Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fighting The Lies!

I already notice the usual it's a Fox story so how can it even be listened to garbage coming out today after reading a story about what is seen as a White House PR campaign to in effect silence the oppostion to their health care plan. And here is the problem as I see it.

As I watched the Sunday shows this morning on the 3 networks, CNN and Fox, all I saw was the sheer disdain this administration has for any opposing opinion. I for one am not only getting tired of being spoken down to, but I'm also fed up with what I perceive as an complete distaste for our country's history and ideals as practiced by this administration. You don't have to agree with me or anyone else, but someone has to stand up and fight back! I choose not to believe the rhetoric coming from these people! Stomp on my right to a free opinion and I will fight it to my dying day! I owe my forefathers and my children that! And so do every one of you out there!

I do believe with all my heart there is an ultra left radical element now running the country. It is there in their own words and actions. I have mentioned before, the main thrust of our efforts have got to be aimed at our elected officials, and I still believe that. However, it must be everyone’s job to educate themselves as to not only what is going on as to this radical march to the hard left, but also we maybe have to reach back and re-educate ourselves on this country's basic ideals and principles! And the blame does not stop with the Dems! The other party is just as much at fault! What is going on now is a complete betrayal of everything our founding fathers stood for. If we let it continue, shame on us all

Anyone who is to ignorant to figure out the anarchy being practiced by this administration is beyond all help. As any one who has seen my posts at all would know, I pretty much hold all politicians in disdain! The other thing I cannot and refuse to abide are lock step moronic ideologists! You have your opinion, I have mine. So be it! The difference is, I and others will and do fight for what we believe. For those of you in leftist land (and hard right land also), if that seems to get under your craws, Good!

When I threw some of these statements on a board, I of course was taken to task by the usual leftist apoligists for this administration. Among other things they accused myself and others of sitting on our hands for the last 8 years, in other words the usual "it's Bush's fault" BS! And of course, they accuse us of not being knowledgeable enough to even be commenting on anything. I answer as follows.

I don't give a rat's ass about what other people did or didn't do or say. I can guarantee that many folks on the right fought what was going on, but as usual, the folks in DC who perceive themselves as some sort of royalty above all us peons ignored us.

I know I see a Marxist left leaning Anti-America agenda being put forth by this administration. I do see an attack on Freedom of Speech and thought! I do see an attack on Freedom of the Press! And I do worry about governement control of the internet! How long before they come after the blogs that disagree with them? I know I have and will fight that! If you libbies don't like it, tough! But I will rot in hell before I personally allow my country to become another Soviet style republic!

One other quick question, one that I might have alluded to yesterday! Does this administration think we are so stupid that we can't figure out they moved spending from the proposed health care bill (I did ask this yesterday come to think of it, It's the DR. Fix) to bring the cost lower? Again, a clear example of if they are not going to lie about it, they'll shift it so we don't notice!

And there are people out there that honestly believe we should not question or fight this?! That fact alone is not only incredible, but a sad commentary on how we have somehow lost the meaning of what our country really is.

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