Monday, November 23, 2009

Idiot Alerts!

An absolute horror show coming out of DC this weekend! First and foremost, the spineless creatures in the Democratic party refused to stand up to Chairman Harry and voted to start debate on the government takeover of over one sixth of the economy. "Of course, we can change our minds once the merits of the bill are debated" they claim in their smuggness! Of course, promises from their leader for billions that don't exist for their pet projects greased the way for these idiots! As usual, the normal graft and corruption at the expense of the taxpayer.

That of course brings us to Idiot Alert number two! Today, Senators Obey and Levin are proposing levying a "War Surtax" on the wealthy to finance or troops in Afgahnistan. First and foremost, look at what Comrade Obey has to say on this (from a Fox story, but I've seen the same thing on other news sites. Don't want to sound programmed here).

"Obey's proposal would be a "graduated tax" on income. It reportedly would start at 1 percent for low-income earners and rise to 5 percent for high-income earners. He's calling it a surtax because it would essentially be a tax on income that is already subject to federal income tax."

As shown below we also have Comrade Levin with his idea to take more from the rich and successful.

Levin, D-Mich., offered a similar proposal in an interview with Bloomberg Television. He said he wants an additional tax on those making more than $200,000 or $250,000.

Moron alert! We are already at the point that if we taxed every iota of income at 100%, that is individual, corporate, rich or poor, we could not even meet our debt payment on the interest! Think of this for a moment. We owe more just in interest on the national debt then every bit of income in this country can cover! Add to that the taxes coming for their inane health buill, Cap and Trade and the only thing you have to look forward to is a disaster! This country is bankrupt and it's only getting worse! No big deal for these clowns though. "we'll spend our way out of this" Because of this, the U.S. is now basically owned by China! And even they don't want to touch our securities now!

Idiot Alert number three! We of course are going to have the show trial for our Muslim loving president! I want to go on record right here and now! I am not questioning the courts themselves. They will perform their functions as needed. I do question the intent behind this move. Actually, no question here. Our Bozo in Chief is now finding he's starting to be blamed for the trillions he's adding to the debt and so on. What better way then to put GW and the country itself on trial. The world will watch as the country is villified and cast as terrorists or worse. And all the while our knight in shining armor will praise the trial as good!

No matter what the outcome is, this no count excuse for a leader will apologize for all the mistakes the U.S. and George made and cow tow to his Muslim bretheren. It must really be nice to use the courts to deliver not only a political propoganda message, but to also have someone else do your dirty work and divert the attention from his Anti-American power grab. After all, the president isn't making the accusations in this case. The radicals are. But in the end, the president will tell the world we were wrong. And the world will laugh!

Sorry folks! I'm quite bitter about this. The liberals and the radicals in this administration are not ignorant. They hear it when the radical Muslims say they want to destroy the U.S. They choose to "reach out" and "understand". Heaven forbid they get their heads out of their asses! Instead, they give more ammunition and justification to the cause of U.S. destruction. But what do they care!

I for one am sick and tired of the treasonous actions of this administration, be it nationally or on the world scene! These people murdered Americans! Wipe them off the face of the earth! They certainly are willing to do that to us. And Nero fiddles as Rome burns! BTW: If I see the 'alledged shooter" in the headlines one more time, I'm going to puke! When people see something happen, it is not alledged! It happened!

Sorry about the tirade, but I am sickened to the core as to the direction this country is taking! It has to stop! Our very existance depends on it!

One last thing here. Hey Al Gore! When are you going to stop the lies?! 9th coldest year in recorded history. Emails showing the whole climate change thing is a bald faced lie! And he's making millions off this charade! Disgusting!

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