back in the late 50's and early 60's plate tectonics was understood and the locations of the major faults were known. we were taught this! These things have happened since the beginning of Earth’s history and will continue and it has absolutely nothing to do with man!
As I saw on another site (forgive me, I forget which one), a poster more or less said the following. “If the earth wants to rid itself of man, all it has to do is shake it’s body like a wet shaggy dog” As evidenced by the Japan quake and others, this is the true fact behind this.

Now, my next tirade: The hearings taking place on Radical Muslim Terrorism. We had the spectacle of Rep. Keith Ellison and his crocodile tears at the beginning of the hearing which of course the MSM played up as something one should feel is the way one should think.

Here goes folks. Moron Alert #1 for the day:
Oh Boo Hoo! I’m so upset this guy is upset! NOT! First he uses the usual racist tactic of false accusations as to Hamdani, someone whom appears to be a true hero and certainly one has not heard anything as to his bastardy accusations of “some people”, then comes up with his crocodile tears! Get this straight you Moron! Radical Muslims killed our citizens. Radical Muslims continue to target western countries! Radical Muslims incite and foment violence against all infidels including Jews and Americans. Radical Muslims have openly stated their intent to infiltrate countries and indoctrinate our children and anyone they can. The sooner you Congressman Ellison get your heads out of your asses and stop apologizing for the scum of society that is the Radical Muslim (and this also goes for other radical groups) element, the better off we’ll all be. Until then I suggest you remember you are an American Representative in Congress. You sure as hell are not supposed to stand up for scum that wants to eradicate entire civilizations.

What a shock. Individuals can be terrorists or worse! Many are the nut jobs (how about the Arizona shooter? Oops! Can't ask that one. He was a left wing loonie) One fact is clear. Radical Islam declared war on Western civilization! Radical Islam by their own admission will do whatever is necessary to achieve their ends. This includes murder and infiltration of any populace for the sole purpose of indoctrinating them to act against us and our way of life. It's high time our Muslim leaning President, his lackeys and the gutless morons in Congress get their heads out of their asses and admitted the obvious. There is a radical Muslim element in this country and their pathetic defense of them is helping to lead the world off a dangerous precipice!

As to our so called President, let me quote the great Charles Krauthammer:
“Was the guy in Germany a terrorist? All the evidence says yes. This is a guy who shouted by the word of many witnesses repeatedly, “Allah hu Akbar,” which is the jihadist cry, as he shot the Americans and as he was being taken away. Now, and he was recently radicalized, he’s a Muslim, either born or emigrated out of Kosovo, and now he has confessed. Clearly this was a jihadist attack. And the fact that when the president came out and spoke yesterday about this, he talked about it as if it was a bus accident, it was a tragedy. It is incomprehensible why he can not even say out loud that this could have been a jihadist attack, a part of the war on terror. This was an attack on the American military abroad, an attack on our country, an act of war by a terrorist enemy. And if a president can’t speak about that, what does it say to moderate Muslims around the world who are against the jihadist, and here a president of the United States who won’t speak the truth about it? It’s demoralizing.”

One should not be surprised however by the stance of this clown in the White House. After all, only someone who is either 1: naive, 2: a blithering idiot, 3: a Muslim sympathizer, or 4: A person who in fact is a bald faced liar who will say or do anything to achieve his endgame (which in my belief is Pro-Muslim and Socialist) would be insane enough to get up before a roomful of Jews (you know, those of us in the world who have been prosecuted for 1000′s of years by folks of Muslim descent and yes, I meant it exactly like that!) and tell them not to worry about the Muslim Brotherhood or the changes in the Mideast! This isn’t a major disconnect from reality. This is Johnny Depp Mad-Hatter stuff!

Tirade #3: I have many times in the past commented on the fact that if one disagrees with the policies of our current President, we will be branded as racist, haters or whatever as that is the only defense these clowns have for their ineptness. As such, one should not be the least bit surprised a t the statement of our Racist in Chief in a book published a few weeks ago. The below from the Flopping Aces website, but published all over.

“Obama, in his most candid moments, acknowledged that race was still a problem. In May 2010, he told guests at a private White House dinner that race was probably a key component in the rising opposition to his presidency from conservatives, especially right-wing activists in the anti-incumbent “Tea Party” movement that was then surging across the country. Many middle-class and working-class whites felt aggrieved and resentful that the federal government was helping other groups, including bankers, automakers, irresponsible people who had defaulted on their mortgages, and the poor, but wasn’t helping them nearly enough, he said.

A guest suggested that when Tea Party activists said they wanted to “take back” their country, their real motivation was to stir up anger and anxiety at having a black president, and Obama didn’t dispute the idea. He agreed that there was a “subterranean agenda” in the anti-Obama movement—a racially biased one—that was unfortunate. But he sadly conceded that there was little he could do about it.”
Then we have our boy AG Holder, someone who proudly wears his racism on his sleeve.
Holder said, ”Think about that. When you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia–which was inappropriate, certainly that . . . to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people.”

The man, espouses the most Anti-White attitude I have ever seen in a national public office. This is condoned by the President himself! It has to be and furthermore the MSM agrees! They must, They sure as hell haven’t condemned it! We had Louis Farrakhan come out with another one of his White hatred speeches and not one word form the administration against it. No shock there!

Moron alert! I say once again! you are who you associate with! As the electorate didn’t bother to do their homework and with heads buried up their asses chose a Muslim Leading Hard core Marxist to run our country, we are now seeing the results. Scum like Screwy Louie and all the other rats are now coming out of hiding! Not sure if anyone has noticed yet, but not one word of Dissent from Mullah Obama. Or is that comrade Obama? Oh hell, what’s the difference? He and his ilk are a blight on everything our country stands for and every action he takes seems to side with the likes of Screwy Louie and others.

Tirade #4: I just want to make one quick comment as to the Wisconsin situation. One should hope the Republicans have learned a lesson from this. The MSM and the leftist bastards in D.C. and around the country, including the scum Rhinos will do whatever it takes to defeat the will of the people. It has already been shown more than once that they will use any method legal to get their way as to passing asinine legislation. And if course, we can’t get past the hypocrisy that will be shown by them when they are beaten at their own game. Now that the Republicans have shown some spine, they must keep it up. They are going to have to fight tooth and nail and do their best to get the message out. They referred to the Democrat’s action as a scorched earth policy. Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the Gander! We must stay on the attack! Having said that, one has to marvel at the 14 idiots who just returned to Madison and a so called hero’s welcome. Moron Alert! Why would one be surprised a their reception by the Union Assholes (and yes, I meant that!) After all, what exactly did the 14 Democratic Senators do, Why hell, they actually upheld what has become one of the great union traditions. They ran away from their work, laid around for 4 weeks then came back and started crying about their paychecks being affected for not doing their job. And of course, the union crowd cheers this! As it has been shown time and again so many government employees do little or nothing, one should not be surprised a bunch of brain dead idiots would in fact back what the scumbag senators did.

It has been noted elsewhere that the MSM has basically refused to cover the hate, death threats and lies coming from the demonstrators and union scum in Wisconsin. Yet, let me say the policies being implemented by the guy in the White House are bad and I will instantly be charged as a hater. The demonstrations in Wisconsin have definitely proven one thing! The Left is in fact the scum of the earth! They preach to us how we should behave, etc. then turn around and do the very things they sat we should not do! Why? Because they feel the rules do not apply to them! Scum, nothing but scum!

Tirade #6: Back to President whatever his name is (and I do mean the disrespect for the man, not the office). The lackeys for Obama have been out there in force telling us not to worry. The economy is well situated to absorb the rise in oil and food prices. As such, one should not be the least bit shocked when the President openly lied about the oil situation! In his speech, he basically fed us another line of bull! He claimed we only control 2% of the world’s oil when in fact it is closer to 17%. He somehow claimed the offshore rigs have pumped more oil than ever, the loss of forty or fifty rigs not withstanding! He said he is all for domestic production yet even President Clinton says the slowness of the issuance for off shore drilling permits is a farce! He says he would consider tapping the Strategic Oil Reserves, something that will not help the price situation one bit and he knows that! And he still fed us the bullshit line of “we have to develop new green technology” One thing for sure, they WILL NOT allow the development of our own resources as that would be against everything these Socialist bastards stand for! His steadfast refusal to address the situation is in line with every action he has taken and as usual it has only pulled another underpinning out from under the economy.

Tirade # 7: Last one kids! It has been reported how we have been misled as to how the Socialist Healthcare bill misappropriated funds. In a hearing. Kathleen Sebelius was caught in a lie and basically admitted double counting (for want of a better term) My slant?

That’s not fraud. That was a mis-calculation. Or maybe it was missed in reading the bill. Or maybe it was explained to me wrong. Or maybe I wasn’t there when it was going to be implemented. Or maybe “I’m just doing what the clown in charge told me to do”. Or maybe and most likely it was another blatant attempt at stealing another 500 billion form the people! Oops! couldn’t be that. After all, these bastards don’t consider it anything other than their own money. Watching the video, one can only say 2 words (excuse my French today but I’m rather ticked) Bull Shit!

Finally while on the subject of our government finances and the charade in D.C as to the budget. The morons there are arguing over “cutting”. The Dems of course are saying we face the end of the world if we cut. The Reps, or at least some say we have to cut. The Rhinos as always just have their heads plugged up their asses and want business as usual. While all this is going on we have another Moron Alert! The GAO identified over 200 billion dollars in waste just on redundant programs. Yet through all the B.S. coming form the Clown in Chief and the legislature, we haven't heard anyone use some common sense and say start here! What, the Rhinos and Dems who depend on keeping around workers who produce nothing are so scared of losing their greased palms that they're willing to spend the country into oblivion? Hypocritical bastards! Now, just today, one of these morons are saying we will need a QE3 to keep things going. Print more worthless money and up the debt more! When does it stop? Probably no time soon as you now have the hard core leftists openly questioning one's right to their own money with no outcry from either the Rhinos or the moron in the White House. Get ready to bend over kids because this administration is going to drive the dry tapered corn cob all the way up and get out the rubber mallet to do it? We're bankrupt and no one in D.C gives a rat's ass about it!

There is so much more I want to go off on! I haven’t written much lately as every time I get started, I find myself unable to control what I really feel about all of the Bull! As anyone knows who reads my stuff, I don’t hold back and can get quite vicious for want of a better description. This country is going to Hell in a basket. Our politicians and leaders such as those of the public employee unions have the morals of alley cats and that’s actually being civil for me. The President and the MSM all appear to condone what is in every way an assault on this country, her people and our way of life! When are we going to stop this madness? There are now more bankruptcy worries in Europe yet we continue to follow their destructive course, the leftists as always vilifying anyone who points out the fallacy that is failed Socialism and dictatorship! Something is really wrong here folks and it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure it out, just some guts and moral turpitude, something sadly lacking in our leaders at this time!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A News Week From Hell! How Do These Clowns Even Look At Themselves?

Warning! I’m going to be quite crass today. I am mad as hell and every action by these Anti-American leftist scumbags is just ticking me off more. My apologies in advance!

To begin today. As most folks know, I follow and really enjoy Pam Geller’s “ATLAS SHRUGS” BLOG. The other day she wrote about her demonization as put forward by the SOIA and apparently stated as fact in an article in the N.Y.Daily News. She mentions an email that was sent by one of her fans to Corky Siemaszko and in turn his response to her fan as indicated below:

Mister Siemaszko,

The only hate groups I know are all ... leftist groups (and muslim outfits).

They are masters in turning things upside down with wicked propaganda campaigns.

Stop demonising Geller, she is the most courageous woman on the face of the earth.


To which the quisling responded and revealed himself:

From: Corky Siemaszko
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 15:09:17 -0500
To: "milan"

Ms. Geller is demonizing herself. CS

After reading this, I responded as follows:

"Stop demonizing Geller, she is the most courageous woman on the face of the earth."

No truer words have been spoken than those above. As I have said in my blog, Pamela is beyond fabulous! I admire her not only for her courage but also for her indomitable will to fight the good fight. What a shame our political leaders as well as the apologists for the Radical Muslim hate groups are so blind that in their ideology that they are so intent on destroying her. Way back when as most know, Jack Kennedy wrote a book called "Profiles In Courage". Well, I for one sure think that title fits Pamela Geller to a Tee.

True to herself, true to her people, and by that I don't mean just the Jews. A picture of principle and one that I am proud to use as an example of what I would want my grandchildren (knock on wood, my kids turned out ok) to emulate!

I have one question here. Why is it the MSM as a whole but for that matter even the conservative outlets refuse to come to Pamela’s defense (Fox aside)? Not only do they ignore the false accusations, but they refuse to stand up not only for Freedom of Speech, but the very premise that this Anti-Semite leaning President and his administration are in fact aiding and abbeting the Radical Muslim Fundamentalists in their quest to destroy Western civilization! I just don’t get it, but Pam sure does and I admire her for that!

In the meantime as she first reported yesterday, a crowd of 4000 Muslim radicals attacked a Coptic Christian church in Egypt, again something that from what I can see has been ignored by the MSM!

And so it begins! We are watching as the world is on the precipice of another holocaust! A radical element that openly admits they want to eradicate Jews and any other person who refuses to be compliant to Radical Islamic Bullshit! However, don't expect to hear anything from the Muslim oriented administration or it's Goebells like propaganda industry. It didn't take a fool to realize this is what would happen if one just studied a little and learned from the past.

It will take Obama at least 2 weeks to even notice it's happening! Once he does, he’ll say it’s anything but what it really is, the intent of the radical Muslims to eliminate any religion or civilization counter to their twisted view of what the world should be. And this bastard we call our President will as always apologize for the misunderstanding shown by America and her allies towards the” poor misunderstood scumbags’ fomenting these actions , that is if he can get his head out of his ass, away from the parties and golf courses and actually do his job! Like I said, that in itself will take a few weeks. This story first came to light early yesterday yet I haven’t seen anything on the MSM and absolutely nothing from our American ideal hating President or his so called Secretary of State, you know, the one that admires Al Jezeera.

In the past, I’ve flat out called the President and the scum in his administration liars! Now we have this!

From the blogprof:

Obama and his Democratic minions stole $500 billion from the Medicare trust fund to fund ObamaCare, but double-counted it to try and make ObamaCare seem on paper as a deficit-reducer where the reality was that it is anything but. In addition to the double counting of Medicare "saving," they are also set to deliver only 6 years of service for 10 years of taxes, plus the doctor fix, etc.

From The Daily Caller:

In her first appearance before the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee since the health-care law passed, Kathleen Sebelius responded to a line of questioning by Republican Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois about whether $500 billion in Medicare cuts were used to sustain the program or pay for the law.

“There is an issue here on the budget because your own actuary has said you can’t double-count,” said Shimkus. “You can’t count — they’re attacking Medicare on the CR when their bill, your law, cut $500 billion from Medicare.”

He continued: “Then you’re also using the same $500 billion to what? Say your funding health care. Your own actuary says you can’t do both.

[…] What’s the $500 billion in cuts for? Preserving Medicare or funding the health-care law?
Sebelius’ reply? “BOTH”

And have we seen anything from the MSM on this? NO! Why? Because it would cast Comrade Obama in a bad light! Hypocritical bastards!

Now, let’s check in on our Mexican friends. The President of Mexico was here last week and along with our “we have to get these illegals legalized so I get more votes” scumbag of a President gave another one of his lectures to the American people:

Mexican President Calderon:

“We need to change the general perception inside the public opinion in America and the public opinion in Mexico” because ”bad feelings are growing on both sides of the border. The anti-American feeling in Mexico is growing again”

So of course, I have to ask this. Who gives a rat’s ass what the people of Mexico think? They are with the aid of our government illegally entering our country! ILLEGALLY! Yet we’re supposed to care if they are having Anti-American feelings because we don’t want their sorry asses here illegally. We’re supposed to give a damn that they feel they have the right to take what they want from us illegally. Good Grief!

As if that’s not bad enough we now have a report that the ATF was instructed to allow guns to be sent to Mexico and in turn one of our agents was murdered by one of those guns! At least in this case, CBS actually reported on it. What a shock!

In an effort to catch Mexican drug lords, the federal agency responsible for regulating the gun industry and cracking down on gun crime allowed thousands of weapons to pass into Mexico and fall into the hands of criminals, according to a report by CBS News and other outlets this week.

A senior agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives—better known as the ATF—told CBS and the Center for Public Integrity that ATF supervisors instructed agents to not intercept weapons made in suspicious sales, but to monitor them to see where the weapons ended up. CBS reported that a number of unnamed agents have made similar allegations.

This from the same Bozo who announced the main fault had to be placed on the United States for our willingness to sell as many guns as possible to Mexico drug lords! My god, what is it with these idiots?!

Finally, I would really be remiss if I didn’t comment on the racist asshole we have masquerading as Attorney General! Last week he basically admitted he makes his decisions based on race!

From Holder:

“Think about that, when you compare what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened in Philadelphia—which was inappropriate, certainly that…to describe it in those terms I think does a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who risked all, for my people.”

MORON ALERT! You’re supposed to represent all the people you idiot, not just the blacks! What, didn’t you or your puppet master in the White House get the message?! I can’t even remotely keep from showing the sheer disgust I have for the rancid leaders we have in D.C. And where is the outrage from the MSM and other elected leaders on the whole as to these racist policies?

I for one have had it up to here with this racist administration and the chickenhearted bastards who refuse to call them out on this despicable stance! From Holder to his association over the years with radical hating racists, the President always manages in the end to show his true colors. Slam his Leftist policies, you’re a racist! Disagree with his complete incompetency in foreign policy, you’re a racist. Point out the open faced lies about cutting the deficit in his budget, you’re a racist! In other words, try to have a civil discourse with any radical leftist in this country today using facts and figures, you are a racist!

In the case of the New Black Panther party as well as numerous decisions since, this administration has chosen to make everything about race! And make no mistake about it, this is aimed at those of us who disagree with anything these leftist bastards want to force on us!

You are supposed to be President of the United States and Holder, you are supposed to be the Attorney General! You are supposed to be unbiased and defend our laws! You sure as hell are not supposed to show the despicable racial bias and hate you both choose to use in defending your assinine policies! Can you even remotely understand this view Mr. President, or is your head stuck so far up your elitist ass that you as most politicians are too far above us mortals to bother worrying about it? From my little part of the world, it sure appears that way! One thing for sure! In my view you and your administration have done more to set back racial relations in this country than any other administration in my lifetime!