Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Socialist BS!

So, the President now says he wants 2.3 billion in tax credits given to companies that will supposedly create 17,000 green jobs. That is a cost of $135,000 per job! As is usually the case, we can safely assume there might be 1/4 of that number of jobs that actually come out of this fiasco at a cost of $540,000 per job. This of course should more then offset the 85,000 jobs lost last month. NOT! Just what are green jobs anyway. Payoffs to the companies that support Comrade Barak? Just wondering.

While we're on the subject. Can someone tell me exactly who the so called experts and advisors are who, when informed of the latest unemployment figures expressed shock at the high numbers? What, did these idiots think? All of the people hired for the holidays were going to be kept employed? Listening to the speech, this guy is aiming at one thing and one thing only. That is the complete Socialization of our country. And he doesn't care what lies he tells or how badly he misleads the electorate.

This from the President and advisors as to the Cadillac Tax.

"House Democrats prefer to raise income taxes on individuals making more than $500,000 and couples over $1 million and are reluctant to abandon that approach, saying the insurance tax would violate the president's campaign pledge not to tax the middle class. But they realize they likely will have to bend on that and other issues so that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., can maintain his fragile 60-vote majority support for the bill.

The Senate wants to tax insurance companies on plans valued at over $8,500 for individuals and $23,000 for couples. Most analysts say the insurance tax would be passed on to consumers.

But Obama has defended the tax as a way to drive down health costs."

In other words, the usual leftist Marxist garbage dribble from this guy's mouth. "Anyone who suceeds, anyone who makes more money then the government feels they should, must and will pe penalized! If I want to pay more for the best, I must also pay for everyone else?!" (My Take) And this from a plan that according to President Pinnochio wasn't supposed to raise any taxes. BTW: Shouldn't we all be scared of the fact that the IRS will be in on this?

Now on to our friend Harry Reid. This from stories online today about what appears to be a racial slur. (note here. I updates this on the 10th).

"Reid's troubles continued on Saturday, when he was forced to apologize for private remarks reported in a new book in which he described Barack Obama during the presidential campaign as a black candidate who would benefit from his "light-skinned" appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Why would anyone be shocked by this? The man actually let his true feelings out. He, as are the majority of the hard left liberals, are indeed racists of the worse kind! The sad part is, the so called "Party of the People" are the ones doing everything possible to keep the minorities beholden to them and in their proper place! Inner city problems, bad schools, lack of two parent families, etc.! So much of this can be traced to the ultra left liberal indoctrination and neglect that has permeated our society! Add that to the liberal mantra that no one has to be or should be responsible for themselves, that governemnt will take care of them from cradle to grave and this is what you get.

First, where in the hell is the Democratic outrage against this racist comment? As of yet, I have not seen anything other then the fact Harry is on a phone blitz apologizing to everyone, including the President. And yet when a Republican calls the President a liar (again, it should not have been said in the middle of his speech, decorum should rule), you would have thought the world had come to an end with the left calling for everything short of the guy's beheading (figure of speech for you left loonies)! It still amazes me how the hard left (and sometimes the right) can get selective amnesia about how political correctness should also apply to them when they are caught in the act of racism, slander or whatever. The fact that they are all standing behind comrade Harry is beyond hypocrisy. It is Bull Shit of the deepest level!

Harry is an embarrasment to Nevada and to our country as is every other politician that dares to treat their constituents as stupid or beneath them. What has always struck me as sad is how the minorities adore a party that is aimed at keeping them in what is in effect subjugation (and don't think for one moment I won't throw certain Republicans under the bus on this one!) After all, it's all about power anymore.

I do not go after people like Harry for the fun of it. I do believe they got into politics wanting to do good. I also believe they become captives to the power they hold and as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely. However, it goes beyond that. Harry, Nancy, the president and so many others are also captive to their own ideologies and that is what makes them dangerous.. They, in my view have comletely discarded any belief in the principles or ideals this country was founded on. They are willing to destroy the greatest democracy ever in order to force their Socialistic agenda down out throats.

While countries overseas look to us for leadership, out leaders are to busy implementing the failed policies of the Marxist and Socialist goevernments of the past, be they the U.S.S R., Britain or whatever. And we allow this to happen. Much of this is due to the "Dumbing Down Of America" as Senator Moynihan, a Democrat who I admired by the way, said. But it's not just dumbing down. It is indoctrination as put forth by the Progressives and the radical Socialists of which Harry, Nancy and our president are all true believers.

It has to stop! Our country's future depends on it!

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