Friday, October 9, 2009

More Nobel Garbage

While I freely admire the winners in the sciences and some of the economic categories, I cannot begin to express my sheer disdan for the pick of Vladimir Karl Chamberlain Jr, oops!, I mean Pesident Obama for the peace prize!

This fits right in with the left wing socialist agenda as put forth not only bu this administration, but also the rest of the leftists making up governments around the world. The funny part is, the nobel committee for years ahd been slanted way to the left! Now that one of their fellow travellers is in power here, they couldn't wait to jump on this to glorify what to them is the only thing the people of the world should know, that being a complete socialist world wide government. and if anyone out there thinks for one minute that a co-opted media won't begin to shove this down our throats, you have another thing coming!
What an insult to folks like Roosevelt,Wilson, Sadat and Begin and all the others who earned the recognition over years of effort! Heck. As much as I despised Ted Kennedy. iIwould have voted this award to him long before this clown!

What an idiotic display of "Shove It America!" Of course, as I said earlier, the crazies around the world are extatic at this selection. To them, the nobel award of any kind not only glorifies, but in this case expecially vindicates them not as radical leftists, but supposedly mainstream! How screwed up is this?

So far this year, N.Korea has laughed at the world with their bomb while Mr. Let's Negotiate twittered his thumb and toes. Now we have Iran laughing heartily while they finish putting final touches on their bomb program all with their friends the russians helping out and what did our boy do? First gave up some missle defense and now has Hillary talking ot the Russians about not aiding Iran. wink! wink!

Bottom line here. How does someone who ignored what had to be done to prevent 2 countries ruled by madmen and fanatics, one of which as soon as given a chance has sworn to wipe another country off the face of the earth rate a nobel Peace prize. Sure seems to me it should be a booby prize. the world is a much more dangerous place now thanks tho the complete lack of respect in the US which in my view in a direct result of not only this adminiostration, but also the co-opted media and other cry baby peaceniks who really don't give one damn about their fellow country men if it in any way co-opts their misinformed beliefs.

Say what you want, this president has weakened this country, just as every leftist Dem has in the past. He is on the path to being worse then Carter if there can be such a thing! And the really sad part is that the American electorate with it's short attention span has already forgotten the horrors of the various bombings and attacks. After a while they as always begin to believe we can rationalize with fanatics and idiots. MORON ALERT! It doesn't work that way! They sit back and wait, knowing we do not have the will to not only follow thru with our actions, but also if we start we will cut and run as proven in the past! Doesn't anyone get it anymore?

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