Friday, October 30, 2009

This is a Joke, Isn't It?

Two stories of interest to me today, but first let me say that I was going to leave the poltical stuff alone for a few days, that is until I saw the tripe being fed to the masses today.

First and foremost! The huge number of politicians under ethics investigation is staggering!

And we're surprised by this? The only real question is are there any politicians left at all with even a trace of honesty or ethics? And as I like to say, man is what he is. A study of history shows many men entered politics with big hearts and good intentions. But there is that old saying. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"!

It is and always has been up to the people to police this and turn out any politician that breaks from these ideals. But mankind in so many ways thinks of themselves first, not their country. We are to blame for the current situation and it is up to us to right it!

Tiny bit of repeat here: The truth will win over the BIG LIE if presented to the people and as long as the people are paying attention as they should be with their responsibilities as voters! It is up to the people and a non co-opted media to see thru the lies and decei!t. Now as to all the folks who still believe and defend the lies being put forward, there is this. You say we spread fear. You're damned right we do! You should fear the truth as it will trump the lies and deceit emanating from DC!

What is really amazing is that these bozos in DC seem to wear these investigations as badges of honor! And "We the People" stand by and take it uo the wazoo! When are we going to take out country back from these crooks? Can anyone out there answer that question?

Point two today. The White House says it has created or saved 650,00 jobs with it's stimulus package.

Can you say crock of sh***! Moron alert! Not one job was saved. Every job that was lost was lost! Companies are still laying off or closing! Pabulum for the masses! Oops! I mean lies and diceit! No different then the false perception being given by the so called pick up in the economy.

$24,000 cost to taxpayers for each car sold under cash for clunkers! Guess what isn't selling now! CARS! With the national debt beyond out of control and the creeping nationalization of PRIVATE companies taking place we are well on the way to making the same stupid mistakes made by every socialist country that has ever existed. But of course, what do we know? After all, our so called leaders are so much smarter then us and won't make the same mistakes as the past. Blithering idiots all!

Where does it stop?! This country is so far in debt that if every person was taxed at 100% we couldn't even pay the interest! In other words, we are bankrupt! The similarities to Germany in the 30's is scary. As then the nation is now bankrupt both money wise and leadership wise! As then the Big Lie sells, the truth is conveniently forgotten until it's to late! Congress has been asked to raise the debt limit that at this moment is a staggering 13 trillion! And these bozos have the gall to announce the recession is easing? Any person out there that can balance a checkbook knows this is nothing but political tripe!

As responsible citizens, it is our responsiblity to stop this madness. We must raise our voices to the limit. We have to inundate these clowns with mail and emails! And mopt of all, we have to vote them out for not following the will of the people. Case in point, the health bill.

Citizens around this nation have spoken out. The majority do not want what is being proposed! So What! The Dems know better then the people. As such, they are ignoring their own constituents, shoving what we do not want down our throats. "We'll give the seniors $250. That will shut them up" "They won't notice the Medicare cuts" And so on and so on!

The corruption has to be stopped. Our leaders have to brought back down to our level! They are our employees! Stop this madness now!

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