Friday, October 16, 2009

On Rush and Other Things

I have watched in bemusement as our boys Jesse and Al along with the rest of the co-opted media went after Rush as being unfit to own a piece of an NFL team. My first question is "Are you kidding me?!"

Rush is Rush. I have never for one moment find him to be hateful as most of his critics think (and yes, I know the libs and the rest of the lunatic fringe disagree). He can be crass and sometimes over the top in making his points, but on the whole I don't think he's hateful. Going thru the list of owners in the league, as well as the thugs on the player's rosters,this is like the pot calling the kettle black (oops! I'll get yelled at for that one!).

Beyond the obvious, 2 points here. If as stated Soros (an admitted Nazi collaborator) is part of this proposed owners group I'm sure Rush is glad to be away from it. And if that is the case, where is the outrage not only by the co-opted media but also the league (and for that matter Al and Jesse)? In this politically correct leftist world it's indeed correct to to embrace a hater of Jews while villifying an alleged (and I say that due to the lies put forth by some) racist? We'll give the Vicks and Lewis's and the other petty thugs in the league second, third and fourth chances, but turn a deaf ear to a man that clearly loves the sport! BTW: As someone mentioned yesterday. Who in their right mind would want to buy that team other then someone from Missouri in the first place?

Now, let's expound for a moment on our boys Jesse and Al, two corrupt race baiters who have not met a lie they will reject if it will aid their cause! Along with the co-opted media, they have put forth quotes that were never uttered or thought! And the media gleefully repeated them. After all, it was Rush, enemy of the state as far as they are concerned. I'm not going into the hypocrisy shown by these people at this time. No need to! I only wish I knew how these two guys are the spokesmen for the entire black community.

Before I'm taken to task here on that last statement, it has to be noted that asking that question is just common sense! The gentlemen are nothing but charletons and shills. They have both been caught in more lies and deceptions then anyone cares to admit. They coerce monies from companies and people and where does it go? No one seems to know. And they seem to speak of a value system that keeps people down! And these are people to look up to?

Last night, I happened to be watching O'Reilly between periods of a hockey game (you see, I actually do have a life! BTW: My Beloved Blackhawks are off to their best start in over 30 years!) when he had Juan Williams and another gentleman who I apologise for not remembering his name at this time. They got into the usual arguement about Rush, but with a huge twist! Mr. Williams, certainly not a conservative commentator by any stretch of the imagination not only defended Rush as a person, but also pointed out the lies and the hypocrisy behind this entire situation.

The other gentleman of course gave the usual Jesse and Al approach, citing the usual white man is bad garbage. Mr. Williams, and I'm sorry but I can't remember the exact context of how this evolved and I'm not one to rewatch something per say, answered back wherein the other gentleman said something to the effect of "if you were a real black" to Mr. Williams (and I know I'm probably paraphrasing there). After the shock of his statement wore off, I began to realize more then ever what a profound statement this gentleman had uttered and also how terribly screwed up the state of race relations is in this country.

A black man called another black man the "wrong kind of black"! Seems to me I remember Colin Powell being called the same thing! The more I think about it, there have been so many others. Thomas Sowell, J.C. Watts and of course Justice Thomas! And the list goes on and on. Al and his cronies constantly denigrate people of their own race, folks that have pulled themselves up and accomplished great things. And why? Because they don't subscribe to the "we are owed everything by everyone else" doctrine spewed by these two kooks?

Whatever the case, I want to give great Kudos to Mr. Williams, an articulate gentleman whom I don't always agree with, but believes in and defends his ideals and statements thoughtfully and honestly without a hint of malice. I admire people like that!

In years past and on many of the news boards, I have stated my admiration for Tip O"Neil and Patrick Moynihan. Both of these gentlemen were in many ways left of center and had very little
I agreed with. But they were good honest men who's love for their country out weighed everything else. They stood by their principles, never backing down, but without the malice, the hate and the lies that now serve as the way to do things!

Basic question here. when are Al and Jesse, along with the rest of the race baiting crowd going to realize that we are all Americans? When will they finally see that the great majority of us are just hard working folks that only ask to get a fair shake? When will they in fact get rid of their hate?! Only then, can they be taken at face value. Until such time as that happens, I will in this instance stand with Mr. Williams and the rest of the sane community out there!

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