Monday, November 16, 2009

Presidential BS!

Yesterday I was taken to task as to my comments on what I feel is an extremely Anti-American administration. Any one who knows or follows me realizes I do not suffer fools lightly! Of course, that is what we have in DC representing us now, condenscending, power mad, Socialist oriented traitors who's only job is to deliver our country to the "World Community in a weakened state!"

For those who wish to take to task those of us who call this president Un American: For what it's worth, I'm a conservative that does something that seems to be completely unknown to most of the leftists spouting drivel on other boards and sites (this includes CNN and FOX!). I READ! I read his entire book! I studied his speeches. his votes! I looked at the people he surrounds himself with! I educate myself on every facet of a candidate I can before I vote! Whether you or your ilk want to admit it or not, this man is pro mus**lim, Socia**listic and in my view Anti-American in his ideals. It is in his words and actions!

I do not make this statement lightly! I want our president to succeed, provided it is good for the country. This man, in my view is against every ideal put forward by our founding fathers and fought for by our brave men and women in uniform. It disgusts me to the core! The difference with me is that I am more then willing to state it as I see it. Prove me wrong! I'll be more then happy to admit it if I am! But those on the hard left can't!

It's a sad thing when the electorate not only refuses to seek the truth, but also chooses to ignore it when placed in front of them. Because of this, my country is in grave danger! And this poor excuse of a president and his lackys are not the answer!

As to our so called president. He's over in China lecturing the Reds on Freedom of the Press and Internet! This is another sick joke I assume! The man who's communications czar and other advisors wants control of the media Chavez style here at home lecturing the Commies on freedom of anything! Bad enough the man openly shows his disdain for our military personal, but once again he goes abroad and proceeds to make a mockery of our country!

And of course, the stories also mention the fact that he will not make much of a fuss about the fact that China is aiding in the devaluation of the dollar. No kidding! You can't tell the people that own you what to do! I'm sure he's over their begging them to keep buying our debt though! After all, he needs time to finish destroying our economy and turning us into the Marxist type of nation that his handlers in China and Russia want us to be!

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