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Who Could Have Been worse then Carter? Obama!!!!

This is long and I am extremely agitated, so please bear with me!

Today, we tackle the most inept foreign policy since Jimmy Carter. Please be reminded right off. Jimmy Carter to this day brands the Israelis as the main problem in the Mid-East as does our current sad sack of a President.
First from the Wall Street Journal:

“'Our aim is not incremental sanctions, but sanctions that will bite." Thus did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seek to reassure the crowd at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee two weeks ago about the Obama Administration's resolve on Iran. Three days later, this newspaper reported on its front page that "the U.S. has backed away from pursuing a number of tough measures against Iran" in order to win Russian and Chinese support for one more U.N. sanctions resolution.
This fits the pattern we have seen across the 14 months of the Obama Presidency. Mrs. Clinton called a nuclear-armed Iran "unacceptable" no fewer than four times in a single paragraph in her AIPAC speech. But why should the Iranians believe her? President Obama set a number of deadlines last year for a negotiated settlement of Iran's nuclear file, all of which Tehran ignored, and then Mr. Obama ignored them too.

In his latest Persian New Year message to Iran, Mr. Obama made the deadline-waiver permanent, saying "our offer of comprehensive diplomatic contacts and dialogue stands." Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a quick rejoinder. "They say they have extended a hand to Iran," the Iranian President said Saturday, "but the Iranian government and nation declined to welcome that."
The Iranians have good reason to think they have little to lose from continued defiance. Tehran's nuclear negotiator emerged from two days of talks in Beijing on Friday saying, "We agreed, sanctions as a tool have already lost their effectiveness." He has a point. “

Next, this from Mort Kondrake:
“By contrast, on Obama's personal orders, the administration fired every verbal gun in its arsenal at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the Jerusalem announcement - even though it knew he was blindsided and embarrassed by right-wingers in his own government.
It was, as the administration said, ``an insult'' to visiting Vice President Joseph Biden, who ``condemned'' it. That was a reasonable reaction.
But then, on Obama's orders, Clinton upbraided Netanyahu in a 45-minute phone call publicized by the administration, and her spokesman said that Netanyahu had drawn the entire U.S.-Israeli ``bilateral relationship'' into question.

When Netanyahu spoke to AIPAC, he made it clear that Israel would not stop building in its capital, Jerusalem, even though it has frozen settlement activity in the West Bank.
He then went to the White House - and was treated like a pariah, denied customary photographs with the president, let alone a press availability. Also, according to reports from the Israeli side, Netanyahu's aides stayed past midnight in the White House and had to ask for food and water.

It's conceivable that Obama's approach is directed more at Netanyahu than Israel and that he hopes, as Bill Clinton did, to drive the Likud leader from office and have him replaced by a less hard-line prime minister.
But Obama's whole approach neglects some facts. During Clinton's final months in office in 2000, Israel agreed to a peace plan substantially turning the West Bank over to Palestinian rule. It was rejected by then-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Right-wing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon withdrew Israeli forces from Gaza in 2004 - whereupon Hamas took over the territory and began firing rockets at Israeli towns.
Before he left office in 2008, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered Palestinians the most generous peace plan yet, and they refused to take it.

Now, they are refusing even face-to-face negotiations with Israel. Why? Because last March, Obama and Clinton demanded total cessation of Israeli settlement activity on former Palestinian territory - whereupon that became the Palestinians' precondition for participation in peace talks, which have yet to resume.
Obama has been publicly pounding on Israel for concessions but never publicly leans on the Palestinians.

Iran may have enough highly enriched uranium to test a simple Hiroshima-style bomb in 2011. It would be a huge embarrassment to Obama a year before he seeks re-election.
It would also be a dire threat to Israel, whose existence Iran has vowed to end. Israel will be sorely tempted to attack Iran to prevent its developing a bomb.
Obama surely doesn't want that. It could create chaos in oil markets and the world economy, not to mention the Mideast.
But Obama's persuasive power with Israel? It's fading fast - and it's his own fault.”

Question number one. Why and what gives Obama or anyone the right to demand Israel stop building in their capitol. Who in the hell do these people think they are? Why are they willing to always take the Pro-Palestinian side of things? Why are they more then willing to wiffle /waffle while Iran tells the world to shove it up their collective asses? Why is it they feel Israel should not be concerned as to Iran building a bomb? Who in the hell are we to tell Israel to bend over and kiss their asses goodbye and not in affect defend themselves.

This is without a doubt the most Anti-Israel White House ever! But then, why should we be surprised? In his own words from his book, the president makes it extremely clear where his loyalties lie! “ Quote from Obama’s book: Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..'"

What will we do? Let's see. We'll pull a Chamberlain! We'll ask the UN for more sanctions, which they will most likely decline to do. Even if sanctions were ordained, they will not enforce them against any of their third world Anti-American allies. We will try to muzzle Israel from striking. After all, we can't have one of our allies defend itself from the misunderstood Iranians! In essence we will yap like the weak impotent puppies they think we are, and then express our shock and displeasure when they go ahead and get their nukes, laughing at us as always. And all because the enabler in chief is with them!

Now let’s address the border problem with Mexico. Where is the outrage as to the Arizona rancher who was executed by Mexicans last week? Why in the hell are we ignoring this situation? What about the countless incursions by the Mexican military. Good god people, we’re being invaded and our leaders have their heads up their asses! And yes, I am extremely mad about this situation!

From the AP:
(Arizona) Attorney General Terry Goddard said Friday that evidence at the scene appears consistent with the known behavior of drug runners working for cartels based in Mexico

And this great article from Barbara Simpson:

"Immigration? No. Invasion"

"You've probably never heard of Rob Krentz.
Before March 27, there really wasn't any reason you would have.
Since then, however, there's every reason you should know the name and the man and the circumstances of his death.

But unless you read local Arizona news or ranching publications, you'll know nothing about what happened to Rob Krentz on his ranch that day.
The reason you know nothing is because there's a concerted effort by pro-illegal immigration advocates in government and media to keep silent on this story.
Think about it. Did you see any headlines about an innocent American rancher gunned down on his own property?

The truth is, even the cold-blooded murder of an American citizen on his own land by an illegal alien doesn't bother them because they're hell bent for leather to keep our borders open, allow illegals to cross with impunity and to give those already here illegally the precious gift of American citizenship.
If you're a patriotic, law-abiding American and this doesn't make you livid, you are more than a fool.

Robert Krentz operated the 35,000-acre family ranch with 1,000 head of cattle located some 12 miles from the Mexican border and near the city of Douglas, Ariz. He worked with his wife, Sue, and their three children on land that's been in his family since 1907.

That's three generations, 103 years of blood, sweat and tears to maintain a business that is nothing, if not tough.
Krentz had a reputation of generosity and was known for helping anyone in need, including illegals needing water or medical aid.
His eldest son, Andy, told Fox News that his "father was a very good family man. He supported his kids, supported his family. He went out of his way to help anybody we could … it didn't matter who they were."

So what happened that Saturday?
Krentz was checking fencing and water lines on the ranch and mid morning, he radioed his brother Phil that he'd encountered an illegal on the property.
A neighbor told the Arizona Daily Star that she heard that transmission on the area radio network. Wendy Glenn said Rob Krentz told his brother, "There's an illegal alien here that needs help. … I'm out on such and such windmill … Please call the Border Patrol." The brother replied, "I can't hear you."

When Krentz didn't show up for a noon appointment, Phil Krentz called the police.
A search was launched and late that night, Robert Krentz was found slumped over in his ATV, shot to death. His dog had also been shot and was so badly injured, it had to be put down.

The Cochise County sheriff's office told the Arizona Daily Star that the body was found 1,000 feet from where the shooting occurred. The ATV had its lights on and the engine running.

Sheriff Larry Dever said there were spinout marks in the dirt, indicating Krantz was trying to get away from his attacker. Deputies and tracking dogs followed a single set of footprints south to the U.S.-Mexico border. It's assumed the killer crossed that border. Mexican authorities have been notified.

The chances of finding the murderer are slim to none.
Dever told the Daily Star they don't have a motive but retaliation might be a factor. The day before the shooting, Phil Krentz reported drug smuggling activity on the ranch to the Border Patrol.

Approximately 290 pounds of marijuana were found, and tracks led to eight illegal aliens who were arrested. The Border Patrol said none were prosecuted because of lack of evidence. All were in custody at the time of Rob Krentz' murder.
Cochise County is a hotbed of illegal aliens crossing the border as well as drug running and human trafficking. Former Rep. Tom Tancredo said he saw live video from one Cochise County hidden camera in March. It showed 500 to 1,000 illegals every day!

That's one camera in one county in one state. The totals are staggering.
The Krentz ranch, and others in the area, are constantly on guard against intrusions by illegals with repeated calls to authorities about property damage, livestock theft and killing, theft, carjackings and home invasions.
In 2002, two illegals who'd butchered a calf on the Krentz ranch were tried, found guilty, served 51 days in jail and ordered to pay $200 in restitution. Not a cent was paid. The men were released.

In 2005, Krentz told KOLD-TV they were being overrun and that in the prior five years, it had cost them more than $5 million in damages.
Every ranch owner repeatedly asks the Border Patrol for more surveillance and increased protection – to no avail.
There's always a reason it can't be done. It's always money. The county blames the state; the state blames the feds; the feds ignore it and tap dance about border security.

But the buck does stop, and it stops in Washington in the Oval Office. Ultimately, the responsibility for protecting the borders of this country rests with Washington.
The feds have the power and the constitutional duty to protect American citizens and their property from a foreign invasion.
That is exactly what this is.

Mexicans, and others from scores of countries, are invading the United States. It's daily and ongoing and our own government ignores it, tolerates it and allows it.
Even worse, they want to make it legal and reward the millions of lawbreakers already here.

We have the ludicrous "negotiations" by Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., to devise an amnesty plan the president has said he'll sign.
Meanwhile three border governors want the National Guard sent to the border.
Hello? Washington? Anyone home? Anyone care?
If not, why not? Americans are dying, and it's your fault.
Meanwhile, Robert Krentz is still dead.”

Finally, this from Jarod Taylor:
What appeared to be a Mexican military helicopter was spotted hovering over U.S. territory Sunday afternoon, said Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez.
The incident — at least the second reported this month — occurred Sunday afternoon over RV parks on the southwest outskirts of Zapata, a small town about 100 miles northwest of McAllen near the Rio Grande, the sheriff said.

We are at war! Mexico knows this president is to busy trying to legalize millions of illegal aliens to bolster his party’s vote totals and doesn’t give one damn about American citizens lives or property! The refusal to protect our borders from this scum is tantamount to treason! (Note here: Bush is as much to blame for this as is our current president!)

It’s bad enough that Americans are being killed gleefully in Mexico and apparently the mass media as well as our government doesn’t give a damn! But when a foreign force crosses our borders and murders our citizen, it is the government’s responsibility to defend our citizens!
It is time to send troops to the border! It is time to eradicate this scum that is violating us from the face of the earth! It is time for” tail between his legs” Obama to act! And it is time for the United States to get out of it’s collective “we don’t want to upset” Mexico’s government state of mind! I have had enough of appeasement! If the Mexican government or the Latin community in this country don’t like this stand, that’s just to damned bad! This is the United States, not some banana republic. But, as with Israel, why should we be surprised at the stance of this administration. They are in fact shoving us ever faster into third world status!

I ask one more time. Where is the outcry from the co-opted media? As Barbara Simpson said, “ Robert Krentz is still dead”. And apparently, no-one in power gives a damn!

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