Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

So our Coward in Chief has decided he "doesn't like the options given to him by his advisors! As such he has asked for more ideas and options. As he is a far left idealogue, we can assume first and foremost he is trying to appeal to his lefty constituents. Heaven forbid he listen to his commanders!

There have been words to the effect the they should not be listened to. That they have not gotten the job done so they need new ideas! His hand picked commander is being ignored! What we have here is another Vietnam in the making. By that I mean that the politicians are once again refusing to WIN! All because of poltically correct BS! Our troops are dying! And this bozo refuses to give them the tools needed to fight! A treasonous action by an Anti-American president for sure!

Our troops are dying! The Coward in Chief apparently doesn't give a damn! He's to busy rationalizing for the radical Muslim terrorists instead of worrying about his country and his troops! And people wonder why morale is down?! No more promises! We need a leader! No more lies! We need a leader! No more hate for the military as evidenced by this poor excuse of a coward in chief. We need a leader! Our soldiers, all of them at least deserve that! Any scum out there that does not believe that deserves to be lumped with the Coward in Chief!

Which unfortunately brings us to the Fort Hood Terrorist Massacre. HOW DARE ANYONE CALL THIS ANYTHING LESS THEN WHAT IT WAS! This was a Jihadist terrorist attack. Pure and simple. And of course we have the idiots who still refuse to acknowledge that these are radical Muslims! Can't do that. After all it depicts all Muslims as radical. NOT! It's time this country got their heads out of their asses! There are radical elements in most cultures, but in my memory I do not remember any that are beyond out spoken in their hate and actions towards us!

And our military disdaining president? He can't even bring himself to refer to these scum for what they are. He's reaching out to his Muslim brothers. All the while their radical leaders and for that matter most of the world cackles in delight at his percieved weakness. Let's get one thing straight once and for all. He is not weak! He is pathetically weak! This is not a leader. And how nice for any enemy of this country to know that we have elected an anti-military, anti-American ideals president. BTW: Don't forget anti-Israel, which in my view makes him extremely anti Jewish!

As the lemmings who call themselves followers of this guy follow him in lockstep, our country slides deeper into the depths of third world Socialist mediocrity! If he was a leader at all, he would be doing every thing possible to erase this cancer known as radical fundamental Muslim BS from the face of the earth. Hell, these guys make the KKK look like pansys! And he doesn't have the nerve to stand up to it!

One last word here! When any people from anywhere state their hatred of your country and ideals, it is incumbant you do whatever it takes to combat them. You cannot give in to the BS of "understanding" their motives as the left wants. YOU PROTECT OUR COUNTRY! You do not emasculate it! It has been proven time and again that madmen do not talk! Madmen and Fanatics act, just as the fanatical Muslims are acting now. What's really scary for me is Obama's own words! “ Quote from Obama’s book: Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..' This president, if nothing else appears to be living up to his own beliefs! To bad the electorate didn't bother to study them first!

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  1. Most people who voted for BHO do not care about foreign policy. They care about the "goodies" he promised them. The plan is to wind down the American mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Free" healthcare is right now the number 1 priority followed by amnesty and climate "protection" legislation. These things need to get done before election 2010.
    Hopefully he will be a one termer then maybe someone will correct the foreign policy blundering.