Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Leadership? There Isn't Any!

OK. I’ve put off writing anything for the last week so I could fully assess the State of The Union address, response and so on. But before I get into my specific beefs, I want to put a few things up front. (this one is long kids. sorry!)

Mr. President. I am sick and tired of being lectured by you in your intellectual, sneering, know it all style! You are supposed to be the president. That sure as hell does not give you the right to talk down to the electorate. It does not give you the right to lie and mislead us. In 70 minutes, you put on full display the sheer idiocy of any hard core ideologue that has been caught in no man’s land when his radical ideas are shown to be wrong!

Good Grief man! You try to paint yourself as a populist moderate in one sentence then turn right around and spew forth more of your Socialistic garbage. You say you want to listen to the people then turn right around with your normal deaf ear and chastise us. You say you didn’t get the message out correctly to us about heath care when in fact the people have told you we do not believe in it as it is indeed socialistic in approach. Yet you turn right around and push it some more. Easily the most pathetic performance I have ever seen in my lifetime as to any sitting president, including Carter!

Let’s begin with you BS remark “let him know” We did try to let you know! The people have spoken loudly and clearly. So what do you do? First, you blame Bush. OF course the fact that your administration has more then doubled the deficit in one year is his fault! After all, how can any leftist radical policy be at fault? You are still insisting on ramming the bogus health care bill down out throats as well as cap and trade. You are brazenly sticking to your ultra leftist policies, global warning, Gays in the military, the high speed rail garbage, more taxes on business and so on. And you have the utter gall to ask us to let you know! How in the hell are we supposed to do that when you haven’t listened to us yet!

And of course, you are trying to shame the Republicans in supporting your garbage which you and your radical friends have decreed is the will of the people. You ask for decorum and co-operation. You say you will open the doors to the other side’s opinions. In the next breath, you slam them for obstructing you agenda! “Neither party should delay or obstruct every single bill just because they can” you stated.

I see that as you saying “how dare anyone oppose me. Who in the hell do you Republicans think you are. Don’t you ever tell me my policies are wrong! I am all knowing and all powerful!” And of course, your lackeys are lined up. Blame the other side. Hold them responsible for the failure of your moronic policies!

Well, I’ve got news for you Bozo! You are so disconnected from reality you are in fact completely ignorant to the fact that YOUR OWN PARTY IN FACT BLOCKED THIS! Moron alert here! You had a super majority! Yet you couldn’t push this through? How dare you blame the Republicans when in fact you could have completely ignored them! You had to bribe your own party people behind closed doors. Your party leaders had to resort to the closest thing there is to sheer prostitution to even get as far as they did. Have you ever even begun to think that maybe your far left policies are in fact abhorrent to any person with half a mind, Democrat or otherwise? Probably not! It would screw with your God complex!

The Supreme Court. First and foremost, how dare you deliberately berate the justices in an open forum! “With all due deference to the separation of powers” You then openly berated the justices and their decision. And to add insult the scum that calls itself the Democratic party (the same garbage that yelled like stuck pigs when a representative called you a liar) gave you a standing ovation! Below is from a Fox News Opinion and quite appropriate in my view.

“ It was also terribly inappropriate when he openly encouraged belligerent reaction against the Supreme Court with the Justices sitting in the chamber. It was a cheap shot, and multiple constitutionalists and scholars believe it may have violated the spirit embodied in our government’s commitment to the separation of powers.”
So the president, a professor of law in fact does not have the slightest clue or is so blinded by his far left ideology that he refuses to acknowledge the fact that it was indeed a correct decision!

This from Ken Klukowski on Fox Opinion pages. Again, I agree with this.
“Sad to say, the highlight of President Obama’s first State of the Union address on Wednesday was when he took the opportunity to openly condemn the Supreme Court. For the first time in memory, a president lashed out with the justices seated just a few feet away from him. Talk about “in your face”! The attack from the president prompted his equally-partisan supporters in Congress to erupt in raucous applause. This marks a low point for constitutional government in America, where the third branch of government is publicly humiliated by our head of state, and where an entire political party joined in this shameful display of disrespect for our Constitution”

“Setting aside Republicans, just look the most recent Democratic president. Bill Clinton did not disrespect the Court after the Court struck down the Gun-Free School Zones Act in 1995, nor part of the Brady Act gun-control law in 1997, nor the Violence Against Women Act in 2000. All were top legislative priorities for Democrats, all were struck down by a narrow 5–4 margin, and all were considered controversial by some"

When you contrast the pure professionalism and stately demeanor of the justices present—both conservative and liberal—with the glib, petty vindictiveness of Barack Obama in that moment, the different is so stark that it is astounding.

Under our Constitution, the Supreme Court is the ultimate expositor of what our Constitution means. In its written opinions, the Court does not criticize the president’s execution of his duties, and is likewise respectful of Congress’ legislative work. Respect for the separation of powers demands that our president show the same regard for the Supreme Court’s execution of its duties.

Disrespect for the Supreme Court betrays disrespect for the Constitution which the Court interprets. Presidential rhetoric against a nation’s courts is commonplace in oppressive regimes where an imperial leader wields absolute authority, where it fosters disrespect for the rule of law.

An independent judiciary is essential to a free society based on the rule of law. Wednesday’s State of the Union swipe was an ugly affair in that regard. Obama’s rhetoric and disgraceful partisanship politicizes our courts, pushing us down a slippery slope where we dare not tread.”

On this, there can be no second guessing. The president put his own political agenda, rife with radical left wing policies, ahead of the law of the land. In the process he did in fact cross the line as to separation of powers. Democrats in the past, especially the late Senator Kennedy have used the courts to push their socialist agenda as they always knew they could not pass legal muster when creating unjust laws. In this case, the court stood up and made a decision based on the Law of the Land, our Constitution. For this, the Supreme Court was publically taken to the woodshed. In my view, this was one of the most disgusting displays of not only presidential arrogance, but in fact showed his utter disdain for the very ideals that made this country what it is! This sad sack excuse of a president has the audacity to in effect say he and his leftist allies are above the law!

As Mr. Klukowski went on in his Op Ed piece:
“I have had the privilege of speaking with four of the current Justices—both liberal and conservative—on the court, including the opportunity to speak with Justice Samuel Alito on several occasions. While their personalities vary, all of them are very fine and gracious individuals who conduct themselves with the utmost of dignity and civility.
None of them would have taken the dirty, cheap shot that Barack Obama did during the State of the Union.

As many of you know by now, after watching clips of this on television, this unseemly swipe evoked a reaction from Justice Alito. Hearing Obama grossly mischaracterize the court’s work, Alito was caught on camera shaking his head, quietly (and accurately) saying, “Not true.”

More telling, however, was the reaction of the three liberal justices sitting there. Or more to the point, their non-reaction. Although all three—Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Obama’s pick, Sonia Sotomayor—joined a strongly-worded dissent in the Citizens United case, they did nothing to legitimize Obama’s attack. Instead, they sat stone-faced and expressionless, as the Court was impugned.”

Indeed, this is a low water mark for our country. This president and the ultra left are in fact completely out of control! The Constitution is not some piece of paper you just ignore when you feel it doesn’t pertain to you Mr. President! You have no right to diss the law of the land. You have no right to openly criticize the justices in the fashion you did. And you sure as hell have no right to lie to the American people, twisting facts for your own political gain. And don’t dare try to feed me the BS that you either didn’t read the opinion or understand it. Some writers have given you a pass on this. Not me. You openly lied more then once to us.
As I know I have been long winded here, I’ll make my next few bitches short.

Lobbyists. You state we must end the influence of lobbyists, but the very next day you invite them in for a series of off the record session to discuss policies.

Co-operation. You ask the Republicans to co-operate in one breath then turn around and spend half your speech slamming them. You then go to their retreat and slam them some more! (Note here: At least you finally had to admit there, that in fact the Republicans had been trying all along to work with you. You and your leftist lackeys just chose to ignore any idea put forth from those outside your radical circle).

Finally, jobs. I still can’t believe anything you have to say as to jobs. In one year your administration has done it’s best to destroy our economy. When will you and your Marxist friends get it through their heads that government does not create anything? You say you saved jobs. Bull! Millions of people have no jobs thanks to your policies and it is going to get worse. And from what I can see, you haven’t created anything! All you’ve done is waste money we don’t have. BTW: You want to save some jobs? Don’t cut the space budget! I’d wager you haven’t any idea how many thousands will be unemployed by that move. Oops, why should I be surprised at that? Doesn’t fit your agenda.

So bottom line. Mr. President. Get your head out of your ass! You have sworn to uphold the laws of this land, the Constitution! You are not some God or king. You and everyone in Congress are the employees of the People! You answer to us! We do not in any way, shape or form answer to you. Do not lecture us! Stop talking down to us. We want leadership. We do not want dictatorship. This country belongs to everybody, not just the ultra liberal elite! Oh, again. That was the worse State of the Union Speech ever. You’re not running for office anymore moron! Either become the leader of the free world or get out of the way! For the record: You disgust me! You are everything our founding fathers tried desperately to warn us about. The fact that you openly refuse to embrace the very ideals that made this country great is an affront to the countless thousands of people that gave their blood to give us this great land. You and your leftist friends should be ashamed! And that for me is a sad thing to have to say because as a Chicago boy, I hoped for the best.

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