Sunday, February 1, 2015

Barak Obama: Radical Muslim Enabler

 I found the below just a few minutes ago. Once I double checked and found the entire exchange, I once again come to the conclusion that this President is in fact this country's and in turn the freedom lovers in the world worse enemy:

 From The Washington Times:

"Criticized for avoiding the phrase “Islamic Extremism,” President Obama said he doesn’t want to alienate the majority of peace-loving Muslims as the U.S. fights to defeat terrorist networks around the world."

“I think that for us to be successful in fighting this scourge, it’s very important for us to align ourselves with the 99.9 percent of Muslims who are looking for the same thing we’re looking for: order, peace, prosperity,” Mr. Obama said on CNN. “And so I don’t quibble with labels.”

Morn Alert! You don't want to alienate the so called 99.9% of the "peace-loving Muslims"? Hey moron, you're the President of the United States , not some third world shit hole!What about the people you really are alienating? You know, US!

I don't give a rat's ass if I hurt the feelings of a "poor Muslim" because I guarantee in both thoughts and actions over the years, those majority of "poor Muslims" do not give a shit when it comes to" how their religion is being used as an excuse" for what is Islamic Terrorism!

As is known by anyone who chose to their homework, this President years ago aligned himself with this so called Muslim cause. It is in his own words. Well guess what Barak, you can take this stance and blow it out your ass! I choose to align myself with Israel and the rest of the God fearing people in this world who oppose the evil that is Islamic Terrorism and their want of world domination!

One other thing. You don't quibble with labels, but you and your administration have chosen to label those of us who stand against all of your policies as home grown terrorists or worse. So don't feed me any crap as to labels. As such, let me give you a label. How about Traitor? How About Soviet Style Socialist. How about closet racist as it seems the only time you and your administration really addresses race ie when you can ostracize a white person for some crime. Sure don't ever see anything as to the 92% bvlackon black crimes, do we.

Get my point moron? When you label someone as anything, the majority look the other way. Yet, your hatred for this country and her allies is real and evident. As such, when you as always make an asinine statement as above, I can only look at you with contempt and disdain because once again, you choose to talk down to the electorate just to protect your sorry ass and legacy!

Islamic Extremism is exactly what it is mister. you refusal to define it and name it as such is tantamount to a surrender to the very people that want to destroy us. You are a treasonous bastard and for that alone, you are disqualified as to lecturing me as to what I see before my eyes

One other thing. I have written in the past about the open hatred this moron shows towards Israel and Bibi.As such. I ask once again. hoe can self loathing Jews in this country look at themselves in the mirror as the march in lockstep in support of the Democratic party and in turn a President who apparently is willing to watch the state of Israel and in turn Jews in general be eradicated?

Moron Alert #2! The President doesn't give a rat's ass about you, nor does his party! Get your heads out of your asses and for once look at the facts. Are you going to be like the Jews of the past and just go on with that asinine "this will pass" attitude that always ends in disaster? Look below!

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi hinted that Democrats may skip next month’s address to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Asked if most House Democrats would attend the March 3 speech, Pelosi said, “I don’t know.”
“With all the respect in the world for the prime minister, and all the love in the world for the state of Israel, I don’t know that even everyone in Israel is supportive of the invitation,” she told reporters at a Democratic retreat in Philadelphia.
President Obama and the White House is still furious that House Speaker John Boehner invited Bibi. The White House is in sensitive negotiations with Israel foe Iran and Obama contends he does not want to affect the March 24 Israeli election.

Netanyahu has telephoned Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, in hopes of lessening their opposition to his visit. The calls, according to congressional aides, did not change minds.

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