Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Coming Dictatorship

So there you have it! The people be damned! As I said yesterday, the message from the elections was clear. Get it done now! We are the ruling class. The peons have no right to tell us what they really want!

We can assume Chairman Obama and Comrade Harry will bring all pressures necessary to their lackys in the Senate! After all, they all follow Comrade Nancy's lead don't they? This isn't a joke anymore folks!

This bill will not only finish up driving this country into total bankruptcy! It is the major step that these Marxists had to take to complete the takeover of our country! Once thru the Senate, these idiots, emboldened by this move will enact the rest of the bills they have in the hopper that will in fact co-opt everything we hold dear!

Cap and Spend, Control of the Media, it's all on the way! Because this is what dictators do when the populace allows it to happen! And let's not shed any tears for the "poor Democrats" who agonized over this decision" then voted for it anyway! It's all about power!

I will assume that while they can, the Dems will try anything possible to ensure they are all re-elected. Which means more BS coming down the line.

This is a sad day for the United States! We have an administration that holds not only the military, but the American people in the highest disdain! And what are we going to tell the 17.5% of the folks who are unemployed? "Sorry, no jobs coming up here! The Administration just finished destroying us!"

It's difficult to soar with the eagles when you are surrounded by turkeys! In this case this is the fault of the American people! I am disgusted with what this country has become, a nation of greedy, entitled, spoiled, "I want" idiots who put themselves before their country!

As I said the other day. We are being destroyed from within! If we do not stop this in the Senate, our country as we know it is finished. Shouldn't be to long before our comrades come up with a five year plan like the Soviets use to. Wait a minute! GM (government owned, remember) just did that!

Like it or not, the country is in fact becoming a socialist nation! But not the pure Marxist kind! (Don't forget, pure Marxism is an ideal that can never be achieved because everyone is not the same!) This is hard Soviet style stuff and will lead to the dictatorship that in the end destroyed that country.

One other note here! Why has our so called president not gone to Fort Hood yet?! President Push and Laura went. They quietly spent five hours or so with the soldiers after this massacre! A class act for sure! As a conservative, even I was unhappy with some of his presidency, but never once did I question his love for country or our troops! Quietly and with dignity, he reminds us all not only what a commander in chief should be, but what we as true Americans should be! Such a difference from the left slanting occupants of the White House now! The perception of the sitting president holding the military in disdain is there for all to see! Thank You again President Bush for showing us all the correct actions of a real president as to his troops!

And where was Obama? Pushing his Communistic agenda! No shock expressed by this guy as to the incident. Of course, I'm sure he feels we have to understand why this Muslim snapped! Well, I'll tell you why! These people have sworn to destroy Western civilization! And from every thing I can see, their brother, President Obama condones it! Of course, I'll be accused of profiling or whatever! OFW! The fact is that this president and his administration are in every action Anti-American in nature. And while I don't want to wield a broad brush, why are the majority of Muslims silent as to the idiocy being put forward by the radicals? Are they that afraid or what?

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