Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I want to go into the holidays on a high note. As such, I am going to refrain from my usual tirades and so forth.I for one, as all know am sick and tired of Political Correctness and the brazen assault on Christians and religion in general (but let's not forget, don't insult the Muslims!). It sickens me deeply, especially when so much of what we are and could be again as a country was in fact based on the basic ideals such as Christmas and more, the ideals that there is a guiding light (not sure exactly how to word this) that when all is said and done will afford us comfort, hope and in fact a guide to life in general which in turn translates to the self responsibility and more that makes people great !

 And for those of you who are offended by "Merry Christmas", get over it because quite honestly I don't really give a hoot how you feel about it. I am wishing you Good Will and Love. If that is an insult to you I do not and will not have pity for you. Go ahead and live in your little hell but leave those of us who believe out of it!

I found the below posted today at American Conservative Daily and quite honestly I cannot say it any better than the greatest President, certainly in my lifetime expresses it. 

 Thank you God for blessing us with the greatness that was Ronald Reagan and in turns the lessons that all should have heeded who came after him, lessons that are first and foremost the very structure of this country and should be for all people everywhere!

May God Bless everyone as we go forward through the holidays with Love and Hope for all!

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