Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Follies

Well, a new year is here and what has it brought with it? The same old garbage as last year.

First, we have a moronic House wanting to spend more money on jobs! Forget the fact that the first stimulus hasn't done diddly for job growth. Nor will any other tax and spend BS policy! More regulations! The government must control the economy! Basically, the hell with the private sector. Get as many people as possible on the government payroll . Make them beholden to their caring (choke, choke) leaders. And of course, keep promising funds we do not have for idiotic notions that should not even be funded. As I said last week, how can these idiots look the electorate in the face and justify the bankruptcy of this nation? Can anyone say Socialism?!

Now of course we also have the terrorism thing. About ten days ago, as we all know, a fanatical Muslim terrorist (I have a bad habit. I call a Radical Muslim a Radical Muslim. Very unpolitically correct) tried to blow up a plane over Detroit. When stopped and captured, he started blabbing how he was Al-Qaeda trained and how others were lined up behind him to kill Americans! For days, we "couldn't trace this to whoever organized this terrorist activity. Lot's of finger pointing though. "We did it right. Oops, sorry bout that, we blew it". Finally, the President yesterday in effect said "yes, we have traced this to Al-Qaeda in Yemen".

So let me get this straight. It took our President over a week to figure this out? I'm just a plain old guy who happens to know how to read and analyze stuff (although as an admitted conservative, I'm not supposed to be that smart). The man got off the plane spouting Al-Qaeda ties! And it takes over a week for our leaders to say this?

This from a Fox News story.
The president emphasized that the U.S. would continue its partnerships with friendly countries -- citing Yemen, in particular -- to fight terrorists and extremist groups. The U.S. plans to more than double its counterterrorism aid to the impoverished, fragmented Arab nation in the coming year to support Yemen's campaign against al-Qaida.
"We've been investing in Yemen for many, many months now, and we're working very closely not just with the Yemenis but with our international partners -- with the British, with the Saudis and others, to make sure we provide the Yemeni government with the wherewithal to carry out this fight against Al Qaeda," Brennan said. "So it's not a new front. It's one that we've known about. It's one that we've been able to make tremendous progress and gains."

We aren't in a Pre 9-11 mentality. We're some where off in Never Never Land! This president and his underlings haven't got a clue. THE RADICAL MUSLIMS WANT TO KILL ANYONE OR DESTROY ANYTHING THAT IS BASED ON OUR IDEALS! Isn't there anyone left in this government that has the balls to stand up and admit this?

Two more snippets form the news. First, this one stating no plans to look deeper into Yemen.
“A top counterterrorism official is warning that Al Qaeda and other extremists are working to test U.S. defenses and launch an attack on American soil.
National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter says the failed Christmas Day attempt to bring down a U.S. airliner is the starkest reminder of that threat.
Leiter said in a statement Saturday that officials "know with absolute certainty" that Al Qaeda and others are trying to refine their methods.
The center is part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. It draws experts from the CIA, FBI, Pentagon and other agencies who try to ensure that clues about potential attacks are not missed.”

This from Fox News Sunday from White House Aid John Brennan.

"The U.S. does not plan to open a new front in Yemen in the global fight against terrorism despite the U.S. closing its embassy there in the face of Al Qaeda threats, President Obama's top counterterrorism adviser said Sunday.
The U.S. and Britain closed their embassies in Yemen on Sunday in response to an active Al Qaeda threat and following the failed Christmas Day attack against a U.S. airliner by an accused 23-year-old Nigerian who says he received training and instructions from Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen.
"It just demonstrates that Al Qaeda is determined to carry out these attacks and we're determined to thwart those attacks," White House aide John Brennan said, making the rounds of four Sunday television talk shows as the president finished his holiday vacation in Hawaii and prepared for a Tuesday meeting at the White House about the airliner plot.
"We're determined to destroy Al Qaeda whether it's in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen, and we will get there."

What determination are we talknng about Mr. Brennan? We're going to work closely with our friends in the region (from another statement) including Saudi Arabia. Another joke?! When are we going to drop this apologetic, "America is wrong and we're sorry attitude" and do what we need to do? When are we going to figure out that in this particular case, the people we are looking for are Muslims!? When are we going to put extra effort into double checking Muslims!? And I don't want to hear this garbage that it's profiling! Our safety is at risk, and we're going to be politically correct? This nonsense has to stop. We've already seen how our police forces' hands are tied to the point that they cannot stop a car full of Hispanics, or Blacks or whatever when a crime is committed and a ton of eyewitnesses point out that the person or people committing the crime were of some ethnic persuasion. So it is with our pussy foot war on terror. Stop the madness! Get these people before they strike. Stop being reactive!

So far in the last few weeks, China has basically told the President to F... Off, Iran has told the U.S and the world in general to F... Off, and AL-Qaeda is happily giving the one fingered salute to our percieved weak President. And don't forget our Commie friends in N. Korea! The death toll both here and abroad will continue to mount as more radical fringe movements realize the U.S is now little more then a Socialist paper tiger. And don't forget the home grown radical ideologues! I assume in this day and age, we can't go after them either! Not politically correct. A radically led government surely can't or won't go after anyone that is against the ideas and priciples this country was founded on. Oh No. They couldn't go after their own kind! I'm not trying to be funny here. This is the reality we are faced with.

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