Friday, October 9, 2009

On Meeting With The russians and Iran

I stumbled across a story about Hillary going to meet with the Russians and the fact that Iran would be one of the main points of discussion. Well, whoopee do! A bit to late as to Iran and the bomb folks. Mr. Chamberlain and company, OOPS!, I meant this administration have already let the horse out of the barn! So let's see how this exactly plays out.

Putin pays us lip service while doing eeverything possible to aid Iran behind the scenes. We along with the rest of the "bend over and take it up the you know what" weak kneed leaders hapiily extol the diplomatic negotiations between us while secretly hoping like hell someone will have enough balls to actually do something!

Of course, they'll point out the UN is going to inspect! Wow! I'm so thrilled. There is absolutely nothing that inspires more confidence then having a so called watch dog agency of any kind giving two weeks notice before an inspection! But then again, Iran is an honorable country as they are only doing this for their own needs, I'm sure they wouldn't take the 2 weeks to move and hide stuff. And so what if the inspection does find anything or Iran keeps thumbing it's nose at the world community. What do they care? They, along with the rest of their allies will just go on their merry way, happily thumbing their nose at the so called civilized world community.

As they are laughing at our weakness, the UN and Chamberlain and company will INVOKE SANCTIONS! Oh Shit! That should give them a good scare, especially since there is no way sanctions can keep them from being supplied over land. After all, there isn't anyone in this or any other country that would have the balls to try and stop the Russians and Chinese from supplying them. Sad part is, it's a moot point! They can and will make a bomb.

If nothing else, meeting with the Russians should help our so called president. With absolutely no idea how to run a country, a war or an economy, it's always a good thing to get one's marching orders from the people who really know. Cold hard fact here. Diplomacy doesn't meant crap if you refuse to back it up as needed! The complete idiocy as evidenced by this leftist administration is completely beyond me!

And now what. He's being given the Nobel!!!? For what?! Oh, shouldn't be a surprise come think of it. The Nobel committe for decades has been proven to be nothing else then a hard left organization (remember Mr. "the world is coming to an end" Gore?). They are beyond elation that the electorate here at home did not do their home work and freely put into office one of their fellow travelers. And before all you lefties out there tee off on me, as I've said before, it's in his own words and actions! So here we are. Another rogue country (don't forget, we didn't bother to do anything about N. Korea) has a bomb! 2 sets of madmen, blinded with ideology and hate. A definite recepie for disaster. But not in this guys book. We can talk! Saner minds will prevail. Ask Poland about that! The Chamberlains of the world, of which our president is one, have got to get their heads out of their asses!

I for one am tired of weak kneed, wussy politicians that put their so called legacy, phony balony jobs or whatever before their country! The real question here is our wild card, Israel. What will they do? Of course, from what I can see as to the Anti-Israel view of this administration, they sure as hell can't rely on the US to help them! All interesting questions!

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