Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7th, 1941 Does Anyone Care anymore?

As all should know, today, December 7th is the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The sneak attack was brutal and swift with our country losing 1,000's of our servicemen as well as civilians, as well as the basic backbone of our Pacific Fleet. As has been written in the past, this brought forth our "Greatest Generation", men and women who sacrificed far and beyond anything one could think of as to human capabilities and courage.

One must ask though, how is it that it seems that we, as a people not only don't seem to care about this but in fact have so many, including our President who hold the military in deep disdain. How is it that so many of the last few generations don't even know the significance of this date or the sacrifices made by so many for this great country? How is it that there are actually people who blame the "Imperialistic Americans" for that attack as they rewrite history just as in 1984? How is it that now, honoring our war dead is an exercise in hatred towards other countries, at least as put forth by the Anti-American scum that has infiltrated and is actively working to destroy us? How is it that "We The People" dishonor those who gave their lives and more for our freedoms by elecingt and installing in office traitors and worse, many of whom openly (and this includes our President, AG and far to many of whom are in my opinion traitors and worse) defy the very principles we as a people fought for?

How is it that the Commander in Chief is allowed to and in turn admired by far to many for tearing the very guts out of our military, not only in numbers, funds and equipment, but in fact actively demeaning them and worse, blaming them for having the audacity to want to do their jobs as they were trained to do and in turn being branded as war criminals? How is it that no one cares?

As those who follow me know, I and so many of us have great love and respect for our country and the men and women who have sacrificed all, putting their lives and safety as stake for all of us. And while it is basically Pearl Harbor day and our war dead I'm talking about here, let us not forget our brave Police and Firemen who also put their lives on the line for us.

The "Greatest Generation" as some call them are to be loved and thanked. I and all of us live free because of them, our forefathers and all before and after who gave of themselves to help this great country survive. I take great affront to those like our President, who in their zeal to destroy our very foundations go out of their way to spit on the graves (and for those of you leftist scum out there who are at the moment getting their panties in a wad over this, remember, this is the President who could not be bothered to even send a representative to the funeral of a 3 star general who lost his life in our service! He could sure as hell go play golf that day though!)  of our heroes. And yes Virginia, they are heroes!

I give my humble thanks to those who were lost, survived and sacrificed for me and all of us. Sometimes it's hard to see these days, but there are people that care and care deeply and one must remember Pearl Harbor Day was just the beginning as to WWII in the Pacific. The sacrifices went far beyond and we honor and bless you all! I ask that everyone take one moment today and remember! Please as it means so much more than one might realize.

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