Monday, October 5, 2009


Well, here we go! First and foremost, I want to thank the folks on other boards, etc .who encouraged me to start this blog. It is always gratifying to think one can in fact get someone to at least think about another position and/or way to look at something. In the future I will comment on just about anything. Politics of course is my main concern at the moment, but I'll also focus on sports (Especially the Horseracing and it's problems and my beloved Blackhawks ).

One note here. This is going to be a long one folks! I tend to ramble and get quite inrense on subjects, so please bear with me and my apologies for length. I hope what I put out today is looked at as a general way as to how I feel about things. For now, let it suffice that in the future, I will mostly comment on specific events rather then what I did today.

As we know, the people elected a new president last year. We are now at a critical juncture for our country. We have added 1.6 trillion dollars to the debt with another 1.5 trillion scheduled for the next fiscal year. this country is in effect bankrupt. There cannont be the kind of recovery needed without some midicum of sanity from our elected officials.

And there is the main problem! We the People not only keep electing the same corrupt immoral people, but when we get mad and want change (the 50% that even bother) we vote with anything except our brains! We do not do our homework or take our most precious right, the vote, seriously! We vote for promises or lies. We do not study and learn everything we need to know. and then we make a horrible mistake as it looks like we have made this last election cycle.

We of course have the racism charges. We have people taking others to task for opposing bad policy! I can go on and on but you get my drift. I'm going to put up a post made somewhere else a couple weeks ago. Please remember one thing. I speak from love for my country, the ideals it was found on and the morals I was raised on. Our forefathers gave us a beautiful thing! My father and two step fathers as well as countless others gave their blood and lives to give us what we have. It is imperitive the people somehow get this back into their minds.

I'm not sure where it all went wrong, but as I said, we are at a crossroads. We either save our country now or we continue our march into Socialism and in effect third world status.

Repeat 1: Who made the following quotes? "How fortunate for governments that people they administer don't think. The broad masses of a population are more amendable to the appeal of rhetoric than any other force. Make the lie BIG, make it SIMPLE, and eventually they will believe it." The answer: ADOLF HITLER ! “ The similarities to Germany in the 30's is scary. As then the nation is now bankrupt both money wise and leadership wise! As then the Big Lie sells, the truth is conveniently forgotten until it's to late! I say this for many reasons but look at what is going on now. We are lied to everyday! We are headed the way of the Weimarch to hyper-inflation with the policies being set forth by this administration! And people keep listening to the lies! Don't forget, Hitler was freely elected originally!

Repeat post 2: A long one but my true feelings on alot of things!I respect the office of the presidency. Having said that, I sure as hell do not have to respect the man in that office! Anyone who is so completely blind as to what Obama and his minions are up to are beyond help! It is interesting that I and others are accused of racism, terrorism and whatever else when pointing out FACTS! The really sad part is that for those of us that try to engage in debate in a civil fashion, we are vilified even worse then the idiots that keep reverting to names and the rest of the garbage strewn around this and other boards.

I admit I did not vote for this man. As upset as I was with Bush, I still could not bring myself to do that, based on everything I could find out about him BEFORE THE ELECTION! He is going in the exact direction I was afraid of with the exact kind of advisors I would have expected him to appoint!.

As usual I see the usual 3/4 idiotic blurbs interlaced with the rest of us that try to debate any issue civilly. It seems like every board I go to there is a refusal to just debate a subject. Once we get past the garbage spewed by not only the lefty loonies, but also the morons on the right (I am in fact an equal opportunity disdainer, LOL!), there still remains one salient fact. This country is in trouble! You can make any argument pro or con, but it doesn't change the facts! The electorate allowed this to happen!

Fact: There is in fact a co-opted media! At this particular moment in time, so called conservative media outlets are vilified and/or marginalized by the powers that be. Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, when, you have a communications official advising the White House who in his own words seems to admire a person like Chavez and his control of the media, we should worry. Why? Freedom of speech and thought folks! This is not a new thing. Every administration to some degree has had control over the message. but in my life I do not remember it being this blatant.

So why should we be shocked when the networks refuse to air anything counter to what the administration they are in bed with stands for? CONTROL OF THE MEDIA! CONTROL OF THE MESSAGE! The lemmings will follow as long as you can keep the LIE in front of them, always hiding the truth!

BTW: When I post, I do it after digging into every facet of information I can digest. I'm just a hard working guy, high school grad who after 58 years has worked my way to the top of my profession. I read and listen to everything I can from either side (that's a novel concept I'm sure for all folks of ideological lock step idiocy of either stripe out there). I pretty much hold the majority of politicians, right or left in disdain as anyone who has seen my post would know.

Fact: I or others comment on an issue and are almost immediately referred to as racist, hateful or worse in terms that to me are quite repugnant. Not only off subject, but it is extremely disheartening to see this kind of ignorance from anyone. Part of what is going on is this insanity of race relations. We (those of us that are citizens) are Americans! Period. The folks that resort to racial and/or any other biased tripe offend me! We have one huge problem people! It is our elected officials, their leftist policies, and the fact that they are trying to control the media and the message!

BTW: Many on the so called right in office now are just as guilty leading us on the road to the left! Get your heads out of your asses! Our country is being destroyed from within and we all better act before it is too late!

The truth hurts folks! That's what life is about. We the people must now chase down the truth about not only the rest of this radical administration, but any career politician that has put his/her power mad hunger before his constituents! It's easy to do. It is there in their own words and writing! Condescending as always, they talk down to us, their perceived superior intellect and/or sheer idiocy ( I can't tell which is which anymore) put on display in as usual the most vulgar of ways (last part of that is also aimed at the morons on the right who also do nothing but call names or use the worse of biased or racial terms!).

One thing sticks out to me! They defend EVERYTHING that is wrong with this Country! They are ok with the corruption from any group they back. They are fine with the march to destruction this or any other administration is leading us on. They are blinded by ideology, hatred for our ideals and most of all sheer ignorance. And that folks is a sad commentary on our leadership.

As I have said in the past, the silent majority has a bad habit of letting things go way to long and as such, the country gets into situations like now. but once we wake up, watch out! "We the People" have had enough! The very survival of the country that our forefathers founded, that they fought and died for so "We the People" could exercise our rights and freedoms is at great peril!

A leader can distinguish himself in many ways. However, you can always tell the most about them in their action, words and with whom they surround themselves with. This administration is filled with hard left radical people! This president in his own words is a Marxist (read his book!). As a leader, this president as well as Holder and both houses of the Legislature have refused to , heck forget wanting them to at least disavow or not condone actions such as we see with Acorn, condemn and/or investigate or go after these people. The people that he has surrounded himself with all are of the same ideological stripe. In Their Own Words and Actions! It is there for all to see and has been for years!

And our country is suffering a slow death as we do not have a leadership with enough moral fiber or belief in our ideals to stand up to it. They only condemn what will hurt them, not caring a wit about the electorate.! This is not what my forefathers fought to give us!

Before the lefties get their panties in a bunch, I state again. I was against Obama before the election, BASED ON FACTS I WAS ABLE TO GET FROM DOING MY HOMEWORK! Unlike you and others out there though, I was willing to give the guy a chance to hopefully grow into the office as he was duly elected under our laws. Well, he didn't! He has proven beyond a doubt, in my opinion that he is one of the worse things that has ever happened to this country. As has been the case since he has been in office, Obama's administration has chosen to talk down to or ignore the general populace! As the electorate ( the barely 50% that even bothered) was stupid enough to allow this man to be voted in due to their own refusal to take their jobs a voters seriously, this is the kind of government you get.

It has been pointed out more then once that the president and his minions do not care what the silent majority thinks.Which brings us to:

For the purposes of this discussion! This is not just a protest against the extreme left policies being put forth by this administration. I'm of the belief that the silent majority has finally opened it's eyes to not only the hypocrisy of the current administration, but also to the blatant abuse of power by all career politicians of either stripe! The current administration at this minute is the whipping boy of record, and rightfully so! But that is only the tip of the iceberg! The abuses of power, the lies, the idiocy goes back for years, on both sides. the electorate chose to ignore it as is normally the case in this country.

Freedom comes at a cost, not just in fighting for it on the battle fields! The electorate, snuggled in their comfort zone ignored the fact that their elected officials, the ones that promised and lied over and over were in fact consolidating power to themselves! Then, shock! The people suddenly discovered their officials were acting more like royalty!

So this is where it's at folks! We have a completely unresponsive government. They easily talk down to us. They have bankrupted this country with their insane policies! But it's not just money wise that this has happened. Our current elected officials of both parties are bankrupt of ideals! They are bankrupt morally! They have completely lost sight of the United States of America, her dreams and her ideals!

The silent majority isn't quite as stupid as our so called leaders think. Now, when we finally stand up and fight back, they run. They might have to answer a question rather then tell the same old lie. So of course, they now have to figure out another lie to foist on the people! And please note! This attitude towards the common citizen is on display from the majority of elected officials of all political stripes! Finally the silent majority is willing to fight back. What took so long?

I said in a post that it incumbent upon the people to continue to make their voices heard. I also said and believe deeply our country is in great peril! Folks, do we need any more proof as to how powerful the PEOPLE and an honest media doing their job can be? They heard us in the Van Jones debacle! But remember, this is only the beginning. Rant and rave about Fox News, or the fact that the left (or the hard right for that matter) considers good Americans of any political stripe racists or fear mongers, but there is one simple fact that has been proven here! The truth will win over the BIG LIE if presented to the people and as long as the people are paying attention as they should be with their responsibilities as voters! It is up to the people and a non co-opted media to keep this administration from it's leftward march.

IT IS UP TO US! I CANNOT REPEAT THAT ENOUGH! OUR FUTURE AS A COUNTRY DEPENDS ON THIS! Thank's all for putting up with my first tirade! I'm sure it will not be the last. Remember one thing. Love of country is not a bad thing! Love for your fellow man is not a bad thing! Disdain for immoral, corrupt, out of control government is not a bad thing! It is uniquely American. I implore all. Please do not lose sight of that!


  1. Joe, you sound bitter. LOL

    Although I do have to agree with just about everything you said on your blog.

  2. Scott,

    Not so much bitter as disallusioned. Somehow so many in this country have lost track of who and what we really are and it saddens me. The worse thing is we are at the point in so many instances of spewing hate at each other instead of debating civilly and solving our problems together. Again, very sad. BTW: Thanks for being the first responder. I hope this can be the start of some good discussions for all.

  3. Scott,

    Not so much bitter as disallusioned. Somehow so many in this country have lost track of who and what we really are and it saddens me. The worse thing is we are at the point in so many instances of spewing hate at each other instead of debating civilly and solving our problems together. Again, very sad. BTW: Thanks for being the first responder. I hope this can be the start of some good discussions for all.

  4. Still learning this. sorry bout the repeat

  5. No problem about the repeat.

    Someone on that blog made a great point about starting another party. Not republican, not democrat. But a NEW party. One that would relish in taking care of some of these problems we have today that apparently government cant handle. Because I will tell you, government for quite sometime has been nothing but a thorn in America's side. Her is a quote from JFK that I think clears alot of things up for me anyway.
    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    –John F. Kennedy

  6. Very true. The American people have forgotten that very fact. A really sad commentary on this is the fact the the people have completely forgotten this nations roots. as such, they have lost track of the fact that they are in control of their government. That is they are if they take their mose cherished right , the right to vote, seriously. I know i sound liek Beck sometimes. LOL, but I really feel that it comes down to "We the People!. Powerful words on a powerful document (reminds me of an old Star trek epeisode, but so true). I'm searching trying to figure out just when we as a people lost the meaning of those words.

  7. I agree. I only wish we as a people could do something about it. The tea parties arent really doing much. And those as*holes in Washington arent listening! Why do they continue to do things that most of the American people dont want? Especially when unemployment is so high and now they want to impose more taxes on us? What is wrong with these people? Dont get me wrong, we need healthcare reform just not the way they are doing it and definately not now. I am almost to the point of hoping this fails just to get some of them out of office during the next election.

  8. It can't work as proposed, no matter what they say. The real problem is keeping the people engaged now that they have taken interest. the american people, unfortunately have short attention spans and tend not to see thuings thru to the end. As I feel we are at great peril due to the hard left Marxist policies that i believe the president, his advisors and many in congress believe in, it's more imperitive then ever that the people keep making themselves heard. Doing that, we can possibly delay a bad thing until we wipe these guys out of office.

  9. I think the only thing saving us from the HC bill is the conservative democrats and their fear of the cost. The liberal democrats dont care what it costs, they just want it. And thats why I dont vote democrat. All they do is take MY money and give it to others who dont care to make a future for themselves. I am an educated man. And if I can do it, so can they. Get off your ass and do something instead of waiting for handouts from the government!!!

  10. A note here Scott. It's now proven beyond a doubt that the current administration and leaders have decided to tell the electorate to stuff it! apparently, they have decided it doesn't matter what the public says or feels. they know what's best for us and will force it thru even using a procedure that wasn't met for this. As i said earlier. How long will the people stay engaged? Adn will the act. rioght now, the switchboards and emails to these elected officials should be beyond jammed. Unfortuantely, as we have a short attention span, the bigus roylas in office feel they can thumb their noses at us and do their thing. in this case though, the are marching us into a Marxist state, making the same stupid miostakes as the past. Very scary times my friend!

  11. Well Joe, looks like there will be some sort of health care reform bill passed. Just my guess but it looks like it will get done. We are going to have alot to talk about coming up in the next few weeks. Have a good one!

  12. Well, Joe. Step one just got completed today. As I said in my last post, I knew it would. You know its amazing to me how anybody in this great country could vote for some of the people we have in office right now. I cant believe they are willing to screw everyone else over just to cover a few people that wont go out and get a job. I just dont understand.

  13. Scott, As I said earlier, unfortunately the American people have a short attention spn. combine that with the entitleent mentality that is prevalent out there, a co-opted media that spreads lies as truth and you have the recipe for the disaster we are now experiencing. Hear from you soon.

  14. So how have things been? Sorry I havent posted for a while. Got a question for ya. Why is it that the HC reform bill is being constructed behind closed doors and the American people are not allowed to read it before it is signed into law?