Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laws and Ideals! Taking Our Country Back.

My My, what an interesting week! Before I get to my "Exactly What Kind Of Moron Did We Actually Elect?" disertation (actually a tirade for you libbies out there) I want to give major kudos to the Supreme Court!

Yes, we can all legitimately argue that huge money from anyone, not just corporations has destroyed the political process in this land if we want. However, there can be no arguement as to this decision, that is provided you step back and actually read the Constitution. The decision was based purely on the very basis for our laws. The opinion was well thought out and written. Surprisingly, it was also put forth in a way that is easily undersdood by the layman. I know some people will say that the court made a bad decision as they went against precedent. OFW! Bad laws that set a bad precedent do not translate to good law, even less so if unconstitutional. Thank God we now have a court that rules guided by the LAW OF THE LAND! The First Amendment is one of our most sacred rights. The fact that the president, the four ultra liberal justices and others on the looney left are willing to ignore this for their own political power is disgusting, even more so when this kind of garbage comes from a liberal!

If anyone has noticed, this last week, Obama's warm friend Chavez issued another anti-free speech edict that basically allows the government to silence any anti-governement station if they refuse to air speeches by Cahvez(in fact he actually just took a station off of cable). So let's get one thing clear. The First Amendment gives us Freedom Of Speech! No government, no Socialist leftist bastard, no hard right scum, no one has the right to block or take that away from "We The People". It is ours. The fact that this scumbag in the White House and his rancid followers even remotely believe in this should scare the crap out of everyone! BTW: Government Mandates. Unconstitutional! The fact that a former law professor can spout the Anti-American, Anti-Constitutional garbage he does is a sad look into how far our society has slipped from our lofty foundings.

So now, let's address the election and it's aftermath. Brown wins in Mass. Obama goes on a tirade. The people aren't listening. Blah blah blah! So here goes kids.

1: This was indeed not only a referendum on Obama and his Marxist takeover of the insurance industry, but also aimed at incumbants of both parties who refuse to listen to and heed the will of the electorate! So what do we hear? Obama in effect throws a hissy fit. "The people somehow don"t get the message. How can they listen to the lies from the right. How can the people be so gullible as to be misled by the Tea Party Movement?" And so on and so on. His answer to this. He changes his spots. He'll fight for us. He will continue to follow his misguided ideals and find a way to force this on us. In effect, he went into campaign mode. Now he's brought in the folks who ran his campaign to help get the message out! MORE LIES! MORE DECIET!

Has there ever been a more tone deaf idiot in the White House? And on top of this, he has the utter gall to say that the movement that got him elected got Brown elected! IDIOT ALERT! What got Brown elected was the fact that the people were sold a false bill of goods when you lied constantly about who and what you really were. You're crying now about the Court lifting the spending limits. But you're very quiet about the Soro's of the world who spend millions spreading your socialistic garbage and lies. You made one mistake Comrade Obama. You lied and you got caught! You misled the electorate who stupidly believed your "I'm a centerist" Bull! But they wised up as you, Harry and Nancy tried to forcefully take control of their lives. We know about you now. We know about the radicals you have surrounded yourself with! And we also know that there is no one on your staff of advisors who you do not personally approve of. So when you hide from a Van Jones fiasco, or your other radical friends, don't feign amazement when you "find out" they are self avowed leftists. After all, so are you. You surrounded yourself with this scum because you are a Marxist! And you have been and will most likely try to govern from the socialist side because that is what you are! But we are wise to you now!

Another question here. They're asking for another 1.9 trillion to be added to the debt. Cap and Trade. When is anyone in the government going to admit we are bankrupt!? This isn't rocket science folks! As I have said before, we are actually worse off then the Weimarch was. And I pray everyone is ready for the hyper inflation that is going to occur. I doubt it!

Laugh of the day. Barney wants to do away with Freddie and Fannie. Typical politician! F... something up then run away from it. That should really help the debt! Create an even larger monstrosity to suck every last dollar from us.

2: Can anyone even begin to believe the travesty that has been brought to the fro as to the security apparatus? MY GOD! "We weren't informed. We weren't asked" The justice department getting into the middle of stuff they should not even be touching! Defintely the "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" Shouldn't be surprised at that though. This president and his lefty lackys don't have the stomach to actually be anything other then be politically correct. Might piss off their ultra radical base if they actually decided the safety of our citizens is their responsiblity and everything that can should be used to protect us. But no! Instead we get ineptness by our security people, apologies from President Bozo for our being "arrogant" and not understanding the Radical Muslim Scum out there and what seems to be a complete disconnect from the fact that these radicals are sworn to bring the downfall of civilization as the West knows it!

In the meantime, Iran sneers at us as they go about their evil business, the president in my mind has all but abandoned Israel, we cowtow to the Sopcialist Eurotrash governments and in fact are trying to institude their failed policies , and we are openly lied to about the situtation by the administration. And in the middle of this, Bin Laden takes a shot. Claiming responsibility and informing the president that attacks will continue as long as the U.S. backs Israel! Oops! As I said. We've already thrown Israel to the wolves! Iran will have the bomb and soon. And just today, this idiot's lackeys are putting out how much more respected and well liked we are in the world in general. Bullshit!! Stop lying to us! We are not nearly as stupid as you think we are Obama! The Radical Muslims as well as most of the rest of the European radicals hate us. They hate our life styles. They hate our wealth. They hate our ideals! As president it is your job to defend out ideals. How dare you stomp on the very foundation of our country by apologizing to anyone for us.But of course, your own self avowed Marxist background precludes you from taking a stand for your country's core values. heaven forbid you upset you leftist loony buddies or the dictators and such who as they express their so called admiration for what you are trying to do stab you in the back laughing all the way as you and you ultra liberal ilk destroy us from within! And they don't have to raise a hand. great job Moron!

So now where are we? Well, the Presdient refuses to let go of his push to Socialize our country. Harry and Nancy, while feigning that they are actually now listening are in fact looking for a way to push thru their hopefully failed agenda. And, we are not listening to his message. Somehow, the people are either to stupid to understand or they are listening to lies instead of King Obama! Thank God the people are now engaged!

Lastly, just a word here on Glen Beck. Friday he did a fascinating show on the Marxist butchers, Che, Mao and Stalin. Not only fascinating but extremely important. I was taught about these tyrants in school! Yet this president has surrounded himself with advisors who truly believe in these men and their philosophies! Great job by Mr. Beck! Of course, the left says he only showed the bad things about those men. WRONG! They are as advertised. What's worse is we are seeing this adminstration edging closer and closer to the Marxist dictatorship these people espoused! And as absolute power does indeed corrupt, it only stands to reason that somewhwere along the way, action will be taken against any of the people who refuse to toe the line.

As I close, a few more things. If I sound bitter, I am. If I sound mad, I am. If I sound hopeful,I AM! Our forefathers gave us a unique gift. We are the keepers of that heritage. Sadly, the people in power at the moment have forgotten (or were never taught)those lessons.
Instead, we are being treated to the same disrespect for the people, the same despite, the same lies, etc. that our forefathers ended up giving their lives to break away from. We are now seeing a president and his lackys actively working to their utmost to dismantle the very foundation of our country and deliver us to the "rest of the world". How dare they! We are the greatest country ever, the words of a clueless leftist hack of a president aside! So I am indeed hopeful. We must take our country back from these Marxist scumbags. The election last week was a step in the right direction. The people are now engaged. We must get the truth in front of the electorate! It is our responsiblity to squash this socialistic movement. Our survival as a country depends on it!

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