Sunday, October 11, 2009

Three Stories of Interest.

Mark Zandi, a top economist in the administration warned today that joblessness will peak at 10.5% and stay around that for a few years to come:

What a crock! Real unemployment is closer to 17%. The rate is going to hover at 10%. Who is anyone kidding? We haven't seen the worse of this by a long shot ! With the debt now already at a point of non sustainability, coupled with the power grab known as health care, cap and trade, the phony stimulus package and everything else ( for you socialist left leaning folks out there, that means much higher taxes and confiscation of earnings and wealth from the folks who really provide the jobs) any one with an ounce of sense can see we are heading for a catastrophe as bad as the depression job wise.

Another Idiot Alert here! GOVERNMENT DOES NOT AND CANNOT CREATE JOBS! They can help create the conditions for private industry to prosper under and then they in turn create the jobs. Add to that the fact that we are indeed bankrupt with a debt that is strangling the economy, compounded with the socialist mentality of tax and spend and you have the recipe for disaster that is today's job market. There is another 1.6 trillion slated to be added to the debt. No matter what these lying sacks of you know what say, someone has to pay for it. Taxes and fees will be and are being raised! And it's going to get worse!

As the government gets more control of the economy, there will be less capitol to invest as it will all go to the Treasury. And seeing that it seems that every government run or controlled program costs three to five times more then it should, walla!, more cash confiscated from the public. I'm no scholar by any stretch of the imagination but I do read! We are going the way of past failed experimants at not only socialism, but of spending our way out of trouble and then laying untennable taxes on the people and the economic engine.

It's not even about the lies any more. It's about the sheer lunacy and ineptness of not only this administration but also the career morons in Congress. What better way to help end a recession then raise taxes to help pay to end said recession which in turn will, as always has been the case,drive us deeper into the said recession that is supposedly just about over according to our our so called leader..."To further insult my and anyone elses intellegince by going further into a debt that can never be paid back and telling us it's for our own good is not only wrong, but assinine! As folks all over lose everything, our so called leaders, scum that they are out the country deeper into a hole!

Obama says he will eliminate the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policies relating to the military:

Just wondering. When our elitist leftist Muslim leaning president is finished with delivering this country into third world status and worse, when thanks to all his capitulations to folks around the world that in turn seems to be leading to a fanatical Muslim led world (after all, they aren't terrorists or anything else other then misunderstood down trodden people that we in the U.S. have doenenothing but take advantage of), what will become of the gays, not only in the military, but period. Idiot alert! The Muslims execute gays!

I ask this not only to rabble rouse as I'm accused of sometimes, LOL!, but in some seriousness. There is one of his advisors that advocates adherence to Shia ( I hope that's the correct spelling) law over our own system. On one hand he preaches tolerance while on the other, his advisors advocate intolerance. Can't have it both ways folks!

Let's take this a bit further. Our fearless leader manages somehow to once again subvert the Constitution and courts are allowed to follow Shia law. A private in the military, openly gay is arrested for public disorder and in the process, it is noted he is in fact gay. Under radical Muslim laws, he can be executed! Sounds far fetched right now, but the direction this country now seem to be heading does in fact appear to be towards embracing the evils of stricy Muslim radicals!

In posing my question today, I am not in any way questioning Gay Rights! I personally don't care what they do as long as it is not forced on me or any one else. It's their lives, not mine. I personally do not believe they should be allowed to marry, but that is just my opinion. But as to rights, they should have the same as the rest of us as long as any tax paying law abiding citizen in this country should have, no matter what my private thoughts on the subject are. But don't think for one minute that there is no intolerance on this issue around the world as some posters seem to be saying! As I note above in my rather extreme example. Let the world go on as it seems to be and we will be pushed into some fanatical world order.

Senators and others escalate calls for more troops:

Just as in the past, we do not learn from our mistakes. Idiot alert! Give our commanders what they need to finish the job now! This isn't rocket science. Go after them, kill them and end this! A commander in chief that appears to have his tail between his legs does absolutely nothing except embolden the madmen and fanatics bent on the destruction of society as we know it!

Grow some balls Mr. President! You aren't in Chicago anymore where people are afraid of the political machine (at least they have been in my 58 years of life and being from there). And don't kid yourself! While the world is lauding you with accolades, they are sneering at your weakness and ineptitude behind your back, plotting the next step towards dismantling this great country!

In my view, I am seeing the same sanctimonius bullshit aimed not only at our military, but at anything that does not fit your socialist, left leaning Anti-American agenda! On top of that, being a so-called scholar (isn't Harvard the best? That's what all of the elite snobs tell us!) you haven't learned crap! if you studied history at all. So here's a lesson for you from Joetote land!

The Russians hate us!! They are and will continue to aid any country that is Anti America! The radical Muslims not only hate us but openly swear to kill and eliminate all of Western civilization that does not subscribe to radical Muslim law ( and let's not forget our friends in Israel that you appear to be throwing to the wolves!) The Chinese hate us! They are more then willing to take our money while openly aiding rogue regimes, Oops, does Korea or Iran ring a bell? And of course don't forget your friends in Venezuaela. Oh, I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that! Sore spot when you have an advisor that firmly believes in how it's being done there!

Get this straight! Give our commanders the troops. Unleash our military and security apparatus and let us finish this once and for all! And get off of this "we have to listen to the rest of the world shit! " You are the President of the United States, not the leader of some worn out socialist third world flea trap! Stop tramping on the ideals this country was founded on! Be like Teddy Roosevelt and use the big stick. In other words, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND BE A MAN! I am sick and tired of people like you and the rest of the scum in office sacrificing our ideals and wasting the blood that was shed by our forefathers just so you guys can push forward this all world leftist shit! Stop it now, before it's to late!
And that sir is fact!

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