Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Nobel Garbage, Troop levels and New Taxes

First, a comment:

I have been trying to post on a few of my favorite boards, but it seems that the censors and/or moderators have decided to go well beyond blocking the dirt and smut to rejecting posts with simple words like socialism, Marxism, etc. Quite honestly I'm getting tired of having to heavily edit normal words while at the same time seeing things like FU**CK sneak through. So again, my apologies to the folks on those boards and what appears to be my self-serving plug for my blog. LOL!

For those who have seen some of my stuff, it's some of their fault that I went the blog route as they suggested it. Seriously, those who do happen to see my posts know that I like to debate and discuss without the rancid name calling and other tripe that appears on those boards. I always hope that in discussion I can either convince them of my stands or in fact they can prove me wrong and actually get me to change my views. If nothing else, I believe open civil debate brings ideas to the fore and hopefully something constructive can come from it. Now on to my tirades of the day.

1: I have been reading up not only on the insane health program and among other things notice someone is fianlly admitting there will in fact be higher taxes, etc. coming at us as well as cuts in Medicare. I posted the following, albeit highly edited.

More sheer moronic idiocy! At last at least some of the truth is finally coming out. You will pay more in taxes (in other words, the government will confiscate more of your earnings)! Seniors will see benefits cut! The middle class will pay another tax, penalty my ass!, when they find they cannot afford their insurance. Now we have them claiming 84 billion in savings. Fat whoopie doo when the program is going to cost trillions!

Bottom line. There is no way in Hell this can and will work. it will however finish the complete monetary bankruptcy of our country and drive us into the third world status that every socialized country in the past has experienced! My God people! We're already in a depression here and the idiocy continues! BTW: I still haven't heard one elected representative saying they'll give up their royal benefits for this plan. What hypocrisy!

I for one am sick and tired of being talked down to and lectured not only by all of the political scum in both parties, but also people blinded by ideology or insane hatred for past administration's actions. As I have said in the past, I hold most politicians in high disdain. Doesn’t change the facts. Health Care, Cap and Trade, or anything else this administration is trying to push through is social engineering pure and simple. I have concluded this from studying everything I could get hold of. As for me, last time I looked I live in the United States. Supposedly no one has the right to force me how to think or what to do. And our elected officials (our employees) should keep in mind they do not have the right to shut off debate and or the voice of the people! The people must stay engaged and fight this.

Once we can get past the usual name calling and utter disdain uttered by the lefties (and some from the right, I might add), there is one glaring issue! I do not trust this government and our elected officials! I do not want them to have any control over my life! I do not need hypocritical lying bastards whose only aim is to keep and amass power to tell me what to do, how to do it or what to think!

Someone earlier today post quoted Thomas Jefferson as to big government aand how in essence the bigger it is the easier it is for them to take everything from you.. So the question is this. When in the heck will anyone learn from history! If we allow this to go on, what happened in the old Soviet countries will pale in comparison to what we will see here. I’ll be accused of fear mongering or whatever, but I maintain we are in fact on a dead set march to Socialism and dictatorship. And anyone who is idiotic enough to think it cannot happen needs their head examined, because it already is!

2: As to troop levels in Afghanistan. I mention in my earlier post that I feel the way this guy is approaching this countries enemies and allies is dead wrong. Now, according to stories, it will take a few more weeks to make a decision on a request by his commander in that country for more troops that was made months ago. If the President had any gonads at all, he would stop the crap and make a decision one way or the other. But NO!! He has to have the advice of all his hard left advisors. He's listening to the cries of the far left Socialist leaning "it's us that are wrong, not the fanatical mullahs that swear to destroy us" idiots. I could go on, but basically what I mean is he is listening to everyone except the most important people there, his military leaders!

The commander in chief must lead! In this case, it almost appears he is to busy taking his poor Muslim bretheren into concern instead of the bigger pictue. Before anyone gets into a hissy about that statement, it's easy to think like that when you, A: watch how he reacts to and/or handles a situation and B: Read his own words from his book ( Quote from Obama’s book: Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..'). So you see, it is quite easy to look at it that way, especially when everytime we turn around, him and his people are out there either apologising for America's ignorance or telling us that we have to understand why they hate us! Combine that with his weak kneed reactions to both N Korea and Iran as to the bomb and all that is shown is a weak, naive, out of touch with reality far left ideologist which in turn keads to the Nobel fiasco!

3: Here he is, sitting there twittering his thumbs and toes trying his best to put of a command decision that would upset his main base. Don't think for one minute this isn't what it's all about because that's exactly what it is! Between his lilly livered handling of both Korea and Iran, his cowtowing to his masters in Russia (seems that way to me, look at my last post) and now his reluctance to make a decision on troops, can someone please explain to me how this jerk rates the Nobel Prize for Peace?! I just don't see anything he has done that has helped prompte peace other then shooting off his big mouth with the usual lies and tripe!

I will say one thing for sure. The countries and peoples out there that hate the US and Western civilization on the whole have got to be emboldened by the embrace of this guy by the leftists around the world. Right now, there is a fanatical madmen sitting there going "mmm! I'm more then justifed to attack America and her interests. After all, the world community condemns everything they stand for". Apparently, in my view, the president of our country in many ways feels the same!

BTW: A note on the loss of the Olympics. Being from Chicago, on one hand, i would like to have seen my home city host such a prestige event. but the more I think about it, I'm extremely glad we lost it. For an organization that is not supposed to be political, the Olympic committee leads the pack in not only sheer hypocrisy but pure chutzpa! For starters, the city would have become a locked down camp. Quite honestly, I don't want anyone from outside this country telling us how to do anything. And of course, the costs in a city and state that already is going broke! Personally, I could care less about the Olympics anymore. they lost their moral standing years ago so Good Riddance!

Rambling again and probably not so coherant today. Remember one thing. Thoughts and ideas are good! Sharing of thoughts and ideas without rancor or hate is better. Learning from one another with those shared toughts and ideas is great!

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