Monday, October 5, 2009

On government misleading The Public

Well folks, off on one of my tirades. I ran across a story and report as to the public being misled as to the soundness of banks being bailed out to the tune of 125 billion dollars.

First and foremost, I believe in capitalism and the free enterprise system so in my view, it's bad enough that the government intervened in the first place with what I see is an ill conceived plan.
Pure and simple. The economic collapse we are experiencing (and it's getting worse, not better!) was and is being caused by government intervention into every facet of our lives and businesses.

History teaches us and in theory, people should learn from it. Instead the electorate and as an extension their elected officials keep making the same mistakes as the past, always justifying it in their mind dead state with "we can do it right" this time. So we are at a crossroads. The debt this government has foisted upon the people is completely unsustainable with another 1.5 trillion minimum slated to be added to it this next fiscal year.

I'm not sure of the percentages per say, but it sure looks like we are going the way of the Weimarch in the 30's and (was it the late 50's?) Argentina when both went into extreme hyper-inflation. In the case of Germany, they freely elected a mesmerizing speaker, not bothering to really look at what they were getting. We all know what that led to. In Argentina, Peron made things worse. So we get the usual! What better way to help end a recession then raise taxes to help pay to end said recession which in turn will, as always has been the case, drive us deeper into the said recession that is supposedly just about over according to our so called leader...".

Unfortunately, history shows this never works! Again, history should teach. 2 examples of many that could be brought forth. So many times, peoples have freely given up their rights and liberties because they did not do their homework. They listened to the LIES! History shows in graphic glory that Socialism does not work! But the electorate here chose to not only ignore history, but didn't even bother to take their jobs as voters seriously! For years, they have put the same scum into office, never bothering to actually educate themselves as to not only the candidates, but also the problems facing this country. So now we have this particular story.

The sad thing is that for years this has been business as usual! The various administrations, etc. have all misled the public to get what they want. And why not? Of the eligible voters in this country, less then 49% actually bother to exercise their right to vote. Of that 49% only half of them bother to actually educate themselves as to the issues or candidates. the other 25% votes with their hands out, blindly asking for more as they are entitled to it, never giving a wit that it is their responsibility to take care of themselves, not their fellow citizens.

There is a lot of blame to go around, from the present leftist administration to the scum bag Republicans, all of who have forgotten that they are the servants of the people, not royalty! Again history. These officials keep repeating the mistakes of history as most of the peoples in the world have been wont to do. Now look at us. We are on the edge of hyper-inflation and a depression.

This isn't fear mongering folks! This is fact! Our grandchildren are already close to $180,000 in debt the day they are born.Joblessness is going up. It can't go down! There is no money left for the private sector to create jobs (BTW: Fallacy Alert for those who don't know this! Government does not create jobs!). Every bailout, every lie to prop up (actually Nationalize in the case of this leftist government we have right now, no matter what they want you to believe) a set of companies, banks, etc. bankrupts our nation further. And we are bankrupt folks, both monetarily and morally!

So bottom line! did they lie to us? Of course they did! SOP! Hard ideologues of either stripe will do anything to get what they want, the people be damned! Which means what? This is our fault! Anyone of us that either didn't bother to vote or marched lockstep into the booth blinded by insane ideology! Sorry for the tirade but everyone has to realize our country and our existence as we know it our in great peril. This isn't a joke anymore.

Bit of an old repeat of mine here! It's not even about the lies any more. It's about the sheer lunacy and ineptness of not only this administration but also the career morons in Congress. Again, please note: There is blame on both sides, from the spineless creatures in the GOP to the Leftist Anti-American agenda being put forward by the Dems. Doesn't change the facts! This isn't rocket science folks! This is the future of your country and the erosion of your rights if you choose to ignore it any longer! Politicians of all stripes in all countries always practice the BIG LIE!

I'm of the belief that the silent majority has finally opened it's eyes to not only the hypocrisy of the current administration, but also to the blatant abuse of power by all career politicians of either stripe! The current administration at this minute is the whipping boy of record, and rightfully so! But that is only the tip of the iceberg! The abuses of power, the lies, the idiocy goes back for years, on both sides. The electorate chose to ignore it as is normally the case in this country.

Freedom comes at a cost, not just in fighting for it on the battle fields! The electorate, snuggled in their comfort zone ignored the fact that their elected officials, the ones that promised and lied over and over were in fact consolidating power to themselves! Then, shock! The people suddenly discovered their officials were acting more like royalty! So this is where it's at folks! We have a completely unresponsive government. They easily talk down to us. They have bankrupted this country with their insane policies!

But it's not just money wise that this has happened. Our current elected officials of both parties are bankrupt of ideals! They are bankrupt morally! They have completely lost sight of the United States of America, her dreams and her ideals! The silent majority isn't quite as stupid as our so called leaders think. Now, when we finally stand up and fight back, they run. They might have to answer a question rather then tell the same old lie. So of course, they now have to figure out another lie to foist on the people! And please note! This attitude towards the common citizen is on display from the majority of elected officials! Finally the silent majority is willing to fight back. What took so long?


  1. Learn to write with proper paragraphs -- wall of words, for sure!

  2. Appreciate the criticism. I tend to rush when pressed for time and not properly put things the way I would want. Thanks, again.

  3. Anonymous,
    I did some quick re-editing on the posts. thank's again for your input. I really didn't realize how badly i was running things together. As i said in today's (10/12) post, we all need to listen to constructive criticism and take it to heart. Most criticism is not meant to hurt, it is meant to help. Again, my thanks