Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Our Loss Of Innocence

It has been 9 years since the unwarranted vicious attack by radical Muslim fanatics against the United States! Over 3,000 people died, slaughtered by a group that can only be classified as the scum of the Earth! And lest we forget, there was also the U.S.S. Cole and the bombing of the World Trade Center in the 90’s. I lost 3 friends in that attack! We must never forget!

As we all know, there has been a lot of rhetoric, head hanging and basically rancid Bullshit coming out of our elected officials and their propaganda arm, the MSM all basically saying there is a wave of Anti-Muslim hate sweeping the country. Our apologist in chief say “we are at war with Al-Quida, not Islam” Moron alert number one: The main leaders of Islam throughout the world, the ones that apparently set policy for the religion have sworn to defeat the West and it’s way of life! Whether the bleeding hearts want to hear it or not, we do not hear the majority of Muslims condemn the radical elements of their so called peaceful religion!

We are told we must be tolerant of the views expressed not only here, but around the world as to how they feel about the fact that an idiot here in the States is going to burn a Koran. We are told we must not provoke these people into violent acts. We are told to be tolerant as those very same people not only kill Americans and others but to also understand why they hate America so much. After all, it is us, the U.S. that is the problem. Our arrogance and imperialism have driven these people to feel the way they do about us. And right at the front of the line is our Muslim leaning president. He apologizes for something that isn’t even true, all too supposedly help the Muslim world come to our side. Bullshit!

Moron alert two: You cannot negotiate with madmen or religious zealots! Time and time again we are regaled with the hate speech and rhetoric from the radical Muslims. They purposely kill innocent people for their cause, all in the name of Allah! Yet if we in the states exercise our God given right of free speech and even speak out against them, we are the haters! We are racist!

We have the controversy surrounding the so called Mosque they want to build close to Ground Zero. We are lectured by President Bozo and that moronic mayor in New York that we must be tolerant and take into consideration the feelings of the entire Muslim world if this mosque is not built! Incredible bullshit! We, the most forgiving people on the face of the earth, are told to be tolerant of hate! Yes, we have an idiot that wants to burn a Koran in protest of the radical Muslim hate directed at us. Is it a good idea? NO! Is it allowed? Under the laws of our land (Laws that actually mean nothing to the Marxist piece of crap and his followers in the White House) Yes!

In this country we are supposed to be allowed to express ourselves, freely and without censorship. I and all have the right to protest, say what I want about the mosque or whatever. The fact that we are told to be tolerant towards the feelings of a people that not only hate us to the core but have sworn to destroy us is the epitome of hypocritical Bull! This left leaning government happily allows people here to burn our flag in protest. They establishment actually seem to encourage Anti-American protests. They make a student take down the American flag because it might upset Mexicans. I can go on and on so you get the drift.

So here it is in a nutshell kids. My personal feelings about this:

One: I do not give a rat’s ass about how the people around the world feel about my or anyone else’s feelings as to the mosque or Islam in general. Last time I looked, I live in the United States of America, a free country where thoughts are not censored (something that is changing very quickly under this radical leftist President). I saw the other day mention of the Danish cartoonist and the immense hate directed at him after he did a cartoon of Mohammed. Well guess what folks! Here in the U.S. if the Muslims don’t like it, that’s just too damned bad. This bullshit has to stop and stop now. Disagreement is not hate speech as the bleeding hearts want us to believe. You want to see hate. Look at the radical Muslims. Hate on parade!

Two: Radical Muslims attacked us! If one more asshole tries to tell me it is our fault they did this, I might just bury my foot 3 feet up their ass! When one is attacked, there is only one thing to do. Kill the scum that attacked you! If anyone reading this doesn’t like that statement that’s just too bad! When my country was attacked nine years ago any other course of action was taken off the table.
Three: It is high time the leaders of this country understand one thing! 3,000 people died on our soil nine years ago. Many of the people who worked on the rescue effort now have serious health problems due to the toxic fumes inhaled while unselfishly risking their lives for others! YET THIS PRESIDENT AND OTHERS HAVE THE UTTER GALL TO PREACH TOLERANCE TO THE VERY PEOPLE THAT WERE HURT THE WORSE BY THIS? HOW DARE THEM! THEY AND ALL OTHERS LIKE THEM DISHONOR NOT ONLY THE DEAD, BUT THE VERY IDEALS OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON!

Four: I’m sure I will be used as an example of the “see how much hate there is towards the Muslims” bullshit that is and will be even more forthcoming from the administration and the MSM. So let’s get one thing clear right now! This is not hate! We in this country do respect every religion. However, there is only one answer to violence and it is not negotiating with madmen. You eliminate them!

Unfortunate it has to be that way, but that’s the way it is. Same goes for freedom of speech. You crybaby liberals may not like it, but it is my right to voice my opinions as to the viral hate coming from the Muslim world, just as it is the right of some Anti-American scumbag to burn our flag. You might not like it, but that’s the way it is here. And in all honesty, the feelings of people in the other countries do not mean a thing to me. After all, we are supposed to be free here. Too bad our leaders don’t subscribe to that anymore.

Five: I ask all to put aside the rhetoric, the hate or whatever else and focus on this. 3,000 people were murdered, people of all races, religions and persuasions, people who were guilty of nothing other than going about their daily lives. We must not dishonor their memories! Today is not a day to hate! Today is a day to remember our lost countrymen! To this day, I still feel the horrible deep loss that occurred 9 years ago. The fact that there are those out there who not only blame us, but then try to use it for political gain of some kind could very well be one of the most disdainful things I have ever seen,. The people who lost their lives in the attack do not deserve to be dishonored in this matter!

Last but not least. 9 years ago we lost 3,000 people, our countrymen, to a cowardly attack by Islamic Fundamentalists! Today, we mourn for them, to the rescuers who are now suffering, and to the thousands of family members and friends whose losses cannot be comprehended by those who are not in some way personally involved. We as a nation had a piece of our heart cut out that day! The pain is still deep and hurting. I pray we never allow something like this to happen again! To do so would be an affront to those we have lost! My prayers go out to all as we all lost something that day. We lost our innocence as to the realities of the world!

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