Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hey Muslim Radiclas! No Apology From Me For Torture! You Made Your Bed. Sleep In It!

A few days ago, the Senate released their one sided report as to the torture, as practiced by the CIA, of Radical Muslims. The first thing I want to note is I say one sided because the Senate didn’t even bother interviewing any of the so called torturers! But it goes much deeper than this, especially since the Senate was in fact informed of and approved of the very actions they now want to pretend they deplore! This is not Hypocrisy at its worse but in fact absolute bullshit!

Let me be as up front about this as possible. I do not have one bit of pity for the scum that the CIA interrogated! Put it another way. Do not think for one moment if anyone ever hurt my wife or family, I would not do everything I could to find the people responsible, and if that meant possibly having to “force” a person possibly connected to spill the beans on whoever committed an act against my family, well that’s just too damn bad! I would not have any qualms about that anymore than I have as to the CIA’s quest for information as to the ringleaders or worse of not only the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but all attacks our country by Radical Muslims! And before I go any farther, let’s get one thing straight. Radical Muslims are the terrorists committing these atrocities! I don’t want to hear anything about racial profiling, or whatever. RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORISTS are to blame! As such, do not dare lecture me as to having to try to “understand their reasons or worse, apologizing in my name as to our country as that traitor in the White House has done! Radical Muslim Terrorists are the enemy, period! 

Having gotten that off my chest, let’s talk a moment about torture as to Radical Muslim Terrorists! The main torture seems to have occurred after the 9/11 attacks in which over 3,000 people of all persuasions were brutally murdered. That in itself was and is more than enough reason for the CIA’s actions in my view. And I don’t want to hear the “we are better than that” bullshit! Innocent people were killed in my country by Radical Muslim Terrorists and I want every one of those people wiped off the face of the earth. And yet, we have the leftist idiots, many of whom espouse an ideology that when studied, the practitioners of that leftist ideology have been proven to regularly employ torture as part of keeping control crying blubbery tears for the Radical Muslim Terrorists! (I want to keep that term in play, the President’s moronic failure to use the term aside). 

More as to torture. Torture in effect inflicts pain on someone to get one’s way. Therefore, I contend and charge Radical Muslim Terrorists and to some degree our own President and his boot licking lackeys with committing torture! That’s right folks. I am, if nothing else pointing out that this President, with his asinine attitude towards the Radical Muslim Terrorists is also guilty of inflicting torture on his own constituents! Sound harsh? Hear me out on this. 

Sometime ago, the USS Cole was bombed by Radical Muslim Terrorists! Was it not painful and therefore in effect torture to the families and loved ones of the service men we lost? Was it not painful to any thoughtful American?

How about the Lebanon bombing? I can’t remember off the top of my head how many of our people were killed, but to this day aren’t the loved ones still in pain and therefore tortured by their losses?

The World Trade Center was attacked not once, but twice. The second attack was horrendous for sure, so let’s look a little bit deeper into its after affects. 3,000 people were lost that day! Many died from the initial explosions as the planes hit. Many more died a horrible death by burning! Still more died from the toxic fumes as they could not escape, suffering horrible pain as they died. Many of our first responders died as building collapsed around them, some for sure suffering slow painful deaths as there could not be any rescue at the time! That in my view is inflicted torture by Radical Muslim Terrorists! Yet it doesn’t stop there. Thousands of families and loved ones are suffering that pain to this day! That is torture! Many first responders are suffering because of the fumes and so forth to this day as well as the nightmares and worse incurred by their experiences that day! Moron Alert! That is torture instigated by Radical Muslim Terrorists!
I could cite many other examples, but you get the drift. Now let me explain my charge as to our President and his lackeys also being in my eyes responsible for Torture in some sense.

We all remember the Ft. Hood murders! Our Moron in charge as well as those under him to this day, call it workplace violence! Major Hassan, the self declared Muslim Jihadist still has not been put to death? Why not? Even now, the White House and State department refuse to declare the actuality that the Ft. Hood murders were a terrorist action, one that was intended to not only kill our service people but in fact inflict pain on our nation that the loved ones of those murdered! The pain the loved ones and many service people are going through as to the loss of these service people is something I probably cannot fully comprehend. But I will say one thing for sure. What they are going through even now is torture and that pain is made worse because gutless piece of garbage and his lackeys refuse to call it as it is, therefore adding to the pain!  

The President’s steadfast refusal, along with the Kerrys, Clintons and so forth of the world, to call it as it factually is, Radical Muslim Terrorism, in itself is bad enough. But his and others moronic bullshit line of “try to understand them” or Hillary’s “we must empathize” with them remark just inflict more pain on those who have lost loved ones to these actions. The President, so as to keep his head firmly up the asses of his Muslim brethren, would rather inflict pain on the victims and thus more torture than to acknowledge the simple existence of Radical Muslim Terrorists! As such, I charge him again with inflicting torture (and the Ft. Hood thing is not the only example) on the loved ones of the lost, those that will suffer pain to their dying days and have it augmented by leaders who only care about pain being inflicted if it affects their phony baloney asses! 

The pain caused by these people is real yet our Moron in charge refuses to acknowledge it as such. So in my eyes he is also guilty of inflicting torture. While I’m in that, what about the current rash of beheadings? Not much from our blowhard in chief on them, but I can assure all that the pain to the loved ones is real and is indeed torture. In fact, what about the pain caused by the death of one of our 3 star generals? We as a people feel his loss and are hurt. His loved ones will be in pain for years and how much worse can it be when their Commander in Chief cannot even be bothered to attend his funeral or send a representative. Is not the callous disrespect shown for one of our fallen as shown by this scumbag of a President nothing more than another slap in the face to the General’s loved ones? More pain, more torture, once again inflicted by Obama.

I happened to catch the end of a Fox News program this morning just before I sat down to write this. Eric Boling was doing his editorial at the end of the show and mentioned (I’m paraphrasing here) he did not have one ounce of pity for the poor Muslims who were supposedly tortured as the deaths from 9/11 on do not warrant such.

I agree with him fully. However, I must go farther. Radical Muslim Terrorists are murdering innocent people worldwide. Their stated intent is the eradication of Israel as well as the United States and Western countries that disagree with their ideology. Those are the facts and that makes them our enemy. Furthermore, they have proven that they intend to do what it takes to achieve their goals. One can only imagine the laughter within the Radical Muslim Community as out crybaby leaders, better known as traitors, hang the CIA out to dry and apologize to the very people that inflict pain and suffering on so many! Hell, they can sit back and watch while Obama and his minions bitch slap the survivors and loved ones of their torturous attacks. 

 I’ve argued in the past, one cannot negotiate with madmen. Well, if it isn’t apparent by now that not only can one not negotiate with Radical Muslim terrorists, but in fact they are willing to inflict any amount of pain necessary to gain their objectives, then one must be seriously blind to reality. But to have the leader of our country aid and abet these scumbags by adding to the pain felt by so many is far beyond comprehension. The open hatred shown by Obama and his minions not only to our country and her ideals and laws, but in fact to the very people he is supposed to represent is appalling! I know many people who lost loved ones (I was home based in NJ at the time) in the 9/11 attacks. I see their pain and I know as a fact it is even now being hurting them even more as they watch this President side with his Muslim Brethren (his words). More pain. More torture. 

As they are and have been at war with us for years now (and will someone please shove a sock in Obama’s, Kerry’s or anyone’s mouth who keeps reciting the “we are not at war with them mantra!) it is paramount we act and defeat this blight on the earth that is Radical Muslim Terrorism. I don’t care what it takes, but we must destroy them now! Torture my ass! Inflict on them the exact same pain they inflict on us! I know this sounds harsh, but the way I see it, I have lost 1,000’s of  brothers and sisters to these swine and the pain inflicted by the enemies of this country on the innocent loved ones and more cannot and must not be justified.  

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