Friday, May 8, 2015

Freedom Of Speech and Pam Geller Part 2

Now let me defend Pamela Geller, a brave woman who really should not have to be defended by any American! I have been following her for years now. Over those years, she has stood steadfast not only against the Anti-Semitism and worse shown by the radical Islamist towards her race the Jews but also against the coming genocide aimed at Christians and for that matter anyone who refuses to adhere to radical Islam. The facts are clear as to this yet she is vilified and worse for not only standing her ground against theses savages but for having the temerity to actually challenge those who feel she and others have no right to question them.

Moron alert! Radical Muslims are butchering Jews and Christians! They have openly stated their intent of not only wiping Israel off the face of the earth but also any religion or people that do not follow their sick policies. Of course, our rancid leader in the White house doesn’t have the balls to stand up to or worse is in full sympathy with the very savages that are intent on destroying us. So of course, when a woman in fact has the cajones to stand up and comment, she must be slammed down! Well, not on my watch!
Pam Geller has been correct in everything she has pointed out, including the fact that this President and his party as well as the rest of the chicken shit morons who call it hate speech or worse are willing to take away our basic rights in order to force their views on the rest of us!

First and foremost, let’s start with last week and the Draw Mohammed contest that brought about the latest “outrage” in this country. One has the right to say and think what they want so here is the winning cartoon as well as what many are calling the alternative winner. Please note from my perspective the scum balls that were gunned down got exactly what they deserved! Let’s not forget that the Revolution times also had political cartoons that were derogatory to the king of England and one of the outcomes of that is our right of Free Speech!