Friday, November 13, 2009

On a Lighter Note

My beloved Bears once again bit the dust last night! At least the defense showed up. It is rather amazing how much Urlacher was in fact the heart and soul of that team! Seems they lost all their fire until last night. As for our QB, Cutler still is making the same idiot decisions he made in Denver. Apparently that coach was correct. Orton is a good journeyman QB doing a good job on a team that plays as a team. Cutler made 3 extremely bad throws last night. I'll be charitable as to the Hester slip. That can and will happen in Candlestick. Hurting Bears fan here.

However! The Hawks played another solid game the other night. While I still worry about goal, it appears Huet is finally rounding into form. Shootouts however seem to age me quick! LOL! The coach has really stamped this team with a teamwork oriented style of play. Nice to see! And how great to see the one and only Golden Jet there the other night! I'm behind on this, but kudos to the junior Wirtz! Not only has he righted a sinking ship, putting his money where his mouth is, but he has also re-embraced the team's legacy and history! A great job all the way around!

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