Friday, May 8, 2015

Pamela Geller and Free Speech Part 3

Now as to Pamela Geller and some of what makes her so controversial. I am attaching a few of her ads below, starting with one I fell is strong and correct as to the thinking any civilized person should feel, and I have to ask in all honesty. Where is she wrong? Nothing but pure cold fact there and I for one am sick and tired of the cry baby scum that not only denies the fact but also wants to take away her right to say it!




Get over it folks! Pam Geller and those of us who stand up to not only the Radical Islamists and worse but also to the enemy within, that being the traitors in our positions of leadership, the press and of course our educational system have every right to voice our opinions and more! If you or anyone don't like that, well it's just to damned bad. I am proud to stand with Pamela Geller in what capacity I can and I find it abhorrent and disheartening that far to many out there are willing to give up Free Speech or worse and in fact stand with an evil that rivals Hitler and worse! And please note. I'm not trying to be noble or anything like that, but my beliefs as to this country and her ideals run deep and I have never seen anything from Pam that belies her love for this country either.

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