Friday, October 23, 2009

A Small Victory for Common Sense

Anyone who has followed me at all knows how strong I feel about the fact that this administration is actively trying to Control The Media, Control The Message!

Yesterday, I asked a question as to where is the outrage by the liberals as to this assault on the Free Press and Free Speech. Today, at last, the media came to it's senses, realizing in this instance exactly what was at stake (at least I hope that is why they reacted).

I want to thank the leaders of the networks that stood up not only for Fox, but for every person in this country! One of our most precious rights is being threatened by this administration!

Whether we agree or disagree with what a media outlet has to say, no one, including the president has the right to try to stop it! Remember as I have said before, history teaches us that once a co-opted press has outlived it's use, that government will turn on them also. Great move by the networks in remembering their responsibilities!

Presidents in the past have tried to marginalize or ignore different media outlets. Everyone remembers Nixon and his enemies list and of course his completely inane attempt to lock out the NY Times. And of course, it stands to reason that every administration and for that matter every politician out there wants to control the message to some extent.

My main problem with what has transpired in the last two weeks is that in my lifetime, I do not remember a more blatent attempt at what appears to be a complete takeover of the Press and as an offshoot, what appears to be the complete disdain put forward by this administration for any opposing point of view!

I think it is important that people make decisions after taking in various points of view, not just one! I think debate, criticism, and public discourse are all part of what makes this the great country it is. And this is the sad part. By all appearances, this administration does not believe in that premise. Let's forget for one moment the anti-democratic socialist agenda these people are pushing and just look at this one thing. Control of the Message. Control of the Media.

While on one hand it was idiotic for the president to go after Fox, Rush and others, it must be understood that he and his advisors are following their own beliefs, pure and simple. This tactic, as others we have seen is a page directly out of any radical handbook. Smear the messenger. Demonize the commentator. Don't have facts? LIE, LIE,LIE!. As they have the main pulpit, the message will resound with the masses!

I use this quote alot, but I repeat it again! "Who made the following quotes? How fortunate for governments that people they administer don't think. The broad masses of a population are more amendable to the appeal of rhetoric than any other force. Make the lie Big. Make it Simple, and eventually they will believe it. The answer: ADOLF HITLER. We better not get out of the way or it will be too late" Lies, Lies and more Lies. This president truly believes we are stupid enough to swallow it all, just like Hitler did in the 30's.

Hitler, as Obama was a mezmorizing orator. They both were able to charm the pants off the populace. They both were freely elected, the voters choosing to ignore the reality in front of them, instead voting on lies and false promises. Now don't get me wrong here! I'm only using this comparison as to the election. For whatever reason, people are afraid to use the word Hitler. As for what happened after he came in power, I agree. That doesn't change the fact that he rode into power on the back of lies and deceit, just as this president did.

Obama has proven to be exactly what he is, that is provided anyone that voted for him had really looked into his background at all! He is a Marxist! Every move he has made seems to be with a dislike for our country and it's ideals! I could go on and on, but you get the point. It was there for all to see, if we had educated ourselves as to what he really is.

Which again ties into the Press thing. Although the electorate ignored their duties as voters, it's not becuase the information wasn't there! That's what makes this such an important issue. If any politician can control the media, if any poltician can squash free speech and dissent as this administration is trying to do, our country as we know it is finished.

This time, the Press stood up! I don't expect any of them to change their styles or views. so be it!
I just hope they now realize what a slippery slope this administration has us on.

I've said before, we should respect the office of the President. We sure as hell do not have to respect the man in the office! It is time for Obama to stop talking down to people! It's time for him to stop the lies! It's time for him to remember he has no right to tell anyone what to think, what they can read, what they can say! Today was at least a start in that direction!

One last thing. The Internet Neutrality Act! In the end, exactly what does it mean? Can the government control it to the point of controlling content? If so, what does that possibly portend for the bloggers, etc. that voice opposing opinons? Can the government declare an emergency and either shut the down the net and/or "certain" sites down? Again, just wondering! I ask this only because everyone should be afraid of any government control over any information medium of any type, be it the Press or the Internet!

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